November 30, 2003
Session 44 Minus

Flora Trumped 13, who went through to her in Amber. She cancelled her request that he make nice with his mother Mirelle, and apologized for interfering with his personal life. It would work out or not.

Mirelle was willing to stay on if she was given the survivors of the team that killed her husband and daughter, and abducted baby 13. As this was Oberon's special dirty team of fanatics, and Sir John's branch of the secret service had long since distanced themselves from the bunglers, Flora did that with the two survivors.

13 volunteered to help orient newbie family member Carl Savage when he came to Amber, and to check him out for excessive unsuitability; ie. would CS need to be killed.

Trumped Jacob in to examine Llewella's neato Pattern trick. Just after he left two crows, radiating Binder power just a bit, flew in and turned into nude teenaged (looking) girls with black hair and eyes and brown skin. They morphed a bit of the foliage into wraps and questioned Tori politely. Where was Pan-Luum? She had been one of the people that shut Pan-Luum's shadow up. Why? Tori told them that she thought Jelerak had attacked and quite possibly killed Pandelume -- Pan-Luum? -- or perhaps driven him away. Further, Jelerak had attacked Tori's father and been killed doing it. The girls moved like Dara, very quick; maybe quicker. They were mildly interested in the "boy with the sacred power" -- Jacob -- and pleased that he was busily binding the "intruders".

They left quietly, turning back into crows (normal sized crows) and fading out, Dark Well style, into shadow.

Tori Trumped Zhartra and inquired. Zhartra was interested. If they weren't agents of the Binders in Chaos -- she'd check -- they sounded like a pair who showed up in tales from time to time. If they were the same pair, the tales were older than the Lords of Chaos themselves. Rumor had it that the Serpent had built upon an existing island of stability. An inhabited island. Several different versions told what had happened to those people; exterminated, absorbed, hiding, etc. The Binding and Dark Well powers might have been theirs. They were shapeshifters but favored certain forms: human, cat, crow, serpent or wingless dragon, possibly others.

Pre-Pattern, everything had been pretty malleable where it wasn't Bound into solidity. Zhartra had thought the first people mythical or long extinct. She advised against angering the twins; they were supposedly very dangerous physically (never defeated) and said to be immune to most powers -- Binder defenses would explain the latter. Perhaps someone should go looking for Pan-Luum too.

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November 29, 2003
Fineas Journal - Session 43

The True Life Adventures of Fineas of House Barimen
Prince of Amber


Day 166 PDS 3:00 PM:

I am taking steps to avoid future difficulties with the local warlord. It appears that if I make a deal involving access to a source of longevity, I can reconstitute the arrangements Dad had with the locals. I chose a gift amongst the various items lying about and sent Mr.X and an escort of tigers to approach the Empire. Hopefully something amicable can be arranged with the Emperor himself to re-annex the local region.

I also arranged for a large number of cattle to be trumped in to feed the tigers and staff for a while until I can rebuild a self sufficient economy hereabouts. Morale needs to be improved and the whole situation reversed to one of growth rather than decay.

Day 167 PDS 11:00 AM:

I did some more research into how shadow has changed. I think I have located some of the old shadow paths and can rebuild them. I need to establish a new one to the fountain of youth to keep my people happy and also to check on Osric and Finndo. I have an idea of the region they may be trapped in.

Day 168 PDS 1:00 PM:

The meeting with the Admiral of the Empire seems to have gone well. Of much more concern is the fact that I found the shadow where Osric and Finndo had been imprisoned. It was a mess and obviously had spilled it?s contents some weeks ago. Time to alert the family that we have two possibly disruptive relatives on the loose. I trumped Thirteen for help in tracking them and we are well on the way to finding them. I also need to report to Flora and Bleys. Probably Toriana too.

Day 168 PDS 4:00 PM:

Everyone who needs to know now does. Toriana and Dara had quite the surprise for me. It seems that Benedict?s ghost is flittering about keeping an eye on us. He has no Pattern abilities anymore, but can manipulate the transformation energy now. I suspect other peculiarities as well, but for now at least we have access to his advice if not his blade. When he arrived, I asked if he wished to remain as he is or if he would like us to reconstitute a body for him. With the duplication lab going, perhaps we can construct a new body of sorts. Worth investigating.

