October 28, 2003
Log 42, Oct 25, 2003

13 wondering around in space looking for traces of Logrus, attempting to identify any differences and trying to figure out how it works. With Kirsten as his companion they eventually find a blue skinned monkey sized creature. Although the creature claims to be native to the land, 13 suspects that it is a lie. After further scrutiny, 13 discovers that the creature has been magically binded to not tell the truth. 13's curiosity pays off and he learns how to magically bind and unbind.

Toriana and Dara party on in Rebma, with nothing better to do. Diego is forever on Toriana's mind, so they question Morwin as to where he may be. Morwin gives them a trump of Vulnavia. Dara, shifted as Morwin trumps in with Toriana, and they set off all alarms. Dara shifts to her natural self, and scares the life out of most there. Both girls trump out to Toriana's shadow to come up with a better plan. With everyone's odd behavior of wanting to be an artist, Toriana kicks everyone out. THe girls question Gerard about Diego, and then Dara also asks Benedict. Benedict, is no fool and knows exactly what the girls are planning, inspite of Dara's protest that they just want to play with him. They go back to Vulnavia as if on official business. They are greeted by Carl, who has a striking resemblence to Erik, and his strength is greater than Dara's. Dara questions him about his lineage, and implies that Erik may be his father, and why would his brother Diego not want him to know this. Carl agrees to a blood test and the girls question him about his loyalty to Diego. The girls also notice tat Kylliki is pregnant and Diego is the father.

Fineas is traing troops Solice is moving legions around, and Fineas ups the loyatly by bringing in alcohol. He says it's to keep the spirits up. After saking several towns, he manages to break a legion off and start moving them through shadow. He has the troops trained by officers of the Amber and Arden army.

13 has Flora take a look at the creature named Barbathos and Flora who states that he is a Griffin spy. Barbathos is freed from the binding spell and is more than happy to kill any Griffin he sees. 13 discovers that the Griffin's are responsible for the death of Lord Feldane. Barbathos leads 13 and Kirsten through the shadow paths to his home base. THey come out in a cave. They are ambushed by several Griffins, and 13 pattern shifts them out. They are pursued by a logrus tendril. 13 attempts to trump out, but the contact is broken from the logurs tendril. 13 brings up pattern defense, and the 2 are given a head ache. However, it was enough time to have Kirsten pull out a trump and they are escape. 13 decides to then go see Markus in Tier na nogth.

Dara and Toriana follow Carl to the lab and Confirm that he may be either Erik's Dierdre's or Corwin's son. After convincing Morwin to give up a strand of hair, they confirm Corwin is not the father. Carl leads the girls to the guarded mirror from which Diego last left. Dara smells Diego's scent and starts tracking him like a blood hound. She then smells Giesels, and both girls proceed with caution. They eventualy come to a section where 6 very thin and hungry Giesels are surrounding a spikey thing that is hanging from the ceiling. It appears to be dripping a toxin onto them. There are also 6 other dead Giesels lieing about. The girls believe that the spikey thing is Diego shifted in a primal form, for survival. 2 of the Giesels take notice of the girls and start to head towards them. Torina casts a spell and they are frozen. Dara says that they need to colapse the ceiling to crush all the Giesels, however it may kill Diego. Toriana has no objections, and even encourages this to be done now to escape a blood curse. Dara's all for it, a little puzzled by her blood thirsty cousin. After the ceiling has been collapsed they confirm that Diego is dead, and take a few samples back with them. They discovered that the Giesel's can be killed by projected glass, and they also learn how to create the poison. This knowledge is given to Flora and Gerard. They also inform their Aunt that Diego is dead, and that they came accross the collopsed section in the cave, and that is how they found him. (Flora knows better, but says nothing) Flora puts the girls in charge of Diego's memorial. The girls find the lowest bidders and grab a lot of his belongins from home to be used. Quick and simple and off to the next adventure.

Fineas chck on Sirakey after he finds out about the death of Diego. She too is pregnant with Diego's child. Once he confirms she is OK, he goes to Brand's shadow with a few samarai body guards and Mr. X. The surronding villages are in ruins, and he is being tracked by a tiger. He approaches the palace and claims it is his by birth right. He is welcomed and informed of all the dealings of the palace, as well as the tigers that guard the palace.

13 informs Markus of the Griffins involvement of the death of Lord Feldane. Tigrath the resident logurs master, uses a tendril to follow the path of 13. He clears all traps, but by the time they get back, everyone has fleed. They do find Lord Flashheart killed Lord Feldane. With his work done, Flora encourges 13 to ask his mother Morelle to join the family.

The girs done with their punishment from Flora (Diego's memorial) decide they want to go through Fiona's stuff some more. Carefully this time they clear the traps and discover a trump sketch in a book. Suspecting it's a trap, as the sketch says idiot on it, they go through. After spending hours in a coffee shop discovering nothing new, Dara becomes suspicious. Something isn't right, and she pulls Toriana away. Dara shifts to a giant hawk and flies Torina up over the cloud that covers the city. They trump out and know that they were in a trap, and swear to secrecy, as they have many times before. They continue to rumage through Fiona's belonging. They are looking for clues to lead them to her personal shadow.

