March 07, 2004
Results of the Ghenesh-hunt: One

Bleys, Llewella: unhurt
Flora: bashed, cut up & mildly poisoned but is now well practiced at fighting Gheneshans, which was the point
Osric, Tanitheel, Bree, Dain: bruises, mild cuts
Finndo: heavy bruises, broken bone in right foot, cuts
Martin: wounded left arm (left hand minus part of two fingers), minor hurts
Clark: minor wounds, two broken fingers in right hand
Palatine: exhausted but only lightly bruised & cut
Fineas: various nicks, scrapes and bruises over the course of the weeks
13 & Dara: bruised, wrenched and scorched, minor cuts.
Galina: rattlesnake-type (essentially acidic) bite in left leg; hospitalized three days.
All the Trump Gaters: nagging headaches.
Samurai: ~40% casualties to troops involved
Hellmaids: ~20%; BP initiates down from exhaustion for a while
Weir and Royal Guards: ~15%

Galina’s trap stopped about 90% of those fleeing on the main drag. Some were able to take subsidiary routes, most of which led to the ones Fineas and Martin were attacking.

Both Fineas and Martin, with their magnesium-bolt armed troops, were able to stopper their routes until the refugees backed up into enough of a mass to roll over them. You nailed maybe half of the totals in each route.

Tertiary routes went unguarded and were used until the base mirrors were destroyed.

Some Gheneshans escaped along the temporary shadow paths made by the armies brought in by Osric, Finndo and Palatine, or sent in by Bleys and Gerard.

[Palatine, BTW, was exhausted. Staying in contact with her barbarian horde while Logrus-shifting incrementally, is really freaking hard.]

Once Gheneshans made their ways to sizeable rivers and seas they were pretty safe from anyone but Dara, Tanitheel, Dain, Palatine and Bree; and the Gheneshans have the numbers to overwhelm those five. How many get lured out by other, captured and converted, Gheneshans depends on the deals being offered.

Locals, the humans, are initially too frightened to help in the hunt. After a while they get really into it but always kill, never capture. The worship ceases. This doesn’t apply to anywhere near a barbarian (Manchurian IJA, “Mongols”, “Visigoths”, “Bedouins”, “Moghuls” -- The IJA, "Mongols" and "Moghuls" show admirable discipline; the "Moghuls" are also reilgious fanatics; all are highly atrocity-prone) horde, since the horde employs its SOP against foreign locals. Once the hunt is wrapping up Gerard orders Bleys to arrange for the hordes to attack each other. He doesn’t need them annihilated; he just doesn’t want some khan to form an effective, aggressive state in a high magic shadow for lingering Gheneshans to take over.

Humans of Ghenesh are unusually resilient. Their average Endurance is about = to Chaos. They take quickly to magic, having participated regularly in a magical ritual (feeding their mana to the power network) most of their lives.

Palatine and House Hendrake would like a share of the Dreen and Eshva. She’d also like to cherry-pick some of the surviving Vazdru. Hendrake notions of acceptability are broader than Gerard’s.

Palatine isn’t the only one. Bleys, Llewella & Martin (for Rebma), Florimel, Rinaldo, and Jacob are all interested in acquiring useful shapeshifters. They look at Tanitheel as the exemplar of what a Gheneshan can become. (Well aware that Tanitheel took a long time to develop, first as one of Sir John Gaunt’s underlings, gradually earning a knighthood, BP initiation, then ennoblement and eventually a small barony.) The Basilisks would doubtless be interested if they knew. Once they do know they’ll check out the splinter groups with an eye to eliminating them, absorbing them, avoiding them or establishing business relationships.

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February 29, 2004
Session 47 Game Log

Thirteen and Tori

Clark is watching Tori and asks Thirteen about helping him learn some mental defenses. Thirteen boasts his mental prowess. Clark talks to Thirteen about elementals and summoning. The alarms go off and they all trump to the main floor of the castle. There are two Gheneshans flying away with Kelamon and one of Flora’s kids and her student. Tori pulls a pocket full of coins and tries to get mental control of the one with her mother. Kelamon is released in the air and Tori forces her way through the mental defenses and takes them down. Thirteen takes a few shots and them and when he sees Kelamon fall he does a spell to slow her fall. Flora is able to take the other Gheneshan down and save her daughter. Gerard is put in charge of torturing duties. Tori asks him not to kill him because she promised him and his family a slow painful death.


Dara returns from the family meeting and tries to trump Toriana but Tori is unable to answer right now. Dara trumps through to Flora who is in Amber. Dara wants to take out the queen now.


Is briefed on poisons by Tanathiel and they pump up the prisioners with anti-shifter drugs.


Finds Dara and asks to talk to his dad. Dara yells out for him. Benedict shows up and they discuss the Geneshanian situation. Fineas asks how they used to keep them in line and Benedict goes into details about the old days. They talk about shutting down the Geneshaian power source. Everyone agrees that the queen must die. Benedict thinks they will be going after other power sources. Fineas makes contact with Dom Daniel to let them know to shut down any open mirrors. They offer to teach him an ultraviolet spell to keep them off. Bell asks permission from Fineas and he agrees and they are all teleported to a lab.


Does a staff check and family check for more Geneshaians. Gerard and Thirteen check each other out for signs of Geneshaians. They decide for family they should try and trump them. Dara asks her dad if he can check people out. He is not able to do so. Thirteen questions Joreian and finds out the Chaosite had told who all the nobles are and even who Sir John is. Thirteen goes to check out Delwin and Sand to make sure they are not more plants. Delwin and Sand ask what is going on and who he is. They don’t want a stranger (Thirteen) to touch them they ask for Flora, Tanathiel, or Gerard.


Calls a family meeting by starting to trump people. The group talks about what to do with this situation in regards to the mirrorverse. They are living in a medival level technology shadow. Clark volunteers an army. Zhartra comes into the meeting a bit later and tells Fineas not to worry about wells that she will take care of this. Toriana brings up that someone should mention this to Corwin.
Toriana learns the spell for ultraviolet light. Toriana and Dara go to see Turjon and decide to use their blood in the vat instead of Turjon’s. They work on getting donations for the cause.


Fineas trumps Jazra to let her know what is going on. He outlines their strengths and weaknesses for her. He calls Lirazel and talks to her about the situation as well. Fineas proposes an agreement with house Basilik and using her new family member as an assassin against the new enemy. Zhartra also agrees to forgive him if he ventures out on this quest and alliance. Fineas wants to check out Gelerack’s old strongholds.


He raids his coin machine and resets it. He seeks out Clark and explains the coins, but Diego had already explained them to him. He works on setting up a portable lighting device. He also makes a UV grenade. He works on some magnesium grenades and bullets. He starts mass production of these items in Vulnavia.


They go to Chaos and talk with Dara’s family. Dara’s family runs down the family and what has been happening. They are talking about absorbing house Mionbie. The motion to absorb them passes. She asks Luke to help clean up the Helgram mess and to give her a logrus master. Palatine offers to go with Dara to assist her. She is a logrus master. Palatine wants one of her men to be able to walk the broken pattern. She grabs a Darrick as a lower logrus master. The enlarged group heads to Amber. Palatine really wants to meet Gerard and Flora. Palatine had four guards. Bleys takes a pretty fast through shadow to close to the Gheneshans. Bleys brings along his people, and Thirteen brings Kirsten and Genavieve. Toriana works on her own lighthouse on a stick, based on a suggestion from Fineas she works on a trump conjuration artifact for sunshine. Bleys makes a mirror out of a rock to show off.


He trumps Kiytung and warns her of what has transpired. He calls Calvin into action to get his gear ready for the journey. Fineas wants Calvin to act as his squire for this mission. He calls Reynaldo to get his intelligence brief. They talk about the area’s defenses. Reynaldo says a man named Rennick is in charge of the castle/ice tower. Fineas decides to get a few rangers and maybe some weres.

Anarchy + Thirteen

The group goes into the mirrorverse and not to long thereafter they run into a patrol. Dara and the hellmaids toss the patrol of two easily. She lets any hungry hellmaids feed on the spoils if they so choose. They decide to throw the bodies to the horses outside the mirrorverse. Bleys kills the next two guard patrol. Golina wants to get a bit further in. Thirteen, Golina and Toriana do the mapping bit and this takes around five minutes to complete. Bleys runs everyone into Ghenesh and the group tries to locate the pylons. On the fifth locate we have less time then we wanted and we get attacked by every animal in the area.

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February 05, 2004
Session 46 Game Log


Fineas is in Amber city settling a Garou minion of the Beast named Lucy in with Valery. She's to study Valery for her Master and bodyguard him if necessary. A concerned Weir Guardsman points out that Lucy has no personal scent at all; she smells only of her garments and accumulated dirt -- not easy to notice in a sea port. It is suggested that Lucy talk to Tanatheel.

Fineas goes to the Castle to see Sir John. He is down in the baths, and Fineas joins him. Fineas tells him that he has something secret to talk to him about later in private. Sir John is pretty beat up, and when Fineas asks about it Sir John tells him that there was a riot in Kashfa. Fineas is concerned that Sir John was checking up on Jasra. Sir John admits that he was indeed. He was pleasantly surprised with Queen Jasra's balance of restraint and force in dealing with the rioters. They talk about Osric and Finndo and what they are up to now. Osric and Finndo were told about the Mirror-verse (hard to keep it a secret when most of the populace knows and all mirrors have wards and guards on them) and are willing to help out against the Courts. 13 qnd his adventures in the sewers are the next topic of discussion. Fineas questions Osric and Finndo’s subtlety Lirazel is brought up. Fineas feels that she should be let go, or made to have an accident. If he was in charge he would let her go. Sir John tells Fineas that Flora agrees and that keeping good standing with her house is a good policy. Fineas brings up the idea of marrying off 13 to Lirazel. Sir John is sure that it wouldn't go over well with the rest of the Royals once they realized that they could be next; Flora would certainly never set such a precedent that could be used on her. Fineas relates his most recent experience involving Valary. Clark is brought up. Sir John says that he seems to be rational, possibly brilliant and happy to make himself useful. Vulnavia’s military is discussed.

Checks up on his Remens that are being trained. The are in the middle of building a new permanent camp. Things are well, but some info from the Mirror-verse has piqued Fineas’ interest. Much political intrigue.

Finds out scary things his Father Brand, and some of the things that he was up to. Back to the Mirror-verse to check out the some of the things.


Tori gets a trump from Turjan. Fake Decla’s body is not working out the way it should be. Tori wants to see if Decla was fully real, if She was fully Amberite. It does not seem to be real enough. It might be a Shadow Decla. Tori ponders what is going on with Decla, when Flora trumps her. She has a mission for both her and 13. Tori is polite and asks if Heinrick is available. The assignment is Earth.


Sewer. Clean. Lucy stalks Valary. Fineas sends Kirsten and Zheneviev to amber and they get cleaned up. Trump call. Flora. Delwin and Sand. Chumley and Tananda. Geneshian magic style. Tori hi-jacks one of the bad air elementals, which says it was bound by "the Fox-headed man". 13 goes and investigates. A mirror source. Close by binding magic. 13 moves toward the source. Tori sends Delwin and Sand to Amber along with their doctors. Tori recalls Flora's security out of the near Mirrorverse. They get out just ahead of attacking nasties and destroy all the mirrors in the facility by pressing a single button. 13 is attacked by fae thugs whose numbers quickly grow really dangerous. Battle. Tori in a helicopter extracts 13 and the vamps along with one thug. Two giant glassy hawks -- like Tanitheel's fast-form -- fly up to scout and are driven away with fireballs and the coptor's Vulcan cannon.


Oversees vetting his new peasants. Spies are found and dealt with -- SOP from the Luung court. Does some motivation of the troops. Trumps mom and she is bathing. He talks to her about the riots and if there are any political prisoners as Ruin always needs more settlers.

Tori and 13

Detect the use of Mirrormastery and trace it. Find mirror. Z & K dig up mirror. Octagonal obsidian 4’ DIA and 3” thick. Spells on it, tricky and unusual Gheneshan traps. Tanatheel is brought in. Tanatheel is very concerned for Tananda and Chomali. She volunteers to fly in and catch up to the enemy; Tori can then Trump in attack forces. Tanitheel augments her swift-form's speed with spells and rockets down the mirrorverse corridor at over 250 mph. She passes a large force of Gheneshans, the captives and a teleport circle, flies back and her defensive spells last long enough for Tori to Trump 13, the vamps, Heinrick and herself through. They're swarmed by things like mini-ogres, ogres, and animal-men but Tori manages to open a Gate to Gerard and his force of Royal and Flora's commandos. They annihilate the first wave, grab the captives and a few prisoners and Gate back to the medical facility on Gerard's orders. Tori blows up the Teleport circle en passant.

Rebma. Bad boy school. Chanicuts. The teachers are pretty frazzeled. They are not model students. They do not seem to be able to be changed from their Chanicut point of view. Calvin, Dennis and Ramona. He trumps Bleys and the two of them come up with a good plan to deal with the kids.

Tori and 13

The thug fae, "dreen", start turning slowly into charcoal when exposed to sunlight. Tori comes up with a shade spell to keep them from burning up. Tanathell works on healing (and a kill switch) one of the nobles, Jorian. Jorian serves Queen Vala of Ghenesh. The fox-headed man is Lord Vron. Kiros Helgram, that house's spymaster in Amber, had come to Ghenesh to cut a deal against Amber. The Gheneshans caught him and extracted every scrap of information, then used him to start initiating the Gheneshan nobles, "vazdru", in Mirrormastery. The whole of the Vazdru, since Kiros's captors swiftly eliminated or dominated all the other monarchs. Vala and the others are spread out over a wide area of Shadow now. Jorian claims that Queen Vala was curious about Flora and Earth, that they detected interesting things at Delwin and Sand's hospital, and that Chomali and Tananda attacked them.


Need to find a tech shadow. Needs to break Chanicutt’s with boredom. Takes the oldest boy out into shadow. Tells Calvin that he is going to a squire. Rank problems. Duel and humiliation of Calvin. Lirazel witnesses Calvin swear by his House's honor to obey. Lirazel’s question: “What is your families disposition toward the Vampire Vrykos”? House Basilisk was interested in adopting him.

Fineas: “Live and let live”

Lirazel is released from her parole to Amber. Works on Calvin and uses long shots to do use on Denis. Makes a deal with Lirazel to give her a trump of Dom-Daniel in exchange for some info: other shapeshifters are scouting out Dom-Daniel's region; they do not seem to be Chaosian.

Tori and 13

Informs Flora about the Geneshians. Flora talks to Tori about Clark and send him through. Clark had been tasked to figure out how the Castle wards were breached. He believes the Castle is sentient but he isn't powerful or adept enough to be sure.

She Goes to the Castle and checks it out. It is like a huge, shy, very stealthy earth elemental. It is embarrassed about its wards being penetrated. It is under orders to not talk and directs her to Dworkin. Clark is hungry and Tori takes him to Rebma and he likes the food. He's shy about women and mentions that they're too fragile. Tori tells him the women in Rebma and some other places are tougher than that.


Trumps Galina and contacts her in mid Pattern-shunt. He talks to her about Geneshians with knowing that‘s what he is doing. Mirror-verse discussion. Make plans to meet in the future over tea. Galina has had difficulty processing her experiences with Dworkin and the Unicorn. They were confusing, overwhelming and a lot like being dosed with hallucinogens. She did drink from a spring containing water that fit the family phrase, "of which all other is but a Shadow". Fineas suggests she start writing a journal and keep track of things that she has seen. She has been making attempts with poetry. She decides to walk back to Amber to get it out of her system.

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January 23, 2004
Game Log Session 45

Cry Havoc- Session 45


Dara / Toriana:

Turjon is still analyzing the genetic materials in hopes of growing a new body for Benedict. The vats begin growing clones based upon the samples brought back by Tori and Dara. Dara sets a guardian demon to watch over the process while Tori makes a trump or two of the place. Dara summons Benedict and asks him to separate out the taint from his blood she had saved. After he complies, Dara consumes it and begins shifting it to form a tattoo. She decides to do it properly she should visit Tori's trump shadow. Tori agrees to take her there but before after some time there Dara gets a trump call from Finndo. He wants information about chaos so that he can more effectively combat them (or so he claims). Dara arranges for Finndo and Osric to meet Tor Hendrake. Some discussions take place and Tori tries to con them into going on a Helgram hunt. The conversation devolves into Tor flirting with Tori and the finer points of spanking. Unable to get their uncles to go hunting, Tori and Dara head into the mirrorverse to look for Helgrams to torture. They experiment with shapeshifting Tori to a combat form more suited to survival in chaos.


Thirteen continues his whirlwind tour of Vulnavia with his mother and meets with Kylikki. He asks about the other concubines and learns Dawadire left to Mapungubwe. There is some hint that all of the concubines have been impregnated. Thirteen shudders thinking about the male one. Moving on from that scary thought, Thirteen has a long conversation with Clark about his future plans. He learns Clark has more or less taken control of this shadow, cleaning up Diego's mess and altering the politics to suit him. Mirelle continues feeling out Clark's suitability and is offered interviews with the various assistants. Thirteen talks with "Monk" for a time and learns more about Clark's personality. He seems likely to want a "scientist of Amber" position, similar to what Diego attempted but with less insanity involved.


Fineas trumps Flora to get an update on things and is interrupted by a magical assault on Amber. He steps through and helps Flora investigate. It appears a ship in the harbor triggered a spell to kill off all the Helgram prisoners in the dungeon. The wards were penetrated by the use of many coins. Fineas heads out to search the dissolving ship and finds only slim evidence beyond a trace of a minor focusing power. Other family members begin showing up. Fineas has a banquet date with Admiral Chang & company, so returns to his father's manor to prepare.


Flora trumps Tori to report the deaths of the prisoners. Dara continues working on Tori , helping to teach her to cope with the new form. They check in with Turjon and learn the male template failed and the Dara template failed. The Decla clone is still growing and he will attempt to imbue it with a spirit. Tori is quickly changed back to her normal form and they return to help Benedict design a new body that will have a better chance of succeeding. They come up with a form somewhat reminiscent of his old one.


Thirteen and Mirelle continue their interviews with Clarks assistants. Hypnotism is used to verify veracity and Clark appears to have represented himself accurately. Aside from some homoerotic overtones, his assistants confirm his history and personality. Mirelle decides Clark can be trusted to walk the Pattern. About then they are trumped by Flora and told of the attack on Amber. Clark is offered the chance to come and help investigate and all head to Amber to learn how the attack was possible and how to prevent it in the future.


Fineas attends the banquet with one tiger and an assistant. He is dismayed to discover the Admiral and his cohorts are trying to poison him. He did too good a job and they have decided Fineas is too dangerous to live. Fineas escapes via trump and takes retribution. He trumps Anarchy Incorporated and asks for assistance in punishing the mortals. Trumps are made of the General and Admiral. Fineas mentally attacks the General first, dominating his body and using it to kill most of the senior officers on board the ship one by one. The General is slain in the process, so Fineas has Tori attack the Admiral. Dara provides a nice strike force of hellmaids and they begins killing as many on board the flagship as they can. After sufficient supernatural showboating, Fineas impersonates a demon from their culture and kills the Admiral in public view in the most brutal fashion possible. The Amberites leave. Fineas visits the mirrorverse to spy on the reaction afterwards.


Thirteen begins assembling Amberite assistance for Carl to begin an in depth study of Amber physics and the Helgram "kill switch". It is learned that a carrier wave was beamed into the castle and the signal triggered a lethal response in organs planted within the Helgrams. The signal was non magical in nature and was thus able to survive the wards in place. Carl begins work on ways to stop such a signal in the future and toys with the notion of "Amber radio". Thirteen is then alerted to a possible menace brewing in the sewers of Amber. It seems a number of wasplike creatures have taken up residence and could pose a threat. Thirteen descends into the sewers and learns the wasps are a form of bloodbeast, probably planted by the Helgram spy who got away. They seem to be uncontrolled but are definitely dangerous. Thirteen cleans up the mess, using some tricks to get them to mass before eradicating them. Amber is saved!


The hellmaids return home with a fresh batch of slaves. They are happy. Dara got to kill stuff so she is happy. Tori got to screw with minds so she is happy. Fineas is trying to be happy when he gets a call from Valeri. Valeri seems to be under some sort of surveillance by a stalker and is worried who it might be. Fineas returns to Amber to investigate and sets a trap. The stalker is confronted after Fineas recruits Kirsten and Genevieve to help. After a minor skirmish it turns out the stalker is a garou sent by the Beast to learn how a mere mortal was able to conquer his fear and face the dragon. Fineas proposes that the garou act as a "sidekick" to observe Valeri more closely and protect him. The garou balks at first but is mortified of the thought the Beast will learn she botched the surveillance. She finally agrees and is introduced to the concept of personal hygiene.

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January 17, 2004

Re: Dara shapeshifting Toriana

Returning Tori to her normal form took maybe 1/10 as long as getting her shifted initially, and was 1/20 as difficult.

Practice would improve on that more. Won't ever be as fast or easy as Dara shapeshifting herself though.

Once shifted to the Animal Abilities level Tori not only could fly and all, she could fight using Dara's most familiar moves -- just more slowly.

-- posted by Randy from Chez Testerman

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December 27, 2003
Session 44


In Amber Castle. She talks to ghost Benedict discussed Finndo and Osric. Benedict warns her about them. Dara thinks that this could be fun

She trumps Tori. Make some plans and trump 13. They tell him that they are going to go and talk to Finndo and Osric, and they want to know if he wants to go along. He tells them that he would love to. Tori pulls him through and he finds himself back on Ki-tung’s ship. The gang is all here. There is discussion about Tori’s run in with the Crow Sisters. Off to the Pirate haven.


Tori and 13 take a diversion to Tori’s Happy Place. They remove Llewella’s pattern trick and 13 learns how to do it.


Back to the boat. Dara and Fineas make some plans. Dara thinks about hitting the mirror-verse and quickly reject it. They move on to plan “A” and go for the direct approach. They meet with Osric and he checks them out. He requires them to do “stupid pattern tricks” to prove that they are in fact members of the family. Fineas pulls out all of his diplomatic stops to swing them over to his point of view. Osric still thinks that they are shape shifted Oberon and is very wary of them. Fineas comes up with a cunning plan to convince them.


Dara and Tori take him to Mount Kolvir to prove to him that things had indeed changed. Osric trumps Finndo to show him that Fineas was telling the truth. Though they still think everybody is a disguised Oberon.

They express their displeasure at the changes made to Amber society in their absence. Everybody is off to the Castle to meet the Regent. The meet and greet goes better then expected. Ghost Benedict fills them in on all that they missed while they were trapped.


Tori and Dara discuss Jelerak’s son Turgon and his task of making a body Benedict. Dara talks to Benedict about the cloning process. They need a DNA sample of a nonempowered family member.

Dara and Tori leave and make there way to the “Grandson” of Oberon. Tori has some trouble getting in due to her disguise. They take a look at the process. They get everything cooking on the cloning.


Flora and 13 discuss her previous request to feign his love to his mother to get her to join the family. She went and talked to Merrell herself and Merrell has rejoined the family. Much fun in the castle as all of the adults test out each others skill levels. Fineas joins in on the fun. Finndo and Osric seem to be in line with the rest of the family’s abilities.


Fineas gathers his posse together for some good guy bonding. Fineas fills them in on his family background.


13 goes to Vulnavia with his mom to check out Diego’s half brother. They find him to be far more tolerable then Diego.


Tori and Dara get a sample of Benedicts DNA and the process continues. They go to Rebma to await the results. Before they leave they give Turgon a sample of Dara’s blood for good measure.


Fineas takes care of Ki’s ship. Checks up on the giants. He goes back to Ki’s and takes care of business. When finished they discuss Pirates.

He leaves Ki to go in search of the “fountain of Youth”. Enters into a discussion to take control of it. Gives it a coin to “feed” it. Finds out it wants blood. Fineas is very disturbed that everything in the Universe wants his blood.

He goes in search of an “Ageless Area”. Goes to Rebma to recover.


The meeting with Doc. Savage goes well.


The Benedict erector set continues on track.

They head into the Mirror-verse to check things out. They spy the crow sisters passing overhead. They are in search of Delwin and Sands hospital rooms. Tori trumps Flora about Llewella. They make a deal to meet with Delwin and Sand in Flora’s Earth shadow Mexico. They talk about the Binding power. They work on fixing Delwin and Sand.


Fineas cure’s the old folks among his troops and the Remians.

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November 30, 2003
Session 44 Minus

Flora Trumped 13, who went through to her in Amber. She cancelled her request that he make nice with his mother Mirelle, and apologized for interfering with his personal life. It would work out or not.

Mirelle was willing to stay on if she was given the survivors of the team that killed her husband and daughter, and abducted baby 13. As this was Oberon's special dirty team of fanatics, and Sir John's branch of the secret service had long since distanced themselves from the bunglers, Flora did that with the two survivors.

13 volunteered to help orient newbie family member Carl Savage when he came to Amber, and to check him out for excessive unsuitability; ie. would CS need to be killed.

Trumped Jacob in to examine Llewella's neato Pattern trick. Just after he left two crows, radiating Binder power just a bit, flew in and turned into nude teenaged (looking) girls with black hair and eyes and brown skin. They morphed a bit of the foliage into wraps and questioned Tori politely. Where was Pan-Luum? She had been one of the people that shut Pan-Luum's shadow up. Why? Tori told them that she thought Jelerak had attacked and quite possibly killed Pandelume -- Pan-Luum? -- or perhaps driven him away. Further, Jelerak had attacked Tori's father and been killed doing it. The girls moved like Dara, very quick; maybe quicker. They were mildly interested in the "boy with the sacred power" -- Jacob -- and pleased that he was busily binding the "intruders".

They left quietly, turning back into crows (normal sized crows) and fading out, Dark Well style, into shadow.

Tori Trumped Zhartra and inquired. Zhartra was interested. If they weren't agents of the Binders in Chaos -- she'd check -- they sounded like a pair who showed up in tales from time to time. If they were the same pair, the tales were older than the Lords of Chaos themselves. Rumor had it that the Serpent had built upon an existing island of stability. An inhabited island. Several different versions told what had happened to those people; exterminated, absorbed, hiding, etc. The Binding and Dark Well powers might have been theirs. They were shapeshifters but favored certain forms: human, cat, crow, serpent or wingless dragon, possibly others.

Pre-Pattern, everything had been pretty malleable where it wasn't Bound into solidity. Zhartra had thought the first people mythical or long extinct. She advised against angering the twins; they were supposedly very dangerous physically (never defeated) and said to be immune to most powers -- Binder defenses would explain the latter. Perhaps someone should go looking for Pan-Luum too.

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November 29, 2003
study guide

Sword: Werewindle
Mistress: Cpt. Ky Tung; her ship, the Widening Gyre
On board:
first mate Jian Tung (uncle of KT, middle aged Sammo Hung with a shaved head and a goatee);
sergeant Dao Tung (cousin of KT, weapon master, martial artist, Jet Li); Daebekkar Senior Scholar and Explorer Talifa (Queen Latifa with an upper-class accent, recently out of her third rejuvenation) a consultant and her assistants Master Ferroh (grandson, mage, junior Daebekkar)
and Jayanti (Chelayan [blue] female protégée, Alyson Hannigan in medium blue skin and silvery short hair)

In Remia:
Sullus, the Imperator to be
Hilda and Gilda (Hildamar and Gildenstern), sisters, hawkmaids, scouts, messengers

Chez Brand (Jeng-Dei palace) staff:
Kwan Ro, air and bird specialist, first among equals [tall, thin, graceful]
Sprague, engineer, the organizer of the bunch [tall, thin, spade beard, occidental]
“Tiger” Tlacoatl Man-ching, werejaguar, erltiger liaiaon [Aztec features]
Trocero, herbmaster, gardener, toxicologist [looks Italian]
“Catkin” Kubash, Librarian [‘goblin’; a middle aged but spry Chiana with green skin, a shock of black hair, sharper than human teeth, barely 5’ tall]
Sergeant Lo Ken, master of arms
Wang Fei, Cook

Erl-tigers have names like Smiler, Leaf Dancer, Two Grizzlies, One Ear, Scholar, Ghost, Poet, Wait For It.

Local authorities
The Emperor of the East, Wang Wu Jing [an asian Bn. Harkonnen]
The Governor of Bu-Yang Province, Liang Chi
Field Marshall Zu-Ma, too young, too pretty, obedient
Chief Minister, Fu Yu-Lan, [Crime, but asian]

From overseas
Grand Admiral Chang Ho, a tall, beefy eunuch
General Dzo Chew-ming [Sonny Chiba – Hattori Hanzo – with a gray beard]
Imperial Scholar (wizard) Han Fei
(still overseas) Wang Shang-chi, Emperor of the restored Lao dynasty

Dara and Toriana’s Griffin riders
The Niis (neess) Empire
Empress Shardique
Air-Captain Vwall

[I’m using random French words spelled phonetically for Nisian.]

Griffin names (given by riders; griffins are as smart as smart dogs): Flying Knife, Buttercup, Ender, Sparrowhawk, Dollymop, She-devil, Darling Lily.

Griffins weigh 700 – 1200 lbs.

Nisian adult females weigh 350 – 550 lbs.

Osric’s pirate-shadow: Baluu

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November 28, 2003
Session Log - 43

The partying continues through the night. Dara is going to handle introducing the griffin riders to Amber. Toriana is working on a few trumps she comes back and her creature tells her that a few people have been in the area. Toriana is concerned because Llewella is one of the people who has been nearby. She gets started on a trump of the shadow where she is stashing the hell maids. Dara has a conversation with Flora about the riders and the griffins. There are a couple of the Tir trump artists who show up on the outskirts of Toriana’s shadow and she goes to question them. They were brought here by Llewella to replicate and make many trumps for Marcus. Toriana is ticked off by this and she changes the area after they leave so that they cannot trump back to it again.

Sabine dresses up for the party and Thirteen dons a white linen suit. Kirsten gets dressed up for the party but she still isn’t really pleased about it. Kirsten attracts Sigha’s attention and they experiment with what drugs work on vampires and how well. There are brownies doing the serving. There are also a couple of Krazall bodyguards. Thirteen meets the Amber Ambassador to Tir. Thirteen asks about the Griffin family traditions and if they have been brought about. The Krazall gets into a wrestling match for fun with Thirteen. The Krazall is stronger but not faster. If
the wrestling went on for awhile then Thirteen would eventually be able to take him.

Gerard recreated the shadow paths to Amber. He is unable to tell if the globe and atlas work together. Fineas gather intelligence on the local warlord who is trying to muscle in on his territory. Fineas decides to side with the big empire to keep it from being overthrown. Fineas meets with Chang Ho, the local admiral, and Fineas makes it clear he has no oath to anyone at this point. Fineas makes reference to the old contract they had with an ancestor of his. Fineas procures a gift for the local king from Brand’s collection of weapons. He decides that Mr. X and the tigers should take the gift for him. Fineas continues to scour the books in his dad’s library. He is looking for how to rescue someone from one of the shadows of slow time. He finds out to do it quickly you need the jewel of judgment and pattern. Fineas resolves to check the atlas for the location where he believes Osric and Findo are.

She spends time unworking the area around hers so that existing trumps will not work. Llewella shows up and they argue about who has the right to be here. Llewella goes off and starts to work on a different area of shadow and tries to obscure what she is doing from Toriana. Llewella locks down the area so that trump doesn’t work and makes a cloud of pattern energy, which causes the area to keep shifting. Toriana decides she is going to study this area and affect.

Thirteen makes notes on the little creatures that are being very useful like the mosquito eaters. Thirteen inquires about taking the fight more to the Griffins and they tell him they want more time and training for trump artists so they can do gates. Marcus asks about Flora and what she is like. They really want Flora antidotes and Thirteen has to think really hard to come up with some. Thirteen tells them the whole back story of Diego and Flora and omits no details.

Finds out that Osric and Findo are likely already loose. Fineas pulls out Thirteen’s trump and calls him. Thirteen agrees to go through the trump to Fineas after an hour of getting things together. Fineas tells Thirteen that he came across his father’s possessions and a book. There are shadows that slow time down to the point where people cannot escape from them. It appears the shadow storm release the trap that was holding them. He thinks they came into normal time flow a month ago. The initial tracks disappeared into too much nothing. Thirteen is going to have to zone out and really study because he has not tracked a pattern user that does not want to be found. Sabine tags along with Thirteen and Fineas. Thirteen is slowly able to pick up the trail. They feel like they stepped into an ideal shadow where an armored knight on an armored horse confronts them. The knight tells him they must prove themselves if they wish to pass. Sir Mortlake of Esterhousy tells them he is fine to fight. Osric and Findo were through here. Fineas bests the knight and asks him of his uncles. They had stayed three days and ate, drank and whenched.

Toriana studies the trick that Llewella did to lock down the area. It is a trump trick with a pattern overlay. After about a half day Toriana tries to work and tries to replicate the lock down. She spends a few days teaching herself to lock down trump. Toriana locks down the hospital in her shadow. She then begins to make a trump of the hospital to get around the lock down. Toriana goes to check on the meeting the chaosite was supposed to have. She trumps Fineas and he asks her to step through. Fineas brings Toriana up to date on the situation with Osric and Findo. Toriana trumps Benedict and talks to him. She asks him if he wants to come through and tells him who she is with, He decides he does want to come. Benedict is able to manifest through the trump. Fineas apprises him of the situation.

Benedict tells Fineas that the brothers are not as good as Benedict in warfare but more on Fineas’s level. Benedict thinks they can be brought around and join the family. Benedict tells the group that the world is very different now from when they were in Amber. He wants the group to be straightforward with Findo and Osric. They will probably try and rescue Cymnea, who is long dead. She has a tomb in Rebma and Moire is their grand niece. Fineas asks about shapeshifting and if they can do it. Benedicts advice is not to let them bully you or they will not stop. Fineas asks about Benedicts wishes as far as how he wants to be. He would like a body again. Fineas talks to him about a possibility of having his body rebuilt and that is really what he wants. Benedict is sure that house Hendrake knows of his current condition. Fineas asks if he can make a trump of Benedict. Benedict gives his permission. He makes it clear he does not want to be enslaved. Benedict admits he has lost his pattern abilities. Fineas asks if Benedict can spy on Bleys without him knowing. Benedict doesn’t think he can. He thinks that Dwarkin has mostly integrated Oberon. Benedict tells Flora’s mother’s sad story.

Thirteen is going to continue to track the brothers. He finds an area where there are ships and exotic people. The people are all human. He comes to a hill fork and gets asked what his business that brings him here is. Thirteen describes the men he is looking for. They recognize the description as Captain Osric. His men do not get sick and are wildly successful in their raiding parties. Thirteen asks for the name of the ships and where they are assigned. Thirteen is propositioned because of his nice pretty white suit.

Trumps himself to Amber and Flora is sleeping. The guard knocks on the door to wake her because Fineas insists that it is important. Fineas apologizes for the late hour when she finally comes to the door. He tells her that Findo and Osric are alive. Flora has the library scoured for information on the brothers. They discuss the medieval ways of thinking in regards to the brother’s view of women. Flora tells Fineas about Carl Savage the aire spair that Eric had. They talk about house Hendrake being rearranged to be more Amber friendly. They discuss that Toriana and Llewella got into an argument.

She tries to trump Dwarkin and is unable to. She trumps Dara instead and asks if she is up for some fun. Dara needs a couple hours. Toriana decides to find the jewel of judgment but she is unable to get a read on it. She bounces around from shadow to shadow but is still unable to get a read. She goes to the grove and Dara calls back. They are going to look for grandma and grandpa and decide that blood and a ritual might do the trick. They make up a ritual for summoning the unicorn. Golena shows up at a full run. Golena is eventually able to provide them with a bead that should summon or allow them to talk to Dwarkin.

Calls Kirsten and brings her through to him. They discuss the Findo and Osric situation and the jars. They go through the weapons they have available. They decide to make a blood trail in their wake. Kirsten gets to snack on one of the victims. They approach the two boats but the gangplank is not down. They yell down at Thirteen to see what he wants. He has a few words with a sailor and decides to jump up to the top of the boat.

Trumps Bleys who pulls him through the trump. Fineas gets right to the point and tells him about the brothers. Fineas tells him what he thinks the plan is going to be. They discuss the pros and cons of the plans. They would rather not kill Osric and Findo if that can be avoided. They talk about monarchy vs. dictatorship. Fineas decides he needs to find out where Thirteen is on finding the brothers. Bleys tells Fineas to tell Sir John to stay away from him for a while. Bleys is ticked about his 5 worlds in an uproar. They wish each other luck and Fineas trumps Thirteen. Between the ships there are 200- 600 sailors. Thirteen jumps up on deck and confronts the man who was exchanging words with him and throws him to the other ship. Thirteen again demands that he is the new master and commander in these two ships and wants to make sail by the end of the hour. One guy says he is right and sounds the bell to tell the sailors to come back or so he says. The ship’s crew returns weapons in hand.

