September 28, 2003
Letter from Q. Moire to Fineas

To His Highness, Prince Fineas of Amber,

I was distressed to learn of the vile attack on your mother. Please convey my sympathy to Queen Jasra. She is welcome to use the royal hospital in Rebma as my guest should Lynxia be compromised.

After much reflection I have decided to use the Chanicut brats as you recommend. Princess Llewella and Count Taran urged me to do much the same. Honor and practicality outweigh the strict enforcement of certain declarations made just after discovering what had been done to my sister.

I accept with pleasure your offer of help in educating the spawn of Chaos. This should consist primarily of making clear to them the might of Amber and the strength of our alliance. You might endeavor to help them grasp the difference between “subject” and “livestock”. Thus far they’ve only managed to learn that damaging my subjects – my property, in their view – will earn them pain.

Grieving for your uncle,

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September 24, 2003
A Private Letter to Bleys

Greetings Uncle,

I have thought upon your words spoken over the quivering mass of Tualua and have decided to offer you my counsel, as impertinent as that may seem. I only ask that you hear me out and think upon what I say.

I could sense your desire to step up and prove your worthiness to rule Amber. Of those who are left I have little doubt you are the most fit to rule the realm. I must ask you to wait as now is not the time for you to take up that duty. Memories are too fresh amongst the noble houses and commoners of the losses they incurred during your past assault upon Eric. You have not yet been forgiven and any move to take up the regency on your part will result in immediate dissension within the realm. You would be seen as a usurper, even though you are the logical choice for the regency. House Helgram, who is known to have an active agent here, would immediately seize upon that emotion and we would see no end to the troubles.

My advice is to make an arrangement with Flora. Allow her to take up the regency again with your backing. In return, ask that she designate you Lord Marshall and we can begin the work to rehabilitate your support within Amber. Visible service to the greater good of Amber will go further than anything else to win hearts and minds. This will not be a quick fix. It will take some time and careful manipulation of some key personalities who currently hold a grudge against you. But it is absolutely necessary if you are ever to sit on the throne in anything resembling a unified realm.

Likely Flora will turn over the regency to Gerard upon his recovery. Your unselfish support to Flora would impress Gerard the most I think and he is looking for any excuse to turn over the reigns of power to someone else. Prove yourself to him now, and I have no doubt he will tap you as the regent as soon as public opinion will allow it. A smooth transition of power is critical to our long term survival. We have too few family left to lose in more infighting.

Should you take my advice to heart and wish to discuss particulars or request assistance in any arrangements to be made, I am at your service.

Warm Regards,


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September 23, 2003

So, in your opinion, who in Cry Havoc is sticky? (See Arref's description of same.)

Also, who among the NPCs?

When something bad is happening, all the PCs (with, I'll admit, probably the exception of Jacob) are good at going and telling people what's going on and trying to involve them, but my impression is that, in the day to day, the PCs are not very sticky.

Of the NPCs, it seems as though Flora might be sort of sticky. All three of the regents seem to be, in fact.

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Fighting ranks

Now that you've seen each other fighting full out vs. Tualua, your impressions:

There's Benedict,

Then Bleys,

Then Dara, Fineas, Jacob and Martin in no particular order,

Then Florimel, Thirteen and Rinaldo in no particular order,

Then Toriana and Galina.

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September 21, 2003
Notes to 39

Rinaldo has 20% of his charge left, somewhat less by morning.

Flora has 10% left. Fineas has 30% left. Flora needed it more often.

Gerard was hit in the lower right throat to collarbone area, the right hip, the right arm and a graze along the right side of his head. He's lucky no arteries were severed. It looks like sniping of high-Warfare PC quality.

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Fineas' Journal- Session 39

The True Life Adventures of Fineas of House Barimen
Prince of Amber


Day 93 7:00 AM:

The plan is to make our attack on Pandalume’s shadow sometime tomorrow. A number of preparations are under way. Several of the family are constructing Amber blood-iron artifacts to use on Tualua. My job will to be to see what assistance can be gleaned from Bel or the Bright Lady. Flora and Sabine will be accompanying me.

As far as our plan goes, we have decided to Pattern teleport in with several hit teams while yours truly raises a stink with Toriana to draw away attention. Werewindle makes me an obvious target, so my role will primarily be that of a goat staked out to sacrifice.

I suggested we plant a mirror in the shadow as well and allow Galena to activate it and create a path to Amber. It won’t be done in time for an attack, but it will serve as an escape route if necessary. Anything we can do to avoid exposure to the deep subspace region is helpful.

I have contacted Mother and asked her to be prepared to channel a lot of energy my way. Werewindle is still drained and needs a recharge as well, but first thing is first.

