March 06, 2004
Journal, Toriana - 47

Ok so the castle is sentient that is going to take some getting used to. Clark somehow discovered this and as I am finding out more alarms sound throughout the castle. I try and find out from the elemental in charge what is going on but it is trained very well by great grandfather and it tells me nothing. I rush inside the castle with Thirteen to find out what is going on to learn that mother has been taken along with one of Floraís children or students or something, but they have my mother and thatís what is important to me. I was barely able to reach the beast in time and needed Thirteenís help in rescuing mother safely. I decided that mother was not leaving the city either way I tried to tell the beast that and that there would never be an end to his pain but he didnít listen and it is a promise I plan to make good on. After the capture dad is currently keeping my promise with the creature.

After a bit I decide we are all in need of a family meeting and no one seems to be stepping up to the plate. I start trumping people back to Amber for the meeting and it goes rather well, in this city if no one yells or threatens another family member it is a good thing.

After the meeting Dara and I decide to head off to Chaos for some meeting with her family. This turns out relatively normal and after the meeting we head into the mirrorverse for some fun Dara and Tori style.

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October 19, 2003
Journal, Toriana - 40

I moved dad to a safer location and some place few people know about and no one would expect. I setup a hospital far away from the cottage and recruited doctors from Lynxia. I was able to screen them under the guise of checking for frog syndrome but I was really searching for loyalty to my father. I came far to close to loosing him to trust just anyone to his well-being. Sir John blew up the place where Bleys had been keeping our new family digs. I had to take the family there with us this includes Sand and Delwin but they are to be taken out before they wake up. Who knows what the hell they will be thinking if and when they come to and I am certainly not going to have them near me when it happens nor near my dad in his current state.

The cost of the war was high and poor Dara has to count her father among the lost but not yet the dead. I am hopeful if we are cautious that we can perhaps restore him. If we are reckless he will surely be lost. I will respect whatever decision she decides to make.

I have left Flora in charge of the castle. Yes I got to choose it is funny what you can get away with when you are holding the only jewel that Amber currently possesses. Bleys made a face as if he were going to protest and well I would have been in no mood for it. There did not need to be any more blood shed but had he found the need to speak up there might have been. Tired, sore and brain throbbing I would have found the resolve to put him in the hospital it is amazing what adrenaline can do for keeping you up when you should have already fallen down.

I have shown Zhartra the picture of the man she is seeking I did mention that he was under the control of Jelerack but even he could not give skills the vampire did not already possess. I am sure they will be hunting him down and his death may not be swift but it will be painful.

I am forced at this point to setup defenses in a place where I should have done this already but have not. My shadow is not my first choice for where to bring people but luckily only family could find there way back here and the only family here are currently in hospital beds. Fortunately mom is here to help with setting up Rebman defenses. I shall have to send Moirwyn something pretty for her help at the castle.

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August 23, 2003
Journal, Toriana - 36

Dara has invited me to travel with her to her other family and help her with some negotiations to get her Hellmaids. We also decide that Moirwyn might enjoy a break from her overbearing mother and family duties. We give Heinrich time to gather the things he needs and agree to meet up a couple hours later. I am very excited about this adventure. It is either this or stay in my happy trump place doing work, yeah it is not a hard decision.

Her family is different sure we all have that one family member, our is Diego, they have at least one too. The negotiations go well and Dara gets exactly what she wants without giving up more than she is willing. I am not sure if she had her dadís blessing but that is between her and him and certainly non of my business.

Things here have gone off far too peacefully so we decide to go make some trouble but the Helgrams are not cooperating. They are off hiding out with their tail between their legs, ok well maybe not but one can hope. I am not sure what we are going to do next good times with the girls what could go wrong?

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August 09, 2003
Journal, Toriana - 35

The family doesnít really need me right now other than trump making for the mirrorverse. I am one of only a few people who can make these specialized trumps. They take longer than normal trumps and I grow tired of sitting around doing nothing, but at least Diego is not around to undermine this effort. I feel oddly comforted by the fact that family secrets are staying in the family now. The more I sit here thinking about drawing more trumps the more I think there has to be a better way. I know Dwarkinís trumps are better than mine and I want to find out why and how he did it. I begin to study his trumps. I mean really study them they seem to be identical, far too identical. I realize after looking at the clock that it has been a long day and I am weary.

Morning comes and I have decided to find the answer I need that I need to talk to Great Grandfather. This seems really simple until you realize that he is crazy and dangerous but I think it is worth the risk. I contact Flora for assistance and she tells me where he is and helps me get to him. I will just show up at this concert and if he talks to me I know it is a good day and if he ignores me I will know it is a bad day and to keep clear of him. I have no intention of pushing the situation. When the concert ends he turns around and motions me to come sit by him. Cool he is having a good day. We talk for just a bit then he trumps me to his room and looks at me, the way only family can and finds there is something in me he doesnít understand. I explain the mirrorverse to him and he makes me show him how to use it. I do and in short order he uses the binding power on his mirror to close it. I make a note that I must remember to tell Jacob that this can be done.

Dwarkin agrees to help me in finding the secret to his trumps and how he did it. He tells me about it and then puts something in my head to help me find my place and leaves. I hope he resolves his sanity because I really care about the old guy.

It takes some time but I find my place. I am not sure how I knew it was Ďmyí place but somewhere inside I knew it was. I take some time first to draw the trump of this place. It takes my breath away to look at it. I setup things per Dwarkinís instructions and it goes remarkably fast and why start small? I lay out the makings for a dozen trumps. I decide Golina is the best trump to do for the mirrorverse. I am tired by the end, but I do it and it feels good. I fall asleep with a smile on my face and it has been a long time since that has happened.

In the morning Dara trumps and asks if I will come with her to Chaos and help her free her hellmaids. I agree to this because I have been meaning to spend some time with her and got sidetracked last time that was the next thing on my list. It sounds fun and dangerous. I trump back to Amber to prepare for the journey and to hand out the trumps. Flora instantly recognizes that there is something different about the trumps and starts the full court press but gets distracted by something else and I assure her we will talk about it sometime in the future but I have to prepare to travel to Chaos and I need to give Hienrich time to gather his things.

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July 12, 2003
Journal, Toriana - 34

I find myself spending more time around cousin Thirteen and not wanting to kill him despite this. He has been different then when we had first were sent off to Dom Daniel and different in a good way. Would I trust him with my life no certainly no letís not be foolish but he certainly would not go out of his way to cause harm to me either. We are now discussing security in the mirrorverse. We both have ideas and Fineas wants to leak information to specific houses in Chaos.

Dara of course wants her buddies the Hendrakes involved. I havenít spent enough time around her to make a decision on her loyalties. I would recommend caution because we were so burned with the Diego situtation. Now he seems to have fled into the sunset perhaps back to whomever he was truly loyal too. Either that or he really pissed Queen Moire off and is being punished.

My mission is to fix the Choasite and send her off to the meeting she is supposed to have and then retrieve her and get the play by play of the meeting. I did a lot of tinkering with Sand and Delwinís people, and the first Choasite that I made forget he was a logrus master was good practice as well. This task is a challenge though. I think I can make the corrections and editing in her head last for at least a few days. I need backup just in case and I call cousin Fineas. I am spending much more time with him lately as well. He graciously agrees to handle any security issues for the meeting. I waited until the Logrus master came back close to me and then took her to the castle for interrogations. I set her mind the way I need it to be and insure she forgets that she is a logrus master and then I am off to Lynxia for a good nightís sleep. I havenít slept in two days and it is starting to show.

I am not sure how long I slept time does not have much meaning when you are an Amberite there seems to be only now and what can be put off. I am showering and going off for more in-depth training in the mirrorverse realm. Flora has hinted that she would like to spend enough time here that I could make trumps to work here. I can respect that she has so much more to do and although she didnít ask really I will do the task of learning enough about the place to draw working trumps. I am a practical girl and I can see where this is going to come in handy.