Thirteen and Fineas
Thirteen brings a fireball online for the other ship. Thirteen causes mass chaos on the ships. Sabine has decided it is time to leave and starts thinking about where to exit. Sabine exits to the stable via teleport and Thirteen brings up pattern defense and starts messing with probability. Kirsten runs up towards the mast. The sailors are gathering for an attack, and Thirteen jumps to the rigging and takes the call from Fineas to pull him through. The sailors remain unconvinced that Thirteen is the new commander and master. Fineas kills the guy he thinks is the most bad ass and then begins to work through the people who are close to him. Fineas is working on decapitations for the affect. Thirteen sets off a stun spell on a large area. Fineas decides to bisect one of the sailors because they were not reaction really to the beheadings. This gets the sailor’s attention and they begin to flee. Kirsten is still working the crowd. Thirteen trumps Sabine to see if she is okay. She is annoyed with him as is Fineas. Sabine decides she does not want to go on the ship with the zombie crew. Thirteen begins making the zombie crew, and instructs them to ransack any other ship they see. Fineas is going to contact Kitung and have her ship gated through to him so they can ditch the zombie crew. Kitung is not impressed with the zombies either. Thirteen, Fineas and Kirsten join Kitung’s ship and they burn the SS Zombie. Fineas shows Kitung the route to chart.

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October 28, 2003
Log 42, Oct 25, 2003

13 wondering around in space looking for traces of Logrus, attempting to identify any differences and trying to figure out how it works. With Kirsten as his companion they eventually find a blue skinned monkey sized creature. Although the creature claims to be native to the land, 13 suspects that it is a lie. After further scrutiny, 13 discovers that the creature has been magically binded to not tell the truth. 13's curiosity pays off and he learns how to magically bind and unbind.

Toriana and Dara party on in Rebma, with nothing better to do. Diego is forever on Toriana's mind, so they question Morwin as to where he may be. Morwin gives them a trump of Vulnavia. Dara, shifted as Morwin trumps in with Toriana, and they set off all alarms. Dara shifts to her natural self, and scares the life out of most there. Both girls trump out to Toriana's shadow to come up with a better plan. With everyone's odd behavior of wanting to be an artist, Toriana kicks everyone out. THe girls question Gerard about Diego, and then Dara also asks Benedict. Benedict, is no fool and knows exactly what the girls are planning, inspite of Dara's protest that they just want to play with him. They go back to Vulnavia as if on official business. They are greeted by Carl, who has a striking resemblence to Erik, and his strength is greater than Dara's. Dara questions him about his lineage, and implies that Erik may be his father, and why would his brother Diego not want him to know this. Carl agrees to a blood test and the girls question him about his loyalty to Diego. The girls also notice tat Kylliki is pregnant and Diego is the father.

Fineas is traing troops Solice is moving legions around, and Fineas ups the loyatly by bringing in alcohol. He says it's to keep the spirits up. After saking several towns, he manages to break a legion off and start moving them through shadow. He has the troops trained by officers of the Amber and Arden army.

13 has Flora take a look at the creature named Barbathos and Flora who states that he is a Griffin spy. Barbathos is freed from the binding spell and is more than happy to kill any Griffin he sees. 13 discovers that the Griffin's are responsible for the death of Lord Feldane. Barbathos leads 13 and Kirsten through the shadow paths to his home base. THey come out in a cave. They are ambushed by several Griffins, and 13 pattern shifts them out. They are pursued by a logrus tendril. 13 attempts to trump out, but the contact is broken from the logurs tendril. 13 brings up pattern defense, and the 2 are given a head ache. However, it was enough time to have Kirsten pull out a trump and they are escape. 13 decides to then go see Markus in Tier na nogth.

Dara and Toriana follow Carl to the lab and Confirm that he may be either Erik's Dierdre's or Corwin's son. After convincing Morwin to give up a strand of hair, they confirm Corwin is not the father. Carl leads the girls to the guarded mirror from which Diego last left. Dara smells Diego's scent and starts tracking him like a blood hound. She then smells Giesels, and both girls proceed with caution. They eventualy come to a section where 6 very thin and hungry Giesels are surrounding a spikey thing that is hanging from the ceiling. It appears to be dripping a toxin onto them. There are also 6 other dead Giesels lieing about. The girls believe that the spikey thing is Diego shifted in a primal form, for survival. 2 of the Giesels take notice of the girls and start to head towards them. Torina casts a spell and they are frozen. Dara says that they need to colapse the ceiling to crush all the Giesels, however it may kill Diego. Toriana has no objections, and even encourages this to be done now to escape a blood curse. Dara's all for it, a little puzzled by her blood thirsty cousin. After the ceiling has been collapsed they confirm that Diego is dead, and take a few samples back with them. They discovered that the Giesel's can be killed by projected glass, and they also learn how to create the poison. This knowledge is given to Flora and Gerard. They also inform their Aunt that Diego is dead, and that they came accross the collopsed section in the cave, and that is how they found him. (Flora knows better, but says nothing) Flora puts the girls in charge of Diego's memorial. The girls find the lowest bidders and grab a lot of his belongins from home to be used. Quick and simple and off to the next adventure.

Fineas chck on Sirakey after he finds out about the death of Diego. She too is pregnant with Diego's child. Once he confirms she is OK, he goes to Brand's shadow with a few samarai body guards and Mr. X. The surronding villages are in ruins, and he is being tracked by a tiger. He approaches the palace and claims it is his by birth right. He is welcomed and informed of all the dealings of the palace, as well as the tigers that guard the palace.

13 informs Markus of the Griffins involvement of the death of Lord Feldane. Tigrath the resident logurs master, uses a tendril to follow the path of 13. He clears all traps, but by the time they get back, everyone has fleed. They do find Lord Flashheart killed Lord Feldane. With his work done, Flora encourges 13 to ask his mother Morelle to join the family.

The girs done with their punishment from Flora (Diego's memorial) decide they want to go through Fiona's stuff some more. Carefully this time they clear the traps and discover a trump sketch in a book. Suspecting it's a trap, as the sketch says idiot on it, they go through. After spending hours in a coffee shop discovering nothing new, Dara becomes suspicious. Something isn't right, and she pulls Toriana away. Dara shifts to a giant hawk and flies Torina up over the cloud that covers the city. They trump out and know that they were in a trap, and swear to secrecy, as they have many times before. They continue to rumage through Fiona's belonging. They are looking for clues to lead them to her personal shadow.

Back in Brand's shadow, Fineas asks if his mother has been there. He also finds out that the Earl Tigers have been eating the villagers as they are hungry and they have eaten all their game. Fineas has game brought in, to please the villagers. He discovers a device that Brand used to scry others and debates on attempting it himself. He sees that it is powered by sorcery and pattern.

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October 21, 2003
Notes to Session 41


- Seems to have lost most or all of his Pattern attunement. Being within a hundred yards or so of the Pattern feels like being in a windstorm.

- Can sense Tualua’s power within a couple hundred yards. He can move it around with relative ease. This lets him de-transmogrify frogging victims within a minute or so. (He’s glad to be able to do something useful.)

- Can be seen by Llewella and Dara as a transparent version of himself. High-psyche wizards see a vague shape at close range. With effort he can become visible or invisible to all.

- Insists that he’ll assure his own freedom. The notion of being dependent on Dara or Toriana or anyone but himself is unacceptable.

- Is embarrassed by his ghostly attraction to blood. Dara and Tori harangued/tempted him into tasting theirs, and it does strengthen him, but it’s wrong. He can also feed on some kinds of magic.

- He can move to and from Dara, Llewella, the power-shadow where they tried to re-animate him and, presumably, Jagan Hendrake at will. He can move about freely from those starting points.


- Was a student of Pandelume some ten years ago.

- Has no idea of any relationship to Jelerak.

- Got the impression from Toriana and Fineas that he’d been specifically targeted for frogging by Jelerak.

- His lover Tessaine is one of his creations. She scans as a human with mild physical enhancement and student-level wizardry, with a soul and everything.

- What Turjan does is not cloning and doesn’t involve growing creatures from embryos. They are assembled by magic from basic elements according to ungodly complex mathematical matrices.

- While Turjan and Tessaine were not thrilled to move to a backwater world with poisonous wizard politics (OK, a different backwater with etc.) they weren’t ready to argue with a Princess and Prince of Amber about it.

- Fineas and Toriana sought out a wizard with a fine town-fort who had no friends and wouldn’t be missed. As a result, they picked the nastiest mage in town and the real power in the local wizards’ council.


- Most everything but some of the furniture in Fiona’s rooms was trapped in mystical or mundane fashion. Evidently, she slept and entertained elsewhere.

- Dara and Toriana were knocked out by one trap. Florimel used them as an object lesson for Galina and her Tarngiran students.

- D & T ended up pulling the bristles out of a nice hair brush and sticking some jewels on it for something to wave around while Benny-the-Ghost de-frogged people in Lynxia.


- Commonly operate by one of three principles: contragravity, psychokinesis or the Elderkin power informally known as Gravity Is My Bitch. Creatures that use contragravity have wings or jets. Psychokinetics rarely make concessions to aerodynamics. The Elderkin power is far more flexible and seems to play with inertia as well.

- Contragravity and psychokinesis can be generated by magic, biology or technology, depending on local physics.

- Contragravity works in Amber and vicinity, as demonstrated by the Chaosian wyverns in the Black Road attacks. Psychokinesis does not.

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October 19, 2003
Session 41 Log

Where Are They?

Toriana is still looking after Gerard in her healing shadow
Dara is rummaging through Benedict's room in the castle.
Fineas is waking up from the drinking bout in Rebma.
Thirteen is looking into Sir Feldane's Assassination.

Dara begins still ransacking Benedict's room for anything useful when she senses a presence and hears her fathers voice chuckling. Turning around, she sees Benedicts ghost. Not being frightened, she begins to experiment with him to find out the limitations of his new existence. She asks him about a number of paintings she has found. They are mostly of family members and Dara, though three seem to be of former girlfriends. She asks who all is in his trump deck and he gives her the answers. She also inquires into the fates of Osric and Finndo. Benedict replies that they are dead, torn to pieces by dragons after Oberon felt they were about to move against him.

Fineas goes to Belkin for secret stuff. He spends a couple of days there before returning to make his rounds of Avalon and Arden. He introduces himself to Benedict's men as the new liason and meets with the various commanders to get a feel for the situation. Fineas agrees to supply a number of trump sketches to facilitate communication. A number of other sources of Amber gunpowder have been located in the shadow and steps are being taken to quietly get them under control. Heading to Arden, Fineas learns the process of taming the wildlife is still ongoing. The hellhounds are more or less dispersed and mostly uncontrolled at this point.

Toriana is pleased with Gerard's progress and leaves him to heal for a while. She returns to Amber to meet with Flora briefly. She decides to follow up on some information she had gleaned from Jelorak about his possible offspring. Going to Belkin, she asks around and locates one possible descendant named Turjan. Turjan is apparently an expert on magically created creatures. Potentially troublesome unless under Amber supervision. Through some investigative effort, she determines his home shadow and decides to pay him a visit. She is stonewalled briefly at his castle by a petty servant, so she does a brief mindrape and pushes her way inside. Turjan is suffering from frogginess and is strapped to his bed, cared for by a beautiful woman said to be one of his creations. Tori decides to trump in Fineas for backup, briefs him on the situation, then proceed to attend to Turjan's condition.

Dara decides to find out if anyone else can see Benedict and has him pay a visit to Llewella and then Flora in the Great Hall where she is holding court. Flora is able to see Benedict after Benedict takes the opportunity to drain some of the power Flora has stored in her ring. Flora covers her surprise well and Benedict decides to pay a visit to the dungeons. Dara runs down to keep up and finds him moving the transformation residue out of the resident frogs. They are instantly restored to normalcy in the process, though no one there but Dara can see it was Benedict doing the healing. Dara tries to cover by claiming she did it. Skepticism abounds, but no one complains.

Fineas and Toriana begin the process of healing Turjon of his affliction with his anxious paramour looking on. Fineas and Tori simultaneously decide the wizard is worth taking underwing and decide to make a deal. When it is done, Turjan is grateful and willing to listen to the offer of patronage. In return for working for Amber, Turjan is offered a new laboratory, assistants and monetary support. Tori and Fineas will locate a new shadow off the beaten path where he will be able to work undisturbed.

Dara is finally cornered by Flora and interrogated about Benedict's status. He apparently requires infusions of energy and/or blood to manifest himself but is able to attain invisability to both Dara and Flora if he wishes. They decide that it is best if others (particularly Bleys or Thirteen) not be informed. It is decided to keep the information secret between Dara, Flora, Llewella and Toriana. Dara learns that Flora's ring was tailored to house her spirit long enough to enact a death curse should she ever be slain. Apparently she was at one time concerned that House Gryphon or Jacob would have her assassinated and wanted the option for revenge. The nature of the ring likely explains why Flora can sometimes see Benedict.

Fineas and Toriana begin their search for a suitable shadow to house Turjan. They finally settle upon a renaissance shadow with high magic, a tradition of mageocracy, plenty of flying creatures and faster than normal time. The shadow is named Yari and seems to be suitable. Fineas scouts out the political situation and chooses a particular stronghold to overthrow and take over. Toriana is called away by Dara, so Fineas assaults the pace via the mirror realm with his samurai. It is a quick and relatively bloodless victory. Turjan is moved in via trump gate with his equipment after a couple of days cleanup.

Dara and Toriana meet with Benedict again and decide they need a cover for Benedict's power of unfrogging victims. They decide a "powerful artifact" needs to be faked and inexplicably decide it should be a mundane item from Fiona's belongings. They break into the storage closet, set off a few traps and wake up some time later. They do succeed in obtaining the Mighty Shower Brush of Transmogrification (TM) and begin to canvas Lynxia to wield it against the holdout froggies. Some days later they have found a couple of the more clever frogs and return them to normal with Benedict's help while brandishing the Mighty Shower Brush of Transmogrification for the onlookers.

Fineas decides to forestall any unwanted probing by the other mages in Yari so he pays a visit to the mages' council. He has to demonstrate that it is a bad idea to mess with Turjan, though holds back to limit the demonstration of power. Fineas removes the various items of sympathetic magic used to control the council by the castle's former occupant, leaving only one for Turjan to study. The remainder go to Fineas' private stash for future use if it proves necessary. Fineas brings in his recently hired illusionist to assist Turjan, assigns ten samurai to help guard the place, then briefs Toriana on the progress. Fineas returns to Amber where he spends a little quality time training with Flora and Galina in the castle. Following the fencing and chair-fu lessons, he and Galina spend time relaxing with music and discussing the Unicorn.

Toriana and Dara decide it is time to go party in Rebma and hook up with Morwyn for another bout of debauchery in the strip joints of Rebma. They drink a great deal, have lots of sex and finally decide to head out and check on the hellmaids. They decide to find a sample or two of a wyvern or griffon to take to Turjan for experiments, but end up just recruiting flying mercenaries. You heard me right, Toriana actually helped recruit troops for Amber. They find a matriarchal culture where the men are sexually inactive (though effeminate) until they are turned on by specific pheromones emitted by their queen. They kill the queen and a few successors until they find a pliable monarch they can control. They move the lot to the plains shadow where the hellmaids are kept and they begin the process of integrating the forces. Dara decides to experiment and succeeds in copying the sex pheromones of the queen. She engages in a gangbang with a large number of the males.

Fineas returns to Remia to get his army recruitment under way. His pet consul to be needs a bit more time, so Fineas embarks on his mission to stir up the barbarians. Taking the swanmays, he heads north into less civilized country. Impersonating a barbarian nobleman, he begins the process of inciting the barbarians to raid the northern provinces of Remia. A possible rival to Sullus is targeted and his lands are hit first. The first town is sacked successfully and the die is set for the managed conflict Fineas wants to propel Sullus to undisputed leadership of Remia.

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October 07, 2003
Session 40


-Dara Spends Some time trying to figure out how to heal Benedict. Her first thought is to Swallow his shards and reassemble them inside of her.

-She trumps Llewella to discuss her options. Llewella takes her to Moire. They all discuss the swallowing option, but it is shot down after awhile. Moire says that the poison should be gotten rid of first.

-She then goes to a nearby high healing shapeshifting shadow to get rid of the poison.


-Leaves Baden-Baden and goes to Amber to pick up some of his Brownies. He heads for Inkos (Galina's Home shadow) and works on speeding up the time to cleanse the poison out of his system. While Fineas is doing this his Brownies are out "procuring" small portable items.

-Boris Stops by and is very interested in the Brownies abilities and he and Fineas negotiate to both their satisfaction.

-Fineas trumps Nellie and tells her that he is putting her in charge of his Rebman Estate. Several Chantris young-uns are to be educated there. Nellie and Fineas come to an agreement on what she can publish this little tidbit (putting Fineas in a good light of course).

-Fineas is trumped by Flora and given notice of the current situation. She tells him that she wishes to meet with him some time soon.


-13 Starts to make the round of some of the Noble houses. He meets with Lornya Chantris and they discuss Emrys Feldane, Benedict, Gerard and the future of the kingdom.


-Sick...The Royal Princess cannot be sick. Pahh! She goes to lynxia to try and get rid of all the frogged folks.

-She goes and checks on her Father (in Baden-Baden). He is healing nicely. Not liking the loyalty of the main care giver and hauls him to her "Happy Place". She finds out that Gerard is not well. The bullets in the guns that he was hit by had been charged with Tualua power. She finds Sir John Guant and tells him that she is hauling Gerard out of there. SJG give her an EMP bomb to take the place out.


-Goes to Chaos and meets with her uncle Jaigon. Healing is the main topic of discussion. Get's a bit Tualua sick, but soon recovers. She tell Jaigon that she wants to heal her father and he teaches her how.


-Meets with Regent Flora. They discuss Blays and the Averni. Flora tries to get Fineas to talk to 13 about inviting his Mother to "join" the Family. It seems that she won't join unless asked by her son. He agrees to this task.

-Fineas talks to her about Amalathea (the Unicorn). They talk about taking over Jacob's abandoned troops. He trumps Dara to discuss Benedicts healing.


-He is trumped by Flora and given the task of finding out who was involved in the Murder of Emerys Fledane.

-Next he heads over to the Feldane's. He meets with Baroness Eliza. Much sympathy is given. After awhile he discusses politics and the Nobles. He asks her about Emerys and how it had happened. She tells him all about it and where it took place. Lake Cho outside of Lynxia.

-Meets with Mira Kandive and discuss' Amber Politics and Trade. Tries to encourage the Kandive's get more involved in politics.


-Examines Gerard and how he is doing. The Abyssal poison is still working doing it damage. She attempts to drive out the Abyssal corruption. Tanintheel helps her in healing Gerard.

-Visits the "Evil Tree". Taunts some of the Abyssal creatures with the death of a bunch of other bunch of Abyssal creatures.


-Still talking Jaigon. She tells him she had been up to over the last several months. She learns about Shape Shifting healing.

-Trumps Llewella and takes Jaigon to Benedicts shards. They all go to Dara's Super Shifting shadow. Jaigon is not fully convinced about the shadow's usefulness. He feels it needs to be more.


-Fineas spends some time checking out Arden. Goes over the training and deployment. Sends some of the troops out to retake some of the areas that Chaos had invaded. Moves Jacob's troops to other areas. Coordinates with Dara to move the Hellmaid's to Ruin.


-Meets with Genevive and they talk about her training and her possible future missions.

-Finds Kirsten and they head out to Lynxia and Lake Cho.


-Continues to torture the tree. Goes back to Kelamon and happy place. Gerard wakes up and he and Tori talk. They discuss Flora and Bleys and the Regency.

-decides to take precautions against Delwin and Sand waking up.


-Still working on healing Benedict. Dara Semi-frogs llewella's horses during a test. Dara and Llewella get Benedict kind of together. They find that the Benedict statue is in pain. Llewella gets everybody to a place to a where Benedict no longer is pain. Jaigon and Llewella do a blood ceremony to put Benedict together. Benedict dies during the process. A good death scene. Dara Drains all of Benedict's blood for future use.

-A Benedict copy is sent to amber via Fineas.


-Fineas trumps Ky-tung. She is climbing in a giant tree. She feels that the giant land Shadow would be great for tourism. Azvan is there and they talk about his nightmares and Fineas checks out Azvan for froginess. Fineas fills Azvan and Ky-tung in on what is going on in the Universe.

-Fineas "Takes care of Business".

-Talks to Ky-tung about troop recruitment.

-Trumps 13 and fills him in on the whole Mirrel problem.


-Does some investigating in Lake Cho. Finds a shadow path that led into the shadow no more then 50' from where Feldane's body was found. Investigated the path till it disappears.


-Tori spills her guts to Flora about everything that she had been involved in over the past several days.

-Heads off to the Mirrorverse.


-Loots her Fathers room. She finds Bene's will to her that he had written before the battle. Everything is left to her (Estates, Ranches with the stripy Horses, and cool stuff).

-Dara Asks Llewella for a trump of the Uber-Shapeshifting shadow. Does a nice thing for Jacob. Picks out one of the Dangerous swords she likes. Works on a place for the Hellmaid's to go to. grabs Benedicts Trump deck.


-Digs up those killed by the Tualua powered bullets to see if they were mutating. Finds all of the bullets and the places in the Castle that were hit with those bullets and marks them so Jacob can bind them at a later date.

-Finds all of the Wounded troops and checks to see if they are froging or not. Makes sure that people are put in place to keep an eye of possible future froginess.

-Meets with the Benedict ammo guy to make sure nothing was done with him. He appears clean. He is saddened to hear about the wounding of Benedict, but glad that Fineas took it upon himself to tell him in person.

-Goes to Rebma and meets with the Chantris kids that he is training. Fineas does a good job of trying to bind them to his authority. He's teaching them how to do things the "Amber" way.

-Llewella trumps Fineas and tells him about Benedicts Spirit. Llewella cries. He asks to be pulled through and they talk about Benedict's death, and Fineas comforts Llewella.

-Flora Trumps Llewella about putting Benedict's Spirit in an other Body.

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September 21, 2003
Notes to 39

Rinaldo has 20% of his charge left, somewhat less by morning.

Flora has 10% left. Fineas has 30% left. Flora needed it more often.

Gerard was hit in the lower right throat to collarbone area, the right hip, the right arm and a graze along the right side of his head. He's lucky no arteries were severed. It looks like sniping of high-Warfare PC quality.

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Session 39

Where is everyone?
- Shadow Badn Badn

Jacob gets pulled aside by Rinaldo. They discuss tactical options. Toriana mentions something in passing that gives Jacob the idea that they might be able to go into Shadow Emblyon by using the centre of the Pattern to take people in. Llewella thinks that one person can go into the center of the Pattern and other people can Trump to that person and then will themselves elsewhere. The family decides to test the theory out (among many many others).

Toriana's going to work on a breaching trump, considers trumping Jelerac's staff (not group of servants... the actually staff he carries around). Fineas works on securing allies. Jacob and Thirteen work on creating certain blood-based artifacts. Llewella takes Thirteen and Jacob out in to the Weird Parts of Shadow where they set about creating things in a particularly conducive Shadow.

Fineas first visits the shadow god (genius loci) Bel in Belken and finds that the uber-spirit is indeed ticked off that Jelerak/Tualua stole the Brotherhood Archives out of his shadow and frogged or killed a lot of people powers in the process. Bel powers up Werewindle as a courtesy and offers to lend a hand in the payback: he’ll make two Amberites his (temporary) avatars. What that means is they’ll be able to teleport at will and bend space to a degree within any given shadow. Bel also suggests the visit another genius loci, the Thief God, whose favorite agent was frogged in Belken. Fineas and Florimel become Bel’s avatars while Benedict and Rinaldo become superdupernaturally stealthy. Both genii want help de-frogging their people. Bel wants a souvenir – Jelerak body part – if it isn’t too much trouble.

Tori collects up Llew and Bleys and sets about trying to steal Jelerac's staff via Trump. They don't get the (blood reli) artifact, but it is destroyed and all its stored magic and Binder power lost. They count that as a win.

Everyone gears up like crazy. Much of the younger generation does not opt for the effeminate elf shoes (bright green booties with short but pointy toes) Rinaldo brings in (except Tori, of course; and Benedict, then Flora), but secretly stash them to put them on later.

Tori and Fineas are a Diversion team, Flora and Bleys the other. Benedict and Rinaldo are in a stealth hit team. Jacob, Thirteen, Kirsten are in another one, and Martin and Dara, plus Galina as a specialist, in a third. The stealth teams move in by trumping to Gerard at the center of the Pattern and then willing themselves to the Shadow.

They’re armed with their normal weapons, some augmented with blood-diamond film, and heavy springbolts with diamond-filmed bolts enchanted up the wazoo and two specials – blood diamond heads made to explode into organ-seeking shards – each. That was the limit of Benedict’s, Toriana’s, Florimel’s and Rinaldo’s stored blood

The Loud group TRUMPS in, but 'stealthily', to look like they're trying to sneak in. They come under attack fairly quickly -- transformation hurricanes, necromantic energy, etc. Massed ghosts head for the two distraction groups. Violent Clouds – giant subspace elementals – leave the target castle and the shadow. Jelerak and Semirama appear on the battlements.

Galina forces a mirrorspace tunnel into existence from the full-length mirror she brought with her, pops in and makes an escape route. Dara and Martin shapeshift and speed around the castle as ghosts home in on them.

Benedict kills Semirama with a bolt; her Tualua-power aura explodes and damages Jelerak – actually it blows enchantments away and reveals him to be Eldevon, the Brotherhood’s Archmage. Jacob bolts him.

Everyone close unloads on Tualua, a (small) house-sized mass of writhing tentacles. Benedict expends his bolts and moves into melee range.

Kelamon Trumps Toriana from Amber castle: under attack, Gerard hurt, Semirama there. She goes.

Everybody sinks their 2 blood-diamond-Pattern-nasty-Bound-enchanted bolts into Tualua, who's up and out of his pit now. Most everyone moves in. Werewindle is happy, doing what it was made for. Everyone gets hurt some, whacked by tentacles or hit by secondary damage (debris, poison, radiation, etc.) from the transmogrification storms, but Tualua goes down. Unfortunately, Tualua hits Benedict (his greatest tormenter) with all his remaining Transmogrifaction juice before collapsing. Benedict turns to glass, falls over and shatters.

Back in Amber, Gerard has been sniped, the real Semirama and Jelerak are trying to get into the Castle, many Royal guards are dead -- sniped by vampire evil support troops, burning, whatever -- and in disarray. Tori Trumps Morwyn in. Morwiyn’s triton bodyguards get shot up – they’re big targets – as she takes military command and quickly has the Guards rallied and effective. Tori Trumps Jelerak himself and engages him in all-out mental combat. Tori thinks she’s winning. Kelamon helps out and Jelerak starts losing; he loses control of several spells he had going, including the one keeping uber-vamp Vrykos under control. Vrykos stops shooting at Amberites and finds Jelerak completely busy with mental combat – he twists J's head around 180 degrees and exits stage right.

Massed gunfire keeps Semirama on the defensive and abrades her power aura. Genevieve and the royal guard wipe out the enemy vamps. Tori, really frustrated with the crappy performance of magic in Amber, grabs the Gatling gun when the guardsmen bring it out from the castle murder hole and uses it to ablate Semirama's field faster. Violent Clouds warp in just as the energy runs out and Semirama splashes away from many, many bullet hits.

The main group Trumps in Queen Moire, Tori and Empress Rhandalissa with the three Jewels, and Zhartra to make 3 Binders. Benedict's pieces are gathered up, Moire thinks his spirit is there, Jacob insults her somewhat. Pattern fates are laid on Tualua, the Embelyon shadow power source and the shadow, keeping him there, separated from the SPS and the pocket shadow locked up tight. With everyone watching everyone else, it’s unlikely anyone could install a back door.

Gerard is sent to Baden-Baden. Benedict is all in little pieces. Bleys is looking around at the lack of regents. Tori hands Flora the Jewel, who takes it but says, "It's not quite that simple, dear niece." Family gathering scheduled for later, as everybody's beat to shit now. Tori gives Zhartra Vrykos' name and description and mentions that he was compelled. Zhartra isn't sure whether she should kill him or hire him. Fineas is making arrangements for a fake Benedict to make appearances, lest Amber's enemies learn of it.

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September 07, 2003
Game Log Session 38

Jacob: After visiting with Dworkin, Jacob announces that the cousins are in trouble with their plan. He also does not take the news of the heads of Sand and Delwin are duplicates, and that they are now MIA. He also tells Dworkin that Flora and 13 make a brief contact with them, but it was lost. With this news a tear was seen in Dworkin's eye and his mood grew somber.

Fineas: Fineas speaks to Lirazel (spy) about the rumors of Rebma vs. Helgram. He finds out that the Helgrams are behind the attacks on all the houses in Chaos.

Toriana is trumped by a Guard in the city of Amber and is informed that all are asleep in Castle Amber. Toriana and Dara go through the trump and make their way to the castle. After waking up Gerard, Flora and Benedict they discover the jewel of judgment is missing. Dworkin took it and is believed to be looking for Sand and Delwin.

Jacob gets a sensation that something at the heart of the binding power does not work. He trumps Zhartra and states that he believes Dworkin is doing something. Werewindle leaves Fineas. Eventually all the cousins work their way to Zhartra. Binders from both Amber and Chaos arrive as well. Bindings are still holding. The blockage of the binding power lifts after about an hour. Sand and Delwin are on the ground without any arms or legs. Dworkin looks drained and throws Werewindle to to Fineas. He leaves with instructions for us to take care of his children. They no longer possess the binding power, and are brain damaged. It is more than obvious that they have been tortured and drugged. Sand and Delwin are taken to Lynxia. Tanatheel (family shape shifter) is trumped in by Dworkin. She is glowing after being fed his blood. She begins the healing process of Delwin and Sand.

Wearwendal informs Fineas that dworkin trumped right to Delwin and Sand stealthfully and unbound them there after he killed the attendants.

The brotherhood informs Toriana that someone stole the archives in Simerama. The entire building is missing. Toriana attempts to trump Jelerak. A few burned coins later, she gives up, filling that hi is tapping to Tualua or visa versa.

Fineas and Dara go through sub space to Jelerak's shadow with the help of Werewindle so Fineas can draw a trump. Once out both go to Lynxia as they are completely exhausted and need to heal. The brotherhood are in Lynxia attempting to transform people. Dara finds this out by capturing the one who came after her in her recovery room. She alerts Benedict. It is discovered that Sand and Delwin have been poisoned. Fineas trumps Bleys to get permission to use his shadow that Fiona and himself used in the past. Delwin and Sand are moved there.

13 prepares for sub space, by getting a new space suit. Jacob goes to Texorami and makes sure all is well. Rinaldo says pattern help cure the transformation from the brotherhood. Toriana works with others in Lynxia to cure the transformation to the frog form. Fineas and Dara check on Sand and Delwin. Dara stays with Tanatheel to learn more about shape shifting others. Everyone is getting ready for the battle to come.

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August 24, 2003
Notes on session 37

Sub-space: Obviously, objects stored there don't freeze solid. 13's surface froze fast; he wasn't in there more than 20-30 seconds. The effect is either related to being 'deeper' into the dimension, or in a different quantum layer, or an attack by the hostile elementals that live there. If the latter, it's a sort of area attack because 13 felt no beings around him --- though he was extremely distracted at the time.

The Rebmans: [via Morwyn] Managed to not lose any cousins (though two are in intensive care) and had low casualties overall. They got maybe 1/5 of the Chanicut archives -- oblong data crystals -- before the fortresses remaining defenses could be fully activated and Chanicut troops arrived in force. Griv's rebel forces took higher losses -- they're not nearly as well disciplined and split into species factions -- but picked up lots more freed demons than they lost. The rods used to free permanently-compelled slaves are three-coin pez sticks with little blood-diamonds in them to power-glitch the geases, made by Llewella, good for about 25 shots each. (Specs available.)

They have three Chanicut children in custody; Morwyn doesn't elaborate. Galina, who saw some things, says that Baron Taran (royal scout commander, roughly equivalent to Sir John Gaunt's job, Toriana's second cousin and Fineas' drinking buddy) refused to execute children and invited Llewella to do it herself. She... didn't.

13: Sabine comes up with a nice little spell that quiets the itching without excessive numbing. Warm soaks help too.

Fineas: a messenger steps out of the Dark Well in the Keep with a package for Fineas -- three small oval cut diamonds.

Helgram ID: They all learn a 2 pt Specialization (based on SS:Animal Abilities) for doing blood tests by taste, with an emphasis on ID'ing family members.

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August 23, 2003
Session 37 Log

Where is everyone:

  • Anarchy Inc. - messing with Chanicut
  • Jacob - querying dead heads
  • Thirteen - querying the Brotherhood
  • Fineas - Keep of the Four Worlds

Anarchy Inc
Llewella is using sprites for scouting in the mirror verse. She wants Dara, Toriana and Moirwyn to help with the next rush against Chanicut. The attack begins and the rebmans give us a trump to reach where we need to be. Two of the were's and Hienrich get poisoned on the caltrops. They are trumped to safety. Anarchy continues after the Helgram and Toriana is able to close a mirror they are trying to open. A group a gru is coming after the team. There is a flurry of spells and Anarchy creates a frozen slip-and-slide and kill anything that comes close.

Jacob considers to himself about Jelerac and if he is behind everything. He is going to find the heads of Delwin and Sand to do further testing and see if they really belong to them and if he can use the heads to find the bodies. He finds the heads in the tombs where they are supposed to be.

Thirteen finds Sabine and they look for Holrune to talk to him about Delwin and Sand. Holrune has been trying to trump Delwin and Sand for months but they are not answering. Thirteen is given the trumps. They talk about the loose abyss beasts. Thirteen asks about the subspace people and if anyone is knowledgeable. They discuss names of people who might be able to help or know something. Thirteen talks to Sabine about talking to Shealba. Thirteen is going to test the spell he was given. He finds some open space as instructed. A strange almost elemental type being carries him away after he gives the code word. Thirteen is falling 15 feet into a field of flowers. Thirteen throws a rock in the air to use pattern to see which direction he should go. This is not as effective as he would have liked. He decides to sit down and use pattern to scan for power.

Fineas gets a trump call from his mother's chief flunky. The man tells him that Jazra's trumps were stolen. He contacts his mother for ths list of missing trumps. He makes sure the castle is changed enough so that the stolen trumps do not work. He talks to his mom about why this might have happened and who might be behind it. Jazra is pissed off. She plays with Werewindle for a bit. Fineas asks about the oaths of Delwin and Sand. Dworkin is the only one who knows the exact oaths of Delwin and Sand.

The other Chaosian teleports in and Toriana has to jump out of the way and releases the first Choasian and throws a fake trump gate behind the second. While the second one turns Toriana stabs him. Dara is able to get to the first one subdued. Anarchy goes back to the Rebman camp and see to immediate healing. They then get gated back to Amber. Benedict greets them and calls in Gerard. The girls retell their glory and drink from Benedict's private reserve. They find out that Moirwyn isn't DIego's sister after all. He is Eric's kid. The girls go out for partying with Martin. They wake up in Lynxia with a 'I won' in lipstick on their forehead. They get to Amber for the interagation of the Helgrams. Toriana trumps in Fineas for this and Fineas trumps in Golena.

Jacob pops an eyeball out of each skull and puts it in the mystical mix he has concocted. He instructs the people in Lynxia to examine the heads at a molecular level. .The heads are duplicates atom by atom. Jacob swears roundly. Brotherhood has the technology to be able to do something like this. Techinque used on the heads has not been popular for the last 600 years. Jacob trumps Holrune for information on Sand and Delwin to see if they were in the botherhood and they were. Jacob finds out that Thirteen is gone to see Pandaloon. He tries to trump Thirteen and there is no ability to do so.

Thirteen is moving towards the power sources in the area. He gets about half way to the source and something does a fly by and heads to where Thirteen came in. Necromantic thing moving about ranger a quarter mile out. Oversized vulture snakey type head flys overhead. In the hazy distance he sees a palace and a cleared area with a pit. He thinks he has half an hour before he is found. Thirteen brings up pattern when the beam from the pit starts to zero in on him. There is a tingliness about him and it seems to be dampening his pattern. He tries to send out a tether out towards the area where he came in. The world disappears around him and he starts bleeding from the eyes. His eyes start to freeze. He does manage to burst out the other size. He feels crappy and trumps to Jacob. Jacob feels the trump and Toriana opens the trump and pulls Thirteen through into Amber and then trumps to Lynxia with him.

Fineas follows to Lynxia and talks to Thirteen. Thirteen tells him what is going on and Fineas talks about the critters around there. Fineas asks Toriana to contact Zhartra to tell her what is going on. He asks Zhartra about binding the creatures. Jacob finally answers the call and comes through to the party in Lynxia and the party line trump with Zhartra. They discuss what to do about this creature and that time is short. Jacob tells everyone that the heads are fake. Jacob takes Fineas's suggestion and tries to get access to Dworkin. Flora gives him a trump of the guy who looks after Dworkin. Jacob looks through a window at Dworkin's yoga class that is about half over.