Day 93 11:00 AM:

Bel proved quite anxious to be of assistance. He has imbued Flora and myself with the magical ability to teleport at will for a limited time. That should help keep me alive. He also arranged a meeting with a thief diety who is also looking for some payback. Benedict and Rinaldo have been imbued with super stealth power, also for a limited time. Werewindle was recharged courtesy of Bel and I am more or less ready to hurl myself into the fray.

Toriana approached me with a disturbing proposition and a welcome bit of news. She asked if I would be willing to help track down Diego and drain some of his blood for use in artifacts. She did not mean ask for a willing contribution either. I declined of course. I do not have any desire to make an implacable enemy of Diego, he does not really deserve to be treated in such a manner, and from a practical standpoint there just isn’t time. The news was she had successfully sabotaged Jelorek’s staff and he would not have it for our impending encounter. I was very pleased with Tori at that point.

Rhonda and Marcus have agreed to allow the use of the Tir jewel to bind Tualua should we succeed, as has Queen Moire with the Rebman jewel. With our jewel added, we hope to make a stronger binding than would otherwise be the case.

Day 93 6:30 PM:

The order of battle has been determined. Toriana and I will make one team and Flora with Bleys will make a second decoy team. The main hit team will be Benedict and Rinaldo who will go in first. Thirteen and Jacob will follow with the same goal. Dara, Martin and Galena make up another. That will leave Gerard, Mirelle and Llewella to guard the home fires if necessary.

I went to check on Petra, Phaedra and Sinon in the event I could use a little illusion ability. Petra and Phaedra have turned froggy and are at large. I took a very worried Sinon under my patronage and have sent him to report to Chango to learn the ropes. I am leaving Mr. X and Nellie to watch over my estate in my absence. I plan to get a good nights rest tonight. I think tomorrow is going to be very trying.

Day 94 8:45PM:

In retrospect, I don’t think we could really have done anything much differently. Benedict and Rinaldo successfully slipped into enemy territory undetected. Half an hour later Thirteen and Jacob slipped in under cover of the noisier trump entry Tori and I made. It did not take long for the enemy to react. Tualua himself started spewing his noxious stream of transformation power at Tori and I. While Tori created the appearance of opening a trump gate, I tried to keep the crap off us. Unbeknownst to us, Jelorak and company decided to make their attack on Amber while we were tied up with TuaLua.

A false Semirama and Jelorak were quickly killed, but Tualua proved a handful. Partway into the battle, Tori got an alarm trump from Kelamon letting us know an assault was underway against Amber castle by the real Jelorak and Semirama. Tori quickly trumped back to help. I needed to stay to use Werewindle on the big ugly thing.

The cost to us was very high. Benedict was caught in a last gasp desperation blast of transformative power from Tualua. He turned into a crystalline substance and was shattered into many pieces. We subdued Tualua shortly thereafter. I was positively covered in gore from stabbing Werewindle in up to the hilt. As advertised, the damned thing just would not die. It finally grew weak enough that the binders could get to work. We pulled in Moire and Rhonda and got to work as soon as Jacob and Moire finished arguing. We gathered up Benedict’s pieces in case some sort of recovery is possible, then bound the creature as planned.

I returned to Amber posthaste once I was no longer needed with Tualua. The news there was grim as well, but we proved victorious in the end. Tori was able to engage in mental combat with Jelorak at an in opportune time for him. His control of his vampiric assassin slipped and the fellow promptly hunted down Jelorek and snapped his neck. Semirama was eventually gunned down before she could escape. Our losses were high. Gerard is in unknown condition after having been shot by the sniper. Morwyn lost a Triton or two before she learned they were not suited for ranged combat. A majority of the castle guard has been wiped out from the transformation blasts from Semirama. The Jewel of Amber was safe.

I spent much of the day securing the castle, putting the bodies of Jelorak and Semirama in quarantine and mopping up enemy leftovers. The main vampire slipped away after killing Jelorak and I was not inclined to try and chase him down. I am exhausted, both physically and emotionally. I cautioned the others not to say a word about the fate of Benedict. We need his reputation to defend us for a time yet. Moire thought he may still be alive in a fashion, but I just can’t see how to bring him back. On top of that, Bleys is making noises like he wishes to claim the regency while Gerard and Benedict are not capable of ruling. While I am not sure Bleys would not do a good job, I do not think the populace will give him the benefit of a doubt and I foresee civil troubles should he sit in the regent’s chair. The one thing we can’t afford right now is civil unrest. It looks to me like Flora will need to do it. I can’t see Mirelle handling the responsibility either unless I am greatly mistaken about her personality. God, it really makes you appreciate Gerard more when it becomes clear how badly he is needed.

A thought has occurred to me. I wonder if Amalthea might be approached to rule. I am not sure just how alien her thought processes are, but it bears investigation. If only I could figure out a way to discuss the situation with her.

Well, my head and body are throbbing. Time to sleep.