Back in Brand's shadow, Fineas asks if his mother has been there. He also finds out that the Earl Tigers have been eating the villagers as they are hungry and they have eaten all their game. Fineas has game brought in, to please the villagers. He discovers a device that Brand used to scry others and debates on attempting it himself. He sees that it is powered by sorcery and pattern.

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October 26, 2003
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Fineas- Session 42

The True Life Adventures of Fineas of House Barimen
Prince of Amber


Day 149 PDS (Amber Time) 3:00 PM:

The barbarian raids continue to be successful and I have gathered a substantial number of tribes anxious to get in on the glory. I have coordinated with Sullus and have chosen a target for the grand finale. I have arranged for a substantial amount of alcohol to be present in the town when the barbarians attack. By the following morning they should be ripe for slaughter.

Day 152 PDS (Amber Time) 11:00 AM:

The smoking remnants of the town are literally carpeted in the mangled bodies of the raiders. Outside, Sullus and his legions are gathering spoils and preparing to occupy and conquer the nearest tribal lands. A few days ago I had to kill a challenger to my position with the tribes. Once I did that, all resistance to my manipulations ceased and I was hailed as a descendant of some local diety. I led the attacking force to sack the town, then trumped away to join Sullus when the legions arrived. The battle was very one sided and Sullus should be cemented into his position for a while. We are arranging a tribute for him upon his return to Remia. In return, I will be taking the first legion to Amber for training within a month. Sullus is happy, I have a steady source of excellent troops and all seems well. I have kept occasional touch with Amber and have calibrated local time to be about twice as fast as Amber while I am here

Day 160 PDS (Amber Time) 8:00 PM:

I took over the leadership of XII Legio and have begun the process of shadowwalking to Amber with them in tow. It will take a bit of time acclimatizing them to the true nature of reality but the process is begun. I have arranged for a combination of Royal Guardsmen, Jacob’s Remians and rangers to set up a training regimen. Once they are satisfactorily trained I will make sure to find a minor skirmish to test them, arrange for some lucrative looting and return them to Remia to collect the next batch.

Day 163 PDS (Amber Time) 9:30AM:

Upon my return to Amber and getting the Remians settled into training quarters, I learned that Toriana and Dara have returned from the mirror realm where they claim to have found the remains of Diego. Their story is that he was slain by Geisels. I am skeptical but will hold my tongue. I can’t help but remember Tori’s recent proposal that we hunt him down and tap him for Amberite blood to make artifacts. I will need to contact Sorack and make sure she is looked after. I may need to round up all the other concubines and make sure any of Diego’s offspring they are carrying are under my protection. It would not do to have them whisked away by chaosians or slain by others with a grudge. Better I see to their welfare I think.

Day 164 PDS 2:30PM:

I met with Sorack. She seemed unsure how to react to the news. I let her know I would make sure she was protected regardless of events.

Toriana and Dara have been tasked by Flora to arrange the memorial. They are using some of Diego’s own décor to construct the monument, though they have contracted the job to the lowest bidder. I anticipate an eyesore and I am sure that is their intent.

Galina is somewhat recovering from her week long sojourn with the Unicorn. When she has had sufficient time to collect her thoughts, I will sit her down for the story.

I have not seen Jacob or Thirteen for a while. Dara and Toriana seem to have gotten thick with each other and are often in each other’s company these days. I have not heard much on Gerard’s progress, but I presume no news is good news.

Day 165 PDS 7:30PM:

I sought out my father’s shadow to get away from the memorial preparations for a while. I brought Mr.X and a handful of my samurai. I found a somewhat desolate area surrounding a palace, patrolled by the dreaded tigers and manned by a few of my father’s servants. I took possession after proving my pedigree by drawing Werewindle. What I found inside is very interesting and will require careful study over the coming months. First, I need to secure the place as some of the local warlords are getting pushy and may need to be driven off before long.

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October 21, 2003
Notes to Session 41


- Seems to have lost most or all of his Pattern attunement. Being within a hundred yards or so of the Pattern feels like being in a windstorm.

- Can sense Tualua’s power within a couple hundred yards. He can move it around with relative ease. This lets him de-transmogrify frogging victims within a minute or so. (He’s glad to be able to do something useful.)

- Can be seen by Llewella and Dara as a transparent version of himself. High-psyche wizards see a vague shape at close range. With effort he can become visible or invisible to all.

- Insists that he’ll assure his own freedom. The notion of being dependent on Dara or Toriana or anyone but himself is unacceptable.

- Is embarrassed by his ghostly attraction to blood. Dara and Tori harangued/tempted him into tasting theirs, and it does strengthen him, but it’s wrong. He can also feed on some kinds of magic.

- He can move to and from Dara, Llewella, the power-shadow where they tried to re-animate him and, presumably, Jagan Hendrake at will. He can move about freely from those starting points.