Dara trumps Toriana who brings her into the party at Lynxia. They point and giggle at Thirteen and how he had a worse day then they did and didn't even bring back a prisioner. Dara, Fineas and Toriana trump to Amber for the prisoner interigation. Fineas trumps Reynaldo to look after Thirteen. There is a male chaosian and a female. The trio discovers the top 3 -10 people in each house are slated to be assisinated. The Helgrams were going to try and grab a couple Rebman's for trump artists. One Helgram has mastered to the third level of the mirrorverse. They had planned to plant evidence to incriminate other houses. No one is really ruling Chaos right now. We ask about the antidote for the poison they were using.

The assisinations were to all be done at one time. They were planning a gradual overtake of the thrown. Fineas suggests the duplication process for the prisioners. Fineas trumps Holrunen to Amber to talk abouot the duplication process. He is put in touch with people who can do what he needs to have done.

Dworkin is flirting with 3 of his younger classmates. He introduces Jacob to the girls. Dworkin says the creature Jacob is describing doesn't sound like Pandaloon. They talk abut the subspace stuff. Dworkin says you have to use a gem to stop him and then once you stop him he can be bound. He says you should try and lure Taralora out of the shadow.

Benedict, Gerard and Mirelle come by to visit. He thinks that Sabine came by to visit. His eyes are ok but his ears are very messed up, and he's suffered a lot of surface-level cosmetic damage that skin grafts are used to deal with. He is very pink and itchy. Mama Mirelle give him a hug when he gets out of the goo. Sabine gets ahold of him afterwards and freaks out just a bit.

Flora and Thirteen work out a big trump push (mandala, coins, Jewel oF Amber, etc.]. They are trying to reach Delwin. After pushing through the subspace static, they reach a mind that is very badly drugged, much like Thirteen was a few days ago.

Lynxia's secret lab.

Fineas fills in Kai Tung on Thirteen's misadventure. Kai's been studying with Ahzvaan, whom Fineas questioned about Pandaloon, found out how he did business and that sort of thing. There's some speculation about how someone might have replaced Pandaloon and taken over his holdings and the pocket Shadow. Fineas makes a point of not mentioning the current situation with the Helgram captives, but does drop a few 'loose lips sink ships, and your future careers' hints.

He makes a note to ask Tori to ask her 'pet Helgram' if they can set up new callsigns for Helgrams ini the area and that sort of thing, possibly using the Helgram as a way into the the Helgram network.

Does a quick check in Remia and Ruin to make sure that things haven't gotten out of hand too far. Luckily the religious zealots are satisfied with the hellish nature of Ruin, so much so that they don't usually enforce universal flagellation most of the time.

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August 13, 2003
Session 36 Log

Cry Havoc- Session 36



Dara and Toriana (henceforth known as Anarchy Incorporated) begin by rounding up an appropriate retinue to travel to Hendrake Ways and negotiate the disposition of the Hellmaids still under Hendrake control. Tori decides the Heinrich must come and initially wants to bring Badger. Dara brings her four main Hellmaids. They then together decide to invite Morwyn along as extra muscle. In the end, Badger does not come along but a couple of extra weir do as well as Morwyn's bodyguard of two Tritons. With help from Galena, Dara contacts Tor and begins the negotiation. She learns her Hellmaids were split between three Hendrakes. Some were used up, but Palatine and Riana both have significant numbers of them that might be negotiated for.

A meeting is set and Anarchy Incorporated meets with the Hendrakes, successfully trading initiation into the Mirror Power in return for Dara's reinstatement into Hendrake and all remaining Hellmaids. Morwyn's presence lends an unanticipated weight of authority to the negotiation, a fact that is not lost on Tori. She tries to make sure Morwyn realizes she was not being used intentionally. Surprisingly, no deaths result from the whole proceeding and three of the Hendrakes (the friendlier ones of course) are initiated into the Mirror Power. Dara begins collecting her Hellmaids. Dara is pleased. Tori is pleased. Morwyn is amused. Hellgram will not be pleased.


Fineas completes delivery of the Persian heads to Sullus and begins planning for the future in Remia. He is interrupted by an urgent cry for help via trump from his mother. Fineas races to the rescue, arriving in Kashfa in time to prevent his mother's murder but not her maiming. The vile Chun had blinded her and was about to make off with his booty of eyeballs. Fineas goes into swashbuckler mode and kills Chun in a one on one fight in the courtyard of the palace. Fineas is not pleased. Werewindle is pleased. Jasra is most definitely not pleased. Fineas takes her to Lynxia where he meets up with Rinaldo. They examine evidence and discuss motives while Jasra is attended to.


Thirteen spends some quality time with his mother Mirelle at the tail end of Flora's Redneck Jamboree. Thirteen postulates theories about Diego's suspected homosexuality, his disappearance and what Gerard will do about it. The discussion turns to the family in general from there. Some of the strange goings on are discussed and Thirteen decides that he should keep a closer eye on Dom Daniel. He bids adieu to Earth and heads to Dom Daniel


Jacob continues his investigations into which bound monster may have been moved. He checks on one notable entity and discovers a different one was moved to it's location to cover for the disappearance of the original prisoner. It is not actually bound, just incapacitated with poison and drugs. Jacob is not pleased. He quickly binds the creature while it can't resist. He examines the various energy signatures and engages in a generally unsatisfying discourse with the abyssal creature currently subdued. It tells him it was moved there by a bipedal power-using creature. Since all humans look alike to monsters, it is unable to give a better description of the culprit.

Anarchy Incorporated:

Once the initiations are complete, the Hendrakes keep their end of the bargain and announce Lintra's will was found, leaving her property to Dara. The rest of the Hendrakes do not openly oppose the announcement. Dara is very pleased. Dara sends her Hellmaids to the borderlands where they should be safe, then the whole crew of Anarchy Incorporated decides to enter the mirrorverse to go looking for trouble. They storm around, encounter a few brownies, map some of the areas and generally have a good time. Not much else is accomplished as the Helgrams have made themselves scarce in the vicinity.


Fineas returns to Kashfa to get things under control and to investigate Chun's activities. Rinaldo had detemined Chun was carrying an item that magnified his psychosis, probably causing him to run amok. Fineas backtracks the trail of carnage and finds evidence of a strange subspace based power at Chun's apparent entry point. Fineas begins walking shadow, tracking the strange power until he finds a significant amount of it. Some time later he finds himself at the pit with Jacob and the abyssal critter. The power residue is very strong there. Fineas and Jacob look at each other and then at the creature. None of the three are pleased.


Thirteen travels to Dom Daniel where he learns Diego has been divesting himself of property. On a whim, Thirteen buys Casa de Diego as a residence and considers taking over ownership of the Burning Crab School. Upon reflection, he decides the school has been too thoroughly compromised to be worth bothering with and contents himself with stripping the mansion of the majority of the décor, removing a few bugs and magical backdoors and refurbishing the whole place to his taste. A major undertaking, but one made worthwhile by the opportunity to dismiss Diego's staff. Thirteen is pleased.


Jacob, Fineas and ultimately Rinaldo discuss the various heinous possibilities about what/who is behind the monster shell game and the murder of Sand and Delwin. The GM chuckles gleefully as the players give him all sorts of nasty ideas he had not considered.

Anarchy Incorporated:

The expedition encounters the stronghold of a hermit shroudling and spends a little time inconveniencing the local brownie population. They explore further and begin finding evidence of past battles in the vicinity. It is obvious the Helgrams have been working to subdue the area. A plan to go Helgram hunting is discussed but not yet acted upon.

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July 15, 2003
Session 35 - @$*%#*&!

Where is everyone?
- Toriana is in Amber
- Thirteen is in Arden
- Fineas is in Inferno
- Jacob is in Inferno, at ... Well, the Pole.
- Dara is on the way to Chaos


JACOB stands with Rinaldo and stares in disgusted awe at the destruction that used to be a Pole With a Great @#*@%& Beast On It. He then trumps to Lynxia to talk to Zhartra about The Mess (and cry... there might very well be crying).

Zhartra wants to go see the devastation. The trio checks things out again and reports that the Creature/Beast is still on the other continent of the same Shadow (where it attacked Benedict and Gerard), but It begins to move out of the Shadow within the next two hours or so -- heading out on the 'path' that Thirteen had orginally laid out of the Shadow towards the Dancing Mountains so that the Helgram Garou would leave the area.

[Remember that? Remember how that seemed like a good idea at the time? *@#&$(%*@ continuity.]

TORIANA reviews information she gleaned by going through the mind of the Chaosite she frelled with recently -- focusing on "What's going on with Helgram in the Courts of Chaos?" Also reviews information on the Chaosite spy Her Victim met with recently in Baylesport.

Then then trumps Jacob to get an Up-to-Date. Finds out on that she's not specificially needed at this point as Re: The (*&$@#(%*& Beast. Heads to Lynxia and begins working on Trumps -- the New and Improved kind that will work in the Mirrorverse (which Tori has attuned, thus eating up her next spend). Flora calls to tell her that Benedict is back in hell the Regent seat and she's heading to Shadow Earth to teach some folks how to drive modern vehicles and Shoot Things. They discuss trump-making priorities.

THIRTEEN is talking over something "fun" to do with Sabine. Skiing is mentioned, then explained to Thirteen, then they trump Flora, who mentions the driving lessions, but also is queried about good places to go skiing. She produces names and phone numbers and a trump sketch, as well as many bits of advice and an offer to help out if needed.

Thirteen goes skiing. He does swimmingly. Skiingly? Whatever. The two enjoy themselves for a day or two and then Flora trumps them and ruins everything for advanced driving lessons.

FINEAS visits the Amber City Jail to recruit cultists.

[don't ask me, man, I just write it]

Fineas, that is, goes over the group of ne'er-do-wells, fanatics, and whores and adds them to his pack of 'combat expendables'. He checks out their level of military training and finds them about equal to militia on average with a few stand-outs. He then moves them to Shadow Ruin, where his 'expendables' are all stationed for training. Whores, useless people and religious fanatics, training in an arid Wasteland... Sounds like our new elite army. Fedaykin!

Flora trumps him and yadda yadda driving yadda yadda. Fineas makes sure this little party isn't going to leave Amber undefended. Flora reassures him and Fineas decides that driving cars at unsafe speeds and shooting things with LAW rockets requires a change in wardrobe.

DARA Does secret stuff, speaking with an undefined 'she'. The logkeeper feels that starting off with secret stuff is a fine way to join the campaign. Welcome!

Tori ruins it for the logkeeper by trumping Dara and handing her a couple of mirrorverse-grade Trumps.

Dara contacts Llewella [who's in Chaos staging a Rebman invasion] about a quick way to get to Chaos to talk with her old House about the Mirror Power and How Helgram Will Use This to Screw You. Llewella is cautious about Dara's intentions, but reasonably helpful. Dara then trumps to Tor Hendrake. He's not picking up so she tries persistence, but doesn't have a lot of luck. He finally decides to allow a short contact to figure out who's there. He's a little ... Reserved. Not exactly the joyful reunion some might have hoped for. He motions someone else out of the room, goes to a warded area and continues the conversation.

Tor doesn't think it's a very good idea for Dara to come through, but she is very persistent -- a familiar female Family trait.


Tor finally concedes and pulls her through. There's another Hendrake cousin/nephew in the room, so Tor sets up the barrier so the other cousin can't eavesdrop... or see in. Dara explains/demonstrates how Mirrorpower works, since Tor and the Hendrakes don't know about it.

But Lo! When she steps through the nearest mirror, someone's there.

Well, someone's running away, at any rate. She gives chase, as does Tor, although he has difficulties navigating the terrain without looking like Harpo Marx. Dara leaves him behind to catch the guy.

Coming around a corner, she sees the guy trying to activate some kind of disk communication thing. She throws a knife to break his concentration, closes the gap, beats the unholy crap out of him and drags the guy back to Tor's room, where Tor enthusiastically breaks the big mirror in his room.

The guy is some sort of furry minion spy critter... common among the Houses of Chaos. Dara and Tor discuss how to manipulate the spy's masters of the spies with this new knowledge.

JACOB talks with Zhartra about the Beast. Z thinks that it might have calmed down enough to talk to, but isn't willing to bet anyone important on this assumption.

Remembering that we all have our Special Strengths, Jacob figures that the best way to find someone both Useful and Expendable is to ask Fineas (and hope that he doesn't say "Well, you'd be good for that, cousin.").

He does this thing and Fineas comes up with Valeri, the guy that has been slandering Gerard in the papers and has recently been exiled from Amber. Perhaps he can act as Amber's spokesperson with the Beast and earn himself the right to return to Amber?

TORIANA continues doing place-trumps that work in the Mirrorrealm. Days have passed and she's sick of this endless "purple-haired-Cinderella-with-a-paint-brush drudgery. She sets to work on seriously examining Dworkin's Trumps and trump-style... probing into them, figuring out why they're so damn durable.

She notices that any of Dworkin's trumps of the same person are almost identical... very identical, factored out to many many many decimal points.


[Maybe he's got a Trump Photocopy machine. Dworkinko's. Har.]

Tori rests after this examination starts to give her a mild migraine.

The next morning she tries to find Dworkin.

Eventually she tries asking Flora, who generally keeps track of Dworkin's whereabouts (he's on Shadow Earth, lately) and tries to Keep Him Happy. D's currently watching an acapella concert in Austrailia. Flora arranges for her to get there -- pulls her through to the driving course (in Alabama, naturally) and hands her a trump of one the guys watching Dworkin [Gunter mk2].

Tori heads into the concert and finds a seat a few rows back from Dworkin.

THIRTEEN and Sabine head for Alabama. Flora's got the cars ready (many makes and models) and they're setting up a firing range for the Big Guns Training.

There's a driving track. Motorcross track. Cross-country area. Firing range. I don't know about the Family, but this could very well be the new Mecca of the American Southeast.

[They engage in evasive driving training. It's all very exciting... If you're there. :) ]

FINEAS calls Marcus to let him know about the Beast on the Loose, then goes to play with the big guns in Alabama, testing them on cars, kevlar, armored cars, armored glass, and random trees.

DARA assesses the political situation within Hendrake. Works on possible ways to feed false information to the mirror spies. She offers to show Tor how to walk through the Mirrorrealm without tripping over himself. They need a different mirror for this, so Tor goes out of the Sekrit Talking Space and snags his curious nephew, whom he knocks cold and carries into a side room. He then pulls out some weaponry and armor out of an armoire before heading into the mirrorealm again for the training.

Dara has a little trouble figuring out the mirrorside layout of the various parts of the Ways, due in part to the nature of Ways... the pair encounters a few more spies here and there and dispatch them. The spies don't hear Dara coming but can still hear the mirror-clumsy Tor.

Dara eventually finds herself looking in on Duessa Hendrake's room, where the woman's having a massage (though still has weapons around the room). Duessa is one of the possibilities for the head of the Hendrakes, but is a bit psychotic -- definitely not Tor's first choice for Leader.

Tor, in fact, would rather not have to deal with this woman anymore. Dara suggests just killing her now.... Tor doesn't need much convincing and they decide to rush in through the mirror and make the whole thing look like an attack from the Helgrams... Afterwards, they'll leave a few of the fuzzy spy bodies in the room so that it looks like she acquitted herself semi-honorably.

Duessa's good, however, and rolls for her weapons, coming up smiling. Not entirely a comforting thing... also, she's better than Dara, pressing her to try to kill her off before Tor (who's using a spell to take out the masseurs) comes in to help.

When Tor does get there, Duessa focuses on him and Dara presses her. Duessa suffers a blow to the spine in short order and things go downhill from there... The pair dumps corpses around the room... it looks like quite a fracas.

They clean themselves up and get ready to get out of here. Tor goes back to his room and makes it look like he was also attacked through his mirror. ("Which is why I broke it, naturally.")

The log keeper rests after the combat, cuz... Damn.

JACOB stakes Valeri out in the path of the Oncoming Beast like a sacrificial goat. The creature and his minion blood creatures approach.

Valeri, mouthing words fed to him by Jacob and Zhartra, offers up a deal between the Creature (Elencarnia), the Good and Righteous Kingdom of Amber, and the Queen of Air of Darkness... an agreement for mutual non-destruction and the exchange of Key Information.

[Jacob parenthetically notes that the Key Information part of the trade arrangement kind of got skipped. Damn.]

THIRTEEN is still in Alabama when Dara shows up, looking flushed and a little cut up. They chat, have a beers with Mirelle. Dara fills them in on the sanitized version of her trip to Chaos ["I warned them about the possibility of mirror assassins." Yeah, right.]

Thirteen chats with momma-Mirelle some more, who wants to know if he's any good on a motorcycle. They work on shooting from the seat of a motorcycle, dirty tricks, and the techniques to fire a Boyes from a midair jump (because Mirelle is clearly out of her damn mind).

TORIANA waits for the concert to end so she can bug Dworkin. She schmoozes him. Dworkin ponders 'something different' about her and figures out that she's "Got Mirror". Tori tells him about how the Mirrorrealm is in use by Chaosites now. He wants to see it in use and trumps them back to his place to have her demonstrate. Dworkin suddenly understands why Flora's guys are watching him from an angle where they can see his mirrors. Another galactically pointless mystery solved. Go, Dworkin.

Toriana cuts to the chase and wants to know how or where Dworkin did his REALLY FAST TRUMP COPIES. Dworkin allows that that might be useful for her to know [the GM cackles about how much of her spend Tori has already chewed up] and shows her 'his painting place' [which might not work for him anymore, due to being Dwoberon now]. The place is very cool -- like a world made out of rich oil paints and psycho-reactive.

He Does Something to Tori to help her find Her Place, then looks troubled and leaves.

FINEAS heads to Remea, where certain leaders have been plotting against him.

Those leaders suddenly suffer heart attacks. What are the odds?!? (Pretty good when you're enemy is a Pattern Initiate, schmuck.)

Rumors start up that it's Very Much Bad to mess with Fineas Maximus. People that are on his side are fortunate and lucky. People that aren't... aren't. People get the hint.

DARA learns to ride a motorcycle. She asks Mirelle if she can play with her gun, then gets ready to "go to where Flora told her to go." [ooh, a mystery] She calls "her Girls" for the trip, and assesses the relative strengths of her Hellmaids, pondering how to gather up the hellmaids that remained with the Hendrakes when she left.

Valeri finishes up his pitch to come up with some sort of binding agreement with the Beast. The Beast isn't having any more of this Binding Business, but concedes that Dworkin did successfully make the point that the Beast doesn't not have Right of Way in All Creation. He'll leave us alone if we leave him alone.

Zhartra and Jacob allow that that will work for now (since neither of them wants to tangle with the thing at the moment). Jacob takes Valeri back to Amber after a quick stop at Texorami for tequila, which Valeri desperately needs. Writes a note to the Regent to explain that Valeri is off the hook Re: Exile Status.

TORIANA, bodyguards in tow, uses Dworkin's gift to find a place that Really Works for Toriana's Trump Making. She finds the place and draws a trump of it...

It goes VERY FAST... Probably twice as fast. Globs of pigment float in the air, responding to her psychic whim... Replicating the image a dozen times over as she paints the original -- making duplicate trumps in mid-air. She's a bit tapped out after that... not exactly tired, just that the creative trump-painting juices are used up.

[Bottom line: looks like her trump production is moderately increased... the real benefit being that she doesn't have to spend as much time on the trumps, allowing her to work on other things. The creative energy used seems to be about the same as a similar number of individual trumps would have required.]

Dara trumps her and asks her to help out with drawing trumps of areas in Chaos.

DARA then trumps Benedict, brings him through to her and lets him know how things went in Chaos... Tells him what REALLY happened. Let's him know that her plan is to retrieve her hellmaids. Benedict and she discuss success ratios and Hellmaid trainability. He asks after her hand, since it's only been a short time since it was repaired.

She trumps through to the Chaos-side Borderlands and trumps through Toriana. Heinrich is not happy with this plan. Toriana offers to give him a vacation, which in turn gives him an idea: he invites Gerard, who's been looking for something to do on his vacation. Gerard decides to come along.

Daddy coming along on a vacation is supposed to ruin it, but maybe not in this case.
[Toriana prepares for a frontal assault on Chaos while Jacob conducts delicate negotiations... This session is just too askew for words.]

THIRTEEN sips a cold beer, watching his momma teach his hot cousin how to shoot guns while riding motorcycles... Alabama suits him just fine.

Mirelle and Flora mess around with really nasty dirty fighting in protective suits... Until the suits break and Flora gets banged up a bit.

Everyone spars, drives, shoots things, and drinks. We are all one big red-neck family, oh yes.

Thirteen discusses with Sir John the question of whether or not Genevieve-the-Vampire could survive a Broken Pattern walk.

FINEAS prepares for Night of the Long Knives in Remia. Jumps back to Lynxia to do a trump of his home in Remia (useful in case things go awry). Goes back and gets drawings of the victims in Remia that he can use to identify targets. Rests up, collects lots of sharp pointy things...

He then goes back into the mirrorrealm and tries to get from Remia to "Persia" via a Mirror exit.... Hard to do, since mirrors just aren't common in this kind of technology level, but he finally ends up in the Persian castle that he's been looking for.

He finds the mirrors he needs in the Emporer's chambers, convenient, since that's who he's here to kill.

He sets himself up... finds some makeup and accoutrements to make himself look a bit like one of the Persian gods just to freak out anyone who happens to look in while he's doing his Saint of Killing imitation, and waits for the Emporer to show up.

A few concubines arrive, ignoring the ubiquitous eunuch guards. The emporer arrives, ignoring the eunuchs but not the concubines. Eventually, the ladies leave. Fineas grabs Werewindle, rushes out, decapitates the king, grabs his head, and shoots one guard with with a springbolt. The other guard is coming in at him. Fineas circles... moving toward the mirror... accelerates...

And he's gone, leaving a lone guard as only witness left to explain a god arriving out of a bronze mirror to kill the King and the other guard.

The guard doesn't try to explain it, deciding it'd be much easier to just fall on his sword. Fineas watches this and the resulting drama that unfolds. He needs popcorn for this.

Finally, he decides to hang around and see if he can pick off other contenders for the throne.

Where is everyone?
- Toriana is on the Chaos side of the Dancing Mtns, with Gerard and Dara.
- Thirteen is in Alabama.
- Fineas is in Remia/Persia/Mirrorrealm.
- Jacob is pondering a Very Bad Idea
- Dara is on the way to Chaos... again.

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Re: little retcon involving Tor

1) Tor took a blood-cleaning device (he has a cabinet full of interesting gadgets) and cleaned up Duessa's room.

2) He and Dara killed all of Duessa's servants.

3) He sprayed some stored demon blood around his room.

4) His story will be that a bunch of combat demons came at him out of the mirror but his valiant nephew managed to hit the alarm and they fled when guards drew near. He'll further wound himself and the kid to make it look good. Dara had been Trumping him, warning him about the danger of Helgrams in the mirrorverse.

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July 08, 2003
Session 34 Log

[Would have sworn this posted already.]

Toriana and Thirteen talk about how to defend the mirror realm. Fineas wants to leak the information to the Jesby's and Dara wants it leaked to the Hendrakes. Dworkin returns a stack of trumps to Flora. They were the ones that were lost in Choas.

Rhun wants the Shroudling Mallerie released. He was enslaved and unwilling so no one objects. Granea is the captured Logrus master.

Fineas releases the Brownies into their independance from slavery. They are given supplies and sent to make their own luck and path. Fineas throws a party in Rebma and invites the high society big wigs. He has a long talk with Moirwyn.

Thirteen checks in with Bricktop and Reyoko. Thirteen gets in touch with the Helgram contact to have the trump made of the contact. Flora sends her students to do the trump of the contact. He goes to find Sabine and releave some stress. He also tells her about Kristen's leashing. They did take down all the mirrors.

Toriana is working on how to control the Chaosite and not make it really detectable. She is going to the inn to setup a low key monitoring spell and reprogramming the Choasite. They beef up two spirits to send a report in place of the captive.

The party is a sucess. FIneas is made aware of the plan with the spy. He is going to place men and brownies outside the inn. He is also going to be around. He follows the correct person out of the inn. THe man goes to a house in Amber and does not come out.

Next day he introduces Freddie to the Helgram people as their contact. THe Helgram contact in Purgatory is Wellsley. He gives high praise to the trump artists for only having a few mistakes. He meets with Jonathon to check on his progress. He scans the road to make sure the stuff his mom and Dara put are still in place. There is a flurry of activity part of it seems like Binding Power. Thirteen is going to investigate. He uses pattern to get to where he needs to go and scans passively. A wasp comes zipping at him. He cuts one in half and the two halves change shape and come after him again. He sees something a bit bigger then the poled beast it looks like a dragon. The dragon looks like it is going a ritual. It feels like a shadow rip.

Gets fully up to speed on what happened in the meeting. Sprites are the means of communiccation going forward. Flora congratulates her on a job well done. Toriana goes to rest at Lynxia after two days with no rest. She gets an evening of sleep and calls Rhun to get training in the mirror. She is contacted by Rastafarian for training. Henrick is not pleased about her going in without him or anyone else.

Pays a visit to Lirazel. They go for a walk to talk. She goes out in a catgirl sort of form. He tells her she might be a target for the Helgrams in the near future. Lyrazel offers to be friendlier to Fineas. He politely declines. Flora is going to take care of Lyrazel's protection. She sends her to Earth. He gets a trump of Toriana that works in the mirror verse and he is going to become an initiate as well.

The power feels closest to the dark well. The pool is empty and the figure on the pole is missing. Thirteen lets the creature leave and does an after scan. The creature seems to be going to where the hunt is going on. He trumps Murrell and they talk about what is going on. Gerard and Benedict with Murrell go to Thirteen. He talks his mom to Lynxia and he heads off to Purgatory. He sends his people to Arden when things are wrapped up.

Toriana & Fineas
Are being initiated into this mirror realm. Neither freak out and Werewindle is being intiated too. Toriana clicks into stopping before FIneas does.. She is able to trump Flora and get out. Fineas clicks a littler furthur down from Toriana. Fineas has a millapede coming by them. Rhun and Fineas decide to avoid it if they can. They are trying to be stealthy. They decide they need to leave and get out a mirror and trump out to Llewella. Fineas is passed to Moirwyn. Toriana trumps Jacob as Flora is describing that the beast on the pole is gone and his minions.

Fineas is talking with Moirwyn about the centipede thing. They seem to be attracted to the initation in the realm. FIneas looks up Galena to finish his mirror verse training. The bloodbeasts are running rampid. Werewindle would like to take a shot at the creatures. They head to Lynxia and Werewindle is able to kill the creatures.

Emerges from the the cave the The Big Elderkin/Abyssal Toad Critter and discovers that over three days have passed when Toriana trumps him and brings him up to speed. He swears for a little while, ignoring the quiet chuckle from the cave behind him, then trumps through to where everything’s happening (Lynxia, eventually). He questions Thirteen about the events surrounding the escape of the BotP.

Fineas reclaims his turn and check on Zhartra.

Thirteen goes to the prison. Black powder works here. He sneaks his way into the prision. Thirteen lets them take the portable wealth with them. Thirteen trumps them out. Went back to Augustus, provided him with some info on making Limbo 'better' -- takes Derkon with him back to ...

...Amber, where he sets up Derkon and Badger with nominations for knighthood. Chats with Flora a bit, heads to Arden. Releases his lower level troops back into Shadow on a gold-based catch-and-release program.

The Beast, now de-Poled and in dragonform, attacks Benedict's hunting expedition with a wave of blood-beasts (the big wasps) and mutants. They Trump out before it gets to them itself. The wasps nail some rangers and wound Gerard. (The wasps bite, shuck most of their outer body and burrow inward towards the brain. If they reach it, they slave the body. Psychic attack slows them -- with practice it would be more effective -- but immediate surgery is necessary.)

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June 29, 2003
UnBinding the Beast

13 is good at scanning, but detecting the event from another shadow means that it involved one hell of a lot of power. He also discovered that the event had been stealthed, the Binding energy fallout directed away from Shadow Inferno and out into the strong links to its sister worlds.

For Jacob: If the Chaosite Binders got anything like the same oath Zhartra stuck him and Rinaldo with, they flatly could not have released the Beast. It would be contrary to the Mission. Zhartra has indicated, vaguely, that she initiated them.

(Along the same lines, if Jacob examines his feelings/compulsions he'll find that he can't let Zhartra die, or any other Binder who is doing his or her job. The Mission would suffer. If he thinks about what the former King of Chaos did, draining the Binder power for political reasons, he finds that the notion Really Pisses Him Off. Zhartra too, to judge by the beheading.)

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June 17, 2003
Cry Havoc- Session 33 Log

Cry Havoc- Session 33



Fineas is stuck hanging around the Amber area at Flora's beck and call. He decides to do the political thing and goes around reassuring the populace about the mirror threat, glad-handing various noble houses and failing utterly to ease his boredom. He finally resorts to a workout session in the castle with the two shroudling guests, wrestling and fencing the afternoon away. They indicate their desire for some entertainment, so Fineas brings in Breggor Feldane to show them the town. Once they are on their way, Fineas stops by Bleys' room to check in on Bleys and Toriana. He asks that Tori check up on the shroudlings to make sure they are not up to something funny and talks Bleys into a tour of the new Amber to check on some suspicious literature being passed out.


After her chat with Fineas, Tori is contacted by Flora and tasked with the mapping and scouting of the mirrorverse along with Thirteen and Galena. She will be allowed her usual retinue, so she makes arrangements for supplies and gathers the Weir and Jacob's guy tasked to watch her. She delays the preparations long enough to be able to check on the shroudlings as requested.


Jacob trumps Thirteen to work out the details and parameters of Kirsten's binding. He pulls Thirteen and Kirsten through to Sand's abode for the ritual. Kirsten's fascination with and desire for empowered blood is manipulated to get her to agree to the binding. She gets a shotglass full of Jacob's enchanted blood and is bound per the agreement. She grows a bit as a result, approaching the apparent age of seventeen. It is likely her boobs will get much bigger now. Thirteen is pleased. Jacob is pleased. Kirsten is somewhat less so when she realizes that rules will now be more strictly enforced. Thirteen and Kirsten depart and Jacob goes off to do secret stuff. The log keeper is pleased.


After getting Kirsten bound, Thirteen is contacted by Flora and given his new assignment: Keep Galena and Toriana from getting killed while they stumble around the mirrorverse mapping the place. Thirteen decides to take Kirsten for a field test. He leaves Sabine and Genevieve at home for a change. He is told that Rhun from the Tir shroudlings will be accompanying them. He is suddenly contacted in Lynxia and has to pull through a severely wounded Zhartra and Jacob. Zhartra has a huge hole in her, apparently having been shot with an elephant gun. The wound would normally have been fatal but Jacob has used the binding power to keep her parts in place and sort of functioning. Much panic ensues and various people are trumped in to donate blood/energy to keep Zhartra alive. Tanitheel takes over the healing as Diego is not answering any trumps and no one knows where he is.


Fineas is aware that Valeri Kasynovich has published his diatribe against Gerard and is covertly distributing it through the streets of Amber. He talks Bleys into disguising themselves for a little covert investigation. In fact, two sets of pamphlets are being distributed. One is an anti Diego broadsheet, the other is Valeri's work. Bleys does a little mindraping of one of the people handing out Valeri's publication and the details are learned. Fineas is pleased that his plan has worked and the two dutifully take the seditious literature to Flora for action. She seems unconcerned with the anti-Diego literature but agrees that the anti-Gerard stuff requires immediate action. A summons is sent to Valeri to explain himself and a hearing is set.


Toriana checks up on the shroudling guests before it is time to go on her mission. They are enjoying themselves without getting into too much trouble. No apparent nefarious activity is taking place, so Tori returns to report to duty. She is introduced to Rhun, the representative from the shroudlings who will be assisting in the mapping expedition. He is politely flirtatious but seems genuinely eager to help. She joins up with the rest of the crew and they prepare to enter the Mirrorverse.


Jacob returns to the shadow where Zhartra was shot to try and track her assailant. He first questions some Brotherhood informants that had originally sent Zhartra to shadow to investigate weird doings. The Brotherhood tells him everything they know and he learns the location of the shadow. Once there, he discovers a ruin used to bind some sort of nasty elderkin. He searches around and finds the position of the shooter and where Zhatra was when she was shot. A very faint Broken Pattern trail leads off into shadow and is lost in the larger paths that have normal traffic. From what little was learned from Zhartra, it was determined the shooter had vampire abilities. This leads to some early speculation that Hellgram was involved.


The Mirrorverse expedition embarks into the unknown. Good progress is made once Galena gets the hang of things. Deeper in, they begin to detect the traces of power use, notably Logrus and Mirror Mastery. They proceed cautiously, attempting to sneak up on the source of the power. After a day, they need to rest, but they have gotten close enough to set an ambush for the enemy force.


Fineas drops in on Kashfa to see his mother and to make an official appearance. A party is scheduled, but before too long Fineas learns of Zhartra's mishap and makes a quick trip to the Keep to alert one of her people of what has happened and to bring him to Lynxia. Fineas meets Kurgan and escorts him to Lynxia. Kurgan is very thankful for the help Zhartra is receiving and stays to watch over her recovery. Fineas donates a bit more blood before returning to Kashfa for the social event. There he discusses political events in Amber with his mother and reveals the success of his plan to ruin Valeri. Jasra is pleased.


The ambush is set and a nice little altercation erupts in the Mirrorverse when the chaos patrol walks into the ambush. It is comprised of three vampires, a few nasty looking beastie guards, about fifteen brownie slaves a couple shroudling slaves and one chaosian Logrus master. Tori puts the psychic smackdown on the Logrus master while the rest physically attack. Much fun is had. All the vampires are slain, the slaves freed, the monsters killed and the chaosian captures and returned to Amber for questioning. None of our heroes are hurt too badly, though Kirtsen gets thrown a ways when she takes on one of the big orange monsters in hand to hand combat. Galena gets to use her fledgling fighting skills and manages to stay alive. Toriana is pleased, Thirteen is pleased.


Jacob returns to the shadow to investigate the ruins more closely. Whatever is bound there seems to still be there but the bindings had been warped slightly. He figures it was the diversion used to capture Zhartra's attention while the shooter got the drop on her. That means at least two were involved. No further signs are found. It is unclear whether the vampire had Broken Pattern or if the person warping the bindings was the initiate and the vampire was just along for muscle. Jacob mulls over the possibilities and resolves to check on his buddy Griv for some possible insight.


Fineas returns to Amber to attend Valeri's hearing. It pretty much goes as planned with Valeri's supposed evidence against Gerard quickly debunked and Valeri begging for mercy from the court for having been duped by enemies of Amber. He is exiled from Amber for an indefinite period but is free to go with no further punishment. Fineas is very pleased. Fineas writes a letter to Valeri basically saying that he believes it was a chaosian plot targeting the Kandives and that he would work to get Valeri pardoned as soon as possible. He then approaches Lady Mara of Kandive to propose buying half the interest of Die Tageszeitung as a way of easing the embarrassment. The deal is done. The next day a Kandive representative accompanies Fineas to the offices of Die Tageszeitung where the change in management is announced. Fineas tells the staff to maintain their journalistic integrity but that overt censorship was not planned. The paper is to remain pro-Diego but is to be very careful in criticism of others without thoroughly investigated documentation. The Kandives are to retain day to day management.


The cousins triumphantly inform the family of their capture and a whole new round of interrogations of the prisoner take place under Tori's supervision. It is learned that it is House Hellgram using the Mirrorverse to spy on the rest of chaos. They are planning an imminent assassination campaign using this advantage to seize control in chaos. Due to the cell structure of the House, the prisoner is unaware of the details of other operations. It is learned that Incarnadine is known by the name Diamonte within House Hellgram. Hellgram has a number of Mirror initiates now and no longer have to rely upon shroudling captives. Bad news overall. Discussions take place amongst the family about who to warn in chaos. It is learned that Jesby is the most dangerous foe to Hellgram at the moment.


Jacob unknowingly blows Griv's infiltration attempt against House Chanicutt when he trumps him and Griv is forced to come through the trump. He debriefs Griv about what has been going on in Chaos. Same old news, the civil war continues though Hellgram is probably in the best shape. Jacob then heads out to check on a couple more elderkin. He locates the "Toad-man" known as Katanathoa and by verbal sparring learns that "someone was moved". Jacob is no longer pleased.

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June 13, 2003
Game Log -- 32

[Very sorry about this -- thought it had already been posted, somehow -- got it confused with the other diceless game I journaled the day after, I guess.]

Diego brings in Bleys. Benedict does not look pleased. Toriana and Benedict discuss the situation. Benedict takes Diego aside to get the details. He tells Diego to get some rest. Benedict sends Diego to do toxicology reports and see what is in Bleys's blood.

Fineas heads back to Rebma. He prepares a party. He invites politically important people. Fineas trumps Benedict to find out what is going on. Fineas reminds Benedict that Bleys is a trump artist and it might be good to have Toriana look after him.