Benedict gave us the lowdown on what to expect from Osric and Finndo. They are much closer in temperment to Corwin or Bleys it seems than the rest of us. I expect strong ego?s and impulsive behavior. We are going to have to make sure they respect our strength if we are going to get anywhere with them. I spoke at length with Flora about this. Hopefully she can make a positive impression without having to knock them around too much. They appear to be working towards the overthrow of Oberon and may be gathering a fleet as I write this. Time is short.

Day 169 PDS 1:00 PM:

While I was conferring with other family about the whole situation, Thirteen , Sabine and Kirsten had tracked the uncles to a pirates hold and had tried to bluff their way through. They seem to have made a bad impression on the locals. As I trumped in, a rather violent altercation was in progress on a ship. We commandeered one and sailed off with a zombie crew far enough to rendevouz with Ky-Tung whom I trumped in via gate. Her ship is much better than the local stuff and we are now sailing towards the marshalling area of the uncles. This will be interesting.

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study guide

Sword: Werewindle
Mistress: Cpt. Ky Tung; her ship, the Widening Gyre
On board:
first mate Jian Tung (uncle of KT, middle aged Sammo Hung with a shaved head and a goatee);
sergeant Dao Tung (cousin of KT, weapon master, martial artist, Jet Li); Daebekkar Senior Scholar and Explorer Talifa (Queen Latifa with an upper-class accent, recently out of her third rejuvenation) a consultant and her assistants Master Ferroh (grandson, mage, junior Daebekkar)
and Jayanti (Chelayan [blue] female protégée, Alyson Hannigan in medium blue skin and silvery short hair)

In Remia:
Sullus, the Imperator to be
Hilda and Gilda (Hildamar and Gildenstern), sisters, hawkmaids, scouts, messengers

Chez Brand (Jeng-Dei palace) staff:
Kwan Ro, air and bird specialist, first among equals [tall, thin, graceful]
Sprague, engineer, the organizer of the bunch [tall, thin, spade beard, occidental]
“Tiger” Tlacoatl Man-ching, werejaguar, erltiger liaiaon [Aztec features]
Trocero, herbmaster, gardener, toxicologist [looks Italian]
“Catkin” Kubash, Librarian [‘goblin’; a middle aged but spry Chiana with green skin, a shock of black hair, sharper than human teeth, barely 5’ tall]
Sergeant Lo Ken, master of arms
Wang Fei, Cook

Erl-tigers have names like Smiler, Leaf Dancer, Two Grizzlies, One Ear, Scholar, Ghost, Poet, Wait For It.

Local authorities
The Emperor of the East, Wang Wu Jing [an asian Bn. Harkonnen]
The Governor of Bu-Yang Province, Liang Chi
Field Marshall Zu-Ma, too young, too pretty, obedient
Chief Minister, Fu Yu-Lan, [Crime, but asian]

From overseas
Grand Admiral Chang Ho, a tall, beefy eunuch
General Dzo Chew-ming [Sonny Chiba – Hattori Hanzo – with a gray beard]
Imperial Scholar (wizard) Han Fei
(still overseas) Wang Shang-chi, Emperor of the restored Lao dynasty

Dara and Toriana’s Griffin riders
The Niis (neess) Empire
Empress Shardique
Air-Captain Vwall

[I’m using random French words spelled phonetically for Nisian.]

Griffin names (given by riders; griffins are as smart as smart dogs): Flying Knife, Buttercup, Ender, Sparrowhawk, Dollymop, She-devil, Darling Lily.

Griffins weigh 700 – 1200 lbs.

Nisian adult females weigh 350 – 550 lbs.

Osric’s pirate-shadow: Baluu

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November 28, 2003
Session Log - 43

The partying continues through the night. Dara is going to handle introducing the griffin riders to Amber. Toriana is working on a few trumps she comes back and her creature tells her that a few people have been in the area. Toriana is concerned because Llewella is one of the people who has been nearby. She gets started on a trump of the shadow where she is stashing the hell maids. Dara has a conversation with Flora about the riders and the griffins. There are a couple of the Tir trump artists who show up on the outskirts of Toriana’s shadow and she goes to question them. They were brought here by Llewella to replicate and make many trumps for Marcus. Toriana is ticked off by this and she changes the area after they leave so that they cannot trump back to it again.