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Session 39

Where is everyone?
- Shadow Badn Badn

Jacob gets pulled aside by Rinaldo. They discuss tactical options. Toriana mentions something in passing that gives Jacob the idea that they might be able to go into Shadow Emblyon by using the centre of the Pattern to take people in. Llewella thinks that one person can go into the center of the Pattern and other people can Trump to that person and then will themselves elsewhere. The family decides to test the theory out (among many many others).

Toriana's going to work on a breaching trump, considers trumping Jelerac's staff (not group of servants... the actually staff he carries around). Fineas works on securing allies. Jacob and Thirteen work on creating certain blood-based artifacts. Llewella takes Thirteen and Jacob out in to the Weird Parts of Shadow where they set about creating things in a particularly conducive Shadow.

Fineas first visits the shadow god (genius loci) Bel in Belken and finds that the uber-spirit is indeed ticked off that Jelerak/Tualua stole the Brotherhood Archives out of his shadow and frogged or killed a lot of people powers in the process. Bel powers up Werewindle as a courtesy and offers to lend a hand in the payback: he’ll make two Amberites his (temporary) avatars. What that means is they’ll be able to teleport at will and bend space to a degree within any given shadow. Bel also suggests the visit another genius loci, the Thief God, whose favorite agent was frogged in Belken. Fineas and Florimel become Bel’s avatars while Benedict and Rinaldo become superdupernaturally stealthy. Both genii want help de-frogging their people. Bel wants a souvenir – Jelerak body part – if it isn’t too much trouble.

Tori collects up Llew and Bleys and sets about trying to steal Jelerac's staff via Trump. They don't get the (blood reli) artifact, but it is destroyed and all its stored magic and Binder power lost. They count that as a win.

Everyone gears up like crazy. Much of the younger generation does not opt for the effeminate elf shoes (bright green booties with short but pointy toes) Rinaldo brings in (except Tori, of course; and Benedict, then Flora), but secretly stash them to put them on later.

Tori and Fineas are a Diversion team, Flora and Bleys the other. Benedict and Rinaldo are in a stealth hit team. Jacob, Thirteen, Kirsten are in another one, and Martin and Dara, plus Galina as a specialist, in a third. The stealth teams move in by trumping to Gerard at the center of the Pattern and then willing themselves to the Shadow.

They’re armed with their normal weapons, some augmented with blood-diamond film, and heavy springbolts with diamond-filmed bolts enchanted up the wazoo and two specials – blood diamond heads made to explode into organ-seeking shards – each. That was the limit of Benedict’s, Toriana’s, Florimel’s and Rinaldo’s stored blood

The Loud group TRUMPS in, but 'stealthily', to look like they're trying to sneak in. They come under attack fairly quickly -- transformation hurricanes, necromantic energy, etc. Massed ghosts head for the two distraction groups. Violent Clouds – giant subspace elementals – leave the target castle and the shadow. Jelerak and Semirama appear on the battlements.

Galina forces a mirrorspace tunnel into existence from the full-length mirror she brought with her, pops in and makes an escape route. Dara and Martin shapeshift and speed around the castle as ghosts home in on them.

Benedict kills Semirama with a bolt; her Tualua-power aura explodes and damages Jelerak – actually it blows enchantments away and reveals him to be Eldevon, the Brotherhood’s Archmage. Jacob bolts him.

Everyone close unloads on Tualua, a (small) house-sized mass of writhing tentacles. Benedict expends his bolts and moves into melee range.

Kelamon Trumps Toriana from Amber castle: under attack, Gerard hurt, Semirama there. She goes.

Everybody sinks their 2 blood-diamond-Pattern-nasty-Bound-enchanted bolts into Tualua, who's up and out of his pit now. Most everyone moves in. Werewindle is happy, doing what it was made for. Everyone gets hurt some, whacked by tentacles or hit by secondary damage (debris, poison, radiation, etc.) from the transmogrification storms, but Tualua goes down. Unfortunately, Tualua hits Benedict (his greatest tormenter) with all his remaining Transmogrifaction juice before collapsing. Benedict turns to glass, falls over and shatters.

Back in Amber, Gerard has been sniped, the real Semirama and Jelerak are trying to get into the Castle, many Royal guards are dead -- sniped by vampire evil support troops, burning, whatever -- and in disarray. Tori Trumps Morwyn in. Morwiyn’s triton bodyguards get shot up – they’re big targets – as she takes military command and quickly has the Guards rallied and effective. Tori Trumps Jelerak himself and engages him in all-out mental combat. Tori thinks she’s winning. Kelamon helps out and Jelerak starts losing; he loses control of several spells he had going, including the one keeping uber-vamp Vrykos under control. Vrykos stops shooting at Amberites and finds Jelerak completely busy with mental combat – he twists J's head around 180 degrees and exits stage right.

Massed gunfire keeps Semirama on the defensive and abrades her power aura. Genevieve and the royal guard wipe out the enemy vamps. Tori, really frustrated with the crappy performance of magic in Amber, grabs the Gatling gun when the guardsmen bring it out from the castle murder hole and uses it to ablate Semirama's field faster. Violent Clouds warp in just as the energy runs out and Semirama splashes away from many, many bullet hits.