Thirteen gets praise from Benedict for the Helgram job. Thirteen finds out that Diego brought Bleys back. Thirteen trumps to Sabine in Purgatory.

Toriana visits Dara and gives her a piece of Baran. She trumps Benedict so he can see Dara. He gives Toriana instructions for his absence.

Jacob offers to bind Bleys until he's "safe". Benedict points out that this is a bad idea. They discuss binding as family business. They discuss Dworkin and his situation.

Diego prepares for the research. The drug affects Diego even through precautions. Fineas volunteers some of his blood for Bleys. He suspects that Bleys is going to go through withdrawals. Diego gets tired and decides to warn the guards and sleeps in Lynxia. He gets back to Amber the next day and Flora is in charge. Family meeting in an hour.

Benedict trumps Flora and orders her to take control of Amber. Gerard is going to keep an eye on Benedict's back. There are spies in the mirrorverse. Fineas suggests an attack on the mirrorverse. Flora and Fineas discuss who could be behind the spies.

Thirteen is getting things out to Arden from Purgatory. Thirteen wakes Derkon and inquires about the shadow of Limbo. He gets a status report. They discuss Bleys and how Diego disobeyed orders to rescue the crazy uncle.

Benedict is upset at seeing Dara in the condition she is in -- prepares to move Dara. Benedict and she go back to Amber. Flora is put in charge of Amber in Benedict's absence.

Jacob bundles his books up and prepared to depart for Lynxia. He alternates between reading and sparring when he has had too much book studying. He shows a lot of interest in the section in Delwin's books on The Hounds, detailed in the Journal he had to recreate. Flora trumps him for a family meeting that he actually already knew about via Benedict.

Thirteen gets a trump call. He ignores it until it becomes annoying -- it does. He takes it. It's Flora family meeting. He asks her for a sketch but she sends a man she can trump later.

Family Meeting
Flora calls the meeting to order. She lets everyone know that she is acting regent. Benedict, Gerard, Martin, Mirelle and Badger are off fighting Garou. She informs everyone of the Helgram victory. She informs everyone that Diego brought Bleys back and there are spies on the inside -- so says Diego. She hands out a picture of the medallion (lost my notes on what this is). Flora also tells people that they have to spend some time in the mirrorrealm. She is making sketches of areas within in her "free time".

Jacob talks about the binding power and advises the Family to Leave the Bound Creatures Bound. Flora also mentions knighthood options for about a dozen people for service to the crown or country.

Diego discovers that Galina is better at the mirror power than he is. He knows that people have been here recently snooping around. He decides to try and track it by scent. The thing they are tracking is quick. Looks like a man-sized ferret. He follows it quickly as a big cheetah. He comes to an open mirror and he looks in. The thing looks to have gotten away with some spells. There was a battle with the were and their ferret man escaped as well. People are ordered to remove the mirrors in their homes any unnecessary mirrors.

Fineas goes to his manner and removes all the mirrors except one. He readies a booby-trap for the one that is left. He has the weapon for the trap blessed. He trumps Vaila. They discuss Benedict and Dara, and the mirror realm and trumps. He askes about House Griffin and thier abilities in the mirror realm.

Thirteen & Toriana
Secret Stuff

Jacob goes to Lynxia (twice in one session -- the heavens tremble at the implications). He grabs all the toys he can to play with in the mirrors. None of the gunpowders works. [There is some cursing at this point.] He spars with whomever he can find to spar with, and makes Zariel spend time there as well. Zariel is not pleased. Jacob wrestles with one of Galina's bodyguards. When he is done in the mirrors he goes back to the books. Dworkin had a habit of bleeding himself and making diamonds and other things out of them -- in some cases they seem to have been used on Bindings or in weapons.

Finally, he trumps to Sand's place.

Diego takes Clark and Garcia to Lynxia to go into the mirror realm. Diego spends 5 days here running people through the mirror realm. He hands out sniffers to some people in Lynxia. They come across a millipede and it attacks a party member. It retreats and Diego follows it. The bad millipede must die. He shoots it with a contact bomb. It charges him, unimpressed with his blade. The millipede latches on to his thigh. He decides not to retreat and fights with the creature, but after taking stock of the situation he decides to retreat instead of losing people. He fixes his leg and trumps Llewella. He whines to Llewella about being found and what Toriana might be doing to Bleys. She tells him to take it up with the regent. Diego trumps Gerard [note: not the regent] to complain about Toriana being left with Bleys and that she might harm him.

Fineas tries to decide which house is behind the mirror spies and if Griffin still has the contacts to discover who it is behind the spying. They discuss what needs to be done and what they can do. He trumps Llewella to ask if someone in trouble might trump to her. She agrees. He offers his help should she require it. He goes back to the castle and talks to Kelemon.

Thirteen reports for mirror training duty. Flora asks about Geniveve and the sentient cows and is less than comforted by both bits of information. He tells her that Bleys is awake. She sends him to Lynxia for training. Galina and her bodyguards are there. He also hears about the chase and the confrontation with Diego and the millipede. Thirteen learns about open mirrors and what is possible when using that power.

Toriana decides she has had enough of Bleys yelling and knocks him out. She gets Diego's notes, stocks the medications suggested and an IV drip for hydration. She adjusts the medication until the proper balance can be established. Bleys swears at her some more. Flora sends her ice cream to feed him. Toriana calls Fineas to have him relieve her so she can sleep. While she is gone Fineas reads to him from Oberon's poetry book.

Jacob gets Sand's journal and reads those as well. They talk about the blood bomb thing she used right before her death.

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May 22, 2003
Game Log - Session 31

Session 31

"If anybody needs a really powerful psychopathic 14 Year's Jacob"


That. Is. A. Really. BIG. Cat!

Starting Points:

Fineas - Arden
13 - Arden
Toriana - Arden
Jacob - Delwin's Castle
Diego - Dom-Daniel

13, Toriana, and Fineas

-They regroup in Arden. get some more supplies and trump Bricktop for quick transport back to Yendys. When the get back Fineas makes plans to go to Yabmob to see if the Helgram's have a toe hold there. Tori and 13 work on tracking down other Helgram cells using magic. Tori uses a locator spell and 13 uses passive Pattern scanning.

-About an hour after starting Tori and 13 are interrupted by their computer guys saying Incarnadine is trying to contact 13 via the internet. She tells that first off that the locator spell isn't going to work, and next invites them (Fineas has not left yet) to lunch. She wants to talk over the phone so 13 gives her a cell phone number and she calls back. 13 puts her on the speaker (Fineas barely contains his rage while listening to her) and she continues the conversation and they agree to a meeting place in Otiuq by the name of Cafe la Pepe. This involves a lot of solemn oaths to not attack, track or otherwise annoy each other before, during or for a while after the meeting. The oaths even cover poison, unlike last time.

-Tori, and 13 teleport there and go to the restaurant. Fineas leaves in disgust for some business he needs to take care of. Incarnadine shows up -- vial Logrus from outside the shadow -- wearing a concealing robe, full-head mask and illusions disguising her eyes. Tori doesn't know if she should be disappointed or flattered. The Borders of Chaos and Amber are discussed over dinner. Incarnadine seems surprised that Amber claims everything out to the Dancing Mountains, but agrees to leave. Helgram doesn't want a vendetta with Amber, especially not during a civil war. It is agreed that the Helgram's can tack there research back to Chaos with them. She says that they already have enough Garu, wizards from Limbo and spy techniques from Purgatory and don't need anymore. Incarnadine brings up the possibility of Amber and the Helgram's trading representatives. Tori and 13 agree to this and set up people for contact purposes. Contact can by Trumps of underlings -- no Helgram is going to let Tori make a Trump of them. She agrees to that the Helgram's will leave Amber territory within 24 hours and she will return any captured Hellmaid's and Baran. Everybody leaves without been poisoned. Back in Yendys Heinrich, Yurgan, and Gertruda detect no Blood beasts.


-Works on becoming used to the Mirrorverse environment.

-He takes his Expendables from Arden to Chandora to work on repopulating, replanting, and recovery. He arrives in Chantrisport. Tracks down food, Supplies, and Whores.

-Next Fineas heads off to Fangorn to recruit some of the best enviro-beasts to aid in the recovery of Chandora. He gets three tree-lords (ents), a dozen dryads and a company of elfy foresters.

-After that goes to Remus to get things moving forward there. Does his whole Intershadow Man of Mystery thing, Baby!


-Talks to the Old Citadel folks about their investigation of Deigo's Magic Schools defenses. They tell him he was screwed over by his contractors. Contracts them to fix the problem.

-Talks to Sorak and Dawadiray about Gifts and shape shifting. Sorak is freaked by the idea of becoming a shapeshifter. Dawadiray is interested, especially if it will lead to a job with lots of shadow travel.

-Kylliki...Good times.

-Goes to Amber and removes all of his money from the Banks. Gives $12m to the Amber treasury, and the rest he is going to spread around in the GCK's.

-Goes to Lynxia and heals a bunch of people...some of this is to feel good the rest of it is for publicity purposes.

-Trumps in a bunch of food from Vulnavia.

-Goes back to Amber and goes into a Rage when he finds out that Lirazel has been released from her Bond. She has set up shop in an Amber Government building in Downtown Amber.

-Meets with the Friend of Vulnavia (FOV) organization. He invites Caridwen. She politely tells him that she has other plans. (Courtesans at her level don't hire out for parties unless it's maybe a small party of princes.) He Showers the FOV's with swag.

-Diego goes to the Castle and procures a trump of the Dancing mountains, and trumps there. Hours of attempts at crossing the border via the Mirrorverse fail miserably; apparently it's an advanced trick. He Trumps to Llewella in the Rebman spy camp and then to his uncle Garcia, who has good info on where Bleys is currently.


-At Delwin's Castle he searches for info on "hounds" bound into a tree, something called Zohthatqqua and a super-salamandros. Before he can leave he hears a LOUD THUMP. He slowly turns to face it and sees a winged black cat the size of two really large Elephants sitting calmly a ways outside the castle walls. It calls out that it wants to talk. On closer examination the creature seems to be a lot heavier than the twenty-plus tons it should weigh and has stony skin, the feathers are stylized, almost bladelike, and its eyes glow like yellow fire. Jacob greets the cat and after a short confrontation they decide to talk. The CAT -- better yet WINGED JAGUAR so as to not confuse it with the Unicorn's brother -- is named Helel and he brings news of black sphere things running amuck in a shadow not far from here. Helel also tells him that he is one of the Elderkin that was bound by Dworkin several thousands of years ago for attacking with him. Helel had been convinced (duped) that the Pattern would destabilize reality. After being bound to one spot watching things not destabilize he now admits that Dworkin was correct. He also tells Jacob that Toriana accidently freed him (tooo-RIIII you have a lot of 'splaining to do!). Helel wants Jacob to put in a good word for him with Zhartra and the other Binders. Helel says he harbors no grudges. The WJ tells Jacob that he will lead him to the shadow where the Black Sphere's are. They leave much to the residents of Delwin's Castle's relief.

13, Toriana

-A drugged Baran and the Hellmaid's arrive in Yendys. 13 Tells Baran that his services are no longer needed and his contract is complete. 13 has Toriana trump him to Dom-Daniel where he is soon discovered, drugged and helpless, by women he had wronged or their friends. The trade in Baran body parts soon become quit brisk. The Hellmaid's are sent to Lynxia. The Helgrams leave ahead of schedule, FIVE Logrus trails, and avoid the big path to the border.

-13 Tries to contact Dara to tell her the news, but is unable to trump her. He tries Badger next and finds out that Dara had been in a huge fight with a Garu warlord and was torn up pretty badly before she finally won. Badger tells him the Mirelle is in charge now. 13 trumps Mirrelle and they talk about the deal with the Helgram's. She says that they have a few things to clean up but should be done in a day or two. Badger interjects about the huge power source off deep on one other the other shadows. He wants to know of 13 and Toriana want to investigate it. We sure do,

-After a long Journey they arrive at the "beast on the Pole" power source. 13 takes a sample and Badger tells them it is some sort of Shape Shifting power source. He was a normal werebadger when he found it and bathed in and drank the Beast's blood. He survived the uncontrollable, impossibly-quick shapeshifting and madness that followed and was then a shifter of a higher order, like a Chaosian or a Gheneshan. Toriana Trumps Zhartra in.

-Fineas decides to throw a party in Remia. He makes contacts and friends. He meets Solus, a Remian of the Patrician class. They come to an agreement. Fineas will help Solus move up the power ladder and when Solus is able to provide some Legions he will do so. It is agreed that rotating three legions around would be the best for Remia and the troops involved.

-Makes a quick dash out to shadow to collect tons o' funds for Solus and takes his hauls back to Remia.

-Fineas completes all of his Remia tasks and heads back to Amber and has a mildly frustrating conversation with Ky-tung.

-Deploys some more blood beast searchers (Armets).

-Finds his Grandfather, and they discuss the Bleys situation. His Grandfather pulls him through to somewhere in Chaos. They travel via the outskirts of the Chaosian Teleport-Gate Superhighway and only have to kill a couple of fellow travelers. Freaky Palace, lots of beautiful women and almost-women, and Large Humanoids -- very like the Avernans of Bleys' personal armies. They spot a couple of locals watching the palace from a distance. Diego shifts to look like a woman to infiltrate, then slips into the mirrorverse. As he works his way around the Mirrorscape he spies a Lizardoid spying on Bleys through a Mirror. Diego Magi-flutes it to sleep and then kills it.


-as they move through shadow Jacob finds it easy to keep up with Helel. They discuss the Black Spheres. The things -- "adumbrali" are only slightly material, they eat souls, they come from what sounds like sub-subspace, they aren't too powerful individually but they breed quickly if fed enough souls. Jake and Helel arrive at a Moat and Bailey, and Hilel pounces up on top for a better view -- Helel seems to have a private understanding with Gravity. Jacob makes his way up there and the two of the Check out the Black Spere's. Hilel says that his duty is done, and to pass on to Dworkin that he was correct. Exit Hilel.

13 and Toriana

-The Queen of A & D praises Dworkin's work. The Beast was a crazy Elderkin prone to shapeshifting everything in sight for the hell of it, but nearly impossible to kill. Tori wants The Beast guarded, killed or cleaned up somehow. Zhartra and the others think that it's fine where it is, in the middle of a wasteland full of mutant nasty things. Worse, the shapeshifters and vampire have a hard time not jumping into the Beast's blood, and the Amberites are all latent shapeshifters themselves. As Florimel told them, it's a bitch when you start changing spontaneously. Literally in her case.
Zhartra beefs up the bindings on the Beast's pole -- it is impaled on a 50 foot long spear stuck in the stone -- and suggests that everybody leave before the Vamp and the Three Weir go completely made with Desire for the pool of blood.

-Everybody departs for Amber.


-She trumps Jacob and tells him about the Bound creature on the Pole. He thanks her for all the work that she is providing and a little about Helel.

-She Talks to Benedict about Purgatory, the Beast on the Pole, and that it should be guarded. She provides Benedict a trump of the place. Benedict and her discuss possible future tasks.


-Continues his Discussion with Ky Tung. The subjects are: Kashfa, Her Family, Trade, and Broken Pattern training. Fineas tells her that he will talk to Azvan and his group about training her.

-Trumps Nellie and talks to her about Magical security at his manor, and setting up some blood beast detection spells/devices.


-Mika the Page delivers a letter to Tori. She reads it and finds it both annoying and amusing. She talks to Benedict about it, and he gives her his pat answer on the subject. It is decided that the letter is a set up of some kind.


- The mirror is a ceiling one and Bleys is below on a huge bed with five women. Three look bored. Deigo shifts himself male and oily, bursts through the Mirror, shoots the Watcher (crab demon-thing that's been feeding him hallucinogens for over four years while feeding on rich Amberite blood) on Bleys' neck with a poisoned dart and runs like hell. The Rampant Bleys grabs Diego, but thankfully for Diego he is really, really slippery right now, and Bleys is hardly at his fighting best. Diego runs away and Trumps to Garcia as fast as he can shadow. The palace started changing into something less pretty as soon as Bleys' screwing was interrupted. Diego and Garcia Trump to Llewella as Bleys hauls his entourage through shadow in a smooth progression of morphing architecture.

-Deigo tells Llewella about the current Bleys situation. She is disinclined to help. Diego, Garcia and his local hirelings backtrack and find Bleys, and everybody with him, sick as a hungover dog. There are more watchers and they look agitated. Diego Trumps Llewella again and fills her in. She comes through, unwilling to let even an "asshole" brother land in Chaosite captivity. Llewella trumps Bleys and drops him like a sack of potatoes. Diego cherry-picks 6 of Bleys' girls to take home.

-Llewella Trumps them to her camp, then Trumps them through to Queen Moire. None of the Rebmans are fond of Bleys. News of Chaosians in the Mirrorverse causes quite a sensation. Diego Trumps Benedict and informs him of the good news, and the bad.


-Jacob Trumps 13. They work on shooting the Black orbs that are infesting the Peasants around the Moat and Bailey. Much success. Blooded bullets work, blood-spells work some. Normal spells don't. Pattern does. The ones that are not infesting peasant prove to be a bit tougher. Jacob trumps Fineas. They catch the 'free' spheres, the ones not possessing people yet, in a cave hiding from the sunlight. Jacob binds them to the cave walls. Big Huzzah!

-13 asks Tanitheel about taking Kirsten in hand. Tanitheel doesn't see any hope of turning the little psychopath into a decent person, and she's not the one to be breaking Kirsten into obedience. She suggests that if Kirsten got loose and attacked Amber subjects that it would really, really piss off the Regent. Either one. Tanitheel is OK with training Genevieve as an agent though.

13 talks to Jacob about Binding Kirsten so that she is no longer a threat to herself or others unless ordered to do so. Jacob seem to think that this should work really well, and asks 13 to work on the exact wording of Kirsten's permanent geas.


-Continues trump call to Benedict: the conversation wanders over to shapeshifting and the Armits. not much else after this.

-Trumps Moire (ahahahahahahawwww Moire you make it hurt so good ahahahahawww) and gets Debriefed by her. They discuss Bleys and his prison. They talk about the Shroudlings; it looks like one or more of the missing 3 families has made an alliance or been enslaved in Chaos. He kisses her on the hand and goes back to Llewella's camp.

Jacob, 13 and Fineas

-Fineas heads back to Rebma to Party.

-Jacob and Rinaldo make sure the binding is going to hold.

-13 Heads back to Amber and talks to Benedict about the Helgram's, Limbo, Inferno, Purgatory, the Beast on the Pole, Binding Kirsten, and possible Broken Pattern attunement for one or two people that had helped him in the Helgram Campaign. Benedict did not know about Dara being hurt and the Fatherly side of him starts to come out.


-Diego ponders Trumping Bleys... (Who is currently in his room at the Castle, under guard, strapped -- dragonhide -- to Gerard's old but very solid bed.)

Ending points:

Jacob - Shadow of Black Spheres.
Toriana - Amber.
13 - Amber.
Fineas - Rebma...Shaking his groove thing.
Diego - Vulnavia, holding Bleys' Trump.

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May 02, 2003
Session 30 Game Log

"I'm sorry, did that massive explosion break your concentration?"

In the beginning...

  • Fineas is in his manor in Amber
  • Thirteen is in Purgatory Shadow, in a trashed hotel lobby.
  • Jacob is in Zhartra's keep.
  • Diego is hellriding on the Chaos side of the Dancing mountains.
  • Toriana is off stage.
  • Jacob is at Castle Zhartra.

DIEGO receives a note from the original Vialle. Talks with Llewella. Gives gifts to every NPC with damp skin. Works on the Mirror power. Messes with the mirror power and gets him hopelessly lost in Shadow so far out that his trumps of Amber environs don’t work. Offers conjuring and medical scholarships to the families of war veterans. Sends food to aid the less fortunate in Amber City. It's a busy day.

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May 01, 2003
Headlines - session 30

La Cita

"Inflation runs rampant throughout the Kingdom"

"R. Benedict imposes tough coinage laws to prevent run on currency"

"Now that P. 13, P. Fineas, and P. Tori are fully dedicated in routing of the Helgram's, war likely over soon"

"P. Galina survives her Pattern walk"

The Times

"The Economy is in a tail spin"

"R. Benedict tows a tough line: the Gold standard is maintained"

"Good news from the Front: Positive movement in Purgatory"

"P. Galina becomes one of the Family"

The Herald Unicorn

"Only Amber coinage may be used in Amber: R. Benedict imposes fiscal order"

"P. Benedict seen to be interfering in free trade issues"

"P. Diego provides food to Amber's neediest"

"P. Diego gives from the bottom of his heart: 10 free scholarships to the Burning Crab school of your choice"

"A Confederacy of Dunces: P. Fineas, P. 13, and P. Tori are given the run around in Purgatory"


"P. Benedict irons out the vagaries of the Amber economy"

"P. Fineas lends P. 13 a hand in Purgatory"

"P. Fineas: a man of All Shadows"

Le Progres

"Cardiwen provides sparkle at P. Diego press conference"

"Ambrosia says: Wise girls invested their Foreign Gold before it became devalued"

The Shipping News

"The return to the barter system: good news or bad?

"Imports from Vulnavia reach all time high"

"Rum rations increase"

Die Tageszeitung

"P. Diego give press conference at his Amber estates"

"P. Diego donates to Amber orphanage"

"P. Deigo provides rations to starving Arden troops"

"The great Burning Crab gives away: 5 scholarships to Amber's neediest to P. Diego's Medical and Conjuration schools"

"P. Diego gives the Amber navy a sense of Security with donated Sweinhunds"

"The Wonders of Vulnavia: a six part series - Pt. 1 Impressions of Vulnavia"

"The Wonders of Vulnavia: a six part series - Pt. 2 Interviews with Vulnavia's top guns (Marsha Sherman, Rev. Henry Jones, Adm. Jack Snively, and President Zuwello Umania)"

"The Wonders of Vulnavia: a six part series - Pt. 3 Interviews with Vulnavia's top guns (Tobyuta Whipeea, Clark Babbage Jr., Castro Valdez, Dr. Abalerd Stein)"

"The Wonders of Vulnavia: a six part series - Pt. 4 Interviews with Vulnavia's top guns (Dr. Adalerd Stien, Sorak, her mother and the Draake)"

"The Axis of Weasel's take their show on the Road to Purgatory"

O Povo

"The runaway Amber economy back under control"

P. 13 enlists the help of P. Tori, and P. Fineas in bid to rid Purgatory of Helgram's"

Gazeta Mercantil

"The Major trade Houses call on the Exchequer to combat inflation"

"Inflation Projected to reach 45% by the end of the Fiscal Quarter"

"The Major trade houses plead to the Treasury to take Amber off of the gold standard"

"Search is on for replacement for gold"

"R. Benedict imposes currency rules to stem the inflationary tide"

"Public works proposed to rein in the over abundance of Gold"

"Vulnavia except bids for Rebman Trade house"

"Williams-Morris press agency back in the black"

The Royal Way

"Reporter Nellie Amour does her part for the war: in service to P. Fineas"

"P. Galina takes her rightful place amongst the Royal Family"

"R. Benedict's rough first month indicates smooth sailing ahead"

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April 11, 2003
Game Log - Session 29

Via Email from Mike

does a cyclops victory dance, and observes it's treasure, gets drunk with his new found boy-friends, then talks with their leader telemachus, learning of his background, he aids them in repairing their ship only to crash them into a reef, leaving them on an island that should hold their interest for some time. then he trumps out to lynxia, and enjoys dancing with ky-tung.

He trains Ky-tung on the way to Remia, and after much discussion he gets Ky to agree to appear as an elite slave, hires guards, and then crushes an internal rebellion. he goes to a major city, finds prestigious permeant housing. establishes him self in a major romanesque city leaving Ky tung to look into shipping, and learn the area while he trots of to work on multiple trumps

finishes up some trump work, gets a Ky progress report. Talks with mom about kashfa. bonds and talks to Benedict having gained a new found appreciation of masculine companionship earlier in the game. they talk to Diego about Tanitheel's people

P.D./ Reese / 13
Works with an exhausted kelamon on trumps of his new territory. he continues his quest for supernatural forces, He goes to sydney university where he finds some "nocturnal magic". he checks the dorms finding people working on magic in a computer room, it appears they are working with very basic lunar elementals.

gets information on the would-be spell casters and magically seals the room.

His captives call in heavy support named freddy, and he encounters a magic probe then people dressed as security guards show up. the pseudo guards start chanting quickly breaking through the seal while 13 hides. the people in the room are liberated, and the group drives away as 13 makes not of the plate number and forwards it along for tracing. the group goes to where they occupy the top floor of a hotel with a helipad.

In an alarmingly Torriania-esque fashion 13 goes to the front desk, and insists to see freddy, and they agree to meet him. when they do it, it is with submachine guns.

he dodges

hotel property is blown to smithereens

his desert eagles roar mightily

the battle continues as he ponders invoking his complex and intense attraction/repulsion love/ hate relationship with Toriana to aid in the battle.

talks with whora of babylon and shows off her spell rack. they discuss many issues with an suspiciously alarming lack of Diego slander including Kelamon's vacation, the mirror power, shape-shifting, the death of chinaway, pattern, weapons, jelerak, killing baran, reese, dara, and reese's sex life. goes to Benedict and gives him a trump and shows him the suspected killer of delwin and sand while discussing the investigation with him. she is for once in her life shown proper discipline, and is ordered to go to dom daniel, and continue her sleuthing. she brings the most patient man in the universe, heinrich, who brings chango. goes to her buddies at the old citadel and begins catching up while fishing for information.

she has a nice dinner at the old citadel. she checks in on Diego's school, and in a surprisingly considerate maneuver she notes how security can be improved. in talking to other schools she learns the person she was looking for was at belkin. she goes to belkin and look at temples

Jacob the impaler liquidator/ black-hearted
signs up for the binding power, discusses rinaldo's motivation, discusses warding the gems. The group of unfortunate inductees meets in chaos via Jasra's keep. zhartra gives them some books, and old thari is discussed. Jacob works on a translation prism.
attempts old thari, then spars with Zhartra, and Rinaldo. indulges in steam-room hedonism with the group. learns the subspace weapon hiding trick-discusses dworkin's pattern making form.
ponders the oath that is required with the binding power, then takes it as he ponders the infinite possibilities

tours amber city giving generously, and in genuinely good spirits, the likes of which have not been seen since Ebenezer left the ghost of christmas future.

Invests in joint operations with house kandive and Miramon, and grants them some contracts related to the school in Dom-Daniel

purchases a shadow atlas for the school's library.

heals the needy through the hospital he patronizes praise the local press for keeping him on his toes in regards to the coverage on his new hospital, while subtly slamming the royal pain.

makes more sweinhunds in Lynxia, bringing his total to 20.

redirects shamans from collecting elementals to internal security tasks

binds elementals to Vulnavian, and stockpile security tasks.

works on dom daniel, and prepares for Benedict's visit to his school.

has dinner with benedict, spars, and discusse a multitude of topics including the possibility of reconciliation with whora, while eluding to the fact that he had to endure multiple outrages under lumpy. personally insures alteration of the magic coin room, and fixes security holes that were pointed out in a anonymous note, that was sent out to multiple parties. decides he wants to give kylikki a modest education, and sets her up with a very select reading list, and top shelf tutors as will as a specialized dance instructor from bindonesia.` insists that she be actively engaged in local charity work.

drives a large convoy full of food, and imported consumer goods to Mapungubwe speaks with the King, and communes with the spirits offering praise on behalf of his fallen Mapung warriors, and conducts inquiries with guardian ancestral spirits, telling them to warn the nobles in case of specific intrusions offering a substantial sacrifice of his own blood.

discovers blood creatures spying on mapungubwe using sweinhunds, then works their remains in his lab while plotting what to do next.

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April 10, 2003
Headlines - Session 29.1

The Herald Unicorn

"P. Fineas: Party animal of Rebma"

"10 reasons why P. Fineas and P. Rinaldo failed to support their loving mother in Kashfa"

"Lets hope P. Benedict does not have the wool pulled over his eye's like P. Gerard did and makes the appropriate corrections in Amber's Defenses"

"P. 13: He is his Mothers child"

"Maybe it is all attitude: Why Toriana has failed to be supportive of P. Diego"

"Ungrateful P. Toriana lets P. Diego's gracious Gift rot in her Palatial Bedchamber in Castle Amber"

Die Tageszeitung

"So, how many Princelings does it take to conquer two small Shadows"

"Let's call a spade a spade: P. 13 has failed in Purgatory/Inferno"

"Missing in action: P. Fineas"

"Skiing, not scheming: P. Fineas takes the path of least resistance"

"P. Fineas would rather spend his time with "cheese-eating-surrender-monkey's" than aid Amber in its time of need"

"A glorious Partnership: P. Benedict mentoring P. Diego"

Gazeta Mercantil

"Advertising rates rise 75% over the past month"

"Vulnavian products gain in consumer recognition"

"Major trade houses report a 12.5% increase in Vulnavian imports"

"Smaller trade houses may fail due to rising advertising costs"

"Williams press agency may soon fail due to unforseen cost overruns"

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April 09, 2003
Headlines - Session 29

La Cita

"P. Diego Clarifies roll of his new medical center, all is in balance again"

"P. Diego has single-handedly kept the Kingdom in the Black"

"Kasman out, Jasra in - the Kasfan Coup"

The Times

"P. Diego shores up the Kingdoms coffers"

"P. Diego the largest weapons supplier to the Crown"

"P. Diego the inventor of most of Amber's new weapons against Chaos"

"P. Toriana tours Dom-Daniel's magic schools to see if they are up to snuff"

"Coup in Kasfa"

The Herald Unicorn

"P. Diego's Medical center no longer a treat to Amber's business sector"

"R. Kasman's head becomes part of longest game of Polo in Kasfan history"


"P. Rinaldo and P. Martin tapped for special missions for the crown"

"Queen Jasra liberates Kasfa"

"Local nobles Lord Ylang de Caerphilly and Baroness Liliane de Cellejon y Ruudkild hail the Benevolent Queen Jasra back to Kashfa"

"Viscount Shau Tung Plays decisive role in the Return of the Queen"

Le Progres

"The girls are already missing P. Rinaldo and P. Martin"

The Shipping News

"New Warehouse to be built to accommodate the increase in trade"

"Tir Tarngir representatives in city for Trade talks"

"Trade with Kashfa not disrupted in Coup"

Die Tageszeitung

"P. Benedict admits that P. Gerard dropped the ball in regards to P. Diego's generosity and talents"

"P. Toriana checks up on the Dom-Daniel magic schools to see which ones are going to have their contracts with Amber renewed"

"P. Gerard's hamfisted attempts to make P. Diego into a General instead of using his considerable talents wisely"

"Is there something sinister about all of the false praise of P. Fineas"

"P. Toriana treated to a grand tour of P. Diego's Conjuration School in Dom-Daniel"

"P. Diego's Conjuration school pledged to supply a new generation to magical talent for Amber's armed forces"

"P. Diego puts local doctors in their place at Medical Center dedication"

"A contrite Chancellor Emrys Feldane admits that Amber would be in worse shape if P. Diego hadn't been unfailingly supportive of an unsupportive Crown"

"Col. Sir Bors shows off P. Diego's new weapon designs effectiveness"

"P. Galina says that she feels ready for the test of her life"

"R. Kasman's rule comes crashing down under P. Benedicts benevolent guidance"

O Povo

"Sitting the record straight: C. Feldane briefs the media on P. Diego"

"P. Galina feels the time is right for her bring her message of Peace to the Universe"

"The Return of the Queen: P. Fineas and P. Rinaldo's Mother regains her reign"

"Viscount Shau Tung looking for role in new Kashfan Government"

Gazeta Mercantil

"The Crown discloses P. Diego's secret roll in war against Chaos"

"The Vulnavian fleet keeps the docks busy"

"The Medical Guild of Amber satisfied by with P. Diego's Pledges of co-operation"

"Tir Tangir Trade Rep's use P. Diego's trade model"

The Royal Way

"Chancellor Emrys Feldane's plans for the future"

"P. Benedict takes a firm hand in Amber affairs"

"P. Toriana burns the brightest in Tour of Dom-Daniel"

"As good as the Boy's: P. Flora and P. Llewella's view on there part in the war"

"An interview with Queen Jasra of Kashfa"

Quote o' the Game:

Toriana talking to Flora

"Hey do you want to see a great Rack, check this out!"

-Toriana was talking about the new Uber-spellrack…

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March 26, 2003
Session 28

"Why do you need to Feng Shui the fucking box?"


"That Doesn't sound like a "woo-hoo" good idea to me..."

Starting Points:

Fineas - In his Mansion in Amber
13 - Purgatory
Toriana - Amber to Benedict
Jacob - Remus (?)
Diego - Amber talking to Galina


-After a meeting with Galina, Diego leaves for Vulnavia. Talks to Kylliki about
starting up a household together. Maybe in Tir Tarngir.

-He talks to Sorak about her people.

-In his lab, Diego creates some more sniffer "Schweinhunds".

-After completing this task he trumps Rinaldo. Rinaldo is "busy", and tells Diego
he will get back to him later. Diego next trumps Llewella. She is busy fighting
people. Explosions can be heard in the background as he ask's her for some
"Rebman spell racks". She tells him that she is busy and that he should just go
to Amber and ask Elmore, or for one (another explosion). Before she signs off
he offers her some of his "Slugs" and "Sniffers". She tells him that Morwyn or
Martin would be glad to except his gifts for her.

-He ponders the Mirror power, and which Family member might take it. He finds
out that either Martin, or Morwyn might be the candidates from Rebma.

-Talks to Rinaldo Again. Talks about the Family and Jasra. Gives Rinaldo a note
to give to Jasra.

-Trumps Banedict, and brings him through to Vulnavia. Makes plans for a dinner
tate-a-tate with him. They discus weapons. He offers Benedict the crown of
Amber, and pledges to back him if he takes it. Keeps digging. Talks about
Kelamon and finds out that she is on her last assignment for Amber, after that
she going back to Rebma for some much needed rest.

-Diego talks to his captive Rabman Trump artist Kendall.


-Talks to his Mom about Llewella, and it is agreed that Llewella can visit her at
the keep of the four worlds (Kot4W).

-Jasra talks to Fineas about taking back Kashfa in a coup. Kasman is an evil
bastard that is being cruel to her friends.

-Talking to Jasra has put Fineas in a foul mood. He trumps to Inokus and starts
several trumps just to clear his head. He moves on to Galina's home shadow
starts to feel better, and remembers Marcus' and Rhanda's wedding and heads
off to Franc to talk to Bono about the right gifts. Bono sets Fineas straight and
gives him some goodies from Itallee. Fineas also siphons off some of the former
Franc and Inglesh Noble's, political prisoners, and military types (rejects). Bono
also asks Fineas if he can provide better health care and healing techniques.
Fineas agrees to help.

-Goes back to Amber and watches Ky Tung get ready for the wedding for several


-After Flying to Otoyk 13 meets with his Operative Rhyoko and finds several
place to make trumps. He gets a hold Kelamon and brings her through. She also
says she will make a few Trump sketches of Rhyoko.

-Trumps Dara and lets her know about the wedding and coronation in Tir Tarngir,
and that Mirelle has been disinvited. Dara, Badger, Mirelle and 13 spend some
time coordinating.

-13 talks to Rhyoko about leads in Nopin, and she tells him that there really
doesn't seem to be much going on chaos wise in Nopin. Several years ago there
were serpent type cults but that they had died out. She provides him with
several leads to follow when he gets back, and will take him to these places.

-Back in Rupmul Alauk, after hearing the news of the wedding and coronation in
Tir Tarngir, Sabine decides that she need a new set of robes befitting her new
Broken pattern status. The two of the head of to Dom-Daniel, 13 catches up on


-Tori talks to Benedict about Trumps. He mentions to her that Kelamon will be
providing less support to Amber now that the crisis is almost over. This will
mean that Tori and Flora will have to take up the slack as the Court Trump

-Tori give Benedict (Secret) funny trumps. They seem to have different fronts
from what they really are.

-Tori heads off for the wedding and coronation in Tir Tarngir before she
completes her trumps for Benedict.

-Finds out Who is going For Whom to the wedding and coronation in Tir Tarngir.
P. Vialle for K. Corwin, and P. Martin is going in place of Q. Moire.


-Gets a hold of his Court "guy" [insert name here] and gets duded up to the

-Procures new big, heavy, and shiny Gladius. Heads out for Tir the only quick way
he can figure out at the time. He pulls out the trump of the Tir moon cave that
tori had given him and trumps there. Once he steps out of the cave he trumps
Rinaldo and completes the journey.

-Has his "guy" Antoine set up as his new Tir Tarngir "guy".

-Jacob talks to Veala and Marcus. They all get along splendidly. He is heavily is Veala.

Ta Da! it's the Wedding/Coronation!

-Toriana shows up stag, Jacob shows up stag, Fineas brings Ky Tung, 13 Brings
Sabine, and Diego brings all of the Dantay's Concubines.