Flora sends word that Fineas is going to become more acquainted with the mirrorverse as well so I will not be totally alone with the ratlings. When I question them about security measures I learn that Hinrick will not be allowed to accompany me. This is not comforting news as he is the person I count on to protect me, and the person I trust either third or fourth most. The time is spent differently this time and it is strange and I get the feeling Werewindle has taken this power as well. Flora had given me a trump that works here and after we are done, according to the ratlings, I trump her and leave this place.

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June 28, 2003
Journal, Toriana - 33

Flora would like me to go help with the mapping of mirror verse. I gather my normal troops well the ones that Henrick says I need. I remember that before I head out to the mirror verse that I promised Fineas that I would check in on our guests. I thankfully remembered this before we left.

I have enough time to check in and do my duty before I am called away by Jacob screaming for help with Zhartra. She looks to be in very bad shape. He asks me to get help and I find Tanatheal well because this is important and because I do not trust Diego. I have to act as a breaker switch between Tanatheal, Jacob and Zhartra. She is going to make it and I still have other tasks to do. I make sure she is stable before I leave.

Galena, myself and Thirteen are the team set to map the verse. We make good time much of this is due to Galena having spent time here and becoming acclimated. We are able to locate someone near by using Logrus and decide to make them our priority. Capture them alive if possible dead if capture is not possible or if someone is in danger. We break it down and I decided that I could keep the Logrus master busy if the group could handle the rest of the baddies. This plan goes down remarkable well and there is not much downside. We are able to capture the Logrus master and bring him back to the castle. The guards are under direct orders not to allow Diego in the dungeon let alone the cell blocks.

We begin to question the prisioner and we are able to find out lots of useful things. I am sure that the family is going to be excited and of course we still have a ton of work to do.

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June 14, 2003
Journal, Toriana - 32

The World of a Princess
Journal 32

There are times when family should remain lost. When Dwarkin says you should just let someone have some time before bringing him or her back to the family then really they should stay lost. I did mention that Dwarkin is half crazy and even he knows bringing Bleys back to Amber is a bad idea. This fact is of course lost on our less mentally endowed cousin Diego. He has decided to take it upon himself to throw Bleys on the family. Of course he canít look after Bleys because he lacks the skills required either mentally or physically.

I decided to go visit Dara. She doesnít look like she won the fight by much. I guess any is enough but it was not much. If I am feeling this way at seeing her then I know Benedict would want to see her or he might not forgive himself. I trump him and he does want to see her. I hold while he runs some errands and eventually comes through. He is going to stay here for a time. I am needed back in Amber for the family meeting.

Flora is taking over the regency in Gerard and now Benedictís absence. We are to spend time in the mirror realm. There is nothing really shocking here. Benedict wants me to see what I can do for Bleys as I am one of the best people to handle his situation.

The brunt of the babysitting duties will be handled by me, and secondarily handled by Fineas. While we were putting in the IV drip, he awoke and was quite lucid. He does not have the ability to trump without a trump in his hand. This is quite a relief because he has already had enough drugs pumped into his system I would hate to have to pump more in him. He thinks he might be able to break out if he needed to. He is going through withdrawal symptoms and it is more than I can handle now so I remember Llewella saying I could overpower Bleys if I needed to and right now, I needed to for everyoneís peace of mind. I did it. I knocked him out. There was six hours of really nice quiet time. Fineas and I give him some food when he came to this time and shortly after his body starts convulsing again and I knock him out mentally again. Fineas is going to take over for a bit so I can go take a break and get some rest.

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May 24, 2003
Journal, Toriana - 31

The World of a Princess
Journal 31

I am again in Arden but in odd company again. Itís not the worst company I could imagine myself with but not exactly what I expect either. I am with Fineas and Thirteen. We all head back to the shadow and I decide I want to locate the person at the epicenter of this chaos and try it with a locator spell. This takes some time and the boys watch my back for incoming logrus. Thirteen is called inside for awhile but Fineas holds his position and later when he comes back he says he has arranged a meeting and I should go swear an oath and go with him, so I do.

I decide not to go wearing my own face because that would just be boring so I decide to play with Thirteen a bit and go as Sabine. I even messed with him in the same manner she would, but I did not go further than would be polite. Thirteen does all the talking, which is fine because this is his show and I am already having fun just being Sabine. I am looking at the Helgram and she not only wore a mask but also a spell to alter her face. That is so cute and I am again amused.

When the meeting is over Thirteen questions Baran and he spilled everything to whomever would listen. We decided to take him to Dom Daniel, while he is still drugged, and leave him where he was found. I guess this did not turn out so well and I disguise myself as Sabine again and purchase some of the leftovers for the girls whom Thirteen travels with. I barely remembered to remove the Sabine spell before trumping back to the castle to hand out the presents.

Thirteen and I are off again trying to find more trouble and we do so without much looking. There is a huge pool of blood and the creature staked to the top of a pole has been bound there with the binding power. We debate what to do and when all else fails I call Jhartra and she says to leave it be and reinforces it. Nifty.

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May 17, 2003
Journal, Toriana - 30

The World of a Princess
Journal 30

There are times in your life that the thing you never ever expect to happen does. You see I am off doing the good work for Benedict when I get a call, from Thirteen, he needs help. Now this is unusual for several reasons. One: He called me. Two: I answered. Three: I am going to help. All these things together should have caused the collapse of the empire, but it didnít.

He needs to storm the upstairs. I have five minutes to realign spells. Great I can ready five things. I quickly decide what is useful in all situations and begin. We take the place without much else going wrong. I in the end puppet the head man and we find out most everything oh and then the building is going to explode, neat. I trump us away to Arden and everyone holds on.

I agree to go back to the shadow with Thirteen and help him out some more, and the universe has so far survived. We remember at some point we were supposed to have a competent cousin meeting and get together with Fineas and Jacob. We all discuss what is going on and what we are going to do about it. Now I am beginning to wonder when the world will explode because Fineas has asked me for a favor as well. Did Benedict send out some Ďhey Toriana is really poor at managing her own time please find things for her to doí memo? He wants us to strengthen his motherís defenses around the well. Yeah sure no big deal and I will make some things especially for the man I know is involved with killing Sand and Delwin.

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Journal, Toriana - 29

The World of a Princess
Journal 29

It occurs to me that I have neglected to show Flora the toy that was in the box of heads. I should remedy this at once. I give her a call and as always she is gracious and willing to partake of my company. We catch up with what little time we have and she is as always a pleasant lady. The combination of perfect manners and grace I could spend hours talking to Flora...

With father gone Benedict seems to think he is better able to dictate my time than I am. I suppose with mother and father both gone I do have a few more duties to attend to. He wishes me to go to Dom Daniel and check things out. He has some trumps he also wishes to have made. I have also been asked to look at Diegoís security and make some small suggestions. What the hell was he thinking, a non-magical person opening a magical school in a magical shadow it is an accident waiting to happen. Well at least he is Benedictís problem now. I return the trumps to Benedict and he has sent me on another mission of things to do for him. I miss dad.

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April 05, 2003
Journal, Toriana - 28

The World of a Princess
Journal 28

I need to return the box to whence it came. I have no intention of opening any gift from Diego and I tire of it dampening my room here in Amber. Yes I shall have it returned. These are the thoughts that greet me today as I wake up. I am fairly certain at this point the day is not going to go well.

I get dressed and head down to breakfast only to be intercepted by Uncle Benedict. He needs my help and no one else can do it. Man as if I no life of my own. I long for the days of Rebma where I had no real responsibility except for do not tick off the queen. I tell Benedict my idea for the trumps he wants and he thinks it is a very good idea. He also mentions that mom is gone on vacation and dad is gone on vacation and he is filling in. No wonder he is giving me his order and expecting it to be filled. Oh well there are worse options for filling dadís shoes. This is a definite step up from Reynaldo.

There is to be some wedding coronation crap in the Tir. I guess I should attend and be courtlike and all. I have plenty of time to get ready and I make sure everything looks perfect and anything that is out of place or just almost right is made right with a touch of magic. You can take the girl out of RebmaÖ The wedding is fine and during the reception it is discovered that a wooden box containing Sand and Delwinís heads. I guess this means I no longer have to investigate and go to Dom Daniel. I trump Zhartra and show her the box and she comes through. As we are standing there evaluating the magics the box and the content Diego starts routing through it like an old box from the attic with complete disregard for the dead and any spells that may lay untapped waiting to explode. Complete and total ignorance and one day soon I shall think it may cost him his life. It would if I was sending a box to my enemy and he was the enemy.