Sabine dresses up for the party and Thirteen dons a white linen suit. Kirsten gets dressed up for the party but she still isn’t really pleased about it. Kirsten attracts Sigha’s attention and they experiment with what drugs work on vampires and how well. There are brownies doing the serving. There are also a couple of Krazall bodyguards. Thirteen meets the Amber Ambassador to Tir. Thirteen asks about the Griffin family traditions and if they have been brought about. The Krazall gets into a wrestling match for fun with Thirteen. The Krazall is stronger but not faster. If
the wrestling went on for awhile then Thirteen would eventually be able to take him.

Gerard recreated the shadow paths to Amber. He is unable to tell if the globe and atlas work together. Fineas gather intelligence on the local warlord who is trying to muscle in on his territory. Fineas decides to side with the big empire to keep it from being overthrown. Fineas meets with Chang Ho, the local admiral, and Fineas makes it clear he has no oath to anyone at this point. Fineas makes reference to the old contract they had with an ancestor of his. Fineas procures a gift for the local king from Brand’s collection of weapons. He decides that Mr. X and the tigers should take the gift for him. Fineas continues to scour the books in his dad’s library. He is looking for how to rescue someone from one of the shadows of slow time. He finds out to do it quickly you need the jewel of judgment and pattern. Fineas resolves to check the atlas for the location where he believes Osric and Findo are.

She spends time unworking the area around hers so that existing trumps will not work. Llewella shows up and they argue about who has the right to be here. Llewella goes off and starts to work on a different area of shadow and tries to obscure what she is doing from Toriana. Llewella locks down the area so that trump doesn’t work and makes a cloud of pattern energy, which causes the area to keep shifting. Toriana decides she is going to study this area and affect.

Thirteen makes notes on the little creatures that are being very useful like the mosquito eaters. Thirteen inquires about taking the fight more to the Griffins and they tell him they want more time and training for trump artists so they can do gates. Marcus asks about Flora and what she is like. They really want Flora antidotes and Thirteen has to think really hard to come up with some. Thirteen tells them the whole back story of Diego and Flora and omits no details.

Finds out that Osric and Findo are likely already loose. Fineas pulls out Thirteen’s trump and calls him. Thirteen agrees to go through the trump to Fineas after an hour of getting things together. Fineas tells Thirteen that he came across his father’s possessions and a book. There are shadows that slow time down to the point where people cannot escape from them. It appears the shadow storm release the trap that was holding them. He thinks they came into normal time flow a month ago. The initial tracks disappeared into too much nothing. Thirteen is going to have to zone out and really study because he has not tracked a pattern user that does not want to be found. Sabine tags along with Thirteen and Fineas. Thirteen is slowly able to pick up the trail. They feel like they stepped into an ideal shadow where an armored knight on an armored horse confronts them. The knight tells him they must prove themselves if they wish to pass. Sir Mortlake of Esterhousy tells them he is fine to fight. Osric and Findo were through here. Fineas bests the knight and asks him of his uncles. They had stayed three days and ate, drank and whenched.

Toriana studies the trick that Llewella did to lock down the area. It is a trump trick with a pattern overlay. After about a half day Toriana tries to work and tries to replicate the lock down. She spends a few days teaching herself to lock down trump. Toriana locks down the hospital in her shadow. She then begins to make a trump of the hospital to get around the lock down. Toriana goes to check on the meeting the chaosite was supposed to have. She trumps Fineas and he asks her to step through. Fineas brings Toriana up to date on the situation with Osric and Findo. Toriana trumps Benedict and talks to him. She asks him if he wants to come through and tells him who she is with, He decides he does want to come. Benedict is able to manifest through the trump. Fineas apprises him of the situation.

Benedict tells Fineas that the brothers are not as good as Benedict in warfare but more on Fineas’s level. Benedict thinks they can be brought around and join the family. Benedict tells the group that the world is very different now from when they were in Amber. He wants the group to be straightforward with Findo and Osric. They will probably try and rescue Cymnea, who is long dead. She has a tomb in Rebma and Moire is their grand niece. Fineas asks about shapeshifting and if they can do it. Benedicts advice is not to let them bully you or they will not stop. Fineas asks about Benedicts wishes as far as how he wants to be. He would like a body again. Fineas talks to him about a possibility of having his body rebuilt and that is really what he wants. Benedict is sure that house Hendrake knows of his current condition. Fineas asks if he can make a trump of Benedict. Benedict gives his permission. He makes it clear he does not want to be enslaved. Benedict admits he has lost his pattern abilities. Fineas asks if Benedict can spy on Bleys without him knowing. Benedict doesn’t think he can. He thinks that Dwarkin has mostly integrated Oberon. Benedict tells Flora’s mother’s sad story.