- Was a student of Pandelume some ten years ago.

- Has no idea of any relationship to Jelerak.

- Got the impression from Toriana and Fineas that he’d been specifically targeted for frogging by Jelerak.

- His lover Tessaine is one of his creations. She scans as a human with mild physical enhancement and student-level wizardry, with a soul and everything.

- What Turjan does is not cloning and doesn’t involve growing creatures from embryos. They are assembled by magic from basic elements according to ungodly complex mathematical matrices.

- While Turjan and Tessaine were not thrilled to move to a backwater world with poisonous wizard politics (OK, a different backwater with etc.) they weren’t ready to argue with a Princess and Prince of Amber about it.

- Fineas and Toriana sought out a wizard with a fine town-fort who had no friends and wouldn’t be missed. As a result, they picked the nastiest mage in town and the real power in the local wizards’ council.


- Most everything but some of the furniture in Fiona’s rooms was trapped in mystical or mundane fashion. Evidently, she slept and entertained elsewhere.

- Dara and Toriana were knocked out by one trap. Florimel used them as an object lesson for Galina and her Tarngiran students.

- D & T ended up pulling the bristles out of a nice hair brush and sticking some jewels on it for something to wave around while Benny-the-Ghost de-frogged people in Lynxia.


- Commonly operate by one of three principles: contragravity, psychokinesis or the Elderkin power informally known as Gravity Is My Bitch. Creatures that use contragravity have wings or jets. Psychokinetics rarely make concessions to aerodynamics. The Elderkin power is far more flexible and seems to play with inertia as well.

- Contragravity and psychokinesis can be generated by magic, biology or technology, depending on local physics.

- Contragravity works in Amber and vicinity, as demonstrated by the Chaosian wyverns in the Black Road attacks. Psychokinesis does not.

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October 20, 2003
Fineas- Session 41

The True Life Adventures of Fineas of House Barimen
Prince of Amber


Day 99 PDS 3:00 PM:

I woke up this morning (alone thank goodness) having been put to bed by the Rebman servants. I made a cursory check of my gear. Werewindle let me know Moire was examining him visually for quite a while, but did nothing out of order. My head hurts a little, but activity should clear that up. I hate relying on drugs or magic to clear my head. I figure if there is no pain involved, you did not really drink enough. I have an appointment in Belkin today, so I had better get moving.

Day 100 PDS 11:00 AM:

My business in Belkin is done. I now need to attend to my official duties and see to Avalon and Arden. I hope Benedict’s men are receptive to Amber oversight. I really don’t want any unnecessary complications right now. I have too much to do to get the Amber army back into some semblance of order. I will need to visit each noble house to get an accounting of what men at arms they are willing to admit to in the event of an emergency. I need to make sure we cover glaring deficiencies (flying creatures comes to mind). I need to keep Bleys’ grubby mitts out of my command structure if possible and I need to make sure Flora gives me enough room to operate effectively. Micromanaging is the last thing I need. She does not seem to be the type, but time will tell.

Day 100 PDS 8:00 PM:

I met with the generals in Avalon. I think we can work together effectively as they exhibit the same no nonsense efficiency I have come to identify with Benedict. I inquired if they had established control over the major sources of the gunpowder. I am assured they are quietly exerting control over a handful of other newly discovered deposits. I will need to monitor that. I want to make sure we cover every base possible to avoid enemies getting their hands on the stuff. I may need to eventually take up residence there myself, but for now Benedict’s men will have to do. I have undertaken to make them a number of trump sketches to assist in their communications.

Arden is slowly recovering. I checked into the hellhound population and learned they are mostly dispersed since no one effectively controls them. They may become another long term project. I would like to reconstitute the pack if we can somehow control them. The tigers are still a slight problem, but most of the really stupid ones are dead now or relocated to Ruin.

Day 101 PDS 11:30 AM:

Toriana contacted me via trump to ask for backup on something she was investigating. It turns out Jelorak had an alleged descendant also in the Brotherhood. His name is Turjan and he seems to have a reputation as a creator of magical creatures. Something similar to what Diego was doing, though based more on magic than shapeshifting. Tori pulled me through the contact into a castle. We sought out a servant to show us to Turjan. He was afflicted with frogginess and was forcibly restrained in his bed. His beautiful companion consented in allowing us to cure him without hindrance after we informed her of our pedigree. A fine loyal woman. In the event, the cure was not overly difficult with both Tori and I participating. He was suitably grateful. Tori and I looked at each other and made an unspoken decision to recruit him ourselves. I did most of the talking. He agreed readily, though for a moment he was concerned when Tori insisted he move to a different locale.

I guess my next task is to find a good place to install our new mage. His talents may come in useful when we need specialty creatures or troops.

Day 104 PDS 12:00PM:

The search for a suitable shadow took some time. We wanted a place off the beaten path, high magic with a faster time flow than Amber. We found Yari. I have identified a stronghold that we will seize. The current occupant is something of a scumbag and is reviled by most folks in the area. I will assault the place using the mirrorverse to gain entry and try to keep it as bloodless as possible. My experience in Perzia should prove useful for this. I figure a couple dozen samurai should do the trick.