The main group Trumps in Queen Moire, Tori and Empress Rhandalissa with the three Jewels, and Zhartra to make 3 Binders. Benedict's pieces are gathered up, Moire thinks his spirit is there, Jacob insults her somewhat. Pattern fates are laid on Tualua, the Embelyon shadow power source and the shadow, keeping him there, separated from the SPS and the pocket shadow locked up tight. With everyone watching everyone else, it’s unlikely anyone could install a back door.

Gerard is sent to Baden-Baden. Benedict is all in little pieces. Bleys is looking around at the lack of regents. Tori hands Flora the Jewel, who takes it but says, "It's not quite that simple, dear niece." Family gathering scheduled for later, as everybody's beat to shit now. Tori gives Zhartra Vrykos' name and description and mentions that he was compelled. Zhartra isn't sure whether she should kill him or hire him. Fineas is making arrangements for a fake Benedict to make appearances, lest Amber's enemies learn of it.

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September 17, 2003

[information sources in brackets. PCs with relevant info will decide to share it or not. Ben’s info, Rinaldo’s, Lynxian info etc. is shared.]


Oaths aside, the Binding power is limited by supply. If you don’t limit your everyday uses to the bare minimum then you may not have enough banked (in the one central bank) to use it like mad when you need to.

Note that “bare minimum” is not part of the oath and Zhartra herself is hardly a paragon of virtue in this regard. She Bound Bendict and did Binding tricks on his Trump. She sure as hell uses it to defend herself as necessary. On the other hand, Jacob and Rinaldo are good enough with the power now to know that her supposedly Bound servants aren’t. None of the effects in her fortress involve taps.

Bindings are of two general types, fixed and continuous. With a fixed Binding, one shot should do forever. With an Elderkin or an Abomination you have to worry about it abrading the bonds away, so they include a tap. By the time an Abomination has healed enough to scratch at the walls, the slow trickle of Binding power has built up to unbreakable levels.

Zhartra would really like to have twenty Binders, just to be sure, but between the five or six of you and a hundred+ running taps, you can’t afford it.

TACTICAL CONSIDERATIONS: Jelerak has an array of troops and minions, so Benedict expect they’ll be used, as expendable distractions if nothing else. He doesn’t plan on bringing commandos or wizards (BP initiates) in at first but he’ll have some handy (Trumpable) and suggests you do the same.

Which elders to involve: Bleys? Flora? Benedict is going.

The enemy will probably try to impede our mobility. Possibilities start with teleport blocks, trick grass, archers, infantry and zombies.

Jelerak is known to use hordes of ghosts to soften up the opposition.

SPAWN OF R’LYEH [Zhartra via Rinaldo]

In the Abyss time, space, physics, matter and spirit are different in different places and times, changing, being created or destroyed.

Some things that crawl out of the Abyss change/are changed to more closely match the new parameters.

Most things don’t, can’t live here (the multiverse) and die or cease to exist.

The line of R’lyeh does not change and can thrive here -- though their progenitor and some of the line try to change local conditions to something more congenial. Their flesh is not made of normal matter, though it can be damaged. Their spirits or equivalents don’t really die but ‘sleep’ out of reach of Logrus Masters, Binders and (Dworkin told her) Pattern masters. If chopped to very small pieces, even microscopic ones, they will regenerate from some piece, slowly corrupting the matter around them to their own sort.

On the plus side, they heal very slowly. A serious wound might take a century or more to heal. When you put them down they stay down more than long enough to bind them.


Zhartra thinks that Jelerak used stored Binder power to crack Tualua’s and the Beast’s bindings. Otherwise Tualua should have broken out long ago.

[witnesses in Belken] In Semirama’s hands the transformation power is not a beam effect, it’s more like an air blast or a diffuse water cannon – and about as slow as a water cannon, say a bit under 100 mph. It is not affected by gravity or air resistance so it just keeps on going, becoming more and more diffuse and weak as it does. Semirama’s Transformation-power-and-magic aura was dazzlingly bright when she arrived in Belken and pretty dim when she left.

Unlike an exploding Coin, the transformation wave’s effect is deliberate. Everything it hits becomes stone, for instance, or quicksilver (S. did that in cutting the Archives out of the mountain they were hollowed out of). Fringe effects are random, like a coin’s transformation wave.

Holrune, BP initiate and hotshot wizard, got hit with the full force of a wave and was physically transformed but mentally intact.


Most illustrious Brotherhood wizards had commo devices made as did most who had regular cross-shadow business or interests. Being part of the system was expensive.

[Toriana, Werewindle] The commo devices have been altered to transmit the transformation power across both levels of subspace. Pattern, BP glitching or, probably, strong magic can follow the transmission and strike the devices, destroying them. Tualua (?) will detect activity, given time, and can resist though this will generally kill the wizard linked to the device.

