February 29, 2004
Session 47 Game Log

Thirteen and Tori

Clark is watching Tori and asks Thirteen about helping him learn some mental defenses. Thirteen boasts his mental prowess. Clark talks to Thirteen about elementals and summoning. The alarms go off and they all trump to the main floor of the castle. There are two Gheneshans flying away with Kelamon and one of Flora’s kids and her student. Tori pulls a pocket full of coins and tries to get mental control of the one with her mother. Kelamon is released in the air and Tori forces her way through the mental defenses and takes them down. Thirteen takes a few shots and them and when he sees Kelamon fall he does a spell to slow her fall. Flora is able to take the other Gheneshan down and save her daughter. Gerard is put in charge of torturing duties. Tori asks him not to kill him because she promised him and his family a slow painful death.


Dara returns from the family meeting and tries to trump Toriana but Tori is unable to answer right now. Dara trumps through to Flora who is in Amber. Dara wants to take out the queen now.


Is briefed on poisons by Tanathiel and they pump up the prisioners with anti-shifter drugs.


Finds Dara and asks to talk to his dad. Dara yells out for him. Benedict shows up and they discuss the Geneshanian situation. Fineas asks how they used to keep them in line and Benedict goes into details about the old days. They talk about shutting down the Geneshaian power source. Everyone agrees that the queen must die. Benedict thinks they will be going after other power sources. Fineas makes contact with Dom Daniel to let them know to shut down any open mirrors. They offer to teach him an ultraviolet spell to keep them off. Bell asks permission from Fineas and he agrees and they are all teleported to a lab.


Does a staff check and family check for more Geneshaians. Gerard and Thirteen check each other out for signs of Geneshaians. They decide for family they should try and trump them. Dara asks her dad if he can check people out. He is not able to do so. Thirteen questions Joreian and finds out the Chaosite had told who all the nobles are and even who Sir John is. Thirteen goes to check out Delwin and Sand to make sure they are not more plants. Delwin and Sand ask what is going on and who he is. They don’t want a stranger (Thirteen) to touch them they ask for Flora, Tanathiel, or Gerard.


Calls a family meeting by starting to trump people. The group talks about what to do with this situation in regards to the mirrorverse. They are living in a medival level technology shadow. Clark volunteers an army. Zhartra comes into the meeting a bit later and tells Fineas not to worry about wells that she will take care of this. Toriana brings up that someone should mention this to Corwin.
Toriana learns the spell for ultraviolet light. Toriana and Dara go to see Turjon and decide to use their blood in the vat instead of Turjon’s. They work on getting donations for the cause.


Fineas trumps Jazra to let her know what is going on. He outlines their strengths and weaknesses for her. He calls Lirazel and talks to her about the situation as well. Fineas proposes an agreement with house Basilik and using her new family member as an assassin against the new enemy. Zhartra also agrees to forgive him if he ventures out on this quest and alliance. Fineas wants to check out Gelerack’s old strongholds.


He raids his coin machine and resets it. He seeks out Clark and explains the coins, but Diego had already explained them to him. He works on setting up a portable lighting device. He also makes a UV grenade. He works on some magnesium grenades and bullets. He starts mass production of these items in Vulnavia.


They go to Chaos and talk with Dara’s family. Dara’s family runs down the family and what has been happening. They are talking about absorbing house Mionbie. The motion to absorb them passes. She asks Luke to help clean up the Helgram mess and to give her a logrus master. Palatine offers to go with Dara to assist her. She is a logrus master. Palatine wants one of her men to be able to walk the broken pattern. She grabs a Darrick as a lower logrus master. The enlarged group heads to Amber. Palatine really wants to meet Gerard and Flora. Palatine had four guards. Bleys takes a pretty fast through shadow to close to the Gheneshans. Bleys brings along his people, and Thirteen brings Kirsten and Genavieve. Toriana works on her own lighthouse on a stick, based on a suggestion from Fineas she works on a trump conjuration artifact for sunshine. Bleys makes a mirror out of a rock to show off.