Day 108 PDS 8:45PM:

It took a while to locate the proper mirrors and a while longer to acclimatize my samurai to the mirrorverse. We managed to take the place quickly and are now in control. The former occupant’s body was passed down to the village where I understand they have hung it from a pole by meathooks. The fall of a despot is never pretty. Tori is bringing Turjan and his gear through via a trump gate. His companion and a handful of serving creatures are coming as well. I have decided to assign Sinon here as well to assist and will keep at least ten samurai posted here to assist with more mundane problems that might arise. A number of interesting magical devices meant to influence the local mages council were confiscated. I allowed one to be kept by Turjan for study. The rest I have moved to my warehouse in Amber until I can find a better place for them. I intend to study them myself and keep them on tap for use if the local chapter of mages gets unruly. Speaking of…I shall need to pay them a visit tomorrow and make sure they understand the new reality.

Day 110 PDS 5:00PM:

The mages had to dick with me a little, so I exhibited just enough power to earn their respect if not their fear. If they continue to get cute, I will make an example of one or two and make it look like Turjan did it. I have decided that any time more than three wizards get together, the collective scum factor goes up exponentially as they try to gain an edge over each other. It kind of reminds me of our family in older days. I will have to stick around a couple more days to solidify control of the area, but it is about time to see to my plans in Remia.

Day 112 PDS 7:30PM:

Tomorrow I head out to Remia again. Today I took a brief respite and accepted an invitation from Flora to spar with Galina and herself. It was fun. Normally I would disdain wrestling around with a woman, but if you are going to do it you can’t complain about doing it with Flora (or Galina). I worked them with swords (neither proved to be a match for me, though together they got me pretty good) and then they worked me with chairs, lamps, etc. I call it chair-fu, Flora calls it advanced social skills. How to kick someone’s ass with a dinner setting, no weapons allowed. As I said, fun though of dubious value to myself.

Afterwards I invited Galina to the music room. She joined me there after getting a rubdown and we spent the afternoon playing music. Very relaxing. She asked me about the whole blood artifact business. I let her know that I am not particularly interested in shedding my bodily fluids, especially given my lack of magical knowledge. Werewindle is enough for me. I expect to be gone a while, so I have given instructions to the brownies, Nellie in Rebma and Mr. X to keep them profitably busy during my absence.

Day 114 PDS 10:00AM:

Sullus was pleased that I was willing to have him slow down his efforts a bit. He truly fears me and was perhaps pushing things along a little faster than needed. I explained that a thorough and careful job would please me more, so he is adjusting his plans accordingly. In the meantime, I have gathered the swanmays and will be heading up country to begin the process of stirring up trouble. I have adjusted my appearance, started growing a beard and should easily pass for a barbarian in a couple weeks. My entries in this journal will likely be sparse for a while. It would not do to be seen writing where I am going.

Day 128 PDS Noonish:

I made contact with what appears to be a suitable tribe. I bribed my way into their councils and have started filling their ears with tales of loot just waiting to be plucked from the northern provinces. Some of the graybeards have had their asses kicked by the Remans before and are skeptical. The youngbloods are more than willing to believe me. A little gold spread here and there should swing the council to my whim.

I had to say the swanmays were my wives. It has caused a couple awkward moments in the communal house, but so far we have been able to fake amorous relations. Not that I would mind giving them the business for real, it is just that it is a bad idea to fraternize with one’s subordinates to that degree. It leads to discipline problems I want to avoid. I let them know it would be OK with me if they released their tensions discretely with the locals as long as they don’t get overly attached. I certainly intend to lie with a number of local women. To do otherwise would raise suspicion. The things I do for Amber!

Day 134 PDS Morning:

The fires from last night are still lighting the sky as the sun rises. With a force of about three hundred tribesmen, we sacked a small Reman town belonging to Sullus’ chief rival Mortus. I feel regret at the loss of life, all for the sake of political gain but I am resolved to finish the plan. The tribemen are ecstatic at our success and are now bickering a bit amongst themselves over the spoils. It will be extremely difficult to exert any sort of martial control over these people. I will have to satisfy myself with this crude club of an army where I would prefer a fine rapier. Oh well, it will make Sullus’ eventual victory even easier if I encourage this loss of discipline.

Day 145 PDS Evening:

More and more tribes are joining the horde. We will soon be ready for larger targets and more serious damage. Another month and I will be ready to set the stage for Sullus’ ascendance to the consulship and the climactic battle. God will I be glad to get out of these smelly furs and into something resembling civilized clothing.

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October 19, 2003
Session 41 Log

Where Are They?

Toriana is still looking after Gerard in her healing shadow
Dara is rummaging through Benedict's room in the castle.
Fineas is waking up from the drinking bout in Rebma.
Thirteen is looking into Sir Feldane's Assassination.