It is his work. I can tell it is a signature I know well know. I have had to fix the effects of him before. He is powerful that is not lost on me, but no one seems to think that is a problem. I use a mind link to Reese to give him more information that I do not wish to be shared out loud. He should know the signature it might be important. After Diego, Reese does not seem to be as bad and at least he is properly schooled and has respect for magic. One did not seem him rooting around for treasure in the blood of our ancestors.

I am sent to do Benedictís wishes and I end up at the keep of Fineasís mom. It looks like she has finally done some upkeep to the place, just a few more weeks and it might even be presentable for company. A month or more and perhaps even royal company might not be offended by the manner of the keep. Queen Moire and I have come to an agreement about Aunt Gwenith and I suspect I have nothing to worry about in that regard. I finish Benedictís trumps and head back to Amber to give the trumps to him. I should like to have taken another day or two but the keep is not to my standards.

I finally have some time to myself and I decide to play with the new rack that was in the box. It is strange and it might take some time to unlock the secrets. I can be patient.

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March 22, 2003
Journal, Toriana - 27

The World of a Princess
Journal 27

Jacob needs my help with a little task of his. When I said we should just start a storm and ruin their plans I was really half joking. He took this idea and ran. He is really the planner guy I am just going to get permission to take the jewel and meet up with him later. Dad insists that if I take the jewel that I have to take Benedict with me. Oh well I guess Benedict is as good of a bodyguard as anyone is.

Jacob and I commandeer a zeppelin and head out to sea for our big adventure. Benedict is very silent on the whole matter. I am sure there are thousands of places he would rather be. So quiet it is very eerie. Jacob and I unleash the wave we have been envisioning. I think it might be a might bit bigger than we had anticipated. Bad luck if it hits the main land, my only comfort that these are not good people they have conspired with horrible people.

We decimate the army and it is almost a complete victory. A few get away but Jacob assures me that this battle was a victory. Benedict I really canít read him well. He is like steel. Smile for crying out loud. Anyway I am due to report to dad on the comings and goings of this night. I give him a report in a secured area.

The battle was tiring and I am due for a rest. I take the night to rest. In the morning a package from Diego arrives. I set it aside I have no time for childish pranks. I call Zhartra because I am ready to finish up the duties she needs to finish up. Alright so maybe I am still a bit tired and perhaps a touch crabby but what I really didnít need to hear was Zhartra asking me about how her relatives faired. No she was not talking about my family she was talking about the other side. This is the point where my temper was lost and I pushed her buttons because she had just pushed mine. I am fairly certain this was our first and last discussion about her extended family and the outcome of war. I will now need some time to consider if I will continue to be useful to her out of kindness.

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March 08, 2003
Journal, Toriana - 26

The World of a Princess
Journal 26

Zhartra might be very schooled in the ways of warfare but when it comes to mental skills she is either weak or faking it. We take a look around Delwinís keep but there is little evidence to find and we searched hard. Someone really cleaned up after themselves. We decided to go check out Sandís castle instead. Zhartra will go there and trump me when she arrives.

While she is off to the next stop I am going to stick around here and reset peopleís minds back to before they were messed with. Zhartra is really not impressed with my desire to free these people. I think that is why she left. I trump Heinrich and let him know what I am up to. He seems to get touchy when I do this stuff without him.

Zhartra trumps me back again and she is at Sandís castle and it looks like the same story as Delwinís castle. Grandmother starts to get on me to make myself useful and I use the same trick on her that I do on dad when he starts that crap. It worked and she decided that perhaps I should rest a bit.

When I wake up I start to try and reset Sandís people as well. I seem to get fragments from the people who I am correcting. I donít see the face but I can tell the same person did this. The same guy hit both places. It looks like he had less cleanup time after this one or he just got careless. We gather the information from the scene that we can. Set a few people right again so they can run the castle.

While we are leaving the castle we are stopped by a group of local mounted lawmen. I am finally able to talk them down. Kindly Zhartra decided to let me do the talking. I think sheís pretty intimidating and perhaps that is not what we need right now. I turn on the charm that I save for times like these and it works perfectly. They not only believe us but they will take us to see one of the creatures that the intruders were riding.

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February 22, 2003
Journal, Toriana - 25

The World of a Princess
Journal 25

New Rule: If the Queen of Air and Darkness is concerned about it, you should be too. It occurred to me sometime last night that I have not heard anything from the search of Delwin and Sand. I figured I would ask dad about the progress of the search. It seems little has been attempted. As the finder of lost relatives I shall again set out to find more lost relatives. Dad thinks I am probably the best person for this task anyway. Where to start when the trail is older than you areÖ

I am not sure why I did it, and to say it would be easy thing to do is quite crazy but I trumped Gelerack. Somehow it seemed like a good idea at the time from the limited intelligence reports that I had. We attempted to negotiate terms of help but were unable to come to an agreement. I started to think about Zhartra and so I did a little name-dropping. For a guy that has been around forever he sure doesnít get out much. I did my best to convey the awe that she is but he had no idea who she was. He has agreed to meet with her and see if they can negotiate terms.

Zhartra does want to meet with him and find out any information he can provide. I did my best to act like I wanted her to kick his ass just to entice him into coming to terms and to convey that there was no doubt in my mind if there was a showdown who would win. I was acting all antsy. I am sure if it helped. He gave her the information she was looking for.

She and I set off together to look for Sandís castle that Gelerack told us about. Her way of getting around is disorienting and she has me do it my way. Well my other way seems how I canít draw a trump, which is my preferred way and real way. I am pretty sure she means pattern. She thinks it is way to slow and says she will call me when she gets to where she is going. She tells me about 8 new children of Floraís and this isnít good at all. They are all much younger then the last batch.

I talk to mom for a bit and then remember that I should let someone who likes knowing the child count know about the 8 new ones. I trump Fineas and let him know. He seems less than amused and the conversation really doesnít go much further then the information I have to drop on him. I then finish up talking with mom. We really hadnít caught up since last time I saw her and I wanted to kill Diego. Not that that has changed but there are rules about such things.

Jacob trumps me and asks me where the skull from Chinaway is and I have no idea. He wants to know if I can acquire it for him. I let him know I will try and then I find dadís door to his room shut and ewwwww bad shut the brain down noises coming from his room. Definitely not time to disturb him. I walk away and let Jacob know it will be morning before he can have it. Boy is he hammered I hope he waits until morning.

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February 01, 2003
Journal, Toriana - 24

I find myself looking around watching these elder members of the family discuss what it would take for Corwin to return to Amber. They are so different from the cousins that I have been dealing with. They are not talking over each other, and no one draws a weapon on anyone else, and no cheap comments, itís like theyíre family. I watch the conversation happen because I am not really part of it. I know when to keep quiet and just watch.

He has three kids here and a kick ass sword. I watch the interaction between all the players. You can tell Corwinís sword and the one Zhartra has. While they are talking I am allowed to look at and hold both. They are both wonderful but different. I wonder what Fineas will do with the sword. I wonder what price he will have to pay for it. I saw what Zhartra looked like when she returned with it and letís say it is a debt I would not like to owe.

Corwin wants the kids to come visit first and Benedict promises to look after them for Corwin. They are able to defend themselves and hopefully will not cause too many problems. My only concern is that they are not like Corwinís bastard child Diego. I am hopeful they may have been brought up properly and thus resemble Moirwyn.

Magic works here and it is easier then Amber but harder then Rebma. I also find that I am able to use pattern here but not with the results one would expect. The powers seem to be reduced to about half. This leads me to believe if Corwinís children have walked his pattern they should be able to use pattern in shadow and by Amber.