[Lynxian reports, Dara] Transformed wizards (“froggies”) work to kill or weaken Amber royals and Amber in general, and to infect more people. They are insane and dysfunctional to various degrees. The really messed up ones were quickly captured or killed. The Froggies still at large are the most functional, smartest and luckiest.

[Lynxia, Dara, Toriana] Frogging can be reversed with Pattern (driving the transformative power out with Prob control – beware the random transformation radiation that results. (Not dangerous to shielded – magic will do – people or things.) BP also works but is harder on the patient. Lynxian doctors are working on spells. Efforts to drain and store the tranformation power have failed, often with dangerous side effects.

[Holrune, the god Bel] The only centralized list of Brotherhood commo devices was in the Archive.

Lynxia was hit hard, losing 60% or more of their best doctors to transformation or murder.


[Chaosian experience] Near Subspace is divided into ‘cells’ identical to each separate shadow. [observation] Deep Subspace seems to be adjacent to all the cells.

Magic works in both levels. Trumps need extra power to penetrate subspace. Pattern (and, presumably, BP) works in both levels. Binding works.

[Dara, Fineas] It takes a lot of energy to defend against the cold of DS, either Binding or Pattern Defense or (fairly sure) magic. It takes a lot of energy to push through it with Pattern.

Subspace is much harder to access from Amber, Rebma or Tir Tarngir.


The Archwizard Pandelume’s private pocket shadow, either created using some minor Source or found and modified. [13] It is the interior of a bubble roughly 20 miles in circumference. Lighting is diffuse, resulting in a sort of haze that restricts LOS to about one mile. There is a big palace/castle with a big pit outside it and Tualua in the pit. The countryside is mostly gardens, farmland and park forest, all recently degraded as if having Tualua around is hell on the ecology.

The spell 13 used to get there is called the Call to the Violent Cloud. The VC turns out to be huge (bus-sized) subspace elementals that transport you there. Dozens of even bigger (house-sized), enchanted and enhanced VCs were used in Belken to transport the Brotherhood archives. Witnesses thought that a couple of the VCs died in the doing.

Tualua, Jelerak or whomever are increasingly alert against intrusions.


Your blood, as you know, is magically and cosmically significant and useful. Distilled into carbon and iron it is even more so. Formed into a useful shape, in the right place and given a purpose by your will, it is even more so.

Simple blood artifacts do one thing. They enhance or do on their own one power trick. They can be made to do one thing very fast, or to do it while you do something else – though the power still comes from you. They can store those powers that can be stored: magic, binding energy, maybe others but not Pattern or Logrus or Trump. Energy stored this way is less easy to access than a Coin, but it is fairly safe from other people.

[Zhartra via Benedict] Iron is more flexible, in power application, than crystal and steel is better still.

Complex artifacts do a range of things, or one thing and store power to do it.

At the other extreme there is Werewindle. Werewindle does a variety of things but is primarily made to help Bind the Big Bads.

Artificial intelligence is possible, but A.I. designs – the good ones – are tightly held secrets and cost points. True A.I.s take years to develop and test. It’s easier to bind an elemental or a ghost into an artifact, though not necessarily wiser.

[Jacob] Jacob found reference to an artifact Delwin made to kill a 200 ton+ monster worm: a big spear or bolt with a blood-diamond head holding a couple of Coins and made to penetrate deep and then explode, the diamond shards likely to find vital organs, reinforced with a Binding to keep it intact and propelled by a big but simple telekinetic spell and a siege engine.

The proper place: each person can find/make the Power-friendly and creation-friendly (assemble via magic, mold steel by hand, whatever) shadow for each particular artifact design -- if they know the technique. More general shadows, for a range of designs, or even for different people can be found. Flora found one intuitively and kept the requirements as simple as possible. Toriana worked a simpler design from Flora’s site. Toriana knows how to find some kinds of Trumpy shadows. [Ben] Benedict knows the theory via Zhartra, though the Pattern specifics are something he’ll have to work out himself. Llewella is the queen of finding stuff in Shadow, outside of Dworkin. Bleys may or may not know stuff.

Delwin’s spear, for example, is tricky only in the Probability working of fragments hit vitals. A shadow to shape carbon powder to diamond with magic is not hard and the Binding is laid on it afterward. Coins are Coins.

{Finding/making Pattern sites is a Specialization, Trump sites is another one. One particular trick is a 1 pointer. Learning this and, later, paying for it will be trial and error unless you can get someone to train you.}

DOM-DANIEL was hit hard. Frogged wizards unleashed blights and disasters all over the place, murdered many of their colleagues and targeted the Bright Lady’s priesthood for special attention. Most of the BL’s priests seem to have survived and are leading the effort to track down and capture or kill the froggies. Her power can dispel the transformations, but slowly. The City is half in ruins.