-The Basilisk's show up unexpectedly. Marcus askes if this is ok. Non of the Amberite's or Rebmans have any objections. They later claim to be providing security for the Shindig.

-Wedding goes off with out a hitch.

-The White Tiger and the Unicorn both show up in Human form to "bless" the

-Zhartra also shows up.

-Coronation also goes off with out any problems. The whole Family is really
jumpy right now.

-Introductions are made for both sides (much greeting and hand shaking).

-Diego bring's up the Mirror power. It is decided that the Rebman's and
Amberites should be made aware of it's uses. A tour is made. Jacob, Tori,
Diego, Martin, Vialle, Flora, and Dara all go on the tour. Fineas and 13 decline to
go. Rhanda's Father Rhastoferas leads the tour.

-Tori lay's on the charm as she compliments Flora on her victory in Johrom and
her dress.

- Big Mid Session Shocker! Delwin and Sand's heads are found preserved in a
big wooden box. The box was found in Jesby airship wreckage. After 13 and
Tori give it a good going over they have the following info:

The box is From Johrom, and of Jesby design. There is a taint of Hellgram
about it. inside the box are (besides the two heads) a uber-spell rack of a
mysterious metal, and Papers in a coded language. The heads are well preserved
and could have been lopped off years ago.

-Diego is chomping at the bit to haul the box and it's contents off to Vulnavia to
investigate the contents. So much so, that as he is digging around in it's
contents Tori almost bites his head off. Jacob comes to Diego's defense and
calms Tori down.

-Tori and 13 share (SECRET STUFF).

-Diego hauls the box and it's contents (sans Uber-rack) off to Vulnavia. He also
pesters Veala for several samples of the special shapeshifting plant, and she
gives him two potted live ones. Before Diego leaves 13 suggests to Diego that
Dara and he go over the coded papers in a few day's time. Diego mumbles
something and leaves.

-Tori passes out sketches (empowered) to Jacob, Fineas, and 13. None of them
have any idea of who this "guy" is.

-Zhartra hauls off Rinaldo to be the new replacement for Sand and Delwin.

-Tori and 13 Discuss the "guy's" magic stylings.

-As everybody is getting ready to move on, 13 gives Jacob and Tori props for
their work in Johrom. 13 and Jacob discuss Johrom and the
Inferno/Limbo/Purgatory situation.

-Flora Discuss' Johrom with Jacob.

-Tori leaves. Jacob leaves.


-Fineas, Ky Tung, 13, and Sabine stay, dancing and partying, until a polite period
of time and leave. of course doing all of the correct thanks you's and such.


-Goes to the (Kot4W) and does things involving Trumps.

-Sends an unconscious Gwyneth along with P. Douglas, P. Dierdre, and P. Vialle
back to Avallone.


-Deals with all of his Concubines now that he is back in Vulnavia. Talks to Sorak
about her people and what he can do to help them.

-More treasure hunting with Draake and Sorak's people.

-Diego has a conversation with Kendall in which Kendall confess' that when moire
feels that he has suffered enough being Diego's pet Trump artist, he can come

-Galina arrives and he wines and dines her. He takes airship flying. She likes this
a lot.

-Deigo has a meeting with Doc.

-Showers Galina with gifts, and pumps her for info on her home shadow, Her
feelings on various Family members, and if she is going to take the Mirror Power.


-Fineas has a meeting with Gerard about Kasfa, Kasman, and Jasra. Gerard
trusts Fineas judgement and tells him to moderate Jasra's wrath in Kasfa. He
also tell Fineas that he is going on vacation and that Benedict will be in charge in
his absence.

-Fineas trumps his mother and tells her about the Coronation, the Wedding,
Delwin and Sands heads, and Gerard's approval for her plans in Kashfa.

-Fineas asks to see his mothers enemy list and finds that Rinaldo has already
trimmed the list quit a bit. Fineas trims even more off.

-With the killer of Sand and Delwin still out there, Fineas and Jasra discuss the
Defenses of the Kot4W.

-Fineas leaves the Kot4W and trumps back to Amber. He meets with Ky Tung
and tells her about the heads and Kashfa.

-As Gerard is packing, Fineas asks if he can barrow the Jewel of Amber and
Attunes Ky Tung to the Broken Pattern. She survives and sleeps a long time.


-Leaves Antoine in Tir Tarngir.

-Gets Zhartra Trump from Tori. He Talks to her about Delwin and Sand. He
threatens to go and talk to Dworkin/Oberon (Dwoberon) on his own. She relents
and the well out to a beach in Flora's Earth shadow. The walk up to Dwoberon
and start up small talk, and have some Pizza and Tequila Shooters.


-Rhyoko takes 13 to one of the places that raised some interest to her in her
searching. 13 does a small scan of the place and it is radiating slight, but well
tended magic. 13 Walks up and asks to see the Abbot, and is refused. He
tweaks the abbey's wards and is let right in. After some time 13 is still not able
to convince the Abbot, and decides that a trip to Amber is in order. This does
the trick.


-Gives Benedict the trumps he wanted.

-All the people heading for Avallone get there.

-Talks to Benedict about Zhartra, the Coronation, the wedding, and finds out
from Benedict that he is in charge while Gerard is on Vacation. Tori is miffed
that she had to hear this from Benedict, but does her best to not show it. The
conversation continues on to the subject of Diego. Tori tells Benedict what she
really thinks about Diego (and she really, really believes this). Benedict is
shocked, since he thinks that Diego is an upstanding fellow.


-Researches the Heads. Duplicates the papers, and sends the originals back to
Sir John Gaunt.

-Does some more stuff with the heads. Sucks up their DNA. Does some
checking up on the spies he has following Embeth Wodehouse.

-Goes to his Amber estate and announces his plans to create a free medical
center there.

-Trumps Benedict again and asks him to have diner with him. Finds out about
Gerard's Vacation and that Benedict is going to be in charge. Can. Not. contain.
Joy and Happiness. Diego almost starts to dance while on the trump contact
with Benedict. Benedict once again agrees to have dinner with Diego.


-He finds D. Tanitheel in the Castle and talks to her about Tir Tarngir. He also
talks to her about the possibility of recruiting more Ganeshens.

-Knowing that Zhartra might call in her chips with him in the near future, Fineas
goes off in search of "HERO" types and recruits them.


-Talks to his Mother about the Coronation, the wedding, Sand and Delwin's
heads. Mirelle tells him that they were probably the nice members of the
Family possible in the Family. Dara, 13, Mirelle and Badger get all their ducks in

-13 Heads to Yendis. He trumps Kelamon and she makes place trumps and
sketches of Iain.

-Gerard Trumps him and tells him about the up coming vacation he is going to
take. Gerard also tells him that Benedict is in charge until he gets back. 13
fears the babysitter even more.


-Plays with the Uber-rack. Finds it's wards and how it works. Decides that
Jacob and 13 are best suited in finding where the metal comes from.


-Talks to Zhartra and Dwoberon and Delwin and Sand.

Ending points:

Jacob - Earth, Having Tequila Shooters with Zhartra and Dwoberon on a beach.
Toriana - Rebma.
13 - In shadow Purgatory, Yendis.
Fineas - In a HERO shadow with friends hauling around a cyclops penis.
Diego - Dancing and in his happy place in Vulnavia.

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March 24, 2003
Headlines - Sessions 27 and 28

La Cita

"Fin wins big in Tir Tarngir!"

"P. 13 Gathers his forces in Lynxia for final push against the Hellgram's"

"Amber's population shut out of job opportunities at P. Diego's new Medical Center"

The Times

"P. Gerard goes on sabaticle, leaves P. Benedict in charge"

"P. Deigo to open Hospital on his estate, locals concerned about current health providers longevity"

"P. Benedict takes the over the "Reigns" of State"

"With the war as good as over, what is going on in the Courts of Chaos?"

"P. Diego's new venture may "tax" Amber's services"

"P Marcus of house Gryphon and P. Rhanda wed in ceremony linking the old and new Ruler's of Tir Tarngir"

"P. Delwin and P. Sand found dead in Tir Tarngir wreckage"

Le Progres

"P. Martin enjoys his new found Freedom"

"P. Rinaldo is the new point man in Tir Tarngir, will Caridwen be the new Lady of Amber?"

"From Lady of the Evening to Princess of Tir Tarngir: Why P. Vayla loves us"

The Herald Unicorn

"P. Jacob is foot loose and fancy free at Tir Shindig"

"Security is tight and cautious at Tir corination"


"P. Fineas Win's again!"

"The Family continues to mend its fences: P. Flora and P. Jacob, P. Toriana and P. 13, are all chummy at Tir bash"

"What changes will P. Benedict bring to the Amber Government now that he is at the helm of the Ship of State?"

Die Tageszeitung

"P. Diego to open medical center on his Amber estate - Free medical care for all"

"P. Diego's Magic school to put "Old Schools" to shame"

"P. Brings Vulnavian medical expertise to Amber Medical crisis"

"P. Galina and P. Diego confer on Amber ways"

"P. Galina readies herself for the test of her life"

"P.Diego slams "The Royal Rag" in passionate statement"

"P. Toriana has the glow of Confident Maturity about her at Tir Tarnger Wedding/Corination"

O Povo

"L. Sabine shows off her new status at Tir Tarngir Coronation"

"P. Dara share's her impression of Inferno"

"P. Dara tells of her experience with P. 13's mother Mirelle"

The Royal Way

"P. Flora reveals the complete scope of the Johrom victory"

"P. Diego seeks new way's to weaken Amber's economy"

"An interview with P. Benedict on his new Responsibilities"

"P. Flora and P. Llewella pledge to aid Amber's new interim ruler"

"As P. Gerard prepares to leave Amber for a short time - Let's stand up and give him a great big cheer and our undying thanks!"

"We must be doing something right - P. Diego's latest tirade against the RW and it's Editor"

"Tragedy Strikes! P. Delwin and P. Sand found dead"

"The latest Fashion trends of the Ladies of Amber revealed!"

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March 09, 2003
Cry Havoc- Session 27 Log


Jacob begins with a turn chock full of secret stuff. It is later revealed he has made a deal with Jelorak for consultation about the Jesby Black Road problem.


Assists Jacob and obtains the Jewel of Amber for use against the Jesbys. More secret stuff involved. Together they come up with a cunning plan.


Diego successfully attunes Clark (aka Doc) to the Broken Pattern using the Jewel to insure his success. It is tiring so Diego rests a bit and contacts his man Garcia with instructions find out more about the doings of House Chanicutt. He then changes his mind and orders Garcia to begin seeking out Bleys so that he can be healed of his madness. Garcia balks a bit and asks for an escort of special Afrikans to help him through the dangerous areas. Diego promises to get him a proper escort shortly.

In the meantime Diego continues his personal mission to save as many of Sorak’s people as he can He seeks out and ambushes small groups of the vile aliens and manages to free three more slaves. His explorations lead him to an enemy held automated weapons factory which he stakes out until a caravan leaves. He ambushes it and obtains a fair amount of the local weaponry. He returns with his booty and the rescued slaves and has Clark begin studying the weapons that were captured.


Prince Thirteen begins in Qito with his mother and Dara. They decide to check on the situation in Inferno. He learns that some of the garou have been leaving the shadow as expected, presumably to the Dancing Mountains and beyond. Returning to Purgatory he continues his passive scanning of the shadow to detect enemy activity. He “bumps into” a Logrus scanner doing the same thing so he quickly discontinues before he is pinpointed. He discusses the possibility of using a psycholink spell to communicate for a while, then discovers that Baran of the Hand appears to be unreachable. Dead, hiding, who knows. This worries him greatly. Until he can inquire with Jelorak, he decides not to assume Baran has been captured.

Thirteen has a long discussion with Dara about the gifts he received from Prince Diego. Thirteen is confused by the custom and looks for Dara to help him figure out Diego’s motivation. Dara is nearly as clueless about such things as Thirteen, but they come to the conclusion it was probably done in good faith.


Fineas embarks on his Gryphon Safari in Tir Tarngir and a lengthy running battle develops in the palace compound. During the fight Fineas is introduced to a species of cat people that move from mirror to mirror in an alternate realm. They are assisting Marcus with his coup and are a great help in outmaneuvering the Gryphon defenders. It turns out one of them, a descendant of both the White Tiger (the unicorn’s brother) and Morganna’s branch of the family is promised as Marcus’ bride and future Queen of the Tir. Her name is Rhanda and she bears the Jewel of Tir.

At the end of the day Marcus’ faction is victorious. Fineas and his five rangers kill two Gryphon lords in the fight. The White Tiger makes an appearance with Rhanda, unmasks the Gryphon imposters before the court and announces the rightfull Ascension of Marcus and his bride as the next rulers of the Tir. There is much rejoicing. Fineas reports the success, sends his wounded rangers back to Amber and is joined in the Tir by Rinaldo a short while later.


Diego makes arrangements with a Rebman trump artist for a few sketches. He gathers more of his followers and returns to Amber to run them through the Broken Pattern. He initiates one Drakki, 2 enhanced Afrikan warriors and three of their Shamans before he becomes to tired to continue. He heads to his manor in Lynxia to rest up again. He summons Kylikki from her New York shopping spree and imposes upon Clark to pressure BDR for 2000 of his troops. He spends some quality time with Kylikki while Clark works on getting the troops.

When he is refreshed, Diego enhances five more of his warriors for the Broken Pattern initiation. He sends them to Garcia for his escort, then turns his attention to creating his new creature, the Brape. A cross between sniffing ape and boar, it is intended to sniff out vile shapeshifters much as the weir do.

After a long day of questionable genetic practices, Diego contacts Morwyn and grills her about what happened with Toriana. Morwyn confesses she got drunk and divulged some of the thing Diego had been doing. A discussion of the awkwardness of her half brother trying to sleep with her mother ensues. She tries once more to advise him against continuing his courtship but he ignores the advice.

Jacob & Toriana

The dynamic duo make preparations for mass destruction in Johrom. Lots of coins are burned off in various preparations, including the summoning of a large number of elementals tasked with the ignition of the Jesby incendiaries. They take a zeppelin far out over the ocean where the Jewel is used to precipitate a massive undersea quake. The quake in turn creates a monstrous tsunami aimed at the Jesby island. The Jesby’s begin modifying their ritual to take advantage of the impending death by water as Jacob had hoped. Once their ritual was modified, Jacob and Tori unleash hell. A magical struggle ensues and fully three quarters of the Jesby force is obliterated or driven away either by raging fire or the engulfing tsunami.. The remaining one quarter succeeds in slipping away on a weak black road towards Tit Tarngir. Toriana returns the Jewel to Amber and then trumps Fineas to let him know the results of the fight. Jacob tries to divert some of the collateral damage on the allied Jesbys and sticks around for cleanup.


Concerned with the disappearance of Baran , thirteen tries to locate him by searching for the links to his Hand. No luck. He begins a search of strange events on the local computer internet and soon comes to the conclusion he is being outflanked so to speak and decides to vacate Qito. He sends his more adaptable Villagers to the ranger station for further training and begins to disperse his operation to Tokio, Kuala Lumpuur and Sydnee before the Hellgrams can strike. Number 142 is put in charge of Sydnee and Number 67 is put in charge of Tokio. Thirteen heads to Kuala. Before leaving Qito, he purges the city of a number of the underworld slime both to cover his tracks and to reward his local man for his assistance. He takes the IDs, currency and other assets to ease the travel difficulties within Purgatory.


Fineas has a long meeting with Marcus, Vayla and Rhanda. The future of the regime is discussed as well as the impending attack from Jesby. Fineas instructs Rhanda on the use of the Jewel of Tir, including its ability to insure successful initiation of Broken Pattern. She begins to summon an appropriate storm to greet the Jesbys on their arrival. Assistance to the new realm is discussed, particularly in the setup of a trade empire and what sort of armies to recruit for its defense. Marcus inquires into the origin of Tanitheel and Fineas prevaricates to maintain her privacy. The coronation/wedding is set for the near future and invitations are discussed. Fineas agrees to try and convince Flora to lend her presence to the proceedings.


Diego continues his discussions with Morwyn and asks if she can wield her influence to calm Toriana down. Morwyn agrees to try. Diego presents her with one of the recently captured guns (non functional in Rebma) and leaves on other errands. His next stop is in Amber where he tracks down Galena in the midst of her physical training and issues an invitation to visit Vulnavia. Galena agrees to a short visit on the morrow. Diego then makes arrangements for even more Broken Pattern initiations, rounds up the troops obtained by Clark from BDR and readies for a more forceful incursion into Barsoom to continue his crusade for Sorak’s people.


Tori contacts Zhartra and has a short and unsatisfying conversation with her, precipitated by Zhartra’s inquiry into her descendants in Jesby. Toriana then reports to Gerard about everything that has transpired in Johrom before heading to Dom Daniel to continue her investigations into the events in Delwin’s keep.


Jacob makes the rounds checking on all of his various agents and re-assigning a few to train with Santee. He seeks out a couple new ones to fill some gaps, picking a couple of females for the job. He is contacted by Fineas and told of the result of the Tir expedition.


Thirteen stealth trumps Dara to discuss Purgatory. He learns the wizard council in the other shadow is beginning to see things to Thirteen’s satisfaction. The garou continue to dribble out into shadow. All is well except for Baran’s disappearance. Thirteen contacts Holrune for help in making inquiries of Jelorak. He gets caught up on Belkin news and learns of the strange infestation in shadow Vashti. Thirteen then trumps Kelamon to arrange for place trumps of each of his new centers of operation. She agrees to help but is unwilling to do the travel herself. Thirteen will have to contact her when he reaches the desired destination.


Fineas watches the final battle against Jesby as they arrive on the black road. With the Jewel of Tir, Rhanda wipes them out in spectacular fashion. Fineas take his leave and begins briefing all the family on events one at a time, stopping by Gerard and Benedict first. He then contacts Flora, Queen Moire, Llewella, Diego, and each of the cousins in turn. He tells them of the strange mirror power and of the upcoming wedding/coronation. Then he goes home to sleep.

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February 26, 2003
Headlines - Sessions 25-26

La Cita

"P. Benedict provides guidance on how to deal with the Hellgrim's in Purgatory"

"P. Martin enjoys his new found freedom with P. Jacob, and P. Dara"

"The Return of P. Mirelle: a bad egg come clean"

The Times

"R. Gerard welcomes back the Prodigal daughter P. Mirelle with open arms"

"R. Gerard wisely rescinds his fathers banishment order of P. Mirelle"

"P. Benedict Provides needed guidance to the younger generation"

Le Progres

"P. Martin shows the girls a good time with his return to Amber"

"Alexa painted as Chaosian/Gryphon spy"

"P. Rinaldo rumored to have been involved in undercover sting operation targeting agent Alexa"

The Herald Unicorn

"House Jesby renews attack in Shadow Johrom"

"P. Flora and P. Jacob leave in haste to stop new Jesby threat"

"Rodrigo the singing Clacker considers the options of Performance Art"


"P. Gelina and P. Corwins children learn the ropes in Amber from D. Lornaya Chantris"

"P. Jacob and P. Martin Prove they are there fathers sons in a night at "Bloody Jeans"

Die Tageszeitung

"P. Diego shows his generous side: showering P. 13 with the wealth of Vulnavia"

"P. Toriana's rescuing ways: an interview with P Benedict and his views on his favorite Niece"

O Povo

"P. Diego is rumored to be in league with "He-who-shall-not-be-named""

"P. Vialle, P. Dierdre, and P. Douglas handled with kid gloves on visit to Amber"

"P. Mirelle is P. 13's long lost Mother"

The Royal Way

"The interview with P. Fineas and L. Ky Tung"

"A letter to our Editor Embeth Wodehouse from P. Diego"

"A letter in defense of P. Diego from P. Fineas"

"First Alexa then "He-who-shall-not-be-named" - What new surprises does P. Diego have in store for Amber"

"Our reporter Nellie Amour Denied access to Vulnavia on P. Diego's orders: what does he have to hide?"

"The Gracious P. Gelina shares her views on peace and love in the Universe"

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Session 26

Where is everyone?

  • Toriana is in Delwin's keep.
  • Jacob is hungover in Amber.
  • 13 is in Amber with Benedict.
  • Fineas is in Franc.
  • Diego is in hot water (appropriately, in Rebma).


Zhartra is looking around at the guys looking around and has decided this is stupid. She asks Toriana to go out of site and see what they really know. They are not local and were not Delwin’s people. Toriana searches for the ghosts and there are no ghosts. Zhartra and Toriana attempt to determine the magic and energies in the area. They discuss who could and would have been able to do this. Zhartra and Toriana catalog the things left behind and it takes quite some time to do. Conjury, sorcery and coins were used to cleanse the area of the magic used.


Jacob takes Flora's hangover pill with some trepidation. Flora changes her outfit and they are going to head to Johrom and check out all the logrus activity. Jacob doesn’t wait for Flora and goes ahead to Johrom while she is changing. He trumps to Ahzvan and begins preparations. There is a lot of communication traffic and most of it is moving back towards the home island. Some people have come in via logrus and there was some kind of altercation. Jacob has Itzamna stealth up Zariel and then he is debating whom to have teleport Zariel into the atmosphere. Jacob trumps Toriana for help on the teleporting spell. Toriana excuses herself from Zhartra to help Jacob with his problem. Jacob also wants the spell to be stealthy.


13 and Benedict are spending quality time together. They discuss who would have left 13 in the shadow where he was left. They discuss the technology levels and what needs to be done now. 13 asks Benedict about taking over the Tir front and if he is going to take that on. Benedict tells him that he may have some job in regards to the Tir for 13. 13 takes his leave and goes to breakfast and learns that Jacob has to clean the office. 13 waits for Dara to finish up her cleaning and declines her offer to assist her with the cleaning. While he waits he goes to see his mother.


Fineas checks in with Impereur Bono and finds that the preparations for invading Brittan are complete. Fineas Gates the Franq armies to within striking distance of Lunnon. He experiments with using Werewindle and divises a SOP of having Werewindle handle Pattern defense, leaving Fineas free to fight all-out. Fineas enjoys the conquest and partakes in some of the looting. When things are well in hand Fineas congratulates his man on the victory. He returns to Amber when this is over. He makes sure Ky Tung is compensated for her ship and sends her shopping for a new one. Fineas talks with Liam about getting a vacation house in Rebma. Miramon connections will help selecting one while Fineas arranges for permissions via Count Taran.


Diego has upset Queen Moire and tries to explain his way out of it. Moire is actually pleased at what Fineas did. The dinner ends and Diego is off to Dom Daniel. There is a letter waiting for him from Jelerak. The letter is asking him what matters he wants to discuss. He is to put a response back in the same envelope. He is going to think about how he wants to reply. Diego sends a note to Benedict and Benedict accepts it. Diego gives him permission to contact him later. He sends another note to Amber for Reese. He goes back to Dom Daniel. He wants a detailed report on Tanitheel who he believes is a Chaos spy. He then trumps Llewella and asks her to give a message to Corwin’s kids to give to Corwin. He then trumps to Lynxia to work on his slugs. Diego trumps to the castle and grabs up some spell racks. He has some party to welcome someone back. Diego gives him some gifts. SECRET STUFF.


Toriana trumps back to Zhartra. Zhartra is digging up bodies and trying to see how they died. 200 dead is what we figure. They decide to go to Sand’s castle. Zhartra is going to Sand’s castle and pick up some of her people. Toriana is going to stay behind at Delwin’s and free enough servants’ minds to try and get the castle back in working order. Toriana trumps Heinrich to let him know what she is doing and that she is going to need some protection while she is doing this. Heinrich borrows 40 of Jacob’s Oscray. Toriana works her way through repairing their minds while the Oscray stand guards.


Zariel is off and in the air without a hitch and Jacob has an arrangement to contact him in three hours. The troops seem to be readying for movement. Jacob needs a map of the area. Jacob sketches out the area he is seeing and Flora lets him know there is necromancy and fire present. Zariel lets Jacob know that a logrus master is about. Flora is Trumped by the Johroman spy closest to the enemy high command. She tries to pull him through while a Logrus tendril tries to pull him back. The power mix opens an actual hole in the air, allowing shots to be fired through both ways. Flora strains to keep the contact open and pull the spy through. Jacob looks over her shoulder and begins to throw lead at them. The spy tells them the enemy commanders intend to kill everyone in the capitol in some necromantic deathfest to power a "road" to attack what is probably the Gryphons in Tir Tarngir. They realize the enemy city is ringed with planted incendiaries focused on a big power-sign with both fire and necromantic elements.


13 checks to see if Dara is done cleaning the office now -- she is. 13 has some riding to do. They go to Gerard’s villa where Lirazal is staying. Dara believes she will be a distraction to the situation and 13 welcomes a distraction. He wants to talk about house Helgram, and Purgatory. Lirazel gives him a freebie that Helgrams go to a lot of trouble to disguise themselves -- multiple false IDs, shared IDs or roles, several shapes to go with them... Lirazel tells him that Helgrams have always been weak on brute force. Lirazel offers up a wedding idea for Fineas to make peace. 13 joins back up with his mother and they exchange pleasantries. She tells him the people responsible for putting him where he was have been dealt with some of the slowly and painfully. They discuss the war in Chaos and which house would or perhaps should win. 13 heads back to the castle. 13 has a large pile of stuff from Diego that has been delivered. He parcels out the treasure and puts it into the appropriate safekeeps, money in the safe and silver to the armory.


Fineas runs into 13 putting the coins into the safe. 13 notices the sword that Fineas is currently wearing. 13 introduces Fineas to his mother Mirelle. She has large Gerard size handprints on her throat. Mirelle reveals to Fineas that 13’s real name is Paul Devin. 13 has chased the Helgrams out of limbo in purgatory. Fineas offers to help if he is needed and suggests he touch base with Flora on ideas. Fineas has the Hendrake situation under control. Fineas gives him a copy of the letter he gave to Marcus and his response. They talk about the Tir and the short plan for it. Fineas talks to 13 about the abyss monsters that are wondering around. They discuss the information that Toriana gave Fineas about the 8 new kids. Fineas goes to find his toga outfit to pick up his duties in Remia. A page delivers a message to Fineas.


Diego continues the flurry of note writing. He sends a note to Jelerak. He invites Martin to go a on a boat with him. Martin will show up for part of it. Martin discusses shape shifting with Diego. Dara declined an invite, Reynaldo declined the invite, and he invites Tanitheel to join him on a mission to do recon. She says she will have to run it past the regent and Benedict to have it prioritized. Reynaldo shows up for a little bit but he is not able to stay long. Diego goes to New York on a shadow path and wants to meet with one Dr. Savage. Diego trumps him to Dom Daniel and gives him a tour. He gives him a ‘lesson’ on Gerard’s history with Diego ‘exposition’. Doc helps him get to see the president, whom Diego then transforms from a wheelchair-bound frail person to a model of health. Carte blanche ensues. Diego goes on a publicity stunt to try and drum up some positive press.


Toriana goes to Sand’s castle with Zhartra and they are able to locate some ghosts and Zhartra tells Toriana to make herself useful and they have a discussion about usefulness and Zhartra takes Toriana to a couch and lets her sleep for a bit. The ghosts are still there and after her nap she tries to talk to them. The same guy is involved but it looks like a different set of people. The same story as before but it was left a little messier. When they finally leave the castle they are stopped by a band of people who accuse them of doing the mayhem at the castle. Toriana talks the crowd down and then they are finally sent to see the corpse of the bird. Zhartra and Toriana decide a visit to Dom Daniel is in order.

Jacob has conflict about what route to take. Jacob trumps Fineas for advice while Flora lays on the floor shuddering -- Trump-Logrus contact is evidently unpleasant. He lays out what is going on in short and then Fineas tells him they should discuss in a more secure line. Fineas pulls him through and then pulls out a trump and tells Jacob to bide a moment. They then talk about what is going on where the pattern using Griffins are going to overthrow the Chaos lords Griffin and ally themselves with Amber. They discuss the Jesby’s plan to attack the Griffins. When they are done discussing the situation Jacob trumps Toriana for ideas on stopping the Jesby’s. She forgets who she is talking to and, offhand, jokingly suggests sinking the island. Jacob envisions a shadow storm.

13 is approached again about attuning the jewel and he now decides he wants to attune the jewel. Gerard takes 13 to the battlements and teaches him how to use the jewel and lets him play with it. 13 then talks to Dara and sees if she wants to see if the Helgram people have been using it or not. She agrees to do this with her hellmaids. They trump into Castle Johannes and everyone goes where they need to go. 13 heads into Limbo and is very sneaky. He checks to see if they have the rovers setup. They're working on it. 13 spends some time and effort making them lucky in their research.

Fineas goes to the armory and gets geared up. He trumps Benedict and they discuss the next step. Fineas talks with the pattern using chaos lord on the plans and where the duke is currently at. She would like some help clearing out the palace and has asked for snipers and troops to help them. Fineas volunteers to come help and get some more assistance from some good shots. Fineas trumps Benedict to fill him in on the situation. Benedict wants a view of what the troops are. Fineas suggests he trumps Jacob who has more information. They are trying to make a black road. Fineas loans Werewindle to Benedict rather than take the Pattern Lighthouse with him on a commando mission among Chaos lords. Fineas gears up and explains what is going to be going on to the Guardsmen and to Savaton, who'll be rejoining his siblings now. Vayla pulls them through and has them put on the annoying feather-and-gold hats that will identify them as her guards.

Diego sets up a tiny base. He has BDR in the palm of his hand. He convinces Gerard to let him use the little jewel (3 days earlier). He goes off to Avalon and then to sorec shadow? He maybe gets some of his people through.

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February 08, 2003
Game log session 25

gets trumps of Sand and Delwin, tries them out no avail after discovering an alien blocking sensation. She moves to the well taking her perpetually beleaguered body guard with the patience of job, moves to meet jasra, and trumps Jelerak after preparation.
talks with Jelerak, and asks about Sand and Delwin, offering a truce in exchange for information, then arranges to bring out the big guns, speaks to zhartra, then heads back to amber
Briefs Zhartra on Jelerak, and they talk with him, Tori tries to add to the intimidation value, Zhartra gets the info in regards to her missing associates handily. then she shows Zhartra what is blocking the trump, and then goes off to find Sand and Delwin.
goes of to her castle in Rebma, catches up on gossip, and indulges herself then tracks the roving party that has turned from scouting chaos, she actually skis!
informs people of flora's 8 new offspring, suggests Diego be tapped to scout chaos.
goes with her chaosite buddy, Zhartra, to find Delwin at his keep, and is informed he has been gone for a few weeks.

trumps Martin, discovers that he is not interested in house sitting.
trumps morwyn pulls her through and informs her of van eyck's secret assassination
arranges another meeting with Moire
tries to arrange a party at his place in amber, free from press jackals -unclear if there were any takers.
talks to the head of the brotherhood, and the bright lady about getting supernatural counter espionage forces, gives eldovan a tour of his new facilities, and becomes an elite member of the brotherhood who is able to access some of their security teams. has the brotherhood gather testimonials on behalf of gweneth. goes and begins the spell to summon his grandfather, the founder of Vulnavia, and known in brother hood circles as the whistling death. moves 150 drakke to work on the vulnavian civil defense tunnel network
finally meets benedict, and discusses the need for an evoloution in amber's tactics, general items, and intimates a desire for him to assume the throne.
Goes to Mapungubwe, taking a convoy of metal to be made into weapons. meets with the king to bring him up to date and the Amber situation, and to warn him. picks up M'Wassi, a princess, and offers her broken pattern. goes to his lynxia estate her, kylikki and some more recruits, to begin work on augmented soldiers, and continue months of work preparing people for the broken pattern, busies himself in Vulnavia and Lynxia until his meeting with the lovely and talented Queen Moire.
finally meets with Queen Moire in Rebma, and the dozen or so left over items from the prior meeting are hashed out. He informs her of the assassination, and that he suspects there is a traitor high up in Rebma. He is informed Gweneth will be going to Corwin's shadow to teach trump. the meeting is to be continued next session.

Talks with our dear autistic regent about the letter to marcus, Morwyn-n-Moire are to be in on the information. Moire is trumped and agrees that selling the tir to perdition is a good idea, she is filled in on the marcus plan. additionally supporting the rebellion of the whore-spawn of flora is discussed. Moire is thanked
gets ahold of Renaldo at the keep where is is being artistic, Alexa is trumped, fineas hands through a letter. he hands through a letter and trumps. discovers that marcus would be in charge of the Tir. discovers Gerlois, a choasite he shot during prince D's holding action at the Tir, survived
goes to relieve her from reman duties, secretly draws trumps, bonds with tanitheel, and tells her he wants to recruit more of her race.
Visits count Tyran with Ky-tung and skis.discusses joint operations with the rebmans in an odd area of shadow learns of betting pools on diego and moire. discusses amber and remba relations as well as gweneth.
Talks with Savaton, mentions the deal with the Tir. discusses his incarceration. Finds out the whore-spawn are unhappy with their treatment by the gryphons.
politics in chaos is discussed. talks about moving the prisoner from the all too cush hotel gerhard. It is decided that Savaton will be given a cover, and treated to the pampering that our estemmed regent seems to find becoming for members of chaos's damned and doomed race.

13 (Reese)
walks away from his mother, then talks with her briefly informing her of amber, and it's recent cast of characters as he moves towards quito being possibly followed. Is highly supect of his mother, due to the ease with which he was able to enter his former holding facility.
talks with Barak, Sabine, and Gerhard. talks more with Sabine, then meets with his mother in a safe place in amber, learns his mom is a real firecracker.
Discovers more of his tragic history from his dear sweet mother, only to cruelly spurn years of pent-up maternal affection. Dear, sweet, momma then continues on a well justified venomous rant about Oberon, and discusses reese's family tree. she gets a room, 13 talks with Gerhard, and meets new people.
takes a well earned break with a bath and massage will waiting for dinner. strangely enjoys watching a well greased gerhard wrestle with Corwin's children.
talks with Corwin's cherubs
has a nice dinner with the family talking at length with benedict, meets galena
a great deal of information is exchanged, Tanitheel performs party tricks.

Jacob the impaler
bonds with martin, tells him about their father's property together they go to one of random's favorite jazz bars where they meet Dara.
Drinks with Martin and Dara. gets clothes from Dara's place, then they look for a bar fight, discuss use's for chinaways remains, and finally get the fight they have been looking for out on the street, Dara , and Jacob see who can take out the most ruffians.
Trumps Tori to see about getting the skull, tori trys to see Gerhard, but finds daddy and kelamon infragente. tori tells him about flora's 8 new children, and drunkenly rambles on with the princess. has zariel get the skull from Gerhard's office, really tearing up the place, and plots what to do with the skull.
wakes up with a monster hang over, and is ordered to sort papers in gerhards office, reads assorted reports, trumps all his minions, to get reports and fires eddie, his contact in rebma. trumps fineas to talk about the reman efforts. assigns chango the task of making chinaway's skull into a humidor/ ashtray. talks to Whora about whore-rom, and gets an anti-hangover pill, and grabs a striped horse.

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January 31, 2003
Letter to the Regent Gerard from Lady Embeth Wodehouse, Editor "The Royal Way"

Dearest Regent Gerard, Prince of Amber, Admiral of the Fleet.

I humbly submit this letter of as an act of contrition to you and your kith and kin for any hurt feelings the article in the publication The Royal Way titled "Is Prince Diego the new Corwin? Rude, Brash, Glory hound, Megalomaniac, and looking for an Eric" may have caused.

Our readership is, as always, curious about the ins and outs of the Royal family, and has requested that we explore, in depth, the new Royal Family members. As in the past, with the birth of your precious Daughter Toriana, and your decision to take on the mantle and burden of the Regency. Our determination to explore the similarities and differences between Prince Diego and his Father were in keeping with this expectation.

This Article, as you may have read, dealt with Prince Diego's commitment to the healing arts in both Amber and Lynxia, his drive to improve Vulnavia's lot in life, the unfortunate events at his coronation, his relationships with Llewella, and Queen Moire, and HRH Morwyn. We also explored his part in the return of Prince Martin, his service to Amber at Tir Tarngir, and his new business endeavors in Dom-Daniel.

But, sadly, every story has two sides to it and we would have been remiss in not delving into them. We regret the fact that Prince Diego did not wish us to investigate his dealings with women of questionable backgrounds and moral fiber (Kyliki and Alexa), his intense loathing of the Princess' Flora and Toriana, and his inequitable business dealings with the Noble Trade House and the Conjury school in Dom-Daniel. We interviewed psychologist Werner Von Rand about perception of Prince Diego's deep root desire to be loved and adored by everyone that he meets, His desire to dominate, and his love/hate relationship with women of power. Our readership found this article most enlightening.

Also enlightening was the interview with Princess Llewella. Her insight and fondness for Prince Diego was, we felt, a wonderful piece of journalistic counter balance. But, if it is felt that we overstepped our bounds in regards to Prince Diego, we humbly submit that in future all stories dealing with shall be submitted to Chancellor Emrys Feldane for approval.

