August 22, 2003
Dara Log

Trying to be a part of both Amber and Chaos can be adventurous. As for my relatives in Amber, there are non that I dislike, but then I haven't been around them long enough to make any true decissions. As for my Hendrake kin, there are a few, I despise, but one of the two I hate is dead. That bitch of an Aunt of mine, Duessa is dead, thanks to the power of mirrors. Tor helped me eliminate her, and the best part of it all is Helgrum will take the fall for it. Now, if I could just get rid of Luke. As far as I am concerned Belissa should run the family. Luke needs to die and Rianna just needs to back down. As for me, I have no interest in the throne, especially after being grommed to be the puppet queen. Loyalty is hard to find in my family. My father Benedict, killed my mother Lintra. Merlin, my son was killed by his father,Corwin. So in my opinion blood is not thicker than water. I know to watch my back and trust no one but myself.

I've taken back my mother's Hellmaids along with their homeworld. I convinced the Hendrakes to return what is rightfully mine, or so that is the legal claim. The reality of it is I bribed them. I went to Belissa, Tor and Palatime and offered them a power that the Helgrum's have in exchange for my place in the family, the Hellmaids and their home. Each of us had something to gain. It all went over rather well, at least on the surface. It's great to have Amber family with me, especially the Regents daughters of both Rebma and Amber. We were all just together having a good time, with no authority of our parents. But the Hendrakes did not know that. That's what they get for underesjtimating me.

Torian, Morwin, Galina and I went on a search through the miror world, looking for Helgrums to take out. We found some, along with a small strong hold. I'll alert Tor, and let him do with the information as he pleases. I would like to get to the Helgrums, before they are ready to attack my family. Cathching people off guard is my form of amusement. I've also discovered a oan mirror master. I'll be catching up with her later. It appears the Helgrums have assasingated the others that were known. I'm just know waiting to capture a high ranking Helgrum in the chaos that is erupting between Chenicut and Helgrum. If both families knock themselves out, the better.

Delia, Alena, Riena and Alexia have been watching over the other hellmaids. I will have to find a new shadow to make their home. Their homeworld is to boring for the girls and the ones who have been away. They need to train, and be away from the influences of my family. They can not be abused and used as they have in the past. The hellmaids will become my elite army.

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