Thirteen is going to continue to track the brothers. He finds an area where there are ships and exotic people. The people are all human. He comes to a hill fork and gets asked what his business that brings him here is. Thirteen describes the men he is looking for. They recognize the description as Captain Osric. His men do not get sick and are wildly successful in their raiding parties. Thirteen asks for the name of the ships and where they are assigned. Thirteen is propositioned because of his nice pretty white suit.

Trumps himself to Amber and Flora is sleeping. The guard knocks on the door to wake her because Fineas insists that it is important. Fineas apologizes for the late hour when she finally comes to the door. He tells her that Findo and Osric are alive. Flora has the library scoured for information on the brothers. They discuss the medieval ways of thinking in regards to the brother’s view of women. Flora tells Fineas about Carl Savage the aire spair that Eric had. They talk about house Hendrake being rearranged to be more Amber friendly. They discuss that Toriana and Llewella got into an argument.

She tries to trump Dwarkin and is unable to. She trumps Dara instead and asks if she is up for some fun. Dara needs a couple hours. Toriana decides to find the jewel of judgment but she is unable to get a read on it. She bounces around from shadow to shadow but is still unable to get a read. She goes to the grove and Dara calls back. They are going to look for grandma and grandpa and decide that blood and a ritual might do the trick. They make up a ritual for summoning the unicorn. Golena shows up at a full run. Golena is eventually able to provide them with a bead that should summon or allow them to talk to Dwarkin.

Calls Kirsten and brings her through to him. They discuss the Findo and Osric situation and the jars. They go through the weapons they have available. They decide to make a blood trail in their wake. Kirsten gets to snack on one of the victims. They approach the two boats but the gangplank is not down. They yell down at Thirteen to see what he wants. He has a few words with a sailor and decides to jump up to the top of the boat.

Trumps Bleys who pulls him through the trump. Fineas gets right to the point and tells him about the brothers. Fineas tells him what he thinks the plan is going to be. They discuss the pros and cons of the plans. They would rather not kill Osric and Findo if that can be avoided. They talk about monarchy vs. dictatorship. Fineas decides he needs to find out where Thirteen is on finding the brothers. Bleys tells Fineas to tell Sir John to stay away from him for a while. Bleys is ticked about his 5 worlds in an uproar. They wish each other luck and Fineas trumps Thirteen. Between the ships there are 200- 600 sailors. Thirteen jumps up on deck and confronts the man who was exchanging words with him and throws him to the other ship. Thirteen again demands that he is the new master and commander in these two ships and wants to make sail by the end of the hour. One guy says he is right and sounds the bell to tell the sailors to come back or so he says. The ship’s crew returns weapons in hand.

Thirteen and Fineas
Thirteen brings a fireball online for the other ship. Thirteen causes mass chaos on the ships. Sabine has decided it is time to leave and starts thinking about where to exit. Sabine exits to the stable via teleport and Thirteen brings up pattern defense and starts messing with probability. Kirsten runs up towards the mast. The sailors are gathering for an attack, and Thirteen jumps to the rigging and takes the call from Fineas to pull him through. The sailors remain unconvinced that Thirteen is the new commander and master. Fineas kills the guy he thinks is the most bad ass and then begins to work through the people who are close to him. Fineas is working on decapitations for the affect. Thirteen sets off a stun spell on a large area. Fineas decides to bisect one of the sailors because they were not reaction really to the beheadings. This gets the sailor’s attention and they begin to flee. Kirsten is still working the crowd. Thirteen trumps Sabine to see if she is okay. She is annoyed with him as is Fineas. Sabine decides she does not want to go on the ship with the zombie crew. Thirteen begins making the zombie crew, and instructs them to ransack any other ship they see. Fineas is going to contact Kitung and have her ship gated through to him so they can ditch the zombie crew. Kitung is not impressed with the zombies either. Thirteen, Fineas and Kirsten join Kitung’s ship and they burn the SS Zombie. Fineas shows Kitung the route to chart.

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