Zhartra wants me to get started on trumps and finding out if it is possible to use the wells as trump points of contact between Amber and Corwinís Avalon. I am shown around his city and by his well with the naked people. I do not bother them too much and I take a day and a half and make a trump of the well here. The naked people give me some looks but mostly I am left alone. When I am done I pull out Benedictís trump and create a trump gate. I have been very careful thus far when dealing with Zhartra to always pull out the trump before trumping. After all, Grandma doesnít need to know everything now does she? Benedict and company come through and there are fleeing naked people everywhere. Good to know the propensity for disturbing the peace we come by naturally.

I have time to wonder about this Corwin character and why he has all these cornball names for his kids. Why is he unable to make unique names and gives his children identities of their own. Lame. I talk to Vialle I figure it is only fair to warn her about her half brother and that he might make the moves on her.

Benedict leads us on in the morning and we follow points in shadow to the wells and I make trumps and we move on to the next one. Finally we are able to get to the point where a trump to Amber works and thankfully I gate us all home. Always of course pulling out a trump and not doing it from memory.
When we arrive back I decide it is time to check on the Chaos Logrus Master because I am want to make sure all is still well with him. I am sure he will be fine as long as he is not subject to too much stress. He is missing no not missing Diego has him. Oh how many ways can this go wrong. I finally catch up with Diego and he has murdered him. Yes this would be after we agreed not to murder any more prisoners. He gives me some sob story about his best friend dying. Oh well guess if you had left him alone it wouldnít have happened that is what you get for doing one too many experiments and torture sessions on a Logrus master. This has to be stopped I need to talk to father.


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January 18, 2003
Journal, Toriana - 23

The World of a Princess
Journal 23

I am sitting around oddly enough with not much to do. I am waiting for Zhartra to contact me. I am deciding on a new plan for Corwin because Moirwynn totally wussed out on me. She is so scared of her mom that it isnít even funny. This is her dad for crying out loud that I am willing to risk my neck for but she isnít. The new plan is to go out with Zhartra and try and trump him from the other side of Chaos.

I gather together the gifts for Benedict. She had a few suggestions and I have a few of my own as well. Eventually I got everything together and she trumps me. She would like to talk to father and I take her to him. Zhartra wants dad to locate Sand and Delwin apparently there is some job they are supposed to do and they have not been doing it. She then uses some interesting powers to take us to an ally of hers. We then go to a well and to her house.

I get to meet Uncle Benedict and he of course asks about the realm. We chat and he shows me around as Zhartra leaves us to attend to other business. Benedict has so many questions and has been mostly informed but he doesnít know as much as maybe he should. I think we spent at least a day talking.

Zhartra returns the next day and she is injured and using a gloved hand to carry a sword. She hands it to Benedict and she wants to contact Corwin right now. We go to the place she has in mind and I contact Corwin. We unfortunately for me it dawns on me as I initiate the contact that he doesnít know me and even more unfortunately for me he answers the same way dad does. He says hello with a handgrip around my throat. I convince him we are related and that he should trump Benedict. We all chat for awhile and now I know part of why Diego is crazy if he has this guyís genetic structure.

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January 04, 2003
Journal, Toriana - 22

The World of a Princess

Morwyn and I decide to wait until the next afternoon before setting out to look for her father. We were both hung over and the sun is just so bright. We take in lunch together and as we were gathering our guards to depart on our self-appointed mission I got a trump call from Dad with a big problem. We needed everyone yesterday at Benedictís Avalon to protect the gunpowder mines. I tell Morwyn I need to be excused for a family emergency Ė no need to let her know where the gunpowder is because after all she is a loyal Rebman royal. I go through the trump to Dad, figure out what we need, whatís already on the way, and go where Iím needed.

Momís already bringing through Jacobís Remans so before he wastes my time asking me, I go to his Oscray camp. They arenít very smart, but they kill what you point them at very well, and thatís the sort of thing I think we'll need.

Initially, they didnít really want to listen to me. I found I needed to think like Jacob to get them going the right direction Ė after I grabbed an oak bench and knocked several of their guards insensible and lit oneís boots on fire, the rest realized I was probably someone best to take orders from.

The fight went off fairly well (although somewhere during it, someone (my guess is Diego because of the phenomenal short-sightedness) pulled Morwyn in Ė so now a Rebman royal and trump artist knows what Avalon looks like Ė wonderful) Ė we killed two of the Gryphon royals (one was a Pattern initiate and so one of Flora's sons), and captured two others (another of Floraís son), and the rest didnít get away with very much powder.

We all talked afterwards about what to do with prisoners like that. Diego (psychotically) wanted to kill all of them Ė witness my lack of surprise Ė but the rest of us were rational. The Queen of Air and Darkness, aka Great Great Grandmother (who came in to help us during the fight, but didnít bring Uncle Benedict) offered to work out an ambassadorial training ground at her castle and establish contacts with the Courts Ė an offer which was well-received by most people. That could be very interesting, but somehow I think Dad might have a problem with me being an ambassador to the Courts of Chaos Ė also, thereís no way I want her rules governing me. I like her and all but I do not wish to be under her thumb any more than I wish to be under anyoneís.

I had a nice talk with Zhartra aka Great Great Grandmother. She can be very sweet. I need her help to find Corwin. She has agreed to help us after she speaks with Dworkin. I figured because she agreed to help us that I would do her a favor and let her know that he has good days and bad days and there is no way of telling which day it was and that she should be prepared for the worst upon contacting him. She was very grateful. I have asked if I can meet my uncle Benedict and she has graciously agreed. She mentioned bringing a gift to Dworkin and I in passing asked permission to bring Benedict a gift. She seemed very skeptical but I assured her that my intentions were honorable and that I only wished to bring him a plant because I have heard how much he loves to garden. She agreed to my request and it seems as though she forgot that it was one of his passions. She needed to be off and it was quite strange when she leaned over and kissed me on the forehead. Either I am marked for death or I am on her good side.

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Journal, Toriana - 21

Dad has asked me to help him. It involves a mission to the moon with Tanitheel. I do not really know her that well but I do know she is loyal to the family, and dad seems insistent that this needs to be a priority. Tanitheel finds an area she wants a trump of and I start the process of making a trump. I finish up with the trumps she wants and we eventually trump back to the castle.

I guess Great Grandfather pays dad and Jacob a visit and delivers the papers he promised me he would. Dad doesnít seem to pleased to learn that Grandfather is alive and partly in Great Grandfather, but it is not like I made it happen. The papers are in some weird cryptic stream of consciousness form. Dad gives me the papers and a lecture and I go to get some help.

Flora suggests Llewella and as I debate the possibility and political ramifications of such an action Jacob is repeatedly trumping me and will not let me have a moments peace. I finally do lose my temper and fling the papers at him and tell him to work it out himself. I have had it with family and I need to get the hell out of here. I trump Flora and ask her to accompany me on a personal quest. As a female and thus rational member of the family she kindly accepts. I contact Heinrich and let him know vacation is over and we will be going on a mission similar to the last one.

We manage to trump out to the nasty looking gnarly tree and start from there. Flora is so much better with pattern then I am. I watch her intently and try to figure out why she does what she does with it. I have not really decided to commit to truly learning it yet. I seem to have so much going on to fully learn yet another power. Flora takes us to some mountain.

The party is shot with sleeping darts and we wake up with Queen of Air and Darkness standing over us. She warns us to stop looking for the source of the power that there are consequences including never learning another power. She says she has an agreement with Benedict and that we are not able to negotiate for him at this time. She seems quite genuine and I a drawn to trusting her. In fact I think I might be able to get along quite well with her.

Flora and I wisely call the mission off. We trump back to the castle. I give Hienrich a pep talk, as he seems to think he failed because we were captured. I let him know who that was and not to feel bad and give him the night off and some spending cash. I am off to Rebma for some partying. I found my favorite group of friends and Moirwynn shows up to and we party like old times. Sometimes I forget how much fun it is just to be.

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December 08, 2002
Journal, Toriana - 20

The World of a Princess
Journal 20

I have been thinking a lot about the creature I released and that a family member bound it. Flora helps me with the unusual coin it gave me, and she tells me what it is and what it does.

