January 27, 2004

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January 25, 2004
Turjan's Matrix Creation Process


1) Matrix math, which allows him to express a biological entity as a mathematical formula. Turjan is expert enough to choose details, given a large enough database, or to combine species.

2) Blood diamonds, steel and copper, are built into the various equipment, making it far more precise and responsive.

3) His headset, which enhances his impressive mathematical ability to inhuman levels, allows him to directly, easily and efficiently access the spells and enchantments in all his apparatus, and keeps a record of everything.

4) The matrix scanner, more or less a magical MRI. Experiments proved that Pattern initiates’ power fouls the scans enough to make them useless.

5) The life vats which have adjustable enchantments all over them to aid the construction process, to keep the biological nutrient soup viable, to generate a sterile field, etc.

6) The biological nutrient soup, which is actually a mass of Turjan’s own blood (which is more responsive to his will than other blood), magically made to reproduce itself many times over and loaded with nutrients, in an outer layer of nutrient-saturated saline solution. The process alters the blood’s DNA.

7) Spirit-handling devices and spells. He can call loose spirits to him, interrogate them (both common techniques among high level mages), examine their auras for personality traits (to a limited degree; an unusual technique) and for psychic integrity – badly worn or damaged spirits will usually die in the new body or be permanently insane. A spirit may be bonded with the developing body at roughly the 10% growth mark. It is also possible to kill a properly prepared person and move their spirit into a new body. Turjan’s creation and wife Tsayn was once so badly injured that such a move was necessary. Normally, strong spells are necessary to keep such a person’s memories intact through the switch. Benedict’s spirit form is so strong that no such support is required.

8) Learning enchantments, much like language spells, give amnesiac adult vat creatures instinctive basic locomotion, eating, speech (where possible), and so on.

9) The actual growth process takes a week to ten days. In earliest stages the growing body resembles a cloud, then an increasingly solid human-formed sponge, until fully solid and intact.

Turjan’s tests show that the Decla duplicate is developing towards Olympic-level human abilities, not superhuman ones.


1) Can be done by magic or technology.

2) Results in a zygote that is normally implanted in a host mother or artificial womb.

3) Acquires a spirit naturally, like any fetus.

4) Can have the natural spirit ripped out and a different one bonded to it. (As can be done to uncloned fetuses, infants or adults.) This is traumatic to the new inhabitant.

5) Involves the normal years of infancy, childhood, etc. Accelerated aging is possible but has drawbacks, like accelerated aging and poorly developed muscle and nervous systems

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January 24, 2004
Fineas' Journal Session 45

The True Life Adventures of Fineas of House Barimen
Prince of Amber


Day 177 PDS 2:00 PM:

More worries have cropped up. Today I was checking in with Flora to find out how the new uncles were behaving when something happened in Amber. Flora pulled me through and we investigated a massive magical disturbance. It originated from a ship out in the bay which we could see was in the process of dissolving. Further investigation revealed our Helgram prisoners are all dead, slain by unknown means. Flora is contacting everyone to spread the good news. I am going to sail out and check the ship debris for clues.

Day 177 PDS 4:00 PM:

From what we can tell, a mass of coins were burned off and focused with a minor power to penetrate the castle wards. It seemed to act as a carrier wave, transmitting some sort of signal that killed the prisoners. Thirteen is looking into it in more detail….I need to go to my banquet or risk pissing off Admiral Chang-Ho.

Day 177 PDS 10:00 PM:

Just when things seemed to be going well outside Amber, some asshole mucks things up. In hindsight I should have been less effective in sacking the city. I seem to have alarmed my erstwhile allies to the point where they did something foolish.

I attended the banquet with a tiger and mage in tow. Things started well enough but as the evening progressed I sensed some anticipation on the part of my hosts. The banquet room seemed suspiciously well guarded as well but I put it down to thoroughness in security. Then I detected the poison in my wine cup. Observing my hosts, it was apparent that several of the top people were attempting to get rid of me. I covertly pulled out my trump, warned my attendants and got the hell out of there. Both my spellslinger and tiger were wounded by crossbows before we all got out. I have attended to both and they should recover. It’s time to teach these cretins what it means to cross me.

