March 10, 2004

So are we done at 48 or will there be a final wrap up session? Just curious.

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March 07, 2004
Results of the Ghenesh-hunt: One

Bleys, Llewella: unhurt
Flora: bashed, cut up & mildly poisoned but is now well practiced at fighting Gheneshans, which was the point
Osric, Tanitheel, Bree, Dain: bruises, mild cuts
Finndo: heavy bruises, broken bone in right foot, cuts
Martin: wounded left arm (left hand minus part of two fingers), minor hurts
Clark: minor wounds, two broken fingers in right hand
Palatine: exhausted but only lightly bruised & cut
Fineas: various nicks, scrapes and bruises over the course of the weeks
13 & Dara: bruised, wrenched and scorched, minor cuts.
Galina: rattlesnake-type (essentially acidic) bite in left leg; hospitalized three days.
All the Trump Gaters: nagging headaches.
Samurai: ~40% casualties to troops involved
Hellmaids: ~20%; BP initiates down from exhaustion for a while
Weir and Royal Guards: ~15%

Galina’s trap stopped about 90% of those fleeing on the main drag. Some were able to take subsidiary routes, most of which led to the ones Fineas and Martin were attacking.

Both Fineas and Martin, with their magnesium-bolt armed troops, were able to stopper their routes until the refugees backed up into enough of a mass to roll over them. You nailed maybe half of the totals in each route.

Tertiary routes went unguarded and were used until the base mirrors were destroyed.

Some Gheneshans escaped along the temporary shadow paths made by the armies brought in by Osric, Finndo and Palatine, or sent in by Bleys and Gerard.

[Palatine, BTW, was exhausted. Staying in contact with her barbarian horde while Logrus-shifting incrementally, is really freaking hard.]

Once Gheneshans made their ways to sizeable rivers and seas they were pretty safe from anyone but Dara, Tanitheel, Dain, Palatine and Bree; and the Gheneshans have the numbers to overwhelm those five. How many get lured out by other, captured and converted, Gheneshans depends on the deals being offered.

Locals, the humans, are initially too frightened to help in the hunt. After a while they get really into it but always kill, never capture. The worship ceases. This doesn’t apply to anywhere near a barbarian (Manchurian IJA, “Mongols”, “Visigoths”, “Bedouins”, “Moghuls” -- The IJA, "Mongols" and "Moghuls" show admirable discipline; the "Moghuls" are also reilgious fanatics; all are highly atrocity-prone) horde, since the horde employs its SOP against foreign locals. Once the hunt is wrapping up Gerard orders Bleys to arrange for the hordes to attack each other. He doesn’t need them annihilated; he just doesn’t want some khan to form an effective, aggressive state in a high magic shadow for lingering Gheneshans to take over.

Humans of Ghenesh are unusually resilient. Their average Endurance is about = to Chaos. They take quickly to magic, having participated regularly in a magical ritual (feeding their mana to the power network) most of their lives.

Palatine and House Hendrake would like a share of the Dreen and Eshva. She’d also like to cherry-pick some of the surviving Vazdru. Hendrake notions of acceptability are broader than Gerard’s.

Palatine isn’t the only one. Bleys, Llewella & Martin (for Rebma), Florimel, Rinaldo, and Jacob are all interested in acquiring useful shapeshifters. They look at Tanitheel as the exemplar of what a Gheneshan can become. (Well aware that Tanitheel took a long time to develop, first as one of Sir John Gaunt’s underlings, gradually earning a knighthood, BP initiation, then ennoblement and eventually a small barony.) The Basilisks would doubtless be interested if they knew. Once they do know they’ll check out the splinter groups with an eye to eliminating them, absorbing them, avoiding them or establishing business relationships.