Dara begins still ransacking Benedict's room for anything useful when she senses a presence and hears her fathers voice chuckling. Turning around, she sees Benedicts ghost. Not being frightened, she begins to experiment with him to find out the limitations of his new existence. She asks him about a number of paintings she has found. They are mostly of family members and Dara, though three seem to be of former girlfriends. She asks who all is in his trump deck and he gives her the answers. She also inquires into the fates of Osric and Finndo. Benedict replies that they are dead, torn to pieces by dragons after Oberon felt they were about to move against him.

Fineas goes to Belkin for secret stuff. He spends a couple of days there before returning to make his rounds of Avalon and Arden. He introduces himself to Benedict's men as the new liason and meets with the various commanders to get a feel for the situation. Fineas agrees to supply a number of trump sketches to facilitate communication. A number of other sources of Amber gunpowder have been located in the shadow and steps are being taken to quietly get them under control. Heading to Arden, Fineas learns the process of taming the wildlife is still ongoing. The hellhounds are more or less dispersed and mostly uncontrolled at this point.

Toriana is pleased with Gerard's progress and leaves him to heal for a while. She returns to Amber to meet with Flora briefly. She decides to follow up on some information she had gleaned from Jelorak about his possible offspring. Going to Belkin, she asks around and locates one possible descendant named Turjan. Turjan is apparently an expert on magically created creatures. Potentially troublesome unless under Amber supervision. Through some investigative effort, she determines his home shadow and decides to pay him a visit. She is stonewalled briefly at his castle by a petty servant, so she does a brief mindrape and pushes her way inside. Turjan is suffering from frogginess and is strapped to his bed, cared for by a beautiful woman said to be one of his creations. Tori decides to trump in Fineas for backup, briefs him on the situation, then proceed to attend to Turjan's condition.

Dara decides to find out if anyone else can see Benedict and has him pay a visit to Llewella and then Flora in the Great Hall where she is holding court. Flora is able to see Benedict after Benedict takes the opportunity to drain some of the power Flora has stored in her ring. Flora covers her surprise well and Benedict decides to pay a visit to the dungeons. Dara runs down to keep up and finds him moving the transformation residue out of the resident frogs. They are instantly restored to normalcy in the process, though no one there but Dara can see it was Benedict doing the healing. Dara tries to cover by claiming she did it. Skepticism abounds, but no one complains.

Fineas and Toriana begin the process of healing Turjon of his affliction with his anxious paramour looking on. Fineas and Tori simultaneously decide the wizard is worth taking underwing and decide to make a deal. When it is done, Turjan is grateful and willing to listen to the offer of patronage. In return for working for Amber, Turjan is offered a new laboratory, assistants and monetary support. Tori and Fineas will locate a new shadow off the beaten path where he will be able to work undisturbed.

Dara is finally cornered by Flora and interrogated about Benedict's status. He apparently requires infusions of energy and/or blood to manifest himself but is able to attain invisability to both Dara and Flora if he wishes. They decide that it is best if others (particularly Bleys or Thirteen) not be informed. It is decided to keep the information secret between Dara, Flora, Llewella and Toriana. Dara learns that Flora's ring was tailored to house her spirit long enough to enact a death curse should she ever be slain. Apparently she was at one time concerned that House Gryphon or Jacob would have her assassinated and wanted the option for revenge. The nature of the ring likely explains why Flora can sometimes see Benedict.

Fineas and Toriana begin their search for a suitable shadow to house Turjan. They finally settle upon a renaissance shadow with high magic, a tradition of mageocracy, plenty of flying creatures and faster than normal time. The shadow is named Yari and seems to be suitable. Fineas scouts out the political situation and chooses a particular stronghold to overthrow and take over. Toriana is called away by Dara, so Fineas assaults the pace via the mirror realm with his samurai. It is a quick and relatively bloodless victory. Turjan is moved in via trump gate with his equipment after a couple of days cleanup.

Dara and Toriana meet with Benedict again and decide they need a cover for Benedict's power of unfrogging victims. They decide a "powerful artifact" needs to be faked and inexplicably decide it should be a mundane item from Fiona's belongings. They break into the storage closet, set off a few traps and wake up some time later. They do succeed in obtaining the Mighty Shower Brush of Transmogrification (TM) and begin to canvas Lynxia to wield it against the holdout froggies. Some days later they have found a couple of the more clever frogs and return them to normal with Benedict's help while brandishing the Mighty Shower Brush of Transmogrification for the onlookers.

Fineas decides to forestall any unwanted probing by the other mages in Yari so he pays a visit to the mages' council. He has to demonstrate that it is a bad idea to mess with Turjan, though holds back to limit the demonstration of power. Fineas removes the various items of sympathetic magic used to control the council by the castle's former occupant, leaving only one for Turjan to study. The remainder go to Fineas' private stash for future use if it proves necessary. Fineas brings in his recently hired illusionist to assist Turjan, assigns ten samurai to help guard the place, then briefs Toriana on the progress. Fineas returns to Amber where he spends a little quality time training with Flora and Galina in the castle. Following the fencing and chair-fu lessons, he and Galina spend time relaxing with music and discussing the Unicorn.