Day 178 PDS 11:00AM:

I watched from the mirrorverse as the city stirred in search of me. Chang-Ho and company retreated to his flagship under heavy guard. I notice everyone is giving the palace wide berth. Fine. This calls for more personal attention than a military action anyway. I have good mental imprints of the key players and its time I educated them in the use of trumps. I think Tori might come in handy here.

Day 178 PDS 5:00 PM:

I am going to need to take a very hot bath tonight. I had no difficulty recruiting Tori who seems to be tight with Dara these days. They both were more than happy to come help kill a few traitors. Dara even brought a nice strikeforce of hellmaids to help. We made a few trumps in her artistic shadow, then I trumped the General, taking over his body for a while. I used him to kill much of the general staff, one by one, stacking the bodies in his cabin like so much cordwood. The others finally caught on, so I released him just as they shot him down like a dog. I had Tori do the same to the Admiral, and we proceeded to trump in the hellmaids for a little shipboard action. We trashed the place. As other ships approached to counterattack, I had a little magical theatrics cast to make me appear like a manifestation of one of their demons from folklore. Hopefully the demon won’t mind…I think I did him proud. I killed the Admiral in view of his fleet in particularly gruesome fashion and then we left. I feel tainted somewhat, but I’ll get over it. Hopefully the next bozo the Emperor sends will show a little more fidelity to our agreement.

Day 179 PDS 11:30 AM:

I got a panic trump from my old friend Valeri. He was convinced he was being stalked and wanted my help. I returned to Amber, invited him to my manor and watched. Sure enough, a scruffy looking woman followed and was watching from just outside my security perimeter. I had the brownies keep an eye, and I trumped Thirteen who surprisingly was in the sewers dealing with some menace. He allowed me to use Kirsten and Genevieve to ambush the lurker. The woman proved tougher than expected but when I showed up was willing to talk. She is a garou, sent by the beast to learn more about Valeri. Apparently he impressed the Beast when Jacob used him as an intermediary. The Beast wanted to find out the nature of mortal courage and the garou was to observe Valeri to report. Since she was made, I suggested that she might as well accompany Valeri since his normal behavior was already compromised. Seeing the sense in not angering the Beast, she agreed. She was filthy, so we had her washed and clothed a little more appropriately. I think Valeri will be busy with her for some time to come.

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January 23, 2004
Game Log Session 45

Cry Havoc- Session 45


Dara / Toriana:

Turjon is still analyzing the genetic materials in hopes of growing a new body for Benedict. The vats begin growing clones based upon the samples brought back by Tori and Dara. Dara sets a guardian demon to watch over the process while Tori makes a trump or two of the place. Dara summons Benedict and asks him to separate out the taint from his blood she had saved. After he complies, Dara consumes it and begins shifting it to form a tattoo. She decides to do it properly she should visit Tori's trump shadow. Tori agrees to take her there but before after some time there Dara gets a trump call from Finndo. He wants information about chaos so that he can more effectively combat them (or so he claims). Dara arranges for Finndo and Osric to meet Tor Hendrake. Some discussions take place and Tori tries to con them into going on a Helgram hunt. The conversation devolves into Tor flirting with Tori and the finer points of spanking. Unable to get their uncles to go hunting, Tori and Dara head into the mirrorverse to look for Helgrams to torture. They experiment with shapeshifting Tori to a combat form more suited to survival in chaos.


Thirteen continues his whirlwind tour of Vulnavia with his mother and meets with Kylikki. He asks about the other concubines and learns Dawadire left to Mapungubwe. There is some hint that all of the concubines have been impregnated. Thirteen shudders thinking about the male one. Moving on from that scary thought, Thirteen has a long conversation with Clark about his future plans. He learns Clark has more or less taken control of this shadow, cleaning up Diego's mess and altering the politics to suit him. Mirelle continues feeling out Clark's suitability and is offered interviews with the various assistants. Thirteen talks with "Monk" for a time and learns more about Clark's personality. He seems likely to want a "scientist of Amber" position, similar to what Diego attempted but with less insanity involved.