He trumps Kiytung and warns her of what has transpired. He calls Calvin into action to get his gear ready for the journey. Fineas wants Calvin to act as his squire for this mission. He calls Reynaldo to get his intelligence brief. They talk about the area’s defenses. Reynaldo says a man named Rennick is in charge of the castle/ice tower. Fineas decides to get a few rangers and maybe some weres.

Anarchy + Thirteen

The group goes into the mirrorverse and not to long thereafter they run into a patrol. Dara and the hellmaids toss the patrol of two easily. She lets any hungry hellmaids feed on the spoils if they so choose. They decide to throw the bodies to the horses outside the mirrorverse. Bleys kills the next two guard patrol. Golina wants to get a bit further in. Thirteen, Golina and Toriana do the mapping bit and this takes around five minutes to complete. Bleys runs everyone into Ghenesh and the group tries to locate the pylons. On the fifth locate we have less time then we wanted and we get attacked by every animal in the area.

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February 08, 2004
Main NPC list updated

I'm sure I missed a few.

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February 07, 2004
Fineas' Journal Session 46

The True Life Adventures of Fineas of House Barimen
Prince of Amber


Day 179 PDS 5:00 PM:

We got “Lucy” the garou cleaned up, dressed properly and established with Valeri. A disturbing sidenote…our shapeshifter sniffers seem unable to sense anything from her even though she has shifted in my presence. Most troubling. I have an appointment with Sir John in a while to discuss the matter and a couple other things on my mind.

Day 179 PDS 6:30 PM:

I met with Sir John in the sauna to discuss things. He was a bit beat up from being caught in a riot in Kashfa. The fact that Sir John thought it necessary to check up on Kashfa in person while so many other things are going on is a bit troubling to me. He would not be there unless he had information of some import about the goings on there. I will need to keep half an eye on mother it appears. Sir John is subtle…this is his way of telling me I need to watch things there more closely. I will do so when time permits.

I gave him all I knew about Lucy and what I had done about the situation. He recommends having Tanitheel check into it. Lirazel and her status in Amber came up. We more or less agreed to grant her freedom in hopes of maintaining some semblance of good relations with Basilisk.

Our final topic was Clark and the mess that is Vulnavia. Clark seems to have made a sufficiently positive impression that he will be allowed into the family. He seems anxious and willing to take up the job Diego made such a bungle of, i.e. “scientist of Amber”. I hope he has more success.

Day 180 PDS 8:00 AM:

I have begun the process of moving a training legion of Remans to my father’s shadow to rebuild. They have started in on general construction and I am bringing in more advanced specialists to construct steam catapults to guard my shoreline. Times are busy here. The Emperor’s people are sending out a peace feeler whom I intend to receive on the morrow. Tents have been erected to receive them, though I shall not put in a personal appearance. Let the fuckers sweat a little bit.

Soon I will need to check up on the Chanicutt brats as well. Hopefully Moire has them well in hand by now.

Day 181 PDS 7:30 AM:

The envoy from the emperor arrived yesterday and explained away the “misunderstanding”. The emperor hopes to avoid future conflict. As the price for my agreement, I have demanded five hundred peasants to farm my lands. It was agreed. They have already begun arriving, seized from the nearest villages no doubt. I’ll weed out the spies and put them to work building up some semblance of a society around here.

Day 181 PDS 6:30 PM:

I only found three spies. I executed one, turned the other two and have set up a program of disinformation as required. I have made the traditional offers of land to retiring Remans so they should be motivated for a while.

I trumped Mom to ask about the riots in Kashfa. Apparently it is in vogue amongst some of the younger rabble rousers to stir up trouble now and then. I have the feeling they are being used as tools by an outside agency. It will require some subtle investigation. Perhaps I shall have Mr. X go back to school as it were and try and infiltrate the royalist network to see who is really behind it.