Our decision to publish his letter to us was based on the belief that we needed to make clear our intentions and Prince Diego's intentions toward us. As in the past, under your Fathers Reign, We understand and except the fact that with our decisions come responsibility to the Crown. We know of writers that had made the mistake of writing about Prince Bleys and later had met with mysterious and unfortunate circumstances, we pray that this is not the case now. But, if you feel that it is necessary to revoke our Royal Charter, we will remit it with out delay.

Items included with this letter:

Topics and questions for our future interview with Prince Fineas and Lady Ky Tung.

Monies from Prince Diego for the article retraction.


Compensation for Prince Diego's pain and suffering due to the Article and our subsequent publishing of his letter to us.

Your humble and faithful servant, Lady Embeth Wodehouse DSA, OO.

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January 30, 2003
A Brief Letter to the Editor of The Royal Way

Dear Sirs,

I have followed with some interest your editorial regarding Prince Diego of Amber, being an avid reader of your publication. I wish to corroborate a few points made by the Prince in his rebuttal. During our recent victories against the vile denizens of chaos, Prince Diego has unswervingly provided aid and assistance to the realm to the best of his ability. At no time has he ever threatened the realm, even when matters of personal importance to him were involved. In these matters he has proven himself not to be following in Corwin's footsteps.
The Royal Family is not a monolithic hive-mind, all in harmony at all times. We argue with each other as all families do from time to time. I would not encourage those watching from the outside to read more into the family squabbles than actually exists. No one of the family is contemplating taking up arms against any other member of the family as Eric and Corwin did.
I would not wish to tell The Royal Way what may and what may not be published. I merely wished to add my perspective to the situation for what you may deem it worth.


Prince Fineas of Amber

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A post in the next issue of the Royal Way

The Following is the unedited letter to the Editor from Prince Diego of Vulnavia. We at the Royal Way stand by our Writer's Editorial on the Subject of Prince Corwin's Progeny. We all remember Prince Corwin's attack on the One True Kingdom, and the suffering of our fair city during that time.

The information for the editorial was gathered from our source's in Amber, Rebma, and Dom-Daniel. We hope to soon have a reporter stationed in Vulnavia to give our gracious readership a better prospective on the Universe around us. This will allow the Royal Way to continue to bring you, dear reader, perspective and insight on Amber, Rebma, The Golden Circle Kingdom, and other important shadows that you have come to expect.

Our Speculation that the Fair Princess Toriana is being cast as Eric to Prince Diego's Raging Corwin is an impartial view based on recent events. This view point was not formed in a vacuum, but a strongly help opinion in "certain circles".

Embeth Wodehouse, DSO, MAE.
Editor, The Royal Way

A letter to the royal way..

I must take grave exception to your recent article entitled "Is Prince Diego the new Corwin? Rude, Brash, Glory hound, Megalomaniac, and looking for an Eric"

I find it to be inapproriate during a time of war, and entirely with out any factual basis.
As I have recently told the regent himself I have no desire for the throne, now or at any time in the future. My numerous obligations would prohibit any such endeavor. nor have I exhibited the desire a "meglomaniacal" desire for conquest, as My country has retained the same borders for centuries, and ignored many opportunities that have presented themselves.

It should also be noted that my people have contributed thousands of lives, and well in excess of thirty three million dollars to the war effort. Money that could have been spent at home, and is far greater then the amount of trade we have received.

The lion's share considerable resources I have amased for the war since my coronation are not being held in secret for a coup, but are known to the public as a clear statement of my intention to beat every single vile chaosian interloper back past the dancing mountains.
All I can say to address the further ill-considered epithets contain in the article is that the author has never met me, and that they do not belong in any publication with the pretense of being non-fiction.

On a personal note, and not for publication, corwin's adultery caused great suffering to the great and kind people that raised me as their own, robbed my mother of the ability to have further children, and eventually resulted in both of their untimely deaths. In addition I now know Eric murdered all three of my older brothers, and personally tortured me so I would gain my powers at an earlier, and unsafe age. This resulted in countless hours of agony. I suspect that I was being used to gain the resources of my people to help obtain the throne of amber. That will never happen. As you can clearly see I have no desire to have any comparisons made between myself, and those sad individuals.

I am requesting a full retraction, and apology to be run across your front page. To help avoid any further misunderstanding, or the need for further impassioned recourse, with this letter I have enclosed funds in cover the printing of the retraction, confiscation of the original article, and enough left over to treat your entire staff to a fine meal.

yours truly-

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January 21, 2003
Game log - Session 24

It's my Family, and I'll pout if I want to...


Chock full o' angsty goodness!

Starting Points:

Fineas - Amber
13 - Purgatory
Toriana - Corwin's Avallone
Jacob - Johrom (Par-tay)
Diego - Dom-Daniel


-Talks to Corwin about Trumps and Trump artist training for P.Vialle. Toriana
warns Vialle(2) about Diego, comparing him to Oedipus.

(and Toriana really, really believes this)

-She talks to them about Dworkin, Dworkin's Pattern, and Corwin's Pattern.
Plays with Corwin's sword.

-Toriana tries to get her trumps to contact Amber or Rebma, without success. Later, she finds out that it's possible to Trump from the immediate vicinity of one Dark Well to another.

-She asks Benedict if she can hold Werewindle. It has the feel of both Amber
and Rebma about it.

-Corwin's children (P.Douglas, P.Dierdre, and P.Vialle) decide to visit Amber and
Rebma with Tori.


-Meets in Dom-Daniel Happy-former-Kraken-Mountian with Q.Moire. Discuss' all
sorts of things. Does a poetry reading, and Shakespeare.

-Trumps Rinaldo and finds out about his investigation of shadow Louzon in
regards to Alexa. Rinaldo tells Diego that Alexa was a Gryphon spy.

-Is trumped by Fineas and talks about the same thing (Alexa), and gets a hint
about the murder of his Half-Brother Van Eyck. Demands to see the
"unwanted" list.

-Diego's big "Date" with Q.Moire. Q.Moire really impressed with Diego's
"Fortress of Solitude". He invites her to his recruitment party in Vulnavia. He
Gives her his plans for the "Magi-coins" and the "Magi-coin Generator", and Mini
Drakkee love statues. Talks to her about Flora, Zhartra, Martin, and offers to
heal L.Vialle. Q.Moire tells him that this is L.Vialle's decision to make, since it is
believed that L.Vialle's lack of sight caused her heightened mental abilities


-Trumps Rinaldo and talks to him about Alexa.

-Trumps to Shandora and checks up on what is going on.

-Checks in with Bono and finds out what he is up to in Franc. Checks up on
Ingland and finds a good invasion point. Almost, got caught. Helps Bono conquer
Franc. Stays out of all fighting. On the plus side he has a very wet ass from all
the kissing he is receiving. Fineas does some research on the New World.

-Goes back to Amber and checks in with his Rebman friend Taran. The mobile
party is still going on.


-Gets everything together in Purgatory. Hands off the planning and operation to
Dara. Talks to SJG about the Village and gets the file on it's shadow. SJG also
give 13 easily disposable gold bars. SJG asks if 13 needs any support, and 13
decides that Sabine, Kirsten, and Zherevyev. SJG tells 13 that the Village is
guarded by a machine that can detect Pattern Tricks. They Track down the
Amber Contact in the Shadow surrounding the Village. He takes the gold but
complains a bit about it's lack of frequency. Gets plans of the Village and
profiles of the people running it. Captures Sir Geoffery Haigh-Smyth OBE VC
DSM and asks him about the head quarters of the place running the Village.
Haigh-Smyth spills his guts about Bleekly Place and the current #1. The Current
#1 is Named Sinjin "Bullroarer" Urqart, and he takes lunch every day at the
Toad and Squeak. He then Trumps Sir Geoffery Haigh-Smyth OBE VC DSM to


-Parties with Chumly, Flora and Tananda...Ends the night with Tananda. The
Party started off as a "Victory over the Jesby's" But quickly became the weird
dance competition.

-next morning he trumps fineas to talk about the victory in johrom. the two of
the also make plans to collect new remans. diego and his lack of motivation in
regards to tir tarngir also come up.

(used lower case because of jacob's hangover - shhh)


-Spends some time making trumps of the areas near the wells where trumps

-Zhartra makes it clear to Benedict, Corwin, Toriana, Douglas, Diedre, and Vialle
that she doesn't want to become a taxi service, so they had better come up with
a plan to get back and forth between Amber and Avallone. She also tells Toriana
that Greyswandier, and Werewindle were created with Dworkin's blood.
Hundreds of gallon's each.

-Corwin wants to capture the coltest Well-head and takes Tori and a few platoons and
heads out. Benedict and Corwin have a cultist-subduing
contest...Benedict wins on style points and numbers.

-Toriana lets Vialle watch her make a Trump, or at least part of the process: Vialle doesn't hang around for all the hours necessary. Afterwards she tells P.Vialle more evil things that Diego has done

(yes, she really, really believes these too).


-Quiz's Fineas some more about the "Cousins list". Remembers that he is on his
date with Moire and signs off.

-He Lavishes her with Gifts/bribes. They talk about possible deals with Houses'
Chanicut and Basilisk. Moire tells him how to protect against trump artist's in
his "Fortress of Solitude". He asks her what she knows about Corwin, Corwin's
children, and the fact that he thinks that somebody is spying on him. Moire
thanks him for his hospitality and trumps herself and her entourage back to

-Trumps back to Vulnavia and does some things with the Drakkee, Kylikki, and a

-Trumps Col. Sir Bors and has him bring him through to Amber. Goes to attic
and pilfers Corwin's belongings. Finds a few items worth taking and heads back


-Stops by to see how Galena is doing. She is currently taking Amber etiquette
class' and in desperate need of rescuing. Fineas takes her on an extended tour
of the Amber City and it's surroundings. Tells her which parts are known to be
dangerous, and explains about the Unicorn shrines and Amalathea. He also tells
her more about the pattern, and that if she wanted to take it that she would
need to build up her strength. Fineas makes plans for her to access to the
Amber workout facilities and a personal trainer.

-On the ride back to the Castle, Galena wants to know about the other women of
the family. Flora, Llewella, Dara, Toriana, and Morwyn. Galena tells him that she
wishes to meet with Flora. Fineas pens this into a note book, and will talk to
Flora at his earliest convenience.


-13 Captures Sinjin "Bullroarer" Urqart and shoots him in the shoulder to make
him stop making threats. Urqart is much more cooperative after this. Kirsten
quickly sits on Urqart's lap and licks the blood off of him (while doing her best
lolita imitation). 13 grabs Urqart's hand and takes all of the info on Bleekly
Place from Urqart's mind. He Trumps Urqart to the Foyer of Castle Amber
(BUDDA, BUDDA, BUDDA..). He circles back and picks up the women, and
proceeds to Bleekly Place. While there 13 goes through all of the files of all the
prisoners that are being held in the Village, and singles out those worth taking.

-Bleekly Place is a smoking heap when they leave for the Village. 13 is feeling
much better.


-It's a's a party party...a party...a party party weekend. Booze.
Dancing. Jumping. Happy Johromese tossing/jumping. Tananda...a little bit
more Tananda. Hangover.......

-Riding...some more Riding....mmmm BEER...Riding...ohhh my head...shady trees and
plenty of water to drink.

-Trumps Fineas and they finalize their Remen plans. Jacob is to find a general in
an outpost town and claim to be the sole survivor of the "Fighting 9th army" (the
Remens that he currently has under his command).

-On the way into town he changes horses (sending the nice stripy one back to
Amber), and has his new one drag him for a mile down the road so he will look
the part he is to play. The plan is going swimmingly right up to the part when he
is trumped. He holds off long enough to vomit and fake passing out. The
Remens haul his body to the infermatorium.


-At Zhartra's well, conducts some more Trump experiments.

-Benedict trumps Toriana and brings along P.Douglas, P.Dierdre, and P.Vialle.
Benedict hellrides alone to the Borderlands taking both the stripey horses Toriana brought him. He Trumps Toriana and the Avalloneans through a day later. Toriana acquires the site.trumps all of them to the Chaosian Borderlands. Benedict trumps Gerard and
there is much brotherly happiness. Gerard pulls all of them through to Amber's gates. Introductions occur. Diego
is in the Castle at this point and hears about the Arrival of Corwin's other

-While getting the new guests situated, Tori Trumps Jacob and tells him about
Benedict, Corwin's kids, and hands him a set of Trumps of the Gryphon Pattern

-After the Trump call there is a big introduction of all the Family members.
Benedict, Gerard, P.Douglas, P.Dierdre, and P.Vialle. Soon after that Fineas,
Galena, Llewella, Flora, Martin, Morwyn and L.Vialle. It soon turns into a huge
Gala on the front steps and the entrance way to the Castle. Big harty guy hugs
all around.

-During the introductions slips off and goes down to the Dungeon to see what is
going on with the various Chaosian prisoners. She passes Diego on the stairway
and continues on. In the dungeon she is distressed to find that Dante was
missing. She asked Col. Sir Bors where he was and he told her that Prince Diego
had taken him three weeks ago to conduct experiments on him, this was of
course prior to Gerard's ban. Tori almost blew a gasket. She Trumped back
upstairs to the Foyer and started head back to the stairway to the Dungeon
looking for Diego. He had already made it to the Gala and was curtly greeting
the new comers. Tori headed back and made it just outside the Gate when she
saw Diego trump out in a guilty haste. She tracked him to Kelamon's quarters
and confronted him there about Dante, Prisoners in general, and everything else
that she thought about him. It didn't help much that Diego ignored her, and as
soon as Kelamon gave him the Trump card he had requested, He trumped out.

Fineas - A slip in time

-Fineas takes Galena to Meet Llewella. Galena and Llewella hit it off from the
start. Fineas is very impressed by Llewella.

-Fineas receives a trump call from Zhartra and goes through to her at Jasra's Keep. She gives him Werewindle. She repeats
her statement about how she does not wish to be the families Taxi service, and fills him in on the Wells as shortcuts to Corwin's realm. Jasra reluctantly concludes that going public and allowing some use of the Keep will be best. The finish up talking
about the Family in general, and the Gryphon's specifically.


-Meanwhile Diego is doing a drive by meet-and-greet, he sees Tori coming toward him
with a full head of steam.

BOOM BOOM BOOM I'm the Princess...the Princess of Amber BOOM BOOM

-Diego Trumps Kelamon. Tori Trumps Kelamon. Big cat fight. Tori confronts
Diego about his date with Moire (he has bad thoughts about his sister). More

-Diego trumps to Lirazel's (Tori's spy devices record the whole conversation)
and he asks her about Alexa, and her ability to avoid the Sniffers. Lirazel tells
Diego, as she had told Fineas and Rinaldo before him, that there are drugs that
will keep a shapeshifter stable in one form without being able to be detected.
Diego wants a sample. She tells him that she will do what she can to get three
samples of the drug. (it can be noted in Lirazels voice that she is weary of
repeating herself on the same subject, and wishes that the Amber Family would
just share amongst themselves any information that she provides)

-Diego goes back to Vulnavia and works on being able to smell shapeshifters. He
is angry that Fineas has not provided him with tissue samples from the Wier so
as to ease his training.

Fineas - back to normal

-Jazra confides to Fineas that she is not happy about the deal that she made
with Zhartra. Jazra still hates Blays and Caine, Though she is happy to hear of
their demise. He tests out Werewindle and is very happy with it. Werewindle
seems satisfied that Fineas is now its wielder.

-Fineas Trumps back to Amber (now caught up in the time line with Tori and
Diego) and greets Benedict, Martin, P.Douglas, P.Dierdre, and P.Vialle. Trumps
Jacob at the appointed time and Fineas tells Jacob about Martin and all the
other relatives that have just shown up on Amber's doorstep. Jacob and
Tanitheel switch places so Jacob can attend the Gala.


-13 Invades the Village. He confronts the current #2 and tells him that he (13)
in the new #1. And as the new #1 he is very disappointed in his work, and it
would be in everybodies best interest if he just resigned instead of being fired.
13 makes his point by handing #2 a pistol. #2 goes out side and caps himself.

-13 gathers everything worth taking and loads them up on some hidden lorries.
While this is being done he helps Sabine, Kirsten, and Zherevyev wire the Village
to explode upon their leaving. He gather up the hundred or so that are going to
be useful and has them load up on the lorries. 13 also packs up all the stuff on
and for the Rovers, the Rovers, the computer system, Drugs and other useful

-As the lorries make their way out into shadow, a bright orange glow is seen in
the west.


-Cleans himself up and joins in at the gala. Joins Fineas in talking to Benedict.
Witnesses Dara meeting her Father for the first time. He and Martin are very
bondy and decided that they need to get together later to talk. In a situation
parallelled later, He is upset that nobody in Rebma (especially Toriana, and
Diego) bothered to inform him of Martin's rescue from the Hendrake's. As a
humorous aside, Martin has spent the last four years as a giant lizard. They
exchange trumps, and Jacob puts Nelson in charge of taking care of Martin in


-Discusses the high crimes and misdemeanors of Diego with Gerard and is irritated to find that he classifies them all as the latter. He reminds her that there are things (a short list, but a list) a princess or prince of Amber should not do to one another lest the family come apart altogether. Some things he can't let slide, for anyone -- and Benedict won't.


-In a fit of anger boiling up from the pit of his bowls, he Trumps Gerard.
Gerard, steps aside at the Gala and takes the call. For what seems like hours
Diego lists a series of crimes that Gerard and the rest of the Family have
committed against Him, His sister, and Vulnavia.

The List of Crimes:

1.) Tori is out of control. She has no sympathy for the fact that Dante killed
one of his oldest friends. He also reiterates that Gerards position on being nice
to the Chaosians is wrong.

2.) Gerard needs to do a better job of controlling Tori. He also is a very, very
bad ruler and needs to do a better job reining in his out of control, Bastard,
Necromancy using, cowardly nephews.

3.) Nobody, even after asking several times, has shared with him anything about how the Weir are able to sniff out Shapeshifters. Nobody has told him about Alexa's ability to hide her Shapeshifting ability. It is also a crime against humanity that Lirazel, Chaosian Scum, is treated better then he is in Amber. "I like killing and experimenting on those damn scum, and I have no idea why you are making it so difficult."

4.) Somebody from Amber is spying on him and he wants it to Stop. If a
Chaosian Spy can be trusted in Amber, so can he.

5.) Jacob is a necromancy-using-crime-against-nature. He should be put down
for the good of Amber. It's Jacob's fault that Diego can't bring in his
Mupangobwe troops to use against Tir Tarngir. More than likely Jacob was
sexually abused as a child. Jacob held a gun on his sister without being punished
for it. This is probably because of Gerard's lax upbringing of Toriana.

6.) Because of Toriana's meddling at Tir Tarngir, He no longer feels wanted. If
Gerard didn't want his help, he should have said so before he raised tons of
money and 150,000 troops. 13 is a coward and not worthy of the gift of Pattern.
13 abandoned his duty at the second battle of Tir Tarngir, and received no
punishment for it.

7.) Gerard lets his nobles run roughshod over him. Gerard signed contracts with
him, and has yet to fulfill them. One of the Treaties stated that Diego had
first right of duel in regards to members of his Family, his Blood. Fineas and
Flora have been turned loose on members of his Family, and killed at least one of them. Van Eych was his dog to put down, NOT Fineas'.

8.) Also, by treaty it was his responsibility to deal with all things Corwin.
Deigo is infuriated that Gerard calls upon him to acknowledge the bonds of kinship, while hypocritically failing to acknowledge them (aka keeping him informed). he is also aware of people's feelings towards corwin, the holding of his sister at gunpoint, and the secret assassination of a sibling.

9.) The crimes that Gerard perpetrated against him started when Gerard sent
Flora to Vulnavia as his Ambassador.

10.) Random ravings tieing all of the above together. I, as your humble log
keeper, cannot do them justice.

Gerard responds in calm cool voice, rebuking all of Diego's claims...and not
popping his head like a zit.


-Martin and Dara have problems with each other. This is due to the fact that
Dara convinced Martin to surrender to the Hendrake's at Patternfall.

-Fineas and Martin shake hnads and make up.

-Fineas meets Benedict and they really hit it off. They talk about the Family,
Zhartra, the Gryphon's, Werewindle and Tir Tarngir. Benedict mentions in front
of Jacob and Fineas about all of his blood that Zhartra had drawn out of him
and powdered so that he can make his own weapon. A small one. Fineas tells Benedict that
both Jacob and 13 are very good with blood magic.


-Some more good bonding time with Martin. Some more serious drinking. Probes
Benedict about how the Gryphon's were able to find out about Avalon. Benedict
explained to Jacob how Logrus works and speculates that a friendly probability-controller could have made it much more successful.


-On the road to Qweentow 13 notices that some hawks are following the caravan.
He shifts a shadow, and the are able to catch up. He pulls out a STEN and
shoots one. They disappear, but soon come back. Kirsten, and Zherevyev are
able to Vamp wound one, and they track it into a forest. 13 Follows. He sees
them running back toward the Caravan, when Kirsten is hit in rapid succession by
five arrows, pinning her to a tree. 13 fires several bursts of fire in the
direction where the arrows came from and his gun jams--- Pattern. He is confronted by a blond woman with
a bow. She demanded to know who he was. 13 thought about it and replied "I
am #1, though is was known as #1". She told him that if this was true she would
kill him where he stood. 13 replied, that now that she knew who he was, he
demanded to know who she was. Zherevyev came back and 13 removed the
arrows from Kirsten, and handed her off to be taken to Lynxia. The Woman,
watching this, tossed him a trump card and replied that she was Mirelle, his
mother. 13 was very angry about this and was hoping that his STEN still worked.

Jacob asked Morwyn how she found out about the impalements and all just hours after it happened, despite extremely limited opportunities to contact any of the participants. Morwyn said she'd been briefed just a couple of hours before the Komarra incident but didn't know where the info came from. She made some calls. The Rebman agent in Hunac who reported the incident says he didn't. He's being checked over for altered memories. Morwyn and the Rebman Secret Service are pissed off, but not at Jacob.

Ending points:

Jacob - Drunk, at the Gala in Amber Castle
Toriana - Unknown - SECRET STUFF
13 - In shadow Purgatory on the road to Qweentow
Fineas - At the Gala in Amber Castle
Diego - Brooding, in Vulnavia.

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January 20, 2003
Headline News - Sessions 22, 23, and 24

La Cita

"Prince 13 wins in a victory over House Hellgram in shadow Limbo"

"With help from Prince Jacob, Flora takes Johrom from House Jesby"

"Regent Gerard treats unexpected guests to Family Gala"

"Regent Gerard leads the Family in Victory over the Gryphon's in Avalon"

"The return of Prince Benedict Bodes I'll for the remaining Choasian invaders"

"Are Princes' Fineas and Rinaldo the Love Children of the villain Brand?"


"Regent Gerard Retakes Avalon from Gryphon Invaders"

"Galena takes a tour of Amber City"

"Family trifacta in Victories of the Hellgram's, Gryphon's, and Jesby's"

"New members of the Royal Family - Douglas, Vialle, Dierdre, and Galena"

"Prince Martin returned in Rebman prisoner exchange"

"Prince Benedict Lives!"

Le Progres

"A cloud of Mystery surrounds Alexa's disappearance"

"Princes' Rinaldo and Diego caught in Alexa dust up"

"Dust up or Cover up - What really happened to Alexa"

"Caridwen suspects that Prince Diego may have taken Alexa to Dom-Daniel love nest in a fit of Jealousy"

"Will Prince Martin take up where his Father left off?"

The Herald Unicorn

"A printed apology to HRH Morwyn and Princess Toriana"

"Unsubstantiated Rumors of an Amber Prince stripping for money in Rebma under the Stage Name "Sir Swordfish".

"Prince Diego causes uproar when he opens a Conjury school in Dom-Daniel"

"Prince Fineas Continues his winning ways in Avalon"

"Prince Fineas shows Galena the sites in tour of Amber City"

"Prince Fineas brings honor to his new acquisition - Werewindle"


"Prince Fineas Rallies the Family in defense of Avalon"

"The Saviors of Amber: Princes' Benedict and Fineas discuss war Strategy"

"Will Prince Fineas Clear his Brothers name in the Alexa Affair?"

"Rebma pulls off a coup with the return of Martin"

"Prince Diego and Princess Toriana in tiff at Reception for Benedict and Corwin's Children"

"What Prince Fineas did in Limbo to help Prince 13 defeat the Hellgrams"

"Prince Jacob brings "Earth-shattering Kaboom" in victory over the Jesby's"

The Shipping News

"Trade with shadow worlds nearing pre Patternfall levels"

"Trade with Vulnavia dropping as tensions mount"

Die Tageszeitung

"Prince Diego heals the war wounded in Lynxia"

"In Defense of Competition - Prince Diego opens School for Conjuration in Dom-Daniel"

"Princess Toriana Finds and Rescues Prince Benedict"

"Prince Diego instrumental in Return of Martin"

"Is the Regents policies Driving Vulnavian trade to Rebma"

"Are Prince Diego and Princess Toriana the only ethical and competent members of their Generation?"

Gazeta Mercantil

"Gerard's Calm Cool leadership style brings prosperity to Amber and the Golden Circle Kingdoms"

"The possible return to normal in Johrom fuels speculation in as to which Noble house is going to get the Royal Trade Charter"

O Povo

"Prince Jacob brings swift victory in Johrom"

"Prince 13 Clears Limbo of Hellgram's"

"An interview with Glencora, the Good Witch of Limbo"

"Prince 13 Shares the wholesome earthy goodness of Lynxia with the Gaian Mage's of Limbo"

"Who is in charge of the Gryphon front - One Noble voices her concern"

"The Return of Princes' Benedict and Martin - A Royal shocker"


"An easy users guide to the indexing globes of Tir Tarngir"

"An Ode to Prince Benedict"

"12 Haiku's in praise of the Royal Family"

The Royal Way

"The return to the old days - Benedict, Flora, and Llewella remind us of the Glory days of Amber"

"Is Prince Diego the new Corwin? Rude, Brash, Glory hound, Megalomaniac, and looking for an Eric"

"Princess Llewella shares her thoughts and appreciation of Prince Diego's curative powers"

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January 05, 2003
Log - Session 23

Where is everyone?

  • 13 is finishing up a Shadow Path leading to the Dancing Mountains from the Helgram-held Shadows
  • Fineas is Amber
  • Jacob is in Johrom
  • Diego is in his Lab
  • Toriana is waiting for a trump from Zhartra

Takes the reins at Johrom, starts scouting out the power sources for Jesby's big mobile gun platforms. There are about seven tactically significant sources. The key site on the continent (supporting the forward offensive for Jesby) is on a mountain: warded, heavily defended, reinforced. He plants scouts around the place to watch for sorcerers or Logrus masters. Other than an inspection tour, there isn't.

The main power source for this device is a coal burning power plant at the base of the mountain, supplied locally and via rail.

Toriana considers her next death-defying feat. The plan ends up being: try to trump Corwin from the domain of the Queen of Air of Darkness while delivering a bonsai tree and two striped horses to Benedict.

Zhartra reports that Dworkin is walking the fine line between Normal and stark raving bonkers -- he hasn't been properly taking care of the binding and wards surrounding various Things that Man was Not Meant to Know -- meets Tori at the stables and they 'fade' off (coin-assisted) to a throneroom-sized stone chamber with a blacker-than-black Well of Darkness in it and several of Z's retainers guarding it. Zhartra tells Toriana (with a significant look) that the place belongs to one of her allies. She then leads them into the Well, sheathed in Binding force and controlling the frightened horses, and out via another Well to her own abode, an enormous fortress/hollow mountain called Shadow Guard.

Once at the castle, Benedict makes an appearance and accepts the bonsai graciously. The three of them talk about the Avalon offensive in some depth.

Diego begins examining the Gryphon troops that were captured/killed. He is also still holding Gryphon Chaosite Dante captive and is slowly turning him into a raving nutbag. He discusses Zhartra with Moire and then contacts Gerard about finding other kin that are still out in Shadow. He's suspicious of Gerard's claim that Fineas had already brought in the only useful one. Heads to Lynxia and works on some of his people by injecting his blood into them, then moves some of the healed people of Avalon back home with some supplies.

Gerard is there and is discussing how to move/protect Avalon's powder supply now that the location has been compromised [again, no idea how the Gryphons found the Shadow in the first place].

Attires Galena [Amberite pacifist cousin] in appropriate attire for Amber and takes her on a tour, meanwhile briefing her on the Family and Amber, using descriptions that have obviously been edited with the assumption that his words will eventually reach the others. Steers her in the direction of activities that will essentially make the royal family look better to the general populace. He then leads her down to Caine's [her father's] room and shows her some of his things.

Goes over the losses and damage taken by his troops both in general and specifically, and restructures his forces for the next large offensive. Sets up the Pope to govern Coriolanopolis. Derkon the Necromancer and the vampire lordling Van Klatka stay on to help out. He goes scouting into a high-tech shadow with his small entourage -- where the local town looks like a fairly run down and poor barrio.

Discuses the Chaos Court ambassadorial service with Gerard. Makes plans regarding who to use as messengers in Chaos. Works on plans for blowing things up in Johrom. Flora contacts him and they discuss some of Random's old friends in Shadow Earth that have been trying to look Random up lately. Jacob mentions dropping by there later, once he's cleared his calendar.

Wanders about the castle on a tour with Zhartra and Benedict. Toriana takes notes of key landmarks and interesting rooms. Takes her up to the top of the castle to take in the view. The surrounding sea is blood-red but fortunately doesn't smell like it looks. Toriana tests out the magic and easily adjusts.

"You may go anywhere you wish in the castle, except where the doors are locked, where of course you will not wish to go. There is reason that all things are as they are, and did you see with my eyes and know with my knowledge, you would perhaps better understand."

Benedict and Tori are allowed to wander around the castle "at will" (see above) and discuss the vagaries of the Keep. They talk over some family background. Tori does secret stuff with her bird familiar. She finds out what Benedict's constraints are. Benedict mentions that Zhartra has been Queen of Chaos before. Twice. But she sucked at it.

Sees to his battle orphans and converses with Kyllikki, who is developing latent Shapeshifting unconsciously -- she's suddenly more voluptuous. When this is pointed out to her she freaks out somewhat but Diego works on calming down before she loses control entirely. They move about through Rebma and socialize.

The Rebmans have arranged to trade Tor Hendrake for Martin and Diego and Dara are on hand for the event. Martin is moving oddly since he's been held in some sort of reptile form for several years. The group moves back to Rebma and examines him thoroughly. He's under some physical strain but it seems as though he'll recover.

Continues with the tour of Amber and sees about a bodyguard/guide for Galena while she's in the area. A guard comes rushing up -- disturbing reports that Alexa, one of the top courtesans in the city [one that's had relations with both Diego and Rinaldo] turned into some sort of flying animal and flew away (between buildings and out the gate, thus avoiding the air defenses) sometime around the Avalon attack -- Fineas sets an investigation in motion and contacts Rinaldo. He works on several theories as to how she managed to avoid detection by the shifter-sniffers -- it's a mystery -- but it may be that this is how the Gryphons learned about the location of Amber's gunpowder. This is still a tenuous theory at best, however, since no one in the royal family actually knew the location.

Welcome to Shadow Purgatory, where the men are men and the cars are designed to bounce rhythmically. Thirteen is looking for a contact or clue as to Chaosite presence in this area. It's not obvious if there's any major Chaosite involvement in this area and he is researching in local papers and tabloids. The locals like his coinage and try to be very helpful.

After several days, everyone's doing alright except for Kirsten, who needs to feed and goes looking for a criminal to gnaw on. Thirteen is looking for a computer system he can conduct some data searches on. They move into a hotel as a group to keep themselves from being very conspicuous. The Shadow seems to be rife with conspiracy theories.

Jacob works around how to assault the antennae and the power plant. Eventually he settles for going to the top of the mountain alone, sending Ahzvan into the power plant with some troops when they see the antennae go boom. It's not a subtle plan, but he's not a subtle person.

Considers working on a trump (of anyone he likes) for Benedict. Can't quite decide.

The next day at lunch, Zhartra walks in, slightly wounded and carrying Werewindle in a heavily gloved hand. She hands Benedict the sword, explaining that she agreed to return it to Fineas in exchange for services-yet-unnamed. She suspects that some Big Bad has gotten lose from its binding already (since Dworkin lapsed in his duties) and she proposes a deal to Benedict, saying she'll let him out of his binding early if he agrees to help her out with whatever's gotten loose. He agrees and she does that thing.

Zhartra asks Toriana about her current plans. Tori allows that her plans are relatively minor in light of what's going on, but Zhartra thinks otherwise and wants to help her contact and warn Corwin of these latest developments.

They move through a Well into a different Shadow that's apparently within Corwin's realm and Toriana trumps Corwin.

Unfortunately, she succeeds. Corwin yanks her through and prepares to pop her head off. Toriana tries to talk her way out of it by drowning him in data overload. This also succeeds.

Working on gunpowder production security and dealing with supplying some to Rebma [Oberon spins in his unmarked grave]. Talks with Morwyn about dealing with the blowback in Amber for his absconding with Tor and giving him to Moire. They talk about Martin's eventual recovery and introducing him to Jacob.

Diego heads back to Kyllikki and calms her down.

He gets up in the morning and works on Kyllikki, the Rebman wounded and Moire, in that order.

Pays a visit to his samurai encampment and presents them with the opportunity to either stay on in his service or go back home. About half decide to return to their home shadow, considerably enriched. He also pays a visit to the original lord he made a bargain with, who is quite pleased. Word gets out and he recruits a few new samurai who are interested in Glory, Honor, etc.

Fineas' friend in Rebma, Count Taran, trumps to congratulate him on his new princely status. He's just ended an extended mission scouting part of Chaos and was involved in exchanging Prince Martin for Tor Hendrake. Carousing is planned and Fineas is invited, he accepts, work permitting.

Ten minutes later, he gets another trump from Kai, who starts handing her bruised and battered crew through. She ran into trouble in Shadow on the way to the Tir region with a flotilla of ships of what look like Kyllikki's people. He sees to her crew's health and brings her up to date on local happenings.

Welcome back to Shadow Quinta. Thirteen's doing some Pattern-based passive scanning to get an idea of what's going on in this Shadow. He picks up something in the environs of Malaysia-equivalent [a long flight]. With good fake id's, they proceed. The new tropical sun makes the vampires unhappy. Kirsten is not a big fan of commercial flights.

Upon arrival, they find another hotel and take the measure of the country. Strange things are happening in the area -- people with odd, 'I've just been run through by a Logrus tendril that blew through my wards' injuries are floating out in the bay, for example. Hmm.

Jacob's plan goes off reasonably well -- clad in a radiation suit, he kills most of the Greys that were gaurding the mountaintop tower, then blows it to bit -- although Ahzvan's concurrent assault on the power plant goes less well -- Jacob has to come back to the plant after blowing the antennae in order to get anyone out successfully. The plant's destruction/immobilization is effected, but they lose about 2/3rds of the group. The other assaults seem to be going off well around the continent (five successes, one marginal, and one failure), and Jacob bugs out to a command center. The Johromi follow up the raids with intensive bombing.

Corwin contacts and pulls Benedict through with Zhartra. The Chaos side of Corwin's realm is marked by universal darkness and it is essentially impossible to Shadowwalk through the barrier to the more familiar part of Chaos, let alone the rest of Shadow -- he's very curious how the three of them got to his Realm. He's got a good kingdom, a good family, it's been sixty years, his time, since he vanished from the Courts, and he isn't particularly concerned about the outside world (especially with Benedict, with all his limbs intact, about to step back in and kick ass), though he asks to be caught up on things. Corwin's obviously distanced himself from his old commitments and isn't entirely interested in the news. The news of his previously unknown children, Morwyn and Diego, engages him but he doesn't expect them to automatically embrace a stranger.

Corwin and Zhartra talk about him taking the Binding power to tie down some of the Things that have crept loose in his realm. Corwin asks Toriana to train some of his kids on Trump artistry and gets a patented Toriana-brand Bugger Off [tm]. Unfazed, he asks her to see if M-- Llewella can scare up a tutor.

Runs through some overdue tasks, related to his ghost gallery & Kelamon, the Drachnae, his new Shapeshifter girl, the creation of his Ubermen, and sends a note to Gerard, recommending collecting tissue samples from prisoners to assure they'll stay clear of Amber in the future. Turns out the Chaosite tissue samples unfortunately break down very very quickly -- probably some sort of genetic modifications introduced to Chaos Lords at birth. He questions Dante some more [note the lack of not-torturing -- very naughty]. Somewhere in here, Dante starts some uncontrolled Shapeshifting and the safeties on his cage try to melt him into a goo. Dante wakes up and tries to shift more... Acid drops on him.... Logrus tendrils trash the lab, killing a tech while Diego saves the other as Dante dies. Later, Diego trumps Moire and gives her a few more knick knacks and power coins.

Gets Kai's people fixed up, talks to Kai about the shindig planned to celebrate Martin's return. They chat, then he trumps Jacob.

Jacob and Fineas exchange notes. Fineas asks after the origin of Jacob's Remans so he can obtain more. Jacob agrees to take him out that direction as soon as possible.