Toriana and Dara decide it is time to go party in Rebma and hook up with Morwyn for another bout of debauchery in the strip joints of Rebma. They drink a great deal, have lots of sex and finally decide to head out and check on the hellmaids. They decide to find a sample or two of a wyvern or griffon to take to Turjan for experiments, but end up just recruiting flying mercenaries. You heard me right, Toriana actually helped recruit troops for Amber. They find a matriarchal culture where the men are sexually inactive (though effeminate) until they are turned on by specific pheromones emitted by their queen. They kill the queen and a few successors until they find a pliable monarch they can control. They move the lot to the plains shadow where the hellmaids are kept and they begin the process of integrating the forces. Dara decides to experiment and succeeds in copying the sex pheromones of the queen. She engages in a gangbang with a large number of the males.

Fineas returns to Remia to get his army recruitment under way. His pet consul to be needs a bit more time, so Fineas embarks on his mission to stir up the barbarians. Taking the swanmays, he heads north into less civilized country. Impersonating a barbarian nobleman, he begins the process of inciting the barbarians to raid the northern provinces of Remia. A possible rival to Sullus is targeted and his lands are hit first. The first town is sacked successfully and the die is set for the managed conflict Fineas wants to propel Sullus to undisputed leadership of Remia.

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Journal, Toriana - 40

I moved dad to a safer location and some place few people know about and no one would expect. I setup a hospital far away from the cottage and recruited doctors from Lynxia. I was able to screen them under the guise of checking for frog syndrome but I was really searching for loyalty to my father. I came far to close to loosing him to trust just anyone to his well-being. Sir John blew up the place where Bleys had been keeping our new family digs. I had to take the family there with us this includes Sand and Delwin but they are to be taken out before they wake up. Who knows what the hell they will be thinking if and when they come to and I am certainly not going to have them near me when it happens nor near my dad in his current state.

The cost of the war was high and poor Dara has to count her father among the lost but not yet the dead. I am hopeful if we are cautious that we can perhaps restore him. If we are reckless he will surely be lost. I will respect whatever decision she decides to make.

I have left Flora in charge of the castle. Yes I got to choose it is funny what you can get away with when you are holding the only jewel that Amber currently possesses. Bleys made a face as if he were going to protest and well I would have been in no mood for it. There did not need to be any more blood shed but had he found the need to speak up there might have been. Tired, sore and brain throbbing I would have found the resolve to put him in the hospital it is amazing what adrenaline can do for keeping you up when you should have already fallen down.

I have shown Zhartra the picture of the man she is seeking I did mention that he was under the control of Jelerack but even he could not give skills the vampire did not already possess. I am sure they will be hunting him down and his death may not be swift but it will be painful.

I am forced at this point to setup defenses in a place where I should have done this already but have not. My shadow is not my first choice for where to bring people but luckily only family could find there way back here and the only family here are currently in hospital beds. Fortunately mom is here to help with setting up Rebman defenses. I shall have to send Moirwyn something pretty for her help at the castle.

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October 11, 2003
The Bride vs.

Just watched KILL BILL.

In the big fight, the Bride's performance is in the Fineas-Dara-Mirelle-Jacob-Martin range* on a good day, though only Dara or Mirelle would consider doing it that way, and then only if no firearms were available.

*Minus the relatively minimalist wire fu. Flora, a trained acrobat, could replicate most of the wire fu, but wouldn't. She likes to stay low in a fight.

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October 07, 2003
Session 40


-Dara Spends Some time trying to figure out how to heal Benedict. Her first thought is to Swallow his shards and reassemble them inside of her.

-She trumps Llewella to discuss her options. Llewella takes her to Moire. They all discuss the swallowing option, but it is shot down after awhile. Moire says that the poison should be gotten rid of first.

-She then goes to a nearby high healing shapeshifting shadow to get rid of the poison.


-Leaves Baden-Baden and goes to Amber to pick up some of his Brownies. He heads for Inkos (Galina's Home shadow) and works on speeding up the time to cleanse the poison out of his system. While Fineas is doing this his Brownies are out "procuring" small portable items.

-Boris Stops by and is very interested in the Brownies abilities and he and Fineas negotiate to both their satisfaction.

-Fineas trumps Nellie and tells her that he is putting her in charge of his Rebman Estate. Several Chantris young-uns are to be educated there. Nellie and Fineas come to an agreement on what she can publish this little tidbit (putting Fineas in a good light of course).

-Fineas is trumped by Flora and given notice of the current situation. She tells him that she wishes to meet with him some time soon.


-13 Starts to make the round of some of the Noble houses. He meets with Lornya Chantris and they discuss Emrys Feldane, Benedict, Gerard and the future of the kingdom.


-Sick...The Royal Princess cannot be sick. Pahh! She goes to lynxia to try and get rid of all the frogged folks.