BELKEN was also hit hard, though not as bad as Dom-Daniel. The shadow god Bel was unable to prevent the Violent Clouds from coming and going and his priesthood was not so resistant. Bel’s powers – teleporting, space-warping -- are not so good for curing them either.

REBMA, like Amber, was plagued only by bad dreams though the dreams were far more common there. Lots of Brotherhood members in Rebma. Away from the city and the Pattern, Rebman wizards have been stricken. How bad, Rebma won’t say.

TIR TARNGIR also benefited from the subspace resistance or influence of their Pattern and suffered only some dreams. They have recruited some Brotherhood members. Some family members are recent members themselves; in their cases the dreams woke them up and they struck instinctively along the transmission, destroying their commo devices. They’ve had some problems out in shadow, too.

TUALUA, a house sized mass of tentacles, claws and teeth. Once a god in Jandar until he blasted his own worshippers and their world. Transformation waves.

JELERAK, whose name is not spoken. Reputedly evil for evil’s sake. Known to favor necromancy, death magic and turning defeated enemies into monster minions. (Via standard magical means.) Over 1000 years old. Once a heroic white mage. BP, magic, stolen Binding power, keys to pocket Shadow Embelyon, all kinds of minions and allies/slaves.

SEMIRAMA, who claims to be the most famous/infamous Queen of Jandar and High Priestess of Tualua, though that person died 700 years ago. Ultrahottie. Wizard, can use or manifest a big aura of stored Transformation power.

PANDELUME? Ally or victim? If alive and hostile, a superlative wizard and master of Embelyon, probably more. Dworkin described him as a hermit with an obsessive dedication to fair deals.

Brotherhood allies or slaves. Baran of the Extra Hand used to be one. Could be more.

Minions or mercenaries. The ubervampire VRYKOS was named the likeliest assassin for going after Zhartra. A large man who is continuously in shade. Horrendously strong and fast. Professional. Vrykos has a gang, vamp and non-vamp, with useful skills.

FOR JOHN: Between Dworkin’s demands and Deep Subspace, Werewindle is tapped. He needs to chow down on a lot of magical energy. His Binding reserves are also nearly shot and they regenerate slowly.

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September 08, 2003
FIneas' Journal- Session 38

The True Life Adventures of Fineas of House Barimen
Prince of Amber


Day 91 PDS 12:00 PM:

Things have been hopping this morning. Following Thirteen's debriefing, it has become apparent that I may be uniquely equipped to penetrate the subspace shadow and survive to make a trump impression of the shadow beyond. Dara will be accompanying me to help in opening subspace holes. I have to admit some degree of trepidation about this arrangement, but I have taken as many precautions as I can. Werewindle will be protecting me from the psychic assaults of the elementals, I will be wearing an environmental suit and air supply, and Dara is there to provide a distraction should I need to escape quickly. I leave in an hour.

Day 91 PDS 2:30 PM:

My departure was delayed by another emergency. It seems Dworkin has repossessed the Jewel of Judgement and took off with it, presumably to take on the enemy holding Sand and Delwin. He put the whole castle to sleep, apparently blew through all of the protections in place to keep it safe, and headed off into shadow. Alerts have gone out and Werewindle is acting agitated.

Day 91 PDS 4:30 PM:

It did not take long to resolve. We found Dworkin at the Binding source with the limbless Sand and Delwin, both still alive but badly injured. Dworkin had summoned Werewindle to him shortly after my last entry, used it to get into the prison where they were held, slipped them out and brought them here. It looks like we have some more payback to dispense.

Day 91 PDS 6:30 PM:

Sand and Delwin are in Lynxia for treatment. Dworkin and Zhartra chased us out of the Binding power so we brought them here. Both have had their binding abilities removed by Dworkin and they are suffering brain damage from their treatment. There is really going to be hell to pay for this one.

Day 91 PDS 8:00 PM:

I have returned safely, though greatly fatigued. I now must decide if I should create the trump myself, or pass it on to Toriana. I am too tired at the moment to reliably pass on the impression I was able to get while in enemy territory. The trip was dangerous. Big and nasty things are lurking in deep subspace and I felt the urge to avoid them by moving as quickly as possible. It was tiring for Werewindle as well, so I plan on retiring early tonight and dealing with it in the morning.

Day 92 PDS 2:00 AM:

So much for getting some rest. I found myself being stalked in my room in the early hours by an unseen assailant. I quickly grabbed Werewindle and trumped out in my skivvies. A quick alert later and the complex in Lynxia was in an uproar. We are still learning details, but it appears some of the staff have been mutated by the transformation power and are now hostile. Lynxia is no longer safe. I have made immediate arrangements to move Sand and Delwin to safer facilities as the problem appears to be widespread in Lynxia.