Fineas trumps Flora to get an update on things and is interrupted by a magical assault on Amber. He steps through and helps Flora investigate. It appears a ship in the harbor triggered a spell to kill off all the Helgram prisoners in the dungeon. The wards were penetrated by the use of many coins. Fineas heads out to search the dissolving ship and finds only slim evidence beyond a trace of a minor focusing power. Other family members begin showing up. Fineas has a banquet date with Admiral Chang & company, so returns to his father's manor to prepare.


Flora trumps Tori to report the deaths of the prisoners. Dara continues working on Tori , helping to teach her to cope with the new form. They check in with Turjon and learn the male template failed and the Dara template failed. The Decla clone is still growing and he will attempt to imbue it with a spirit. Tori is quickly changed back to her normal form and they return to help Benedict design a new body that will have a better chance of succeeding. They come up with a form somewhat reminiscent of his old one.


Thirteen and Mirelle continue their interviews with Clarks assistants. Hypnotism is used to verify veracity and Clark appears to have represented himself accurately. Aside from some homoerotic overtones, his assistants confirm his history and personality. Mirelle decides Clark can be trusted to walk the Pattern. About then they are trumped by Flora and told of the attack on Amber. Clark is offered the chance to come and help investigate and all head to Amber to learn how the attack was possible and how to prevent it in the future.


Fineas attends the banquet with one tiger and an assistant. He is dismayed to discover the Admiral and his cohorts are trying to poison him. He did too good a job and they have decided Fineas is too dangerous to live. Fineas escapes via trump and takes retribution. He trumps Anarchy Incorporated and asks for assistance in punishing the mortals. Trumps are made of the General and Admiral. Fineas mentally attacks the General first, dominating his body and using it to kill most of the senior officers on board the ship one by one. The General is slain in the process, so Fineas has Tori attack the Admiral. Dara provides a nice strike force of hellmaids and they begins killing as many on board the flagship as they can. After sufficient supernatural showboating, Fineas impersonates a demon from their culture and kills the Admiral in public view in the most brutal fashion possible. The Amberites leave. Fineas visits the mirrorverse to spy on the reaction afterwards.


Thirteen begins assembling Amberite assistance for Carl to begin an in depth study of Amber physics and the Helgram "kill switch". It is learned that a carrier wave was beamed into the castle and the signal triggered a lethal response in organs planted within the Helgrams. The signal was non magical in nature and was thus able to survive the wards in place. Carl begins work on ways to stop such a signal in the future and toys with the notion of "Amber radio". Thirteen is then alerted to a possible menace brewing in the sewers of Amber. It seems a number of wasplike creatures have taken up residence and could pose a threat. Thirteen descends into the sewers and learns the wasps are a form of bloodbeast, probably planted by the Helgram spy who got away. They seem to be uncontrolled but are definitely dangerous. Thirteen cleans up the mess, using some tricks to get them to mass before eradicating them. Amber is saved!


The hellmaids return home with a fresh batch of slaves. They are happy. Dara got to kill stuff so she is happy. Tori got to screw with minds so she is happy. Fineas is trying to be happy when he gets a call from Valeri. Valeri seems to be under some sort of surveillance by a stalker and is worried who it might be. Fineas returns to Amber to investigate and sets a trap. The stalker is confronted after Fineas recruits Kirsten and Genevieve to help. After a minor skirmish it turns out the stalker is a garou sent by the Beast to learn how a mere mortal was able to conquer his fear and face the dragon. Fineas proposes that the garou act as a "sidekick" to observe Valeri more closely and protect him. The garou balks at first but is mortified of the thought the Beast will learn she botched the surveillance. She finally agrees and is introduced to the concept of personal hygiene.