I do ultra secret stuff and discover that Bleys, Benedict and Corwin are the only olders who are alive. I guess Bleys is crazy and we should not go anywhere near him. Corwin made his own pattern and has fallen from sight since then. I know where Benedict is.

Jacob calls and he needs help. I go and help him and he has me hold a gate open for him and he is going to kill anyone who tries to hurt me. I guess this is a big plan everyone had and no one wanted my help except Jacob. Oh well that leaves me more time to do my own thing.

Jacob eventually has mom come hold the gate and has me fend off any logrus users interfering. We do get everyone through and mom goes back to Amber quickly. I am off to see what havoc I can make. I look for large gatherings of enemy troops and the first one I throw a fireball with a coin. This is really big fun. There do not appear to be any logrus users at this point or they are keeping low key and not using their power. I go around finding gatherings of enemy troops and have some fun with sorcery.

Things are going really well for me until I spot 1 really big guy and 2 other guys coming at me at an alarming rate. Hinrick shouts at me to get out but the big guy got his hands on me. Hinrick shoots him in the head and he releases me for a second and I trump away with Hinrick in hand. The troops are surrounding the big guy and his goons and are attacking them but the troops are being wiped out quickly.

The big guy pulls out a coin and starts to activate it. I attempt to do something but think I am not going to have time. The ring is so much quicker to access and I have time to blow up the coin he is using. There comes a huge wave of energy and people are twisted and come out abnormally. A cannon blast then has a shot at the big guy before I can act again and he is blown away because he has no magic left. Did I mention that he was huge?

I find out later this is the guy that had Julianís skull for a cup. Chinaway or something like that. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

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Journal, Toriana - 19

The attempt to rescue Benedict failed miserably but there was an energy power there that I did not recognize and I want to know how it works and how to control it. If I do not know how to control it we will never get Benedict back and I want to know how to control it should I encounter it in the future. This is the energy used to bind the houses of chaos to the will of the king.

Gather Henrick and the normal entourage and trump off to find more of the energy so I can learn to manipulate it. We spend our nights in Lynxia and then trump back to where we were the day before. We find this weird tree that is all knotty and strange. We go back to lynxia to prepare.

I spend an annoying twenty days making the item I know I need to store the energy. I spend another 4 days recovering from what I had to do to make the item. This ends up being an iron colored ring. We trump to near the tree and and I find a root that is a ways away from the stump of the tree itself. I take a small amount of the energy from the root of the tree about what I had from Larizal. When I get that amount we trump away from the area.

I study more of the energy and the material. It appears to do some binding and unbinding. I think I could put a gais on someone if I had more of it.

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Journal, Toriana - 18

I have decided that we will be attempting to rescue Benedict. I am starting to gather the items I believe that we will need. I discuss what we will need with dad, and he isnít really very helpful with that. I trump Jacob to see if he is willing to help with this and he is not sure what he can add but is willing to help.

Diego sent perfume and jewelry. I guess he assumes that makes up for always asking for help but honestly I am royalty in one shadow and a princess in another and if I wanted jewelry I would get something a touch more tasteful. I am not some shallow shadow jezebel that you can get to forgive you for being inconsiderate by buying things for her. Whose kid is he anyway? If you want to get on my good side stop always asking what I can do for you and perhaps ask what you can do for me. Maybe some woman should kidnap and torture him so his issues with women would at least be founded.

This is the day when Diego has his party. I guess he wants everyone to be impressed because he has spent a fortune (because that is what he thinks makes people like you) and invited everyone. He gives a lame speech and takes a swipe at Flora, which is just deplorable in front of commoners, and devoid of class to do infront of anyone who is not family.

We are attacked by one of the Chaos houses and manticores. I trump dad to see what he wants me to do and he wants me to get the jewel. I run to get the lower jewel and see what I can do to help. I head to the castle roof with Henrick. I use the jewel to attack a manticore and what I did was use it to control him and get him to attack one of the other manticores. I hold the winner of the battle still until it dies.

I try and help Jacob with his battle but I am not able to. They are just moving a little to fast. A logrus tendril comes into view and I attempt to destroy it but it is gone too fast. It looks like the tendril brought in a centipede. I trump to Flora, who is in the battle, and try to help. The chaos lord jumps into the water and Moirwynn and her people take it from there.

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Journal, Toriana - 17

Diego again needs a favor and he is very luck that I am a nice person, because a lesser person would get very tired of continually doing favors for someone who never does anything but call them a brat. Does he not know that the servants tell me when he is calling me names, let alone the stuff he says about Flora. I am not sure where he is from but it is obvious that he did not have enough female influence or was not taught proper respect for women.

I talked with Larizal about Benedict and what happened the weird light that washed over everything. She is certain the King of Chaos is dead and the gais has been lifted. She also gave me a capsule that showed what happened to Benedict the last time he was seen by family.

I go find dad and I get a trump from Moire. I gather everyone in the castle and explain what she said about the king being dead. I also inquire about Daraís parentage. I figure if Benedict is alive she will be needed in a rescue effort. She is willing to submit to a DNA test to find out for sure. I have the data sent to the lab.

I wait for the results and work on a couple more trumps. Dara is Benedictís daughter is the confirmation from the lab. Gerard has the capsule and I figure if he wants her to see it he will show it to her.

Jacob trumps and he wants a favor, a trump of some shadow. Itís Jacob so I donít mind. He is there when I need him to be unlike some people who are just all about what you can do for me. Henrick gets the security we will need in order and we then trump to Jacob. I donít think this is a dangerous mission and it might be nice for the bodyguards to let their hair down and party a bit.

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Journal, Toriana - 16

Dad called me and wanted me to talk with Flora. I am still trying to figure out what is going to happen given recent events. Flora and I have a conversation if I can call it that and I get more insight then I perhaps ever wanted. She suffered so much at the hands of the Chaos lords. I have pictures in my head that I will never get out.

I returned Diegoís trump as he called when I was talking with Flora. He wants a teleport-blocking spell when I have time to do it. I then trump Jacob and give him a couple coins and try to talk to him about Flora because I am certain that he has the wrong idea. He really doesnít want to listen at this point.

I get trumped to the Tir and start to reinforce the teleport barrier the castle sorcerers have erected. I do not have long before the attacks will start coming. A logrus user and a pattern user attack me but I was able to keep the barriers up as the Chaos lord has just burned. The barrier is eventually not under attack anymore as the pattern user has fled and I scour the castle looking for someone to take out. I find a Chaos lord and pull a coin and mind link him. Game over for him and we have a prisoner who knows what is going on.

I delivered the prisoner to the dungeon. I get a trump from Moire and it seems Diego has taken it upon himself to share everything we get from the spy with her. I have to deliver the full report because of course Diego only makes the deals but is not so great on the follow through.

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October 05, 2002
Journal, Toriana - 15

We now have control of the castle and I scan it for powers. I have decided to shut down the power lines or etherlines as people seem to be calling them. It is a tricky thing and I cannot get it wrong or there will be dire consequences. I study it for some time before taking the first line down.

Shortly after I take the first line down some guy comes up and asks me what I am doing. Now this is not someone I know and just who does he think he is anyway, damn commoners. So I am nice and tell him what I am doing and he dares to question it. So I ask him who he is. Fineasís brother well isnít that just quaint. OH and do I think this is the best idea taking the lines down? Well yes or why would I be doing it? He is a pain in the ass and oh not signed on yet or so he says.

I continue to take down all three lines then scan again for magical or power use and I am led to the library where I find Fineas and Reese studying books while they kindly leave me to do all the work, ok to hell with this. How many relatives does it take to record information from one book? Fineas has returned to being a pain in the ass decides to tell me no one likes me and that I need an attitude change. He is right I need to get away from him and his brother and that will change my attitude. Have fun in the magically powered shadow with your advanced magical powers you jerks. I trump to the condo.

Jacob calls shortly later while I am in the middle of a nasty trump of Reynaldo and a sheep. He is in trouble and needs to come to where I am. He then trumps Fineas only giving me short explanation of what happened. He went after the girl who escaped and it may have been Floraís daughter and he killed her in front of Flora. He also pulled a gun on Moirwynn.