Day 92 PDS 9:30 AM:

Bleys has agreed to allow his personal healing shadow Baden-Baden to be used. It is a three to one time ratio to Amber and is much more scientifically oriented than was the case elsewhere. Sand and Delwin have been brought in, along with Tanitheel and are now being treated.

Word has it that Enrys Feldane was assassinated in Lynxia by more mutated Brotherhood mages under the control of the enemy. All signs are now pointing at Jelorek being involved, either as a puppet or as the instigator. His beautiful sidekick is rumored to be Samara, an ancient priestess of Talualua. She is the one wielding the power, most likely as a tool. They stole the archives of the Brotherhood, gained access to the talismans they all wear and are happily mutating the mages into froglike minions. The devastation is not confined to Lynxia, so I must contact Ky-Tung to make sure Azvan is not turning against her.

Day 92 PDS 1:30 PM:

I made sure Ky was safe and confirmed Azvan was under psychic attack. I used Werewindle to free him from the link to his talisman and will probably be busy doing that for other important wizards for some time.

I remembered to get the trump impression back to Tori rather late, so I trumped her and was shown a strange trumpy shadow where she apparently works. She did not seem surprised that I was able to provide a trump image. She accepted it and got to work right away on producing more. I'm off to go help clean up more of the mess left by the Brotherhood. I curse the time this is giving the Helgrams, who are trying to blame the chaos assassinations on us. I gave Lirazel the lowdown and expect her to get word to the other houses that the Helgrams are the true culprits. We shall see what Basilisk can accomplish.

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September 07, 2003
Game Log Session 38

Jacob: After visiting with Dworkin, Jacob announces that the cousins are in trouble with their plan. He also does not take the news of the heads of Sand and Delwin are duplicates, and that they are now MIA. He also tells Dworkin that Flora and 13 make a brief contact with them, but it was lost. With this news a tear was seen in Dworkin's eye and his mood grew somber.

Fineas: Fineas speaks to Lirazel (spy) about the rumors of Rebma vs. Helgram. He finds out that the Helgrams are behind the attacks on all the houses in Chaos.

Toriana is trumped by a Guard in the city of Amber and is informed that all are asleep in Castle Amber. Toriana and Dara go through the trump and make their way to the castle. After waking up Gerard, Flora and Benedict they discover the jewel of judgment is missing. Dworkin took it and is believed to be looking for Sand and Delwin.

Jacob gets a sensation that something at the heart of the binding power does not work. He trumps Zhartra and states that he believes Dworkin is doing something. Werewindle leaves Fineas. Eventually all the cousins work their way to Zhartra. Binders from both Amber and Chaos arrive as well. Bindings are still holding. The blockage of the binding power lifts after about an hour. Sand and Delwin are on the ground without any arms or legs. Dworkin looks drained and throws Werewindle to to Fineas. He leaves with instructions for us to take care of his children. They no longer possess the binding power, and are brain damaged. It is more than obvious that they have been tortured and drugged. Sand and Delwin are taken to Lynxia. Tanatheel (family shape shifter) is trumped in by Dworkin. She is glowing after being fed his blood. She begins the healing process of Delwin and Sand.

Wearwendal informs Fineas that dworkin trumped right to Delwin and Sand stealthfully and unbound them there after he killed the attendants.

The brotherhood informs Toriana that someone stole the archives in Simerama. The entire building is missing. Toriana attempts to trump Jelerak. A few burned coins later, she gives up, filling that hi is tapping to Tualua or visa versa.

Fineas and Dara go through sub space to Jelerak's shadow with the help of Werewindle so Fineas can draw a trump. Once out both go to Lynxia as they are completely exhausted and need to heal. The brotherhood are in Lynxia attempting to transform people. Dara finds this out by capturing the one who came after her in her recovery room. She alerts Benedict. It is discovered that Sand and Delwin have been poisoned. Fineas trumps Bleys to get permission to use his shadow that Fiona and himself used in the past. Delwin and Sand are moved there.

13 prepares for sub space, by getting a new space suit. Jacob goes to Texorami and makes sure all is well. Rinaldo says pattern help cure the transformation from the brotherhood. Toriana works with others in Lynxia to cure the transformation to the frog form. Fineas and Dara check on Sand and Delwin. Dara stays with Tanatheel to learn more about shape shifting others. Everyone is getting ready for the battle to come.

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The world in general: 3x Amber's time flow, something like expected 22nd century tech -- mild nanotech, torch drives, supercapacity batteries, life extension to a moderately extended youth and a 3x middle age, world government, low violence, lunar and asteroid colonies.

It quickly becomes clear that the world is being manipulated by forces that desire stability, little technical progress and a general domestication of the people. Very like Niven's future history between the ARM stories and the Kzin stories.

While the Clinic staff and organization is not directly plugged into the controlling group, you're pretty sure that that group is of Fiona's and Bleys' making.