The city he finds himself in seems to have a much higher level of secretive magic use than the area he first arrived in -- also some walking dead -- and some warded buildings. The building wards are very well done and difficult to detect. There's also some Logrus residue in a building that's had some holes poked through it in various places. He collects samples of the local ammunition and considers bypassing the building wards by crashing a 747 into the warded building. Others in his entourage (Sabine and Genevieve) suggest that finding out if the building belongs to the good guys or bad guys first might be a good idea.

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December 26, 2002
Cry Havoc Session 22 log

Cry Havoc- Session 22

Toriana and Jacob : Secret Stuff.


Fineas gets set up in a new residence in Inakhos and begins to make contacts with intelligence people. He takes the persona of a foreign importer and works out a deal with Karl (the secretary to the local intelligence director) to employ his cousin Olaf as an assistant. Bribes are paid and Fineas begins making himself at home. He begins to make a trump of his new library.


Thirteen continues working on his negotiation with Incarnadine of House Helgram. He contacts Gerard to discuss the possibility of providing trumps to Helgram in return for their withdrawal. Gerard agrees to some limited trumps but does not wish to endanger any of Amber's trump artists. Thirteen returns to Glencora in time to oversee the arrival of new armaments to equip his growing forces. During that evening, Thirteen becomes aware of something being undertaken by the enemy. He wakes his people and discovers three groups of interlopers approaching at high speed. Thirteen directs Dara to evac much of the new equipment and forces to prevent their discovery by the attackers. The remainder stay to defend against the attack.


Diego trumps Dara and offers her a chance to train with his new improved zeppelin and passes her a few of his customized weapons for use. Dara explains she has already trained sufficiently with Flora's dirigibles but thanks him for the weapons and offer. They briefly discuss the status of the prisoner exchange for Martin. Diego next trumps Moire and discusses aspects of his "Big Plan". He arranges to bring some specialized personnel to Rebma for Moire to meet. He reluctantly concludes his discussion with Moire and pays a visit to Kylikki to relieve some of his pent up passion. He then checks on his plan to gather a vast quantity of moon jellies as part of his mysterious plan.


Half way through his trump of the library, Fineas is contacted by his mom requesting his presence at the Keep of the Four Worlds. Apparently she has had a surprise visitor who has indicated an interest in meeting all the cousins, beginning with Fineas. Fineas deduces that she is referring to the Queen of Air and Darkness and replies that he will come as soon as he has a chance to clean up. Fineas quickly drafts a letter to Jacob alerting him of what has transpired in the event Fineas is taken or killed. He trumps Jacob, handing over the letter and giving a brief explanation before trumping to the Keep. Arriving at the Keep, Fineas is introduced to the Queen and they begin to become acquainted.


Thirteen's force (which unfortunately includes a number of vampires) is hit by a Helgram necromantic spell. The majority of his vampires lose control and fall upon his own forces. Most embarrassing. He is forced to kill them all except for those who were strong enough to fight off the spell -- Kirsten, Von Klatka, Genevieve and (due to her help) her two minions. Thirteen begins openly using Pattern after he detects sorcerous Haste-spell Highways being used to send a mob of wargs (vampiric werewolves) from the north and a band of vamps from the south. Then a dozen garoux from nearby Shadow Inferno get Logrused in close by. It begins looking a little grim for the Glencora folks who seem to be the main targets of the attacks.


Diego takes a number of Rebmans in training to learn basic shapeshifting. They have a difficult time learning close to Rebma so he brings them out in shadow for instruction. They have varying degrees of success. He spends a lot of time keeping them from killing themselves but in the end they are beginning to gain some measure of control. The next step is to get his moon jellies gathered into tanks, a trick that requires a little shadow walking to accomplish in a reasonable amount of time. When he is done Diego brings a pet hound to Kylikki and alternates overseeing the beefing up of Vulnavian defenses with interludes with Kylikki. When he is satisfied with the progress on the undersea tunnels and other fortifications , Diego hies himself off to Dom Daniel to begin the establishment of his school. He has chosen an island currently guarded by a sea serpent as the future location of his school. He begins scouting for ways to subvert or kill the serpent.


Fineas questions the Queen and is sized up in return. He learns that the Queen is responsible for the subdual or destruction of nasty critters emerging from the abyss. She claims to be ancestress to most chaosian houses as well as Dworkin. She denies taking any sides in the struggle and claims to be here at the request of Benedict to learn more about the cousins. She asks a lot of questions about Fineas' background and mentions that the power of the Well is dangerous to one's sanity, particularly at higher levels. Apparently both Jasra and Rinaldo have become initiates of the well and the Queen has a way of stabilizing their sanity through the use of Binding-force amulets of her construction. Fineas indicates he has no desire to become a Well initiate at this time but will make sure Rinaldo is made aware of her offer. After the discussion turns to the abyss, Fineas asks the Queen's help in recovering Werewindle. It has apparently been found by "pit divers" and is held by a chaosite. In return for assistance in combating an occasional abyssal monster, she will secure the sword for Fineas. A deal is struck.


The werewolves arrive and begin tearing up Glencora. Gertruda temporarily loses a leg in the fight, Jurgen loses a hand. Everyone gets a little beat up and the Glencorans lose more people. Most of the werewolves are killed but four extremely full ones stagger out of the village to try and escape. Badger is hurt pretty badly and is evacced. The wargs and vampires arrive and begin causing more havoc.


Diego produces substantial numbers Blood Creature parasites and insinuates them into the prey of the prey of a few large fish which are sent to be eaten by the serpent. His plan works and the serpent begins a slow agonizing death. So much for its ability to eat magic. He briefly tries to negotiate with it but it is too violent to reason with. It dies and Diego sets his propaganda machine into motion. He quickly claims the island and begins importing workers to tunnel out the school. While work is underway, he pays a visit to the Bright Lady, the genius loci or shadow god of Dom Daniel, to show his respect and stake his claim. She welcomes the death of the monster and Diego's occupation of the territory.


Fineas concludes his interview with the Queen and returns to Inakhos. He quickly trumps Rinaldo and Jacob to fill them in on what transpired. Rinaldo indicates some interest in Werewindle and Fineas agrees to make it available to him when needed once it has been secured. Fineas relates the amulet offer and discussions about the Well. He then finishes working on his trump of the library and begins his lessons with Galina.


The fight continues. At last the vampires and wargs are killed or driven off. A third of the Glencorans are seriously wounded and five are dead. Thirteen evaccs them to Lynxia. Scrounging up a force, Thirteen quickly counterattacks Corianopolis, sending his own garou in to ravage the city. He finds that the Helgrams have mostly pulled out, but not before arranging the previous fight as a way to show they are to be feared. One Hellmaid is dead from the scout force. Thirteen learns that the Helgrams have developed a spell to ignite trump cards and used it to isolate the scouts while they were attacked. Thirteen contacts Gerard to update him on the situation and begins setting up a new government.


The hollowing of the island continues. Diego installs the moon jelly tanks as a filtration system and as a visual ornamentation. He sets up a new coin making machine to take advantage of the ley line nexus. When work is well advanced, he contacts Otaru and offers an affiliation/alliance with his school to advance both their interests in the political arena of Dom Daniel. Securing a cautious agreement, he then turns his attention to modifications of his new zeppelin design. While working on his scrying platform, Diego begins to think about his approach to seducing Moire. He begins to realize that his approach has been somewhat counterproductive. He begins to sulk heavily and decides to ask Llewella for advice. He contacts her and skirts the issue repeatedly until she at last figures out what he is getting at. She advises that he direct his passion elsewhere, or at least stop trying to buy her affection with Amber state secrets.


Fineas is trumped by Gerard and informed of an immediate crisis. The Gryphons are attacking Benedict's men in Avalon trying to seize the Amber gunpowder. A large force of large red anthropoids is besieging the main keep and possibly seizing the mines. Fineas comes through and quickly gathers what forces he can, also trumping every cousin he can find for help. Remans, Oscray, Expendables, Clackers, Samurai, Dragoons and Diego's Zeppelin of Death are all brought to Avalon as quickly as possible, largely en masse by Gerard using the Jewel of Amber. The Queen of Air and Darkness offers limited help in defending Benedict's men. Forces are allocated and the counterattack begins. It soon becomes clear the main Gryphon effort is at the mine, so the family converges there to try and kill or capture the Gryphons. The enemy realizes they are in deep doodoo so they begin withdrawing with as much raw material as they can haul. The Amberites dog their every step causing them to abandon all but a small amount. In the end the majority of them get away, but another Pattern using Gryphon is captured (Savaton, the diplomat) and one killed, along with a Logrus master dead and another captured. Diego Trumped in Morwyn and some tritons to help when the fleeing Gryphons went aquatic. A minor amount of raw material is taken by the Gryphons.

Joint Turn:

Gerard claims the prisoner and begins a family discussion on the treatment and disposition of prisoners. Diego repeatedly shouts "kill them all!" but is eventually overruled by the rest of the family. It is decided to spare prisoners where appropriate in the event some of us are captured in the future. Some discussion regarding spheres of responsibility is undertaken, but no concrete assignments are decided. The Queen of Air and Darkness listens in to all the discussions but does not partake until Fineas inquires whether she would be willing to undertake an ambassadorial assignment. He suggests letting the Queen contact each house and oversee the deployment of ambassadors in each direction. She reluctantly agrees but demands the right to screen the ambassadors for survivability. They will not be family members but should be at least BP initiates in order to get any real respect. At the conclusion of the discussion, she takes the opportunity to talk with Thirteen, Diego and Rinaldo.

Diego's interview is somewhat awkward given his dim view of all things chaosian. He holds his tongue for the most part but manages to give Zhartra a feeling for his talents and personality. Thirteen's interview is also amusing given his belief that this is all a simulation. The Queen obviously considers "adjusting" Thirteen's outlook but decides his delusion is not harmful at the moment.


Fineas returns yet again to Inakhos and eventually makes personal contact with Galina. Over a period of a few days, he gradually reveals to her that she has living family, explains the violent nature of the universe and tells her of her parentage. At first she is dubious so he arranges for her to meet Gerard. He forgets Gerard's trump answering technique and Galina gets a first hand experience of his strength. She becomes a bit more convinced of the truth of things and an arrangement is made for her to visit Amber to decide if she wishes to join the family or remain in safe obscurity.


Thirteen oversees the return of troops to their origin and checks on the other Helgram infested shadows. Although apparently quiet, Dara thinks they are still occupied by Helgram. They discuss and finally undertake the creation of a shadow path all the way to the Dancing Mountains for the garou to follow.

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December 17, 2002
Headline News - Session 21

La Cita

"Prince Diego Does Damage Control: He heals Amber's needy"

The Times

"Lord Feldane Streamlines Amber's Business licensing system"

"A Value Added Tax Discussed for wartime fiscal needs"

"The Regent Gerard brings Prince Diego back in line"

Le Progres

"Active war makes for active profits on the Street of Silks"

"The Royal Girls show great taste and nice baubles in night on town in Rebma"

The Herald Unicorn

"I'm so drunk! The Rebman mating call"


"Prince Fineas Rumored to be taking over the Tir Tarngir front from Prince Diego"

The Shipping News

"Rebma aids in shipping lane patrols"

" House Chantris makes Trade Deals with L'Emporor Bono and Price Eugen"

Die Tageszeitung

"Pricess Toriana and HRH Morwyn do the town big time in Rebma"

"His Healing Hand: Prince Diego Raises the bar in service to Amber"

Gazeta Mercantil

"Lord Feldane has the Noble trade houses eyeing profits"

The Royal Way

"HRH Morwyn proves that she has the right stuff: Taking the rains in Rebma"

"Prince Diego Outshines his cousins by helping Amber's unfortunate"

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December 16, 2002
Session 21

Where oh Where is Everyone?

  • Thirteen is in Glencora.
  • Fineas is at his estate.
  • Jacob is in Texorami, sailing.
  • Toriana is spying around the Tir moon.

Thirteen continues negotiations with the high witch Glencora. Glencora can tell that Thirteen is alien, like the 'new powers to the south', but that the earth welcomes him while it hates them. Dara is also welcomed, mostly; she gives them twitches. Thirteen is looking for a map of the area and the ruler’s castles.

He meets later with Dara to talk about Helgrams and what they are going to do now. The hellmaids are trying to get the details on what is going on but it is not going as well as it could. Dara says it is typical Helgram runaraound. He meets with Dara, Badger and Sabine about rounding up more troops. They decide to head out all together. He is looking for medieval type troops in need of rescue. Thirteen begins to negotiate with the leader of the troop. They come to an arrangement. He goes and finds the gold to bribe them with and personally distributes them to the troops.


Fineas packs up some gear and puts someone in charge of his estate while he will be gone. He takes a day to run errands and get everything up to snuff before leaving. He also checks in with the guy he has watching Lirazel.

Fineas then departs to Shadow Earth; he trumps there, meeting up with Flora’s people. He is trying to gather information on Oberon’s book. They have been able to determine some jokes that were hidden in the books. Fineas is looking for a gunrunner, Jan van Eyck, son of Eric . He has to fly on a plane for the first time.


Jacob is sailing and getting information from Tananda. She tells him about the new gun that the enemies in Johrom have like a ray gun. He asks about how magical shields work against them and discovers that Flora ran Tananda through the broken pattern.

Jacob trumps Gerard. He answers and they discuss the Chinaways Helgram skull and what to do with it. Jacob also asks what the best use of his time might be. He suggests Jacob might be able to assist Thirteen and that he have Kelamon trump him instead. They discuss the issue of Tir, then something happens and they are both Trump-sucked (tm) to Somewhere Else.


Tanitheel has Toriana look at an area for making a trump. She calls several times for her to look at areas, then they both come back and report to Gerard about the areas they saw. SECRET STUFF HAPPENS.

Thirteen sends a force of troops back to Halloween land. He is now off to find archers. He finds archers and he and Sabine go back to Glencora. He tells Dara to use her own abilities that he has now taught her to go get an air defense. He will tag along so she will not be alone on her first mission after the training sessions on recruiting troops. They find airbag like creatures, very similar to some creatures familiar to Dara in Chaos, that will work for, literally, songs, music. He steals some mortars and works on getting some powder.


Fineas’s plane lands. He has read some articles on a serial killer that is causing some havoc. He rents a taxi to transport him from place to place. He is in Germany tracking down the serial killer -- easy as Flora's people have a magical tracer on the creep. Fineas surveys the alleged hangout for the killer.

After a period of time a van comes out of the hideout’s basement. Fineas uses pattern to make the car not function properly. The driver gets out and goes inside with the broken belt. The other 3 people do not get out of the van. Eventually they get out of the van and Fineas does get a shot but the guy’s ear is all he hits. Looks like he got only his ear. Fineas reloads and shoots again and the shot goes through him. Fineas tries to fire again and the goons try and drag the guy away before he be shot again. The third shot doesn’t hit him because he had to go through someone else. The fourth shot is going for the gas tank on the van. The van does explode and Fineas has to move to see what happened and the guy is crawling towards the hideout. The fifth shot is another headshot and the main target is down.

Fineas trumps back with the body and disposes of the body. He goes back to Flora’s people to let him know that the task has been successful. They break out champaign and celebrate the victory; they'd wanted to kill the man themselves for decades.


Jacob and Gerard are facing a big beefy guy behind a desk that looks like Oberon... Gerard says, "Father?" and the man checks his big, Oberonish hands and looks horrified; he concentrates... he morphs to young Oberon... then to a young Dworkin... The guy throws some papers at them that turn into origami birds and fly to Gerard and Jacob and tells them to get out of there now, that Toriana would explain... and they are Trump-blown (tm) back to Castle Amber. Jacob trumps back to the boat and then goes back to the castle with Tananda. Gerard and Jacob get together for a stiff drink and trump Toriana and try and see what is going on. They find out that a bit of Oberon is in Dworkin. Toriana let him know that. The papers are something Dworkin was working on and he said they were for Toriana.

Jacob is about to lose his temper with all the information he has been given in the last few minutes. Gerard starts to lose his temper with Toriana and she is able to stop him cold with a guilt trip (tm). Jacob tells Gerard that things just keep getting worse. Gerard begs to differ, pointing down the hall where bikini-clad Tananda had walked by. Gerard calls in Rinaldo to man his desk and Trumps the sea-giantess Hrona for a date. Jacob trumps Fineas and goes through to him. Toriana tries spying but Jacob, the poster child for paranoia, brings up pattern defense. Pushing through it would be very obvious. Toriana trumps Flora and asks for her help but she suggests Llewella.


Thirteen trumps Gerard, who is very annoyed when he answers. Gerard updates Thirteen on what is going on with Dworkin. Thirteen says he will brief Sir John on the goings on. He updates Sir John on the state of Halloween. Thirteen trumps Flora and asks about the Gurkhas and if he can acquire some. She gives him a trump to go to Earth and get some Gurkhas from a nearby shadow of Earth.

Thirteen checks in on Kirsten. She is sparring and seems to have more power. Genevieve seems to be stronger then Kirsten. They both then go drain a cow to recoup.


Fineas is just wrapping up serial-killer corpse disposal when Jacob trumps through. He tells Jacob whose corpse it is. Jacob then retells in short version the Dworkin story for Fineas. Thirteen trumps Jacob and begins to spill everything in front of Dara, Kirsten, Badger, and Sabine. Jacob asks him to bring alcohol with him and Dara comes through the trump to. They discuss the situation with Oberon and Dworkin.


Jacob annoys Toriana purposely with repeated trumpings; she gets pissed off and finally just gives him the papers and tells him to figure it out himself. The four (Jacob, Thirteen, Fineas and Dara) go off and Fineas makes a copy for his/Flora's people. They make use of Flora's already-assembled crypto computer geeks and Ancient Thari experts. They do not get much off the papers other than information about logrus users and some sort of 'madness bomb'. It details Dworkin's reverse engineering the effect and deducing that it involved driving a logrus master insane -- much more insane than usual -- and binding them up as a walking talking madness bomb.

They discuss the strange power and how it connects to the queen of air and darkness. Dara explains there were some very early attacks on on Amber (many many years ago). They only got 2 of 3 leaders.

They decide they have to get the papers back somehow to Toriana. Jacob takes the papers back to the castle. He trumps Gerard and tells him they made progress on the papers. Jacob has to get in touch with Flora to find out if her people who were working on the paper analysis are trustworthy. He also tells her where the papers are for her to work on. Flora agrees to take care of any security risks on Earth.


Toriana hits Heinrich with the news they are going on a mission similar to the last mission. They are going to look for a Source. Flora is willing to help her find the Source or at least a Source. It is foggy and everything is vague, side effects of Flora concentrating on finding something without having any idea what it looks like. The search leads them to the Dancing Mountains. Flora and Toriana (and everyone else) are shot with sleep darts. They awake with hands tied and talking with great-great-grandmother. She says there is a price to pay for attuning this power and she doesn’t think either of them would be willing to pay it. She chats with Toriana about how things are going in Amber and her agreement with Benedict. She demonstrates both the binding power and some kind of non-magical fadeaway trick.


Thirteen and "Incarnadine" Helgram have their lunch meeting on neutral ground. She wears a beautiful mostly 0ohuman form, though her feet remain hidden. They discuss what the intention of Amber is as far as invading Chaos and recovering relatives. Thirteen and her talk about the negotiations for one relative with a cousin who rescues people. She wants trumps or something of substance in payment for abandoning the Amber side of things. Thirteen and the lady exchange taunts about killing each other. She wants to give him Bleys.


Fineas is using an atlas to determine where he wants to go because he has no trumps of the area. He trumps as close as he can and around a bit to throw people off his trail. It seems like the 1820’s or 1840’s. He is looking for Galena in shadow. He flashes some money and some musical talent. She has nice teeth for someone in that era. She is a healthy good-looking woman. The underworld seems to be in contact with Galena’s maid. The maid is also selling the information to a government agent. Fineas raids the office and night and reads all the files.


Jacob talks to Ahzvan who is getting better at broken pattern. Jacob is going to have to meet Ahzvan’s mother to talk She is trying to do human customs to make him feel more at home. They are looking for someone to take out the communication relays for circumvention of the power transferal required for the Johrom 'big guns'.


Heinrich is feeling bad about getting caught. Toriana sets him straight about who captured them. Toriana lets her hair down and parties the next night. Morwyn joins her and they go out and have a good time -- a very good time -- and catch up on gossip. They make a plan to go find Corwin tomorrow and also make a wager that basically comes out a draw. Toriana -- extremely drunk --trumps Fineas to let him know about Diego's 'use' of Tor Hendrake in exchange for a date with Moire. Fineas is on the dark-side of nonplussed about this information.

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December 03, 2002
Headline News - Session 20

La Cita

"No word yet on Helgram Front"

"Victory in Shandora - Hendrakes driven back to Chaos"

"Chinaway's head presented by Princess Toriana to Regent Gerard as Trophy"

"Julian's head to be given State Funeral"

"Amber City planning Council approves gas lamps for city streets"

"Outshadower Minstrel killed in riot starting in Bloody Carl's: Cause attributed to a slanderous song about Princess Flora"

The Times

"Amber still in dark about the Jesby and Helgram fronts"

"Chinaway killed in Hendrake defeat in Battle of Tulun"

"Song Defaming Princess Flora Banned in Rebma by Queen Moire"

"No movement seen on the Tir Tarngir Front"

"Amber's Nobility positioning itself for Broken Pattern attunement"

Le Progres

"The Girls do their part: Cut rate prices for the Victor's of Shandora"

"Rinaldo's War: Prince Rinaldo's view of the Shandorian Campaign"

The Herald Unicorn

"Prince Fineas quickly leads Amber's forces to Victory in Shandora"

"Is Prince Fineas to be put in charge of all the fronts in the war with Chaos?"

"Regent Gerard, Prince Fineas and L'Emporor Bono review Victorious Troops in Arden"

"Fightin' Flora in Shandora: She shows why she is large and in charge in Johrum"


"Should Prince Fineas be made Field Marshall of Amber?"

"Why Prince Fineas' troops would follow him to the gates of Chaos"

"Stray cannonball kills Chinaway"

The Shipping News

"The Planning Council of Amber City approves the expansion of warehouses in the Halles"

"Reports of Piracy drop as the Amber Fleet gets back to full strength"

Die Tageszeitung

"Would House Jesby be conquered already if Princess Flora Didn't Have to keep bailing out her Nephews"

"Princess Toriana Kills Chinaway"

"Prince Diego Holds his own: Proves the Tir Tarngir wasn't a Fluke"

"The Brother/Sister tag team: HRH Princess Morwyn and Prince Diego work wonders in Shandora"

Gazeta Mercantil

"The Street of Silks Auction brings in 20k+ ducet's for war effort"

"Designer Cinzina's New Fashions inspired by the new Royal's"

"Fashion week in Amber a big hit this year"

"The return of Princess Flora means the return of Glamour"

O Povo

"Prince Jacob shows that he has the "right stuff" in Battle of Tulun"

"Troops under the command of Prince Jacob kill Chinaway in Cannon Barrage"

"Nuveau Bayle Race won by Lady Adriana of House Miramon on the Horse "House o' Fire""

"Young Noble's are said to be looking for the Writer and Publisher of "Yo mama es puto Polka""

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November 30, 2002
Session 20

Where is everyone?

· Diego - Preparing to attune the Amber jewel and join the fight in Shandora.
· Fineas - Assembling the troops in Shandora.
· Thirteen - in Shadow Danube, defeating hordes (1) of the monkey undead.
· Jacob - Arriving in Shandora with several ships worth of foodstuffs and supplies.
· Toriana - In Amber

Does secret stuff in Amber. Flora helps. Toriana returns the rest of the group and screams something about 'we're all going to die', and no one is surprised, because of the whole Flora thing.

Trumps Morwyn and hands her another letter. Quick summary: 'I'm desperate to cement my ... Heh ... "relationship" with Moi-uhh, I mean Rebma.'

Since he's in Amber and has been asked, he attunes the Lesser Trinket of Amber.

Gerard is sending off Tanitheel to Tir Tairngire to scout out areas to make trumps of.

Morwyn makes herself and a small group of Tritons available for naval actions if necessary.

[Log author loses consciousness for a moment -- he's guessing that Diego was scamming Moiré and Llewella some more.]

Fin works on divvying up troops, trying to keep various antagonistic family members apart. Spreads out troops, prepares back-ups, assigns tasks, distributes trumps and basically prepares to spank Hendrake.

Hendrake seems to be using ghosts to transfer messages. Derkon doesn't think they can mess up the Hendrake necromancers very well, since several are quite good -- better than he is. Some thought is given to providing the armies with recon.

Thirteen dispatches swan maids -- useful in Shadows dominated by shape shifters. He trumps Dara in Lynxia and gets her opinions on how the Helgrams will react to offers of peace or withdrawal from their occupied Shadows. Dara doesn't imagine that the Helgrams would be very interesting in continuing their drive for Amber. Certainly the werewolves would be useful in a Chaos civil war.

Thirteen ponders Kirsten surviving the Varnian Blood Feeding. The word 'blood' makes an appearance in casual conversation approximately fifteen thousand times in twenty minutes. Yr. Gntl. Log Kpr. is cordially appalled.

Kirsten is having difficulties with having a vial of Uber vampire blood to assimilate. Sentient cow-blood isn't good enough and Thirteen is not remotely interesting in sharing his blood, so he acquires some Chaosite blood from some of Amber's captives. Kirsten is having some issues with controlling the powers of the antediluvians and the powers roil around the room for awhile before she subsides into slumber.

Picks up enough power to make ammo for his pistols and a rifle.

Sets up an air elemental/swanmaid/Zariel recon team for the battle and then trumps Toriana to arrange for her to help him mess up Logrus masters during the battle.

Does secret stuff. [Log keeper takes a nap.]

The battle begins. Diego is recon. Fineas directs. Jacob waits for Logrus or major magical activity so he can screw with it.

Nothings really happening with the Logrus, so he and Tori trump in 1500 Persians on horseback to flank the enemy cavalry. THAT earns a Logrus tendril, which Jacob fends it off while Tori keeps the gate [barely] open. The Persians don't have guns, but they have bows with better range and rate of fire. Looks good. Flora opens up Gatling guns from a high spot on approaching beast men. Beastmen go for the western harbor first and Diego brings his crab men out of the surf to pin them on the peninsula that the forts are on, effectively pinning them between the forts and the crabs.

On the east side, Rinaldo and an army of hash-smoking religious zealots are storming in toward the eastern harbor fort, in hopes of drawing the eastern forces down.

At one point Toriana figures out that Chaosites are using coins on every single magical effect and Logrus use, so when a group of 3 or 4 tries to use Logrus to move away, she unbinds the presumed coin, which unbinds the Chaos Lords OTHER coins, which basically releases chaotic magical effect over a two-mile area. The Aquitaine general start firing cannon into the mess. Most of the Persian horsemen have changed or die. A cannon hits Chinaway. He's looked much better... it might not have killed him outright if the coin-release hadn't turned his armor into monarch butterflies.

With Chinaway's death, the other Hendrakes coin-teleport to the ocean and run like crazy. Jacob informs Griv of the Hendrake power shift.

Goes to van Klatka's castle to negotiate a peace accord (while prominently displaying the Uber Vamp's head. Von Klatka is quite interested in seeing the writing on the wall. They discuss how to work out how to fight together -- Thirteen explains the Field Ration Cows -- distasteful, but workable.

Thirteen repeats this process ad nauseum until he's collected up a very respectable group of vampire allies.

This all goes swimmingly until he encounters the Glencora earth witches. The head priestess arranges for a 'private audience' with Thirteen, but he's not entirely sure that that's such a good idea.

Sends the Oscray back with awards and gear and glitteries. Sends the Persians to Carnival except for the four hundred or so Persians who need to be fixed in some way due to the raw magic.. The legionnaires enjoy the great big orgy party that follows [as do the other troops].

Does a little "I Killed Chinaway" dance. Tori goes to Tir Tairngire to teleport Tanitheel to the other side [the moon]. Does that. Trumps back to Amber. Somewhere in here also lets people know that her current intelligence on the Courts indicates that Corwin, Bleys and Benedict are all still alive. Corwin is possibly hiding away at his own Pattern, Bleys is roving the Shadows around the Courts in something of a mad stupor, and Benedict is the guest of the Queen of Air and Darkness (who actually beat him in a fight during Patternfall -- her true identity, such as it applies to someone of her nature, is unknown).

Triage's the wounded, contains Tor the captured Hendrake [no Logrus, no Sorcery.] Chats with Gerard, who finds him oddly bloodthirsty. Gerard gets his stern look on and tells Diego not to do things in public that make commoners think less of the Family. Diego gets defensive.

Recaptures the Shandora capitol. Tori destroys the necro-gate Hendrake was using. Gives thanks to everyone involved. Sees to cleaning up the battlefield (silver cannonballs are niiiiice). Works out the logistics of recovery in the area. Sets up some of the hero generals, esp. Prince Jugen. Works out particulars of payment for services rendered with General Bono.

Mentions the 'bastard list' of bad Amber offspring to Gerard and needing to see that several of them are not only left alone but killed.

Glencora finds Thirteen, that is, his arguments, quite compelling, although she'd prefer not to have to deal with vampires. It all looks good for the next big offensive against the Evil South.

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November 20, 2002
Headline News - Session 19

La cita

"City back to normal after the Gala attack"

"Noble's hit the Bricks; Fitness the new in thing amongst the Noble Houses"

"Gas lamps proposed for City lighting"


"City Guard's performance criticized after Attack"

"Lady Dara's Hellmaids new bearers of the Broken Pattern"

Le Progres

"Is Caridwen off the Market? Her regulars want to know"

"In the spirit of Prince Diego's Investiture the Girls of the Street of Silk Veils to auction off the dresses that they wore the Princes' Rinaldo's and Diego's Investitures. Proceeds to go to the war effort.

The Herald Unicorn

"Princess Toriana takes a long holiday in Lynxia"

"Clackers come to Dom-Daniel"


"Prince Fineas in a hiring frenzy: What you need to know to get a job at his Villa"

"Physical trainers the new growth industry: How you can get a job by making the Noble's sweat.

The Shipping News

"The Vulnavian trade fleet leaves, a flurry of activity on the Docks"

"The Prince Caine shrine in need of repairs"

Die Tageszeitung

"Prince Diego's Dom-Daniel Hotel under going rushed expansion and upgrades"

"HRH Princess Morwyn feel right at home in the Throne"

Gazeta Mercantil

"Grande Promenade and Rue de Kolver Shops open for business after Gala attack"


"Der Spiel and A Print Above to publish works from the fiction section of the Tir Tarngir Library"

"The Latest revelation from the Tir Tarngir Library: Amalthea a shapeshifting Unicorn Fancier"

"The poetry of Prince Tybalt of Tir Tarngir"

The Royal Way

"Princess Flora weathers Prince Diego's Wrath"

"Will our Randy Princes marry their Women? Duchess Lornya Fields this question for us"

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November 17, 2002
session 19 log

Session 19: A Brat, a Cat, and Things that Turn into Bats

Toriana turn one
endeavors to determine ways to manipulate the protective energy used by the queen of air, and darkness. trumps in her loyal entourage , and goes looking for similar energy across shadow, getting some exercise, goes to a place with fractal distortions in the sky, one strange tree, and a nasty aura. after a preliminary investigation trumps back to L with her ensemble.

Diego turn one
Llewella wakes up with limbs, and is extremely happy
Llewella and moire accept invitations to the party in the grand ballroom of his hotel in Dom Daniel..the Casa Diego
Diego invites Dara to celebration
leaves Marsha in amber to make sure the victims are taken care of, run hospitality hall, and get some trade contracts signed
the public image recovery process
gets Gerard to sign papers authorizing time off for the mass memorial service, and a fiscal balm for the victim's families
regenerates the injured, and....
1-some food goes to charity, 2- some items hand delivered to the grieving (posh care packages), with signed note from Diego expressing sympathy for their loss, and mentioning the loss of his own family to Chaosite influenced factions, 3- hold the chorus of tribute, same time the next day, and mention the other fallen, 4-the Vulnavian and some contract entertainers provided free of charge for memorial related services, 5-After remaining closed for a day out of respect. the hospitality hall remains open for people to visit at their leisure throughout the week with some displays from the victory hall, and auction room. - the overall volume of the auction is reduced, and converted to a silent auction with minimum bids. excess goods to be considered for gifts, and the Rebman celebration, 6- some excess rum is once again provided to rangers, and royal guards, 7- many items are transported to Rebma in preparation for the Diego/Llewella is well bash, 8-the famous Dogelli brothers from shadow Baskerville are tapped for creating high grade publication engravings with roughs sent to the subjects depicting Amberites in heroic battle (as always -tramp excepted, Morwyn included), 9-ads taken out in all papers expressing sympathy, with content similar to the note first sent to grieving. 10- donate the wildlife to the amber noble's publicly available zoo. 11- has personal staffers assist family businesses in recovery by filling in for a dead or injured

Fineas turn 1
brings back Bono, his napoleon from shadow. he recruits Tanitheel to help in returning Bono's family to him, and meets her as she is talking to an entomologist. discusses field officer recruitment with his new prize general, and takes the first movements towards recruitment.

Thirteen turn 1
looks to developing, and enhancing military force, and consolidating leads while impressing the natives of Halloweentown
meets with staff. Baran investigates Fandrel. people are sent out to find anti-razor beaks. badger and Sabine steal supplies/ works on finding gold, and light cavalry.

Jacob turn 1
gets healing from locals
pulls an Eastwood, and plays with pain
heads to Texorami
talks with Gerard about attuning to the jewel, signs out some money. and pulls out the gem.

Toriana turn 2
spends time working on spells while the troops recoup. practices manipulating energy, practices a little metallurgy, makes some trumps, talks to the tramp, returns to the tree with the nasty aura, and siphons energy.

Diego turn 2
sends some tobacco. and a barrel of rum to Rinaldo, as well as people to help in finding him a residence, and a party invite
prepares for the employee reward party- creates wards and enchantments
after testing an assortment of alcoholic beverages with Kylikki, has her go gently to sleep to avoid any unpleasantness
in party attendance are for various intervals are Rinaldo, Kelamon, moire, Llewella, Morwyn, ass. merchants from amber, Tanitheel, sir Bors, select amber royal guards, and select Rebmans, and Dom Daniel natives in addition to plentiful Vulnavian staffers. Toriana is not invited due to her gross abuse of party privileges. 4 bands play.the famous Vulnavian knife dance is performed Diego's select personal cafe/party band closes with a highly infectious new composition called the "tu madre es puta polka" , another veiled tramp slam. Diego goes to his room, and works for a couple hours after the party, then snuggles up to Kylikki.

Fineas turn 2
goes to bring in select under commanders for his general, meets a promising one at an inn for supper, has a pleasant and productive meal discussing loyalties, and logistics, as well as gaining information on the perceived competence of his prospective military leaders.

13 turn 2
gets troops
Alexander shines, and aids in troops integration
a castle assault plan is discussed
new troops acclimate while newer troops are coerced
a ridiculous challenge of strength happens that brings some more people in line

Jacob turn 2
gets a trump and coordinates on their supply chain with Fineas
finally attunes to the jewel of amber, then discusses pattern candidates with Gerard before heading back to Texorami where he speaks with Adelai. he speaks with Griv about pattern candidate, and Griv recommends about 20. Adelai has 2 container ships "available" for Jacob.

Toriana turn 3
trumps away from the death tree, and play with it's sapped energy like so much silly putty, and looks to a new source of similar mystic energy. finds a mountainside with a giant black cat statue the size of 2 elephants. gets a really solid energy drain going that frees a massive winged cat.

Diego turn 3
feels lost out of Rebma, trumps moire, and gets a rain check for a lunch engagement.ponders new ways to justify moire contact. trumps Llewella, and shows a massage therapist the way to work on her. is given carte blanche with a trump artist, and has him work on trumps of his homeland, and top military officers for himself and Morwyn. then goes to get an army of fierce carnivorous wasps in diabolical shadow. he stores them in an unoccupied shadow, and leaves them some food to help his army grow.

Fineas turn 3
goes out to first get an artillerist that comes highly recommended, and who is about to go out into battle. discusses extraction, and extracts. learns Bono's wife is demanding, and requires 20 servants. get Bono set to meet with troops, and discusses military plans with him. discovers the Hendrak ghouls are on the march and that likely he will need to move sooner then anticipated.

13 turn 3
Fandrel's submitted
Glencora folks discussed (theocracy-female druids)
Derkon the affable necromancer called in, who scares Kirsten
plots to attack a 9 ft. tall gorilla-like uber vampire that hunts in the Danube. swan maids are brought in.

Jacob turn 3
uses a jet plane, and puts his air elemental inside
sacks to supply ships. showing an unpredictable streak of mercy.
trumps Fineas and makes for a coherent supply chain. discovers Griv has 20 candidates ready for broken pattern, who hate chaos, but might not return the favor of being given broken pattern when asked.