Shortly after he has left Queen Moire calls to inform me that Jacob is not welcome in her city again. He has been banished. We talk about it and while I understand her anger she might not have the whole picture to work with. We talk about it and I explain to her my position on the situation and how she is placing blame on one person when in actuality there is enough blame to go around starting with Flora not telling the family about her children. I think she may do some more thinking on it. Eventually she may even let him back in her city. She gave me a trump of Floraís other child and asked me not to hurry after my cousin to kill him. I agreed to her terms. I am so angry at Flora but holding my diplomatic face.

I trump Jacob to let him know what my conversation with Moire was and to find out what the hell he was thinking. We then went to the castle to talk to dad about the situation. He was all in defend Flora mode and I went into the only defense against that mode which is to make him realize that Flora had options and that her distrust of the family led us to the place we are oh and I mixed in a gentle sprinkle of guilt.

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Journal, Toriana - 14

I probe this new spot for sources of power, hot spots if you will. I find several interesting things. I make a sketch of the camp here. I also make a quick sketch of Diego. I sleep for the night while we have a place to camp.

Jacob and I travel forward to scout and he has me maintain a link with him and Diego. I do that and make sure no one is spying on us. We encounter a water elemental that is guarding a crate opening to the palace we have found. I help Jacob break the elemental free. He does the breaking while I make sure it is indictable. Jacob negotiates with the elemental and we make our way past it into the castle.

The plan was to kidnap someone for interrogation and that is not really what happened. We had to get past some of the wards and we were doing really well until we had to trump past a trap and they were able to detect it. We were supposed to leave Fineas behind but Jacob and I really did not feel good about it. So we made a huge distraction hoping he would be able to get someone in the ruckus. I am really blurred on what happened next but it seems we are going to take the castle so I trump Reese to get his help on this mission and I am then sent to do a trump gate and this is what I spend the rest of the day doing. Oh wow exciting to be me.

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Journal, Toriana - 13

I am getting the good stuff out of auntieís house. I will not give the thugs who showed up here the satisfaction of destroying the house and then looting it and finding anything worthwhile. The stuff isnít really that good but it is not the point.

I am then off to momís condo and make a trump of the main intruder while I ponder the ways to kill him. I need rest and take time to sleep while Hienrich watches over me with the people he has with him.

Fineas calls and practically begs me not to go after Gelrack or the other lackies. Of course he isnít ready to go after them either, but he would like me to go assist in finding someone from house Griffin. I call Flora but she doesnít seem to have any useful information on the house to offer.

I wake up and finish the trumps I need to make. I make a Baran trump, the unknown female,two of Jacob, Hienrick, and one of Kai-Tung. I then trump Kai-Tung and make my way to the ship she is on. We head east towards the rumors and the center of gravity appears to be off. We explore a desert type area there are many air elementals here.

I then trump Fineas and he comes through and I make a sketch of the desert by camp. I then adjust my spells for this area and make a camouflage spell. We trump Jacob and he brings mounts and has Zariel scout.

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Journal, Toriana - 12

Hienrick has some 30 men tread to go to Dom Daniel. I do not want to arise suspicion by trumping straight into one of auntieís castles. I trump the entourage through as well. I then trump from Dom Daniel through one of the wall trumps to the keep. Mazentius was auntieís old captain of the guard. I remove him from his duties as captain for completely failing me when I arrived after tussling with my niece. I place Hienrich in charge of the keep and pull an inspection. This is what auntie would have done if she were gone for a long time.
Part of the inspection involves Berritt checking out all of the staff for Choasians. She doesnít find anything major a couple of wereleopards, werewolves and a couple of vampires.

After the inspection I did the next thing Auntie would do Ė head to the spa. They have very good foot massages there. The King of her shadow sends her a message via air elemental. He would like a couple of sketches. There are also messages from Rebma.

This king of her shadow seems to be a little afraid of auntie so I donít think he will be bothering me very much. His invite is for a banquet. I take some time to do a trump of Babyagga. Also I find quite the find in a drawer that is locked and trapped. Inside it is full of trumps nothing appears very interesting. I make a real trump of me for Hienrick.

Intruders come in and there are three people forcing their way in. I try and hold them off by throwing spells at them. I am finally able to pull myself free for a moment and I call Jacob and pull him through and the real fight begins. They want to call a truce and talk but Jacob is advancing on them. They give up and leave. The house is in ruins. Auntie has to get some better friends.

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Journal, Toriana - 11

I have decided it is in my best interest to tell dad what I am going to be up to so I can request guards from him and know that I plan to pass myself off as an escaped Gwyneth, 'hiding' in one of G's lesser-known keeps in hopes that one of the Chaos houses makes a move for me. I also let him know that auntie is being watched over in Rebma. Gerard inquires as to what I will need to pull this off, and of course I let him know that Hienrich will be making security plans as that is not my strong suit. Gerard thinks I should pick up a shape-shifter sniffer, and I have to call Fineas to ask for one. I also need to recalibrate my machine cause I donít think auntie will be a concern so that leads me to think Dara likely needs some looking after. I ask dad to let me know when Dara will be gone so I can setup the contraption.

Reese trumps me and asks me to come assist with the questioning. When I tried to overrun her mind and lock her down to do no harm she resists and seems to exude a gas that takes down all the nearby the castle inhabitants. Reese and I trump her to my castle in Rebma, where my guards should be at the ready and this tramp can do less harm. We get her to my house in Rebma and get her heart started again, she stopped it when we attacked her. She wants to negotiate. She offers the cure for the people now dying in Amber Castle in trade. Reese trumps Fineas and he comes to negotiate, personally I donít like that he is in my house. She wants her freedom and Fineas is not prepared to allow that. Meanwhile, I trump Moire to let know her that this is going on within her city. She is not overjoyed at the idea but is quite understanding.

Gerard trumps me and tells me about the new relative and to get him researching the spy's assassination tools.. Antryg and Otaru come to help with the amulets. Fineas sends Berritt who agrees to go with me on my mission and checks out the two sorcerers. I go to find out the new relative to let him know what needs to be done. She tells him what needs to be done and sends Antryg and Otaru with him to assist. The new cousin is strange and quite temperamental. He is not pleased at the idea of helping out with anything from what I can gather.

I am recalibrating to ward both the housesI feel I want to watch over. I ask Heinrich if he is prepared to leave and let him know it is going to be about 2 hours before I am prepared to leave. I should also see mother and let her know what to expect and what I is going to do. I am given a lesson about self-protection from Kelemon. She sets up the "spy-on-Dara" contraption in the house Gerard has designated as appropriate. I go to get ready, cutting my hair and dyeing it to match Gwyneth.

I am perfecting auntieís "look" and it is not one I plan to keep for an extended amount of time. I also trump Moire to let her know what is going on and not to be surprised of reports that auntie has escaped. Moire has promised to keep auntie in check while I am pulling this off. I am off to auntieís keep entourage in check.

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August 03, 2002
Journal, Toriana - 10

I have been sitting thinking about all the ways things could go wrong with Auntie residing in castle Amber. I get the feeling everyone has been expecting me to make sure she is not in trouble and I have been a little lax in that regard. I realized this when I noticed her listening in on trumps. Now I can tell she is doing it and mom probably can tell, but the rest of the family seems to be pretty clueless about the whole thing.

So it occurs to me while I am hanging out in mom's Lynxian condo that I need to step up security in the castle. I get it all figured out and now I just need to make the contraption. I find myself wondering who else could build what I am building now. No matter it needs to be done, I must focus.

I need some more information before I finish this. I trump to Dom Daniel and find some of aunties *friends*. I know auntie has some woodsie kind of friend and I am going to find her and have a chat. This is a two-fold project. The Baba-Yagga woman tries to make me wait. Doesn't anyone know it is bad to make a princess wait, especially in times like these in Amber. I am not having it and I blow past most everything until she gets fed up and faces me.

I decided to plant information that auntie is missing and that I am concerned about her well-being. I need a cover story for why I am here and asking the questions I need to ask. Baba does not give me much to go on, but I imagine the rumors about Auntie should spread like wildfire. Baba does give me that the Basiliks are the ones who are the spies of Choas. I am trying to bribe her to capture one; I do not imagine it will do much good. I give her a sketch of me just in case she should prove more useful then I believe.