-She goes and checks on her Father (in Baden-Baden). He is healing nicely. Not liking the loyalty of the main care giver and hauls him to her "Happy Place". She finds out that Gerard is not well. The bullets in the guns that he was hit by had been charged with Tualua power. She finds Sir John Guant and tells him that she is hauling Gerard out of there. SJG give her an EMP bomb to take the place out.


-Goes to Chaos and meets with her uncle Jaigon. Healing is the main topic of discussion. Get's a bit Tualua sick, but soon recovers. She tell Jaigon that she wants to heal her father and he teaches her how.


-Meets with Regent Flora. They discuss Blays and the Averni. Flora tries to get Fineas to talk to 13 about inviting his Mother to "join" the Family. It seems that she won't join unless asked by her son. He agrees to this task.

-Fineas talks to her about Amalathea (the Unicorn). They talk about taking over Jacob's abandoned troops. He trumps Dara to discuss Benedicts healing.


-He is trumped by Flora and given the task of finding out who was involved in the Murder of Emerys Fledane.

-Next he heads over to the Feldane's. He meets with Baroness Eliza. Much sympathy is given. After awhile he discusses politics and the Nobles. He asks her about Emerys and how it had happened. She tells him all about it and where it took place. Lake Cho outside of Lynxia.

-Meets with Mira Kandive and discuss' Amber Politics and Trade. Tries to encourage the Kandive's get more involved in politics.


-Examines Gerard and how he is doing. The Abyssal poison is still working doing it damage. She attempts to drive out the Abyssal corruption. Tanintheel helps her in healing Gerard.

-Visits the "Evil Tree". Taunts some of the Abyssal creatures with the death of a bunch of other bunch of Abyssal creatures.


-Still talking Jaigon. She tells him she had been up to over the last several months. She learns about Shape Shifting healing.

-Trumps Llewella and takes Jaigon to Benedicts shards. They all go to Dara's Super Shifting shadow. Jaigon is not fully convinced about the shadow's usefulness. He feels it needs to be more.


-Fineas spends some time checking out Arden. Goes over the training and deployment. Sends some of the troops out to retake some of the areas that Chaos had invaded. Moves Jacob's troops to other areas. Coordinates with Dara to move the Hellmaid's to Ruin.


-Meets with Genevive and they talk about her training and her possible future missions.

-Finds Kirsten and they head out to Lynxia and Lake Cho.


-Continues to torture the tree. Goes back to Kelamon and happy place. Gerard wakes up and he and Tori talk. They discuss Flora and Bleys and the Regency.

-decides to take precautions against Delwin and Sand waking up.


-Still working on healing Benedict. Dara Semi-frogs llewella's horses during a test. Dara and Llewella get Benedict kind of together. They find that the Benedict statue is in pain. Llewella gets everybody to a place to a where Benedict no longer is pain. Jaigon and Llewella do a blood ceremony to put Benedict together. Benedict dies during the process. A good death scene. Dara Drains all of Benedict's blood for future use.

-A Benedict copy is sent to amber via Fineas.


-Fineas trumps Ky-tung. She is climbing in a giant tree. She feels that the giant land Shadow would be great for tourism. Azvan is there and they talk about his nightmares and Fineas checks out Azvan for froginess. Fineas fills Azvan and Ky-tung in on what is going on in the Universe.

-Fineas "Takes care of Business".

-Talks to Ky-tung about troop recruitment.

-Trumps 13 and fills him in on the whole Mirrel problem.


-Does some investigating in Lake Cho. Finds a shadow path that led into the shadow no more then 50' from where Feldane's body was found. Investigated the path till it disappears.


-Tori spills her guts to Flora about everything that she had been involved in over the past several days.

-Heads off to the Mirrorverse.


-Loots her Fathers room. She finds Bene's will to her that he had written before the battle. Everything is left to her (Estates, Ranches with the stripy Horses, and cool stuff).

-Dara Asks Llewella for a trump of the Uber-Shapeshifting shadow. Does a nice thing for Jacob. Picks out one of the Dangerous swords she likes. Works on a place for the Hellmaid's to go to. grabs Benedicts Trump deck.


-Digs up those killed by the Tualua powered bullets to see if they were mutating. Finds all of the bullets and the places in the Castle that were hit with those bullets and marks them so Jacob can bind them at a later date.

-Finds all of the Wounded troops and checks to see if they are froging or not. Makes sure that people are put in place to keep an eye of possible future froginess.

-Meets with the Benedict ammo guy to make sure nothing was done with him. He appears clean. He is saddened to hear about the wounding of Benedict, but glad that Fineas took it upon himself to tell him in person.

-Goes to Rebma and meets with the Chantris kids that he is training. Fineas does a good job of trying to bind them to his authority. He's teaching them how to do things the "Amber" way.

-Llewella trumps Fineas and tells him about Benedicts Spirit. Llewella cries. He asks to be pulled through and they talk about Benedict's death, and Fineas comforts Llewella.

-Flora Trumps Llewella about putting Benedict's Spirit in an other Body.