In the meantime I offered to take a few of the more troublesome people underwing for political re-education. She is thinking about it. Speaking of re-education, I’m off to Rebma to follow up on the brats.

Day 182 PDS 9:00 AM:

Moire’s people are at their wit’s end. The little shits are completely out of control. The oldest one, Calvin, seems to be presenting a bad role model for the younger ones. I have had them all drugged and have imposed upon Bleys for temporary cells in Avernus to hold them until I can make alternate arrangements. It was apparent to me that the Rebmans were approaching the matter from a standpoint just too alien for the little bastards to adjust. I have decided to take a more gradual approach, one that has more resonance with their prior upbringing. I have decided to separate the three from each other, utilize a couple tricks to break their resistance to new ideas and just plain establish my superiority to the oldest one. When he wakes up, I am hauling his ass out into shadow and setting the stage.

Day 182 PDS 12:30 PM:

I took Calvin out into the countryside, just he and I alone. I tossed him a sword and bade him kill me and escape. He made a game effort. When he was exhausted, I explained to him that I felt obligated to undertake his training as a young noble of House Chanicutt. First order of business was that he would swear upon the honor of his house to serve faithfully as my squire. I needed to make sure it was witnessed, so I contacted Lirazel and brought her through to record the proceeding. She gleefully did so, and gave me a bit of disturbing news (in return for a trump of course). Enemies hitherto unknown have discovered the mirrorverse and were spreading out through it. They are shapeshifters but do not appear to be any known chaosian house.

Galena will need to be informed. Just when things seemed to be quieting down, more problems come up. Damn. I hope to hell it’s not the Moonriders.

Anyway, I thanked Lirazel for the info and made official her release from parole. Once I had done that, she prodded me for my position on the fate of the vampire Vyrkos. He was the one that shot Gerard under the control of Jelorak, but then broke free of control and slew his master. I don’t feel the need to mess with him, and I relayed that opinion to Lirazel. She was relieved, as Vyrkos was being offered adoption into House Basilisk. I am not sure how I feel about that, but I gave no concerns away.

Day 183 PDS 9:00AM:

I got hold of a very tired Galena. She was in the process of learning some Pattern technique that Lewella uses to travel through shadow extremely quickly. I gave her the rundown of what I had learned and she is returning to Amber. We discussed her interactions with the Unicorn and Dworkin. She seems to be tapped as the favored disciple in some way. Good. She is the only person I would trust not to be corrupted with the knowledge. Her recollections have been confused, so I advised her to jot down her thoughts and memories in a journal while they are still fresh. I hope to meet with her on the morrow and formulate a plan to deal with the mirrorverse interlopers.

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There are three castes:

Vazdru, the nobles. All shapeshifters and mages, all recent Mirrorverse initiates. Average weaker than Amberites in all stats but there are a lot of them. Tanitheel was a Vazdru.

Dreen, the vast majority. All shapeshifters with some magic. Most are able to shift size, with small birds and horses being the extremes. That ability comes with a cost: they slowly burn to charcoal in sunlight. All know shading spells. Psyche averages way below Amberite, roughly equivalent to mid-range shadow sorcerers. Strength varies from royal guard range to stronger than anyone in the family but Clark and Gerard. Average Warfare is in the low royal guard range.

Eshva, the royal servants. Modified Dreen, they cannot speak and are not trained to fight. They have mastered the trick beyond size-shifting -- incorporeality. They are even more volatile than Dreen; sunlight causes them to burst into flame.

Noble Gheneshan society, under the eyes of (mostly) nutbag monarchs with ungodly amounts of magic at their fingertips, involves flawless, unquestioning performance of any and all duties -- failure attracts attention -- without any flair or particular originality or excessive ambition -- too much success attracts attention. Rather like working for Caligula or Stalin. Love, or even affection, is an exploitable weakness. Vazdru vent steam by taking it out on Dreen or, better, expendable humans.