Now for the hard part, I need to finish my contraption and head to Amber and convince auntie not to use trumps and to stay in the castle. Oh yeah this should be a great conversation; I for one can hardly wait. What the hell am I going to say? When I trump back to Amber with my contraption there is all sorts of commotion and some person sniffing me because Fineas has ordered him to. This does not amuse me, but I have other things on my mind right now, more important things. I hear in the commotion that there was a Choas spy in the castle. I find myself wondering if auntie is involved, after all she told all too many family secrets to Baba-Yagga. I have just thought of what to say to auntie. I wonder if I can pull it off I suck at lying.

I arrive at auntieís room and I enter it. I tell her that the person we are all looking for was sent her to kill her and that we need to move her to a lower level of the castle for her own protection. She says over my shoulder, ďHi Gerard.Ē In my mind I start thinking of the things I could say to him, but I donít turn around cause I canít face him right now if he is really standing there. I will wait for him to say something. Auntie decides I am not falling for her rouse and punches me. I stumble back a bit dumbfounded cause the bitch just hit me! She pulls a trump and tries to trump away but Iíll be damned if she isnít taking me with her.

We arrive at her castle and she bellows for her guards. Oh this is so not good. We continue to grapple. Screw this she wants to play rough lets play rough. I grab her and from memory trump to my castle in Rebma. She is going to knock me out as soon as I arrive. I hope my guards are ready for this, hope they are worth what I pay them cause I am about to find out.

When I wake seconds later the bitch is holding off the guards with a dagger to the bottom of my chin. Enough fun and games screw this I am calling Moire. When I do this auntie shoves the dagger into the bottom of my jaw because she feels the trump energy. My guards nail her to the wall at this point. Damn that was one of my favorite tapestries.

Moire is willing to look after auntie and keep her from falling into the wrong hands and doing well anything basically. I am very angry I told Moire to do what she would with her. Moire kindly offers me some healing help. I will still need days for the cuts to fully disappear but at least I can pretty much talk. Moire offers me auntieís head to rifle through as I see fit. Now on a normal day I may have had more will power but today she had hit me, broken fingers, and stabbed me. Yep I did it and I will take everything I want from her, no more games. I will need it to help Amber.

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Journal, Toriana - 9

I am beginning to wonder when I will get to breathe. Ever since I was asked to come to Amber I feel as though most of my time is dictated by other people. This time it is Jacob who has decided he needs another trump. I just keep telling myself that he helped with auntie, but I think he is now again in the owing category. It is however something interesting that he needs this timeÖan air elemental trump. This takes me most of the day to do and I am pleased with the results.

I trump dad and find auntie listening in. How dare she intrude on his and my privacy like that? She is not acting like a guest in my fatherís home. I kicked her off the line and told dad about Llewella and the jewel. He wants me to join him at his hospital bedside after I retrieve Amberís jewel and return it to him.

Sir John leads me to the safe and using Gerardís instructions I am able to open it. I take the jewel out and trump to Gerard. He of course has me attune his jewel. I feel like such a tool. This gem seems harder and redder. I am suddenly glad that only two people know I have attuned jewels, well maybe three, well maybe more but Moire would never let her people know. If they do know somehow I am sure she will make them forget.

I have a long talk with auntie and it does not seem to do much good. She injured the water elemental in the tank. I am going to have to keep a better eye on her she is likely up to something. I shall give this some thought.

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Journal, Toriana - 8

I am going to talk with Moire about Llewella. I am certain that she would want to know that her sister is alive. I know she is going to do something about the situation, I just do not know what. She is going to give me some assistance with Llewella. Moire quietly contemplates for some time. I have learned that when she is thinking it is polite to sit quietly and just wait.

I am sure she has lost her mind when she breaks the silence. She wants me to attune the jewel of Rebma. Wow is she pisted that Llewella is being held, that is the only explaination. I have never had ambitions to attune a jewel, let alone the Rebma jewel. It is bluish in color and it is like nothing I have ever seen or felt before. I guess she thinks I am now more of a threat. Note that it is more of a threat but not an actual threat. I could care less about ruling anything.

From what Moire has said Llewella is attuned to the jewel as well. I follow Moireís lead and do whatever she askes me to do. This is her show after all and I am just a player. Moire executes her plan and loses some men in the process but she does manage to rescue Llewella, I guess we do it but mostly it is Moire.

I have some time and do a dozen sketches.

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Journal, Toriana - 7

Gerard rewards me with a hug for rescuing aunt Flora. There are times when dad reminds me he is really strong. Hugs are definitely one of those times. I never wonder if dad could kill me with his bare hands, I already know the answer.

I talk with auntie about nothing in particular. I figure it is good to remind her that I am going to show up on her door even when she doesnít know I am around the castle. Yes she is my aunt but Moire doesnít kick people out of Rebma without a reason. We have never talked about it and I would never ask either of them why or what happened. She sketches Jacob while we talk. At least she isnít putting him in the same outrageously overdone hues she has been using lately.

Gerard takes everyone to a ship of the fleet. Mixed group of sailors are already aboard the ship. Hulrun is on the ship as well. I am not as comfortable on boats as dad would like. I do not think I will ever be.

Elmounds school sent slubs to Amber for mages. They are highly under qualified and no one is impressed, especially me I shall be visiting and see what they are thinking. Hulrun has created goggles to see demons in the water. We are briefed on what works in regards to the demons. Two women pop out of the water and start talking to Gerard. Actually they start groping him in public. I am completely appalled and I canít imagine what mom must be thinking.

Jacob gets trumped by Griv. Jacob goes through the trump with Gerard and I in cloaks. Give and company will walk a broken pattern. Gerard will control the pattern with the jewel and I will be chanting pretending to be holding up a spell to keep attention from Gerard. I can pretend pretty well and it seems to work very well.

Flora and I talk and I am able to convince Flora that she needs to walk the pattern to put everyoneís minds at ease and to perhaps help her recover a bit. Flora understands the concern and humors me. Flora is then sent to her room to rest a bit. She will brief everyone when she is rested.

I am going to the edge of Chaos and try to get Llewella. No good she is drugged. I try waiting for a long time and she is continually drugged. I finally give up and go home.

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Journal, Toriana - 6

I am going to work on the coins in Rebma and see if they are similar. I am working on setting up the stones to make the coins. I get everything in place where it should be and then head back to the manor for updates, footrubs, food, a hot bath and then retire to bed. I decide to trump back to Amber before retiring so that less questions are asked of me.

I trump Moire and give her a coin. She is very interested in making one herself. I let her know it is made with pattern. It is obvious she is going to try this. I would expect nothing less. If Chaos has a weapon we do not have it is a disadvantage. I am surprised she did not already know and try making one; her spies must have lost a step. I set up the coin making on autopilot.

I have this nagging question in the back of my mind that makes me wonder if the rumors of Flora are true. I find a servant and get help finding her things. They seem to be leery of assisting me in this matter. I am persistent and they finally do bring a box with some of her personal items in it. I take out her hairbrush with her hair and being thinking of a spell to locate her if I need to.

I find mom and ask her if she has a trump that will take me to the border of Chaos. I did not want anyone telling me what a bad idea this is and listing all the risks involved. I will not be talked out of this. I just need to know, all the cousins have their things they do and this is the one I am good at. I trump to the site and ready a trump boosting spell and concentrate on the trump great grandpa did of Flora.

Much to my joy there is a person at the end of the contact. She quietly asks who I am, I let her know who I am and she tells me she needs a moment. She quickly rips her chains out of the wall and kills someone with them and then she quickly has me pull her through the trump. She is even in this state quite lovely. She needs a bath but you can see her beauty. I take us to Amber without pulling a trump. I cannot be sure they will not be on me in minutes. Damn did I really just rescue Flora?

I politely ask if she wishes to be taken to the infirmary and she does. I take her straight there from the grand hall. She and I talk for a few moments and she wants to see dad. I step out of the room and quickly trump him. He thinks for some reason that she might not be in her right mind. I wonder what he means by that.