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March 06, 2004
Journal, Toriana - 47

Ok so the castle is sentient that is going to take some getting used to. Clark somehow discovered this and as I am finding out more alarms sound throughout the castle. I try and find out from the elemental in charge what is going on but it is trained very well by great grandfather and it tells me nothing. I rush inside the castle with Thirteen to find out what is going on to learn that mother has been taken along with one of Flora’s children or students or something, but they have my mother and that’s what is important to me. I was barely able to reach the beast in time and needed Thirteen’s help in rescuing mother safely. I decided that mother was not leaving the city either way I tried to tell the beast that and that there would never be an end to his pain but he didn’t listen and it is a promise I plan to make good on. After the capture dad is currently keeping my promise with the creature.

After a bit I decide we are all in need of a family meeting and no one seems to be stepping up to the plate. I start trumping people back to Amber for the meeting and it goes rather well, in this city if no one yells or threatens another family member it is a good thing.

After the meeting Dara and I decide to head off to Chaos for some meeting with her family. This turns out relatively normal and after the meeting we head into the mirrorverse for some fun Dara and Tori style.

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Rebma and children

Rebma is a matriarchy with a really low birthrate. Children are treasured and treated very well. Long experience allows them to do so without turning them all into wimps. But they have very little experience with re-educating children who are, from their point of view, severely messed up.

That they were ready to turn the captive Chanicut kids over to Fineas, an Amberite (Oberon's child rearing practices are primary examples of How To Not Raise Children), son of an erratic Queen (they've done their homework and Jasra's first reign in Kashfa was not impressive) says a lot.

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Fineas Journal- Session 47

The True Life Adventures of Fineas of House Barimen
Prince of Amber


Day 184 PDS 11:00 AM:

I tracked down Dara and had her summon Benedict’s ghost. I wanted to pick his brain about the enemy and what we should do. From what we have gathered, they are spreading out in shadow and targeting minor power sources. The first step seems to be to cut them off in the mirrorverse. I also decided to warn Bel about the likelihood of being targeted. I have an idea about a useful spell that may assist on some of the lower tier Gheneshans.

Day 184 PDS 6:30 PM:

I met with Bel and he has taught me a new ultraviolet light spell that should come in handy. I will be disseminating it throughout the family for the next few days. Time is likely short and I will need to get on the job against the Gheneshans as soon as I can.

Toriana has called a family meeting to discuss the situation. This should be enlightening.

Day 184 PDS 10:00 PM:

The meeting was fairly productive. Clark is providing an army to help, as are Osric and Finndo. I will be teaching the spell and preparing a force to go around and take care of minor power sources that may be targeted or under Gheneshan influence. First off will be Jelorek’s old hang outs. I will need to talk to Lirazel and see if her new adoptee can help in that regard. Zhartra would also like to meet with him….I’m not sure if to size him up for later elimination or recruit him. I trumped Mother to give her the latest information. Zhartra has agreed to help defend the Well, so I am not going to worry about that. I also trumped Ky-Tung to make sure she is not caught unawares.

Day 185 PDS 7:30 AM:

I contacted Lirazel and laid things out for her. Her continuing subtle efforts to seduce me are amusing, but we got down to business. I will have Basilisk assistance for the Ice Tower that Jelorek once used as his stronghold. The price is allowing Basilisk to move into it (with equal access by Amber when needed). We agreed and will be heading off to the place later today.

Day 185 PDS 10:30 AM:

I have discovered that Renaldo is already casing the tower. I trumped him with the intention of filling him in, but he is already on the job. I brought my new squire Calvin Channicutt along to give him a first lesson in how civilized people tackle a problem. It will be good for him to get a little exercise and excitement as well. Renaldo tells me one of Jelorek’s old lackeys, a fellow named Rennick is in charge of the tower at the moment. He seems unwilling to negotiate as has a plethora of nasty creatures guarding the base, so we will assault the place with a mix of Basilisk, Amber rangers and Weirs. Entry seems to be most favorable through a window high up in the tower. Vrykos should prove very able for this job and he or Lirazel will be trumping us up very soon.

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