Dreen are rarely important enough to catch their monarchs' eye. They are far easier among themselves, affection is common though not publicly displayed. They present a bland, obedient facade to the Vazdru as much as they can. They are not nice to humans though. Humans are playthings, sex toys and occasionally food.

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February 05, 2004
Session 46 Game Log


Fineas is in Amber city settling a Garou minion of the Beast named Lucy in with Valery. She's to study Valery for her Master and bodyguard him if necessary. A concerned Weir Guardsman points out that Lucy has no personal scent at all; she smells only of her garments and accumulated dirt -- not easy to notice in a sea port. It is suggested that Lucy talk to Tanatheel.

Fineas goes to the Castle to see Sir John. He is down in the baths, and Fineas joins him. Fineas tells him that he has something secret to talk to him about later in private. Sir John is pretty beat up, and when Fineas asks about it Sir John tells him that there was a riot in Kashfa. Fineas is concerned that Sir John was checking up on Jasra. Sir John admits that he was indeed. He was pleasantly surprised with Queen Jasra's balance of restraint and force in dealing with the rioters. They talk about Osric and Finndo and what they are up to now. Osric and Finndo were told about the Mirror-verse (hard to keep it a secret when most of the populace knows and all mirrors have wards and guards on them) and are willing to help out against the Courts. 13 qnd his adventures in the sewers are the next topic of discussion. Fineas questions Osric and Finndo’s subtlety Lirazel is brought up. Fineas feels that she should be let go, or made to have an accident. If he was in charge he would let her go. Sir John tells Fineas that Flora agrees and that keeping good standing with her house is a good policy. Fineas brings up the idea of marrying off 13 to Lirazel. Sir John is sure that it wouldn't go over well with the rest of the Royals once they realized that they could be next; Flora would certainly never set such a precedent that could be used on her. Fineas relates his most recent experience involving Valary. Clark is brought up. Sir John says that he seems to be rational, possibly brilliant and happy to make himself useful. Vulnavia’s military is discussed.

Checks up on his Remens that are being trained. The are in the middle of building a new permanent camp. Things are well, but some info from the Mirror-verse has piqued Fineas’ interest. Much political intrigue.

Finds out scary things his Father Brand, and some of the things that he was up to. Back to the Mirror-verse to check out the some of the things.


Tori gets a trump from Turjan. Fake Decla’s body is not working out the way it should be. Tori wants to see if Decla was fully real, if She was fully Amberite. It does not seem to be real enough. It might be a Shadow Decla. Tori ponders what is going on with Decla, when Flora trumps her. She has a mission for both her and 13. Tori is polite and asks if Heinrick is available. The assignment is Earth.


Sewer. Clean. Lucy stalks Valary. Fineas sends Kirsten and Zheneviev to amber and they get cleaned up. Trump call. Flora. Delwin and Sand. Chumley and Tananda. Geneshian magic style. Tori hi-jacks one of the bad air elementals, which says it was bound by "the Fox-headed man". 13 goes and investigates. A mirror source. Close by binding magic. 13 moves toward the source. Tori sends Delwin and Sand to Amber along with their doctors. Tori recalls Flora's security out of the near Mirrorverse. They get out just ahead of attacking nasties and destroy all the mirrors in the facility by pressing a single button. 13 is attacked by fae thugs whose numbers quickly grow really dangerous. Battle. Tori in a helicopter extracts 13 and the vamps along with one thug. Two giant glassy hawks -- like Tanitheel's fast-form -- fly up to scout and are driven away with fireballs and the coptor's Vulcan cannon.


Oversees vetting his new peasants. Spies are found and dealt with -- SOP from the Luung court. Does some motivation of the troops. Trumps mom and she is bathing. He talks to her about the riots and if there are any political prisoners as Ruin always needs more settlers.