The Clinic has operated under F&B's control for just over a century. While the Clinic seems to be a spa for the super-rich, it is far more selective than that. Partly because external security is not allowed on the grounds... unless you are Bleys or those he's given carte blanche, as you have. The Clinic's tech is slightly in advance of the world's and there is an old Pattern working over the place that optimizes the functions of both the equipment and the personnel.

personal weapons:

blasters (particle beam pistols) -- heavy pistols that fire penetrating, burning, moderately radioactive particles at c-fractional velocities. 12 shots per clip.

lasers -- wide range of slender pistols and long arms firing laser beams, microsecond beams NOT continuous, with an effective range of over 1/2 to 10 miles (small pistol to sniper 'rifle') under optimal conditions (no dust, smoke or vapor), 6 to 40 shots per clip.

'clips' -- their superbatteries are good but not good enough to power effective beam weapons. (For instance, battery powered welding lasers are heavy, short range and do nasty but not life-threatening damage

pellet and dart guns -- really horrible array of explosive, nanobot, poisonous, radioactive, etc. loads for all kinds of guns. The Clinic frowns on loose nano, poisons, etc., hence the beam weapons, aside from subdual darts -- sleep darts, electroshock darts, etc. Important Clinic equipment is coated with laser refractive material where possible, and hardened against low-velocity darts. Ditto the walls.

neural disruptors -- microwave lasers tuned to the frequency of human neural tissue.

sonic stunner -- blunderbuss aperture crowd-control weapons, short range


refractive anti-laser coatings are easy to make, cheap, light and ablative.

anti-blaster armor is heavy metal-ceramic composite

anti-bullet armor is moderately heavy

defensive nano surfaces (coated with 'antibody' nanobots) are very light, moderately effective and ablative


highly developed mass transit, maglev trains, supersonic low/boom aircraft, moving sidewalks, etc. Note that most people live in medium to huge arcologies.

there is no antigravity here

aircars are far advanced from the experimental ones in the real world, but still moderatly dangerous in tricky air conditions. Computer control is essential. Not that fun.

advanced helicopters and autogyros

hydrogen/electric cars, all traffic-computer controlled... unless you're Special

h/e motorcycles


powered skates


extremely good, but true AIs have proven to be, 1) erratic and, 2) short-lived -- they get bored. Their fake AIs are good enough that it's hard to tell they're not really sapient.

very small; something much better than today's top of the line PC can be built into a film applied to a wall, or into a piece of clothing. People are highly dependent on their comps.

hard to hack (outside of Government back doors)

there is no true privacy unless you are Special

direct brain-computer links work but sustained use usually results in mental unbalance, increasing eccentricity, madness or autism. Really bad side effects take months or even years though, so many people are tempted.

computer-controlled sleep learning works well but the ubiquitous computers make actually knowing things less necessary. People will generally use a combination of the two, a basic course in whatever and an extensive program downloaded into their personal comps.

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September 06, 2003
the Blue goo for 13

Hi There everybody!

Blue goo here, and boy am I busy.

It's been awhile since I've had any of the big boy (or girls) visit me, but today I got a doozy.

Sheesh this one darn near freeze dried himself. Not to sure how he did it, but some of the folks around the ward are talking about "Elderkin" and such.

Nope. I have no idea what those are, but they can't be good.

Ohhhh. The pretty Purple haired chica has come up to my tank and seems to be concentrating on a card of some sort. She looks worried. Nope, nope now it's bit on the scared side. Hmmm, now it's changed to determined.


The freaky, scary sidekick of purple haired chica is busily wrapping her face around the sides of my tank!

Back off freak girl!

Yeesh, and I thought lord Mojo was freaky...well lord Mojo was freaky, but this was starting to get personnel with freak girl.

Yeah that's right, follow your mistress purpled haired chica right on out of here.

* * *

Well after several hours, my patient is doing better. He hasn't gained conscious yet, but I'm doing a damn good job of healing him.

* * *


The pain, the pain. Please, for the love of the Unicorn make it stop! If I ever get my hands on the redhead destroyer of Thari, I'm going to give him the blue goo enema of which all other blue goo enema are but mere shadow.

The redheaded pain in the ass has been going at for aver 6 Hours now, and I don't think I can take it anymore. I mean ear stub boy probably couldn't hear anything if he was conscious, but I've got to live through this abomination of Thari being read at me until the redhead stops.

Maybe if I can build up enough momentum I can thwup my way out of this tank and drown him!

Oh! Oh! Oh thank the merciful Unicorn, a truly dazzlingly beautiful woman has shown up and is sending the red read away. I'll remember you red if I ever get my hands on you.

Pretty woman is also looking worryingly at a card. She seems to be mumbling something. She takes a seat and starts to read a book.

* * *

Well, my patient has recovered enough to moved to a normal medical ward. Too bad because I really enjoyed the company...but I'll be looking for that redheaded-poetry- reading-freak for some future good times. Ohh yeah!

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