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January 17, 2004

Re: Dara shapeshifting Toriana

Returning Tori to her normal form took maybe 1/10 as long as getting her shifted initially, and was 1/20 as difficult.

Practice would improve on that more. Won't ever be as fast or easy as Dara shapeshifting herself though.

Once shifted to the Animal Abilities level Tori not only could fly and all, she could fight using Dara's most familiar moves -- just more slowly.

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January 11, 2004
Fineas' Journal - Session 44

The True Life Adventures of Fineas of House Barimen
Prince of Amber


Day 170 PDS 2:00 PM:

We have reached the seas just off of the pirate port where Osric and Finndo look to be massing their force. With the remaining hours of sunlight I hope to parley with one or the other. Our ship has run up my colors, though they will mean nothing to my uncles. It occurs to me that backup may be wise so I will pull in Dara.

Day 170 PDS 4:00 PM:

Osric agreed to meet with me on a neutral boat. We rowed out and with a bit of time, I was able to demonstrate that I was indeed of the blood. I believe I have successfully explained the state of affairs in Amber and Osric is willing to come to Amber to observe it from a distance with suitable precautions and a hostage. We shall see just how reasonable they can be.

Day 171 PDS 9:00 AM:

Things went far better than I had planned. Dara summoned the spirit of Benedict and with his help Osric and Finndo were slowly convinced of things. Today we are taking them around to make the introductions to the remainder of the family. The two will have some culture changes to get used to but they seem to be suitably impressed by Gerard and Bleys. With luck, they will not press their claims for some time to come. Part of establishing the pecking order seemed to be sparring in the practice room. Both uncles would likely defeat me in a long man to man fight from what I can determine, though neither would come away unscathed. I shall have to redouble my training to maintain parity with them if I can. It would help if several of us earned their respect to keep them in line and martial prowess seems to be the key to their respect.

I shall have to return to Father’s shadow soon to check on the progress of my overtures to the Emperor’s forces. I have sent ahead an emissary bearing gifts and a proposal. We shall see what happens.

Day 173 PDS 11:00AM:

My initial contacts seem to have gone well. I am meeting with the Admiral of the Emperor’s Divine Fleet later this evening. Indications are he is interested in what I have to offer but trusts me not a whit. Further abasement will likely be needed and I hope my pride does not get in the way of what needs to be done.

Day 174 PDS 9:00 AM:

Negotiations appear to be successful. I have undertaken the task of removing the local warlord from control of a nearby city as a show of my desire to serve the Emperor. It will prove a nice diversion for the Remans who have been getting a tad bored of late. A jaunt through the mirrorverse ought to be just what the doctor ordered. I plan to strike tonight.

Day 174 PDS 11:30 PM:

The collapse and sacking of the city is well underway. My mid day tomorrow it should be open for the arrival of the Admiral’s forces. I am allowing the Remans to sack the palace and a moderate part of the city. The raping and killing has been kept within reason so far. I hope I can keep things under some degree of control.

Day 175 PDS 11:00 AM:

The Admiral Chang-Ho was flabbergasted at the speed of my conquest. I have kept him in the dark as to how I accomplished it. The Imperial troops are moving in to take over from my Remans. I will need to arrange for the Remans to slip out as quickly and quietly as possible. I want there to be a certain degree of fear in the minds of my erstwhile allies so that there are no future “misunderstandings”. He does seem pleased with the result and I expect to make the fountain available to him soon to purchase his loyalty. In the meantime, I want to reward a few of my current allies with some rejuvenation. Bono, Eugen, Dad’s wizards and the tigers all take precedence.

Day 176 PDS 2:30 PM:

After making the rounds, I have managed to rejuvenate Bono & family, Eugen, my palace staff and all the tigers. The tigers were especially pleased and in the worst need of it. I will also be importing some more supplies to rebuild the support base around the palace. I suppose some of those taken in the city sacking may be useful as serfs, though I doubt their loyalty would suffice. I will likely need to import my subjects from elsewhere.

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