Tori and 13

Detect the use of Mirrormastery and trace it. Find mirror. Z & K dig up mirror. Octagonal obsidian 4’ DIA and 3” thick. Spells on it, tricky and unusual Gheneshan traps. Tanatheel is brought in. Tanatheel is very concerned for Tananda and Chomali. She volunteers to fly in and catch up to the enemy; Tori can then Trump in attack forces. Tanitheel augments her swift-form's speed with spells and rockets down the mirrorverse corridor at over 250 mph. She passes a large force of Gheneshans, the captives and a teleport circle, flies back and her defensive spells last long enough for Tori to Trump 13, the vamps, Heinrick and herself through. They're swarmed by things like mini-ogres, ogres, and animal-men but Tori manages to open a Gate to Gerard and his force of Royal and Flora's commandos. They annihilate the first wave, grab the captives and a few prisoners and Gate back to the medical facility on Gerard's orders. Tori blows up the Teleport circle en passant.

Rebma. Bad boy school. Chanicuts. The teachers are pretty frazzeled. They are not model students. They do not seem to be able to be changed from their Chanicut point of view. Calvin, Dennis and Ramona. He trumps Bleys and the two of them come up with a good plan to deal with the kids.

Tori and 13

The thug fae, "dreen", start turning slowly into charcoal when exposed to sunlight. Tori comes up with a shade spell to keep them from burning up. Tanathell works on healing (and a kill switch) one of the nobles, Jorian. Jorian serves Queen Vala of Ghenesh. The fox-headed man is Lord Vron. Kiros Helgram, that house's spymaster in Amber, had come to Ghenesh to cut a deal against Amber. The Gheneshans caught him and extracted every scrap of information, then used him to start initiating the Gheneshan nobles, "vazdru", in Mirrormastery. The whole of the Vazdru, since Kiros's captors swiftly eliminated or dominated all the other monarchs. Vala and the others are spread out over a wide area of Shadow now. Jorian claims that Queen Vala was curious about Flora and Earth, that they detected interesting things at Delwin and Sand's hospital, and that Chomali and Tananda attacked them.


Need to find a tech shadow. Needs to break Chanicutt’s with boredom. Takes the oldest boy out into shadow. Tells Calvin that he is going to a squire. Rank problems. Duel and humiliation of Calvin. Lirazel witnesses Calvin swear by his House's honor to obey. Lirazel’s question: “What is your families disposition toward the Vampire Vrykos”? House Basilisk was interested in adopting him.

Fineas: “Live and let live”

Lirazel is released from her parole to Amber. Works on Calvin and uses long shots to do use on Denis. Makes a deal with Lirazel to give her a trump of Dom-Daniel in exchange for some info: other shapeshifters are scouting out Dom-Daniel's region; they do not seem to be Chaosian.

Tori and 13

Informs Flora about the Geneshians. Flora talks to Tori about Clark and send him through. Clark had been tasked to figure out how the Castle wards were breached. He believes the Castle is sentient but he isn't powerful or adept enough to be sure.

She Goes to the Castle and checks it out. It is like a huge, shy, very stealthy earth elemental. It is embarrassed about its wards being penetrated. It is under orders to not talk and directs her to Dworkin. Clark is hungry and Tori takes him to Rebma and he likes the food. He's shy about women and mentions that they're too fragile. Tori tells him the women in Rebma and some other places are tougher than that.


Trumps Galina and contacts her in mid Pattern-shunt. He talks to her about Geneshians with knowing that‘s what he is doing. Mirror-verse discussion. Make plans to meet in the future over tea. Galina has had difficulty processing her experiences with Dworkin and the Unicorn. They were confusing, overwhelming and a lot like being dosed with hallucinogens. She did drink from a spring containing water that fit the family phrase, "of which all other is but a Shadow". Fineas suggests she start writing a journal and keep track of things that she has seen. She has been making attempts with poetry. She decides to walk back to Amber to get it out of her system.

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