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Fineas' Journal Session 40

The True Life Adventures of Fineas of House Barimen
Prince of Amber


Day 95 PDS 8:00 AM:

I really feel like crap this morning. I can tell I am going to have to go detox somewhere safe for a while. Lynxia is out, too many damned frogs still unaccounted for. There is some concern about Baden-Baden, so I think I will avoid that place as well. Perhaps Inakhos will do. I need to check up on the household anyway, it might as well be now.

Flora has trumped me asking me to meet with her at the Grove. I have a pretty good idea what she wants to discuss. Bleys. My head hurts already just thinking about it.

Day 95 PDS 10:00AM:

Flora is looking pretty rough today too, but she cheered up considerably when I promised to back her for the regency. For now at least she is the best choice. We talked about Bleys and are going to offer him the Admiralty. I will likely be given charge of the army since I have experience now and am apparently in high regard with the troops. We discussed getting Mirelle back into the official family and I said I would try and get Thirteen to ask her to return. That may be a trick in and of itself, but I am counting on Thirteen's logical turn of mind to recognize the necessity. I am sure he will not be enthusiastic about it, but he does what he thinks is the best for Amber as far as I can see. I informed her of my offer to Moire to help oversee the Chanicutt captives and she had no issue with that. Lastly I asked her about the possibility of getting Great Grandmother Amalthea into a active role. She was uncertain about how to proceed, but the thought bears investigation.

Day 97 PDS 2:30PM:

I gathered a few brownies to watch over me and collapsed into my bed in Inakhos a couple days ago. I have been expunging heavy metals and other toxins from my system since then. It has been no fun at all. Boris has become enamored with my brownies after his initial shock and has devised a scheme to use them in some minor thefts in the area. Not really something I want to be part of, but if it keeps my brownies and him happy, so be it.

I returned to Amber to report for duty this morning. Bleys accepted Flora's proposal and she is now regent. She asked me to take the troops out in Arden under my charge and find out what needs to be done. It is busy work, no doubt to keep me from mischief while she gets things under control, but I am happy for the job. The rangers are reporting some problems with local intelligent tigers, so I have decided to cull a few out. I am moving some of the excess troops to Ruin until I can arrange a garrison shadow in a more amenable location. Dara's hellmaids seem to be restless, so I am using a few of them to solve the tiger issue.

The hellmaids seem determined to make a sexual snack of me, so I ran them hard to reduce their desire. It would not do to fraternize with the troops in the way they wish. Certainly I would not be able to command any respect from them if they continue to think of me as a sex toy. The end result was a very tired group of hellmaids with one careless example in the infirmary. I suspect they will not attempt to seduce me any time soon now. Good thing too, as the constant attention was beginning to get distracting. I resolved to release my tension with a trip to visit Ky-Tung as soon as possible.

Day 97 PDS 6:30PM:

A visit to the giant shadow to see Ky and Azvan was interesting. Ky was enthusiastic about turning the place into a resort of some sort. I offered to make a solid shadowpath and give a license to her family to exploit it. She accepted of course. I would personally be more interested in the place as a source of new toxins and foodstuffs than recreation. Some of the nastier insects could prove useful. In any case, I succeeded in reducing my tension and filled them in on recent events. Before it gets too dark here, I need to get back to Amber and see to arrangements for my other duties in Rebma with the Chanicutt brats.

Day 98 PDS 8:00PM:

My mind is really not on the days events, but I want to jot a few down before I get too drunk to hold my pen.

I set up Nellie in my Rebman manor to act as my agent here when I am away. She was amenable to the duty and should do a good job. She wants the inside story on the brats of course. The brats themselves are going to be a challenge. I met with the Queen and we discussed the matter in some detail. We laid out objectives and a simple plan before we got the terrible news from Llewella.

Benedict is dead.

The effort undertaken to reconstitute him failed to preserve his life. Moire brought forth the finest vintage from Benedict's vineyards and we gathered what family were in Rebma to drink to his memory. I am unsure of the details of what went wrong and why. I can't help but feel I should have stepped forward to make sure the effort was made properly. It was Dara's right, but her impatience is well known and a delicate operation of that sort needs some patience.

As I drink with the Royal Family of Rebma and my relations, I have resolved to compose a lament dedicated to my uncle. Amber will never be so blessed again and our loss is crushing.

Day 98 or 99 PDS, No Fucking Clue about the time.

Lament for Benedict

Child of Barimen, who once was
Defender of hope and our just cause.
Where are you now, our bastion of right?
Felled by the evil of the Abyssal night.
What fell fate layed it's hand upon thee?
To result in our sorrow for what now will be.

Our protector for ages, none could stand before you.
Not warlords or mages, even our fears you could subdue.
Now we are laid bare, our great armor is gone.
Our great flame has gone out from what Tualua has done.
Where roams your great spirit, we may never know.
Nevermore shall we sit and bask in your glow.

Too drunk to continue for now. I should ask Corwyn for the tonalities. I wonder if he knows yet? Where the fuck are my trumps?

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