Jacob trumps me and needs me right away in Hunach. He needs me to make a spell to find some weird thing that may be wondering around. I get a sense of the thing from a nearby person. I do the spell and the thing is gone, and thank goodness from what Jacob tells me.

I think I can make an amulet with a spell to keep the thing away. I really wonít know if it works properly but I am sure it does. I trump Moire and give her one of the amulets and let her know the about the scout thing and what they do.

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May 18, 2002
Journal, Toriana - 5

I check in with Cullin and let him know I am staying until the meeting with Akbol. I meet with him and I do get to meet him and Reese is at the meeting with me. Akbol would like a sketch of him and his commander. I trump Durkon after the meeting and let him know I am leaving.

Reese goes his way and I go mine. Shortly thereafter Reese calls again and needs to evacuate some people. Sure he can find time to save others as long as one isnít me. I trumped Cullin to see if he could help. He would very much like the house Chandros to be indebted to him and agrees to help.

After a long time away from home I find myself with finally a spare moment. It is time to go home. Rebma how I have longed to see your sweet hews again. A deep breath and pray for the best as I trump to my manor. Boris is always a loyal servant greets me at the door with the state of affairs. It seems as though Moire is feeling generous and has not confiscated my manor for walking the pattern in Amber. I have a message sent to her asking for a meeting. Better that she hear from me that I am home then to hear from someone else first.

A hot bath and a good meal, life is sometimes sweet. This is home; this is safe. Moire will meet me in the morning returns the messenger. A good nightís rest in a good bed is a wonderful thing. Wonder what tomorrow holdsÖ

Moire was civil almost pleasant, almost. She is not mad but is very understanding of my position and she will even send troops to help in the battle with the enemy when time draws closer. I would say that I have gotten a great deal out of this meeting.

I am going to take some time and study the coin that is still active. This is a wonderous thing. I am so glad the Jacob was able to leave one with me. It was very kind of him. I need to find a way to replicate it. This coin is a treasure, but I must conquer it! Round one to the coin, but slowly I begin to win and by next week I shall have learned the secrets this thing is trying to conceal.

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Journal, Toriana - 4

Jacob trumped me he needs some help both magical and diplomatic. Both suits he does not wear. He is going to make a water sprite for the fish tank in Auntieís room. That way I can keep an eye on her. He briefed me on the mission, and I made some sketches for him. I had a very restful nightís sleep.

Cullin house of Kandive is here. That might prove to be handy. We are in Hunach and greeted by Cullin. I am given a meeting with the second in command and he makes me wait for 2 days to see him. I make two real trumps again with the 2 days wait. I also have time to make 4 more sketches to kill time.

The second in command hardly believes the story I am telling him so I talk to mom and we are going to take people from here to see what is really going on so they will believe us. I am going to take 3 people to see the destruction so they will be believers. I take them through and we are watching executions and my skin is just about crawling off me. We are noticed and hope back to the city through a trump contact.

They are now believers and I make a sketch of downtown and we obtain permission to bring some guests here. I guess Reese and Fineas have a need to come here. They will do just about whatever we want now that the Hunach are convinced of the danger. Jacob trumps me and needs a sketch of Shandora and to keep contact with him and bring him back after a short time.

Akbol has asked for meeting with us, he is the guy that runs this place. Neat.

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Journal, Toriana - 3
The World of The Princess

I was at a street party celebration, and there was much to talk about. You would think Amberites had never seen a girl with purple hair before. All the newly found relatives were there and the party was a success. Badger showed up and dad decided that Badger needed a trump of me and had me hand it over to him. It was just a sketch though. I also received instructions to make more trumps of Badger.

Meanwhile Fineas spent the night wenching. It still surprises me that his head fits through the door sometimes. Itís not because he has a big brain but because he has a big ego. Whatever, I guess some women like that sort of thing, canít understand why but I guess they do.

Mom hands out trump sketches to everyone, well everyone but me. I think she is going through a dark phase, too many heavy colors. I have not told her this, as she is not found of criticism especially from me.

Reese arranges for arms training with Sir John. Dad says I should still call him 13 but I do not have to obey him all the time. Reese does a fair amount of wenching as well. I dare not imagine that some court groupie is yelling out 13 as his name, but that is none of my concern I have a proper name.

I noticed that Gerard has Jacob cornered again. It sounds like more pattern training for Jacob. Jacob briefed the relatives on the houses of Chaos. I probably should have listened closer, but it is all quite boring to me.

Dad has put me in charge of the search for aunt. I have asked to have a different bodyguard assigned and Sir John has taken care of that.

I am off to find my aunt. She was last seen with one of the wizards. My new bodyguard is named Himrick and he is a shape shifter. Three men took my aunt and there was still a trace of their energy in the air. Oh and the new bodyguard kicks considerably more ass then Reese. Two thumbs up for Sir John ís choice. I took Himrickís advice and trumped mom for reinforcements. She will call back when they are ready. The kidnappers seem to be taking an odd route. We come to a city and I do a quick locate spell to find auntie.

I find my bodyguards are shape shifted to look like dogs and auntie is not too far away but she is very drugged. We enter the establishment where she is and head towards the upper floors. There is a nasty trap on the door to the room she is being held. We decide to rush it and head to her. Himrick leads the rush and as he charges in I feel the calling of someone. I quickly find out who it is because from the sounds upstairs we are not winning. Itís Jacob and I am happy to see him for maybe the first time ever. He agrees to come help me and a battle ensues. The bad guys try and escape out the window. The ugly man with large bull horns gets away, but Jacob is able to kill the mage. We try and track the bull man to no avail. I gave my trump to the rangers to Jacob for helping me. He wants more, doesnít everyone?

I talk Auntie Gwyneth into staying in Amber. It wasnít easy and I am sure she will be a royal pain in the ass who needs to be watched.

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Journal, Toriana - 2

I am staying at a place called Dom-Daniel with some wizards who have been kind. Reese is busy trying to procreate with anything that moves. I changed his appearance because it was bothering me. He was also not dressed appropriately.

There are people outside the school probing the wards. I went after them and I was able locate them. There was a short scuffle and the leader got away. Reese was useless. The guy I captured is a ward specialist. I turned him over to the school for punishment.

The place we went for wizards was a New Orleans at Marti Gras type party. They wanted me to put my energy into a pillar. I was very unhappy about this. You never know what that kind of thing does or when it will haunt you.

I met Hulrune he was a jerk. Eboll, who was an old guy, but dependable. Chun is a balding guy who collects eyes. He is freaky. There was also Durkon who is a black magic user, dependable and keeps his word. Jelrack could not be found. I met Badger who also seemed like a decent fellow. Reese was off in his own little world. There is something not right in his head. Must let dad know about that.

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Journal, Toriana - 1

There was much drinking and dancing tonight. I am not sure what we were celebrating but most times there hardly needs to be a reason. I had even had a couple drinks tonight. I was feeling safe and secure in the bar that Denise had chosen. She normally had a knack for finding the in spot.

The party did not last too long as dad trumped me. He never calls must be important if he is suddenly remembering I exist. Oh come to Amber he says, walk the pattern he says. Two rules he wants to break things can only get worse from here. The Queen is going to have a fit. Mom is going to be pissed. Hey but as long as the stranger is happy, right?

I am not sure why I let him talk me into going to Amber. Must be how desperate he sounds right now. I am way to drunk to be walking the pattern right now thought. Well at least we agree on that. It seems Dad is looking for lost relatives. He has found one in prison named 13.

Dad made me sleep and walk the pattern the next day. What a pain in the ass and it had better be worth pissing the Queen off over. I started trying to use it but dad doesnít want me to overdue it. Nap time again I guess, oh after a nice hot bath.

Dad gave me a lacky/bodyguard named 13. What is that a number for a name? That certainly wonít do. I have named him Reese, much more fitting for a family member even if he is an ex-con. I have to take him and recruit wizards to help the family in the upcoming war.

I get to test out my new pattern powers trying to find these wizards. This should be fun. I am sure I can do it.

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