Toriana turn 4
sucks the cat statue dry of energy. like flora on a sailor (well...o.k., not exactly like that). the cat creature comes back and and lands it's massive tonnage down. in it's conversation with Toriana it reveals it was imprisoned over 2000 years ago by Dworkin, and grants her a stone made from it's blood, and that she may call on it for a minor favor. Toriana mentions that Dworkin was tight with the queen of air and darkness. Heinrich doesn't trust the stone.

Diego turn 4
shadow travels to find the booty of 2 large freshly sunken colonial armadas. and via the aid of over a thousand clackers, and his Rebman trump artist he is able to have the storage capacity of the casa Diego exhausted, and has to move some of his people to other locations, and sends 1000 clackers to join the rebman army. provides the Rebman trump artist with a generous commission
prepares to attune, and march into battle.

Fineas turn 4
preps for battle trumps a potent ensemble of relatives including, Toriana, Diego, Jacob, the Kolvir harlot, and other major personalities. the Hendrake shape shifter is caught, and put on ice for Diego to dissect. tactics discussed

13 turn 4
vampires suppressed and oppressed
Danube gorilla vampire destroyed
Dara gets ahead Kirsten gets a blood snack and acts like she has had 10 bowls of super sugar children's breakfast cereal.

Jacob turn 4
powers up 20 of Griv's people and one dies, moves to help Fineas

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November 12, 2002
Session 18

When Manticora's attack!

Starting Points:

Fineas - Amber
13 - Dom-Daniel
Toriana - Amber
Jacob - Texorami
Diego - Amber


-Jacob seeks out and meets with Adali Niszka. They discuss the need to get a
hold of supplies and food. Adali suggests a container ship and knows where to
get one.

-Jacob is trumped by Gerard and is brought to Amber. The discuss the Jewel of
Amber and that Gerard feels all of the younger generation should be attuned to
it. Jacob gets ready for Diego's investiture and Gala.


-Talks to Gerard about her plan to rescue Benedict. Gerard wants to know who
she is planing to involve in her plan. She tells him Dara, Moire and maybe
someone else.


-Finalizes his Gala plans.

-Goes off to talk to Kelamon. She gives him a real trump of Lynxia. He heads
off to where he has stashed Dante's concubines and picks out Kylliki to
accompany him to Lynxia. In disguise he gets a room and passes the tab off on
to Gerard. While she prances around trying to get him to pay attention to her,
he works on conjured items and spells. When he gets done he joins her on the
bed and (don-DON-Don) he whips out Mojo....Fade to black.

-Diego removes her Chaosian brandings using his shapeshifting.

-Leaving her there he heads to Rebma where he showers Queen moire and HRH
Morwyn with flowers and other gifts. He talks to them about the war, his Tir
Tarngir front and Dom-daniel.


-With a cunning plan in his mind Fineas barrows on of the Royal fleet's Sloops
O'war Punisher and headed out in search of an Idea. He needed to find a great
General to help him with Avignon army. and spent some time searching several
islands for the combination that he was looking for. Soon he finds La Isla
D'Elbo and makes contact L'Emporer.

-Heads back to amber for Diegos's investiture and Gala.

-A note is passed...secret stuff.

-Back in Amber he plays with Tori's safe and gets ready. Checks up on the
Library and finds out that Diego had taken one of the Index Globes. He trumps
diego and talks to him about it. He can see that it is sitting in Llewella's
bedroom with Diego and Moire. Fineas rags on Diego a bit about taking the globe
(really he is just upset that Diego had given it to Moire) and tells him that he
will see him at his investiture. Before he signs off, Diego talks to him about the
Tir Tarngir front.

-Fineas trumps his mother and they talk about the Library and the Globes and
when would she be allowed to access to them. The Gala comes up and Fineas'
mother freaks him out when she proposes that she go as his Date. After much
herrumphing she kids him about it and tells him that she will go as one of his


-13 Meets with Boran to get him fulfill his contract to Amber. 13 is bemused by
Boran's confession that he didn't know Toriana was at Gwyneth's Palace when he
went there in service to another boss, and that Toriana and Jacob started the
attack and he was just defending himself. 13 laughed and told him that it
probably did her some good. He asked if their was going to be a conflict of
interest with his other employer and Boran told him no. Boran has reserved a
table at a great restaurant for them.

-13 tells Boran about the death of Swayvill and Boran slightly freaks. He tells
13 that he needs to go and tell his other employer this great news and heads

-13, Sabin, Badger, Jurgen, Gertruda go to several of the useful schools and
passes this info on to them as well.

-Everybody meets back up at the Restaurant and has a fantastic dinner.
Afterward they trump back to Castle Yohannes.


-Trumps Jacob just before he attunes to the Jewel of Amber and talks to him
about the Rescue of Benedict from the Queen of Air and Darkness. Jacob is not
very thrilled by this and tells Tori so.


Gerard shows him Lirazel's recording of Benedicts last fight and he is
impressed. He attunes to the Jewel.

The Gala

It all started off well. Much to Diego's surprise Gerard signed his Vulnavian
trade treaties. and the investiture part went fine. Jacob, Fineas Toriana (who
brought Flora as her guest), HRH Morwyn, Rinaldo all showed up. Security was
heightened more then normal. It all started to go down hill after Diego's short
ten minute speech. Toriana and Flora were the first to notice something wrong
when six large Manticora's (the mythic beast) were brought in via Logrus tendril.
Gerard and Diego went after the beasts, Fineas, Jacob and Rinaldo went after
the Logrus masters, and Toriana trumped to the castle. 13, Sabin, and Badger
showed up fashionably late and went about defending the castle from threats.
Sabine and Badger helped Chungo and Elmore with the magical defenses while 13
went and found his Boys anti-tank gun to try and kill off anything that could
been seen in the city. Diego and Gerard managed to kill all of the beastie
Manticora's (with some help from others), Gerard came out of the battle with a
few scrapes and bruises. Diego (in uber-clacker form) was not as lucky when one
of the Manticora's rolled over on him giving him the carapace of many fissures.
Jacob took on two of the Logrus masters and was victorious (Gerard joined in
later). He put on a clinic on hand to hand fighting for the people of Amber. He
took some pretty heavy damage and managed to crawl away (after the two logrus
master were dead) and trump Hunac and Inzomna. Fineas was mister flash and
dash he killed his Logrus maser with much flourish. When Toriana got to the
castle she went and got the Jewel of Amber to help her in defending the castle.
She went to the roof top and scanned the city for more Logrus masters and did
her best to frustrate the use of magic and logrus. when 13 got to the roof he
set down his chair, lit a cigar and sighted in on the city. As he was searching the
city for a good target he saw a Chaosian about to shoot a crossbow at somebody
(later it turned out to be Flora and Dara) so he fired at him first. 13's bullet
hit the crossbowman in the shoulder (taking the guy's arm off). The
crossbowman changed in to a millepede and fled in to the streets. Toriana, HRH
Morwyn and some handy Tridents managed to stop him before he got out of the
harbor. One of the Chaosians that Jacob shot is still alive and is taken to the
castle for safe keeping.


-after he got to safety of Hunac and talked to Inzomna for a bit, he trumped
Nelson and went to Texorami to recover from his wounds.


-After all of the excitement of the Gala, Toriana went back to work on her
Blood/mandala/machine that she was building to rescue Benedict.

-Talks to Jacob some more about the rescue of Benedict and the fact that Dara
is really Benedicts daughter and not some distant Grand-daughter. Jacob is not
really impressed by any of this and tells Toriana so. Toriana is a bit put off by
this, but gives Jacob a trump of Lynxia anyway.


-13 et al have a good time going through the remains of Diego's gala and trade
fair. They find some really good food and drink and join up with Rinaldo, Fineas,
Ky Tung and Fineas' latest aide-d'camp.

-13 sends two of the Clacker bodies through to Castle Yohannes for food.


-Does the body politic good. All flash and Dash and meet and greet at the
remains of Diego's Gala.

-Checks on the one of the Chasians (one of the Logrus Masters) that was
captured and decided that since it was brain dead (but if it recovered it would
be a risk to the castle) he should kill it. So he did. He chops the head off and
puts it in to a box with a witty note from him to the head of House Manticora
and was going to have it shipped via Lirazel and the Basilisks.


-Heals in a way that makes the natives of Lynxia uncomfortable to be around.
Goes back to Gala. Creeps out HRH Morwyn.

-Checks up on and finds out that Fineas had killed the Chaosian prisoner. Gets
very angry over this.


-Jacob and Nelson talk about chaos and what should be done there now that King
Swayvil was dead.

-Sends Nelson through to Amber to talk to Kelamon about getting some more

-Heals some more in Texorami.

-Finally decides to go to Lynxia.


-The Blood/mandala/machine is finally done and ready to go. Gets Moire, and
Morwyn to help her try and rescue Benedict. She beats her magical energies
against a powerfully protected wall until the Owner comes out to talk to her.
The Queen of Air and Darkness tells Tori to stop being so silly, besides benedict
was enjoying himself. Toriana demanded Benedicts release and when denied this
boon insulted and threatens the Queen of Air and Darkness. Soon Tori tires of
this and starts to refine some new plans to rescue Benedict.


-Talks to Gerard about money. Is shocked by how much is in the treasury.

-Talks to Gerard about Toriana, the Queen of Air and Darkness, and Benedict.


-Talks to Kylliki about a position on his staff. She agrees readily.

-Talks to Kelamon about Trumps and Trump defenses.

-Visits Queen Moire and Llewella and checks on Llewella's progress.

-Talks to Moire about Tir Tarngir and what would be the best way to attack it.
Moire professes to be more knowledgeable about Navel warfare, but gives Diego
a few good ideas to get him started.

-Talks to Moire about the Tir Tarngir Library.

-Works on his Tir Tarngir battle Plan.

-Tanitheel and Evelyn decide to help Diego in Tir Tarngir.


-Tals to Gerard Tori, her Jewel of Amber safe, and her plan to rescue Benedict.
Fineas sees no good coming of it. Gerard try's to get Fineas to watch the replay
of Benedicts last battle, but Fineas bulks when he finds out that the box is
powered by the blood of the viewer. He seems to think that this box is being
used by the Basilisks to collect genetic samples of anybody of anybody who views
it. He seems to feel that the box should be destroyed.

-Trumps back to his Sloop 'o War and soon finds his perfect general. He takes
the little gut on a tour of Arden and convinces the General to join his cause in


-Checks in with Mariana and finds that she is doing a very good job at making
the new Villa run like clock work. Though she tells him that she wants Brownies
like Prince Fineas has.

-Heads back to Castle Yohannes and meets with the whole gang about the battle
plans. Boran tells him that the battle that he had yesterday went better then
expected and that the Fire mage's lands are now ours. A list of troop needs are
given to 13 to find and gather.

Ending points:

Jacob - Lynxia
Toriana - Amber
13 - Castle Yohannes
Fineas - In Arden with L'Emporer and his Grande Armee
Diego - Rebma, getting ready to go to Tir Tarngir

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November 05, 2002
Headline News - Session 18

La cita

"Prince Diego Slams Princess Flora in short Speech"

"House Manticora Attacks During Prince Diego's Investiture"

"Prince 13 Holds court in Dom-Daniel's Swanky Aix restaurant: Local Powerful Mages Feted"


"Ill timed attack rocks Amber's sense of safety"

"Prince Diego speaks ill of his betters during short speech"

Le Progres

"Are Prince Rinaldo and Caridwen Exclusive?"

"Are Virgins overrated?"

"The return of Gauche: One Drunk dredges up Prince Diego's Gala"

The Herald Unicorn

"Prince Jacob Kicks butt and takes Names during battle says eyewitness"

"Prince Diego: a return to the pettiness of the past?"

"House Manticora Attacks During Prince Diego's Investiture"

"A Bad Girl Makes Good: Dante's Byatch Kyllikki Snags Prince Diego in Lynxian Love Nest"

"Brownies: the must have household item for this year"


"Princes Fineas and Rinaldo save the day"

"Prince Fineas' shot saves Princess Flora and Lady Dara"

The Shipping News

"The Docks lightly damaged during battle"

"No Ships or Warehouses Damaged during battle"

Die Tageszeitung

"Prince 13 a no show at Prince Diego's Investiture: What did he know and when did he know it"

"House Manticora Attacks During Prince Diego's Investiture"

"Dame Kelamon explains all: the apple of her eye Princess Toriana"

"Prince Diego's home Shadow of Vulnavia a souce wonder based on displays at Gala"

Gazeta Mercantil

"Regent Gerard inks Vulnavian trade deal, Prince Diego seemed shocked"

"Small bidding war over Vulnavian trade goods"

"Glitzy Grande Promenade and Rue de Kolver Shops damaged in attack"

"Rodrigo the Singing Clacker get's exclusive contract in Rebma"

O Povo

"Prince 13 brings out the big gun"

"Last gasp attack ends House Manticora's threat to Amber"

"The Fighting Men of Amber: Regent Gerard and Prince Jacob"

"The Wonders of Vulnavia: A rare, behind the scenes look at the Wonderful things that were on display at Prince Diego's Gala's"

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Headline News - Session 17

La cita

"Is Prince-to-be Diego’s Gala just a thinly disguised Trade Scam"

"The death of the King of Chaos: is the War over?"

"Johrom’s best come to Amber: Azvan and his Mother are Princess Flora’s Guests at Rinaldo’s Investiture"


"King Swayvill Dies"

"Prince-to-be Diego’s investiture delayed"

"Is Regent Gerard’s reign the "Golden era" of Amber?"

Le Progres

"Ambrosia, Caridwen and Veronica do there best not to outshine Amber’s "legit" ladies"

"The Girls do their part for Amber; A review of Prince Rinaldo’s Post investiture party"

The Herald Unicorn

"Will the death of King Swayvill’s prompt chaos in Chaos?"


"Interview with a Lady: Prince Fineas’ Ky Tung"

"Top Ten reason’s we like Princes Fineas and Rinaldo"

The Shipping News

"Vulnavian trade fleet pays Amber a visit"


"An Ode to Peace"

"Lost Poems of Ganelon Found in Rebman Used book store; a 4 part Series"

"Reviews of Books from the Tir Tarngir Library"

Die Tageszeitung

"Princess Toriana and PTB Diego; No shows at Prince Rinaldo’s Investiture"

Gazeta Mercantil

"Are trade wars in the wind?"

"Prince-to-be Diego invests in Dom-Daniel"

Royal Way

HRH Morwyn Discuss’ the healing of Princess Lewella"

"Princess Flora cuts a fashion swath through Prince Rinaldo’s Investiture"

"Is Green hair the new Purple? Princess Flora’s new Man Chomali"

"Steal this look: The Gowns and fashions of HRH Morwyn, Princess Flora, Lady Dara, and Ky Tung"

"Who’s Who, what do they like, and what are they like: a Guide to the new Royal’s of Amber"

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October 29, 2002
Cry Havoc Session 17

"The King has left the building!"



Thirteen spends quality time with the regent Gerard. They discuss the Jewel of Amber, (not to be confused with the Jewel of Judgment) and Gerard indicates his desire that several of the cousins attune to it in the event it is needed in battle. The conversation moves to Rinaldo's investiture celebration and the upcoming gala for Diego. From there, Thirteen shares his plan about creating shadow paths from the Helgram areas to Tir Tarngir in the hopes the two houses will interfere with each other. Gerard has no problem with that plan and Thirteen takes this as tacit approval to begin. After his discussions with Gerard, Thirteen spends some time with Sabine to help her learn how to use her new Broken Pattern abilities. They decide to do on the job training, so Thirteen gathers his weirmonken entourage and heads off into shadow. While tutoring Sabine in the fine art of moving through shadow, Thirteen begins to sense he is being followed. After a while he tries to double back on the shadow trail to catch his follower but is not immediately successful.


Fineas continues staffing his new villa and heads to Arden to collect ten of his better samurai as personal guards. He brings them back and gets them settled when he learns that Rinaldo has set his investiture celebration for that evening. Fineas contacts Ky-Tung and brings her through to the villa to prepare for the festivities. He alerts his publicist, rounds up suitable Napoleonic period attire, prepares his envenomed dagger and sleeve derringer, and generally makes arrangements for the festivities.


Diego makes the final arrangements for his gala. He is trumped by Llewella who is understandably anxious to undergo his new treatment to accelerate her limb regrowth. He informs her to be ready to begin in about four hours as he is detained with final preparations. He next trumps Torianna and requests that he be given access to Gwyneth's seized property for auction to fund his campaign against the Gryphons. She cavalierly agrees to give him everything but the trumps. Next on his agenda is a brief personal invitation to Dara, thanking her for her help in Tir Tarngir. She accepts and he quickly moves on to perform a bit of larceny, taking one of the four remaining library globes without asking and delivering it straight to Queen Moire. He then summons his concubines for a repast, during which he drains his own blood into jars for use in Llewella's treatment.


Tori presumably spends time constructing a safe repository for the Jewel of Amber as well as some other secret stuff.


Jacob trumps his associate Billybo and warns him to expect some nice horses for care and training, along with a tribe of newly recruited warriors. He then sends his new associate Santee to the Arden ranger station for advanced hand to hand training and hellrides off into the sunset to locate more Indian style warriors. He searches until he finds a shadow where the tribes are still strong but facing impending encroachment from more technologically advanced cultures. He sets the stage to present himself as a holy spirit, offering a path to a better destiny. With Zariel in tow and some minor weather manipulation he manages to convince the natives to arrange a great council to discuss his prophecy of doom and destruction.


Thirteen finally gets a vague visual on his follower. He tries to drop it with his crossbow, but only manages to wing the obviously shapeshifting figure. It manages to slip away in a heavily forested area. As he is about to try and track it down, he is trumped by Gerard and is pulled back to Amber to attend Rinaldo's ceremony and celebration. After getting cleaned up Thirteen attends and notices that Rinaldo has two women on his arms, Caradwen and Veronika. He begins the mingling process, targeting Dara for some future private conversations.


Fineas attends the ceremony and celebration with Ky-Tung in tow. He is pulled aside by Gerard after the ceremony and asked to attune to the Jewel of Amber when it is convenient. For Fineas, the addition of personal power is always convenient so he immediately goes with Gerard and attunes to it on the spot. They then discuss Chandora, Tir Tarngir and the situation in general for a while until Fineas is recovered enough to return to the party. Fineas works the crowd, but is careful not to outdo his brother. A short while later, all present feel a powerful psychic wave of magical energy emanating from the direction of Chaos. A local source is identified as Lirazel's abode, so Fineas rounds up some guards to carefully investigate.


Diego begins his treatment of Llewella after elaborate methods to put her at ease beforehand, including a comical softshoe routine with Rodrigo, the Horseshoe Crab of Blinding Bliss. When the time comes, Diego makes his body available to Llewella as a sort of prosthetic suit, force-feeding nutrients directly to the stumps and stimulating nerve tissue growth. It's all very disturbing.Together they enter a healing trance that lasts for some hours. After four hours and the judicious application of his blood, he is able to slip away to begin his own recuperation. He too suddenly feels the psychic wave but does not learn until later what it heralds. After contacting Amber, he learns of Tori's explanation.


Jacob meets the great council and details what horrible things they can expect in the near future. He offers them a way out if they will follow him to new lands where they will have to fight but will be free of the current dangers facing them. The natives are cautious and do not immediately agree, but tell Jacob they will think on it and discuss amongst themselves. Jacob replies that he will return in one moon's time and make the offer again. He soon feels the disturbance from chaos and trumps Toriana. She alerts him to what has happened. Apparently the King of Chaos has kicked the bucket and the geas has come off. They exchange a few details and Jacob signs off to trump his spy Griv. Griv confirms what Tori told him and they discuss the best way to take advantage. Griv is concerned that Amber will want to put another despot on the throne rather than allowing a non feudal structure to take its place. Jacob puts him at ease somewhat, but does not make any promises. Jacob alerts Griv of the necessity to use trump sketches frequently to maintain their link.


Emerging from secrecy, Toriana has been querying Lirazel about the fate of other elders when the wave hit. Lirazel was stricken briefly but recovered to share the good news of Swayvill's death with Tori. She then offers Tori a recording of the last battle of Benedict. She explains that Benedict killed about eighty foes before being finally defeated by the Queen of Air and Darkness. The Queen sounds scary and is really old and powerful. She appears to have taken Benedict alive and is reputed to be a great trainer of heroes. No one knows if Benedict recovered or what his current disposition is. They discuss the likely response of Hendrake and other houses to the death of Swayvill. Tori then contacts the rest of the family to call a meeting to discuss the new situation. She trumps to the celebration and informs Gerard what has transpired.


After learning of the demise of Swayvill, Thirteen corners Dara at the celebration and asks her intentions with the changed situation. She informs him that she is committed to Amber now and is pleased that the geas has dropped from her chaosian side of the family. She warns that Chinaway is determined to kill Gerard for personal glory and is unlikely to ease up on the Hendrake offensive until Gerard is dead. She does not elaborate on why Chinaway has a hard on for Gerard but thinks the rest of the house would likely wish to return to chaos to advance their claim to the throne. Thirteen asks Dara how she would feel about helping against the Helgram offensive and she indicates some interest. She makes no hard promises but gives Thirteen the impression she is not overly fond of that side of her family.


Fineas returns to the party and listens to Toriana's explanation of events. He then pulls Gerard aside and discusses at length what should be done on the various fronts and what the likely repercussions would be. The status of Tir Tarngir is of particular interest and they speculate on what House Gryphon may do now. The consensus is they have a sweet deal in Tir and are unlikely to abandon it, though they may use their armies to move against the other chaosians rather than Amber. Fineas suggests making a stronger bargain with Basilisk, offering to support their puppet choice for the throne of Chaos in return for help purging the other houses from the Amber shadows. The possibility of using House Gryphon for that task is discussed. Before the party ends, Fineas returns to catch Flora before she slinks away with her boy-toy. He asks her for assistance in obtaining certain specialists from shadow Earth. In particular he asks for mathematicians, numerologists and cryptographers to analyze certain texts in the library, Oberon's book of poetry for one. She seems amused and agrees to put her staff to work assisting in this endeavor.


Early in the morning following the party, Jacob trumps Fineas to catch up on things and offer his apologies to Rinaldo for missing the party. They discuss much of what has transpired and compare notes on what they are doing. Fineas asks Jacob for help in obtaining the logistical material needed to sustain one hundred thousand troops for a campaign in Chandoria. He suggests boosting a cargo vessel loaded with preserve foodstuffs and transferring the cargo to sailing vessels to bring it closer to Chandoria. Jacob has no problem with that and bids him farewell after the short breakfast. He then seeks out Toriana for some trump help, gets caught up with her doings and convinces her to come to Texorami to make a few strategic trumps. He leaves her to her work and lets the retainers have a little fun exploring.


Having recovered sufficiently after gorging himself, Diego makes a desultory appearance at Rinaldo's party. Things have gotten quite lively and Diego hooks up with a random socialite lady for an evening of carnal activity. In the morning he sets out to establish his own villa, bringing along the Gryphon concubines. He gets them set up in style, more or less running his local household and then contacts Morwyn to see if she is free yet. Sadly, Morwyn is still saddled with official duties but expects to be able to make his gala in a couple of days. Diego offers his best men as additional security for her visit and coordinates as best he can. He then sees to more final preparations for the gala, establishing pre appointments for those nobility involved in trade to see what wares his shadow has to offer.


Thirteen pays a visit to his favorite part of the castle, the dungeon. He interrogates the prisoners for their take on the death of Swayville and receives predictable answers. Alkazaar seems hopeful of his early release and Thirteen holds out that possibility to get more information. He finds out a little more about the Queen of Air and Darkness, what the various houses are likely to do. Kirron is a little less talkative at first and claims Amber attacked the Gryphon's unjustly. Stifling his laughter, Thirteen hears him out and is told much of the Gryphon force will likely be re-engaged in a new chaosian civil war. Thirteen leaves him with the thought that he too might be allowed to go home soon.

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October 19, 2002
Headline News!

La cita

"The last of the Chantris' warehouses emptied in anticipation of coming
military engagements"

"Prince 13's Cheats death in Tir Tarngir"


"Amber forces retreat from Gryphon held territory"

"Prince Fineas' Heroic effort in the defense of Tir Tarngir"

"The treasure's of Tir Tarngir: What secrets does it's ancient library hold?"

"Prince-to-be Diego's post-Investiture Gala to be biggest in Amber since
King Oberon's Last wedding"

The Herald Unicorn

"Princess Flora finds love in Johrum"

"Llewella's Savior: Prince-to-be Diego providing new healing therapy"


"Has the Royal Family Abandoned its duties to the People of Amber"

"Princess Toriana - A Rebman in Amber; Can a calm cool head tame the

"Prince-to-be Rinaldo's investiture this week: Is he as great as his Brother?"

The Shipping News

"House Miramon finds new source of silver, Family stock rising"

O Povo

"Prince 13's new flame: Vampire teen girl?"

"From Badgrrl to Good-Girl: Lady Dara saves the day in Tir Tarngir"

Gazeta Mercantil

"Amber trade with the GCK's returns to normal after defeat of Chaosian

Die Tageszietung

"Prince Jacob's shame: Slaughter in Hunac"

"Prince Jacob Ruins Prince-to-be Diego's Investiture: Queen Moire Cancels"

Le Progres

"Ten new sexual techniques that will have her sitting up and begging for more!"

"Ambrosia's top ten trick tips"

"Prince-to-be Rinaldo leaves Caridwen Breathless"

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October 07, 2002
Game Log - Session 16

Session 16

Toriana is in the castle trying to put together the information given to her throughout the last few hours. Gerard trumps her and asks her to come talk to him and Flora (Secret Stuff Happens).

Jacob trumps Kelamon and asks for a gate in 5 hours time. She asks where he wants it and Jacob shows him. He then trumps Gerard and tries to find out if his dad had a journal. Gerard isn’t sure, but he does tell Jacob that Flora isn’t as mad as he thinks. Jacob fails to believe it. Jacob begins to ransack the storage area for Random’s things. Jacob goes to the ranger station and checks in on his horses and asks a captain to look into a breeding program for the horses. He leaves a letter to be delivered to Gerard next time he is alone.

Diego makes a vague insult about Jacob and Fineas informs him that he needs a couple hours to prepare if Diego wants him to be effective. He then trumps Thirteen and asks him for help. Thirteen lets him know that he cannot be available for him right now. Diego then tries to trump Toriana but she is not answering right now. He then goes to call the concubines for assistance, and he gives them a trunk full of gifts he had for Moire.

[Insert more accurate-but-dismissive comments about Flora here.]

Morwyn and Diego discuss the tactics of defending the castle.

Fineas gets a trump from Sir John. They talk about the Gryphon prisoner and keeping him from using logrus. They discuss the possibilities in regards to the prisoner. They discuss ammunitions for the coming battle for Tir. Fineas asks him to speak to Toriana about help with the prisioner and how to hold him or make him forget he knows how to use logrus.

Thirteen questions the concubines and then goes to talk to Gerard about Sabine, and he gives the family tree to Gerard. They discuss the Tir problem and Gerard recommends that Sabine get some rest. Thirteen talks to the vampire about what she gets out of the feeding. He then goes to find some non sentient blood generating creatures for his pet vampire. He brings a herd of 150 cows.

Toriana trumps Diego to return his call and he asks for a teleport blocking spell when she can manage it. She goes to see Kelamon and gets a few more coins. Toriana then attempts to trump Jacob. She goes through to him and gives him a couple coins. She tries to talk to him about what happened and Flora’s reactions at this point. Sir John finds her and asks her to come help with the prisoner and to ask Dara and Larizel how to contain a pattern user.

Jacob goes through the IOU’s. He visits one of the people on the list; the harbormaster and him share a drink. Jacob and Zariel go sailing and Jacob does some diving just holding his breath. He spends the night off the coast. In the middle of the night there are a couple of thugs one comes down the stairs and Jacob kicks him to the top of the stairs. He goes to the offenders boat and lets them know this is not the boat they are looking for. He asks Zariel not to let him have any more visitors that night. He clears up the rest of the IOU’s that belonged to his dad. Jacob finds the proper bar to get in a fight with. He doesn’t kill anyone.

Diego goes drinking with his sister. He gives her the full report. They discuss the plan and she offers to be in a light trump contact to offer assistance. He offers her diagrams to the slippery maiden. They talk about trying to rescue their dad. Diego tries to guilt Moirwyn into going to his coronation.

Fineas trumps Thirteen and he takes it. Fineas requests Thirteen to make some ammo for him for the upcoming fight. He requests the ammo work in the Tir. He would also like some sneaky stuff done on his armor if he can manage it. Thirteen assigns Badger to work on the suit.

Gerard is taking Sabine, Thirteen, and Fineas to have Sabine walk the broken pattern. She is able to walk it successfully. Gerard them trumps them all back. Thirteen goes with Badger to the Tir. Fineas goes to work more on the rifle and ammo. He has a priest of the unicorn bless the sniper rifle. Fineas trumps Reynaldo to go back to the Tir. Fineas asks Reynaldo to do some illusions so that a scout would think that the Remens are still here. Reynaldo asks if he should maybe walk the pattern before the battle.

Badger and Thirteen get to the Tir and they try and stealthily stealth the suit. They get started on the bullets for Fineas and Thirteen offers up his blood for the bullets. He makes sure he gets out before the battle is under way. Thirteen is going to out looking for troops. He is specifically looking for some Swiss army troops to rescue. Thirteen is looking for about 1000 troops. He finds them and takes them back to the Helgram zone.

Toriana goes up to Tir and starts to reinforce the teleport barrier. She sees the ships start to form in the sky and trumps Diego. Toriana calls Fineas to let him know the attack is going to be forth coming. He says he already knows. After reinforcing the blocks Toriana begins to play with the weather and adversely affect the trumps. She then trumps Flora’s living kid and asks him to leave. She then goes back and tries to reinforce the wards.

Diego asks Fineas to request Dara’s help with the fight. Fineas gets her to agree to help and she would like a rifle and they ask Gerard for it. Diego’s part of the ward starts to go down. He can feel the teleport goes up and he can feel it.

Fineas is taking his time and trying to get a shot and tries to figure out where they are coming from.

Diego is trying to trump Flora. She declines to be involved.

Jacob has breakfast with his new friend and recruit. They briefly discuss their histories and what is coming forth in the future. They negotiate a contract for employment. Jacob thinks about more troop recruitment.

Diego is using pattern to battle the tendrils. He gets slightly hit by a logrus tendril. Dara seems to have come through and so have the hell maids. Fineas finally sees a black tendril and eventually he gets a shot at the guy but he has to use probability and it gets the user’s attention. Fineas shoots him again this time in the stomach and sees the flames and shoots again to be sure.

The logrus master and pattern user attacking Toriana’s section break off and come closer into the city to attack her barriers. Fineas is off to a new area because he is sure from the arrows he had given up his position with the pattern use.

Diego has to use pattern defense and jump on a tendril. It causes him a little pain. He is working on the zepplins and trying to shoot them down with arrows. Fineas is able to take out the logrus user attacking Toriana’s shields. She throws a fireball at the pattern user and they stop the fight. Toriana finds one of the Choas lords who is not using logrus and tries to link to him. He is able to resist and she pulls out a coin and tries it again and she now has him. Her guards and Hienrich are able to fight through to the Chaos lord and are able to injure him and he is kneecapped.

Diego puts up a fight while the trump gate comes up and they fight their way off. Dara lost 3 hellmaids Toriana brings the new prisioner to the castle. Everyone congratulates everyone else on a job well done. Fineas makes a point of sucking up to Dara to appreciate her efforts.

Thirteen is going on a supply run because of the entourage he is now leading around. Thirteen tries to get his army up to speed by having them learn with the ranger group. He is working his way up to a commando raid on the vampires. There is some resistance from the men on following women’s orders.

Thirteen enchantes some horses with more stamina to get where he needs to be. He dumps Volkswagen sized werewolves into the desert area close to the Tir city.

Toriana goes down to visit the prisoners. The new guy is Curon. Moire trumps Toriana when she is searching through the prisoners mind. Moire tells her that the forgetting of the logrus can be done with the jewel. After the conversation Toriana trumps Gerard and fill him in. Moire will accept Toriana’s report on what information they get from the spy. Gerard is going to get the jewel and have Toriana attempt to use it on the Chaosian.

Jacob is going after a Native American tribe troop. He comes to them when they are in a winter that they were not well supplied for. He is able to get them to listen to him. He is going to send them by Arden forest. There are rangers there that are similar to this race. Jacob trumps Griv. He inquires about the rebellion. Jacob asks for a summary on what is going on with the war in Chaos with Amber.
Diego continues to see to the wounded. He has told Gerard of the deal he made with Moire about equal access to any captured Chaos lords. Diego experiments with regenerating other people. Diego is very hungry and eats like he hasn’t had food in days. He has some contact with Gwynith.

Diego tries the regeneration on Gwynith first. She is not given a choice in the matter. He goes to look for an apartment in Dom Daniel. He is going to purchase the hotel that used to house Auntie’s apartment.

Fineas is going off in shadow looking for a merchant who sells little medals. He gets 25 of them and gathers all the survivors in Arden. He promotes them and strokes their egos. Fineas goes back to Amber to choose an estate outside the castle for himself. He goes by the Bale Vineyards to look. He finds a place and takes the brownies there and puts them to work.

Thirteen is down with Curon for his first questioning. He dopes him up and starts the questioning. The prisoner accuses them of attacking first and calls Swayville an old man. They had seven members of the family – Flora’s kids. Thirteen asks for the names of Flora’s kids Illeane, Marcus, Vaila, Sabaton, Komorra, and Tharin. He asks about their abilities – Illeane is a good warrior. Marcus is cleaver, Vaila is very beautiful. Tharin is a good fighter. Sabaton is an excellent diplomat. Thirteen inquires about there whereabouts.

Curon passes out and Thirteen is able to get a mental contact and extract the images of what Flora’s kids look like. Illeane is a prick. Vaila is a ho, Marcus is a cleaver bastard, Tharin likes slaughter. Sabaton is dull but good at negotiations. He tries to find the nexus from the tir to their house and what is their next step.

There were originally a dozen chaos lords in Tir.

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October 05, 2002
Session 15 Game quotes

-Diego to Jacob on Kammora body.
"I can cut her up and experiment on the Body"

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Othe random past Game Quotes

-Mike as Diego

(sigh) You know 200 years with out a Birthday card really hurts...

-Stan Piping in daddy doesn't love me.....


But my Daddie Does!

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October 02, 2002
Game Log - Session 15

Dr. StrangeJacob, or how I quit worrying, and learned to love the Gryphon's

Starting Points:

Fineas - Tir Tarngir
13 - Tir Tarngir
Toriana - Tir Tarngir
Jacob - Tir Tarngir
Diego - Tir Tarngir

Jacob (Yacob Tepes, to his friends)

-Voted most likely to succeed in following Cousin Kammora by Fineas, Toriana, 13,
Rinaldo, and Diego. Jumps in after the escaping Pattern using Gryphon. Just
before his leap of faith, Fineas pulls him aside and tells him to "Kill the bitch".

-Narrowly misses a cliff, shoots through some light tree branches and lands in a tropical lagoon. Spies his quarry hiding
in a froth of bubbles. Checks his guns -- Amber ammo works. Makes fateful decision to trump HRH Morwyn.

-Morwyn brings two Tritons with her. Small battle and Kammora is subdued by
the Tritons. Morwyn Trumps Flora. Jacob Trumps Diego. Jacob draws down on
both Morwyn, who insists on blocking his shot at Kamorra, and Flora. Orders Them all to stand down and Pops a cap in
Kammora's ass. Then five more caps just to be sure. HRH Morwyn leaves in a huff with her Tritons. Flora leaves in a
Huff back to Johrom. Diego Collects what's left of Kammora in a few baggies.


-In a foul mood because of the complete cluster this assault had become, he
shares his feelings with Rinaldo. From Rinaldo he finds out about the looting of
the Gryphon Palace.

-Collects weapons and armor and gives them to Ivan and Boris when he collects
them. Finds that the Remans had captured Dante Gryphon's Love slaves. (An Asiatic man and woman, a nordic woman, a tall black woman and a local -- Mediterranean looking -- woman.) Gets
pissed when the Remans refuse his orders to pass them around among themselves. (They were very concerned that Prince Jacob might want to question them.) Fineas steps in and cools the
situation off. All of the sex slaves are packed off to Amber for questioning.


-Fineas, 13 and Rinaldo have a discussion about what went wrong with the battle.
-Fineas tells them that the plan was to Capture Kammora or Dante, and then
attack later when they had a plan. His conclusion was the Toriana and Jacob
used their wonder twins powers to come up with something on their own. He was
not informed about this change in plans. Rinaldo is not to impressed with Toriana.

-General looting of the Palace. Fineas is concentrating on papers, 13 on magical
items. Soon they find the Library, of which all other Libraries are but a mere
shadows. It takes up an entire tower. Fineas pockets a book of Oberon's poetry. Fineas and 13 discuss
carting it all back to amber lock, stock and barrel. They find that there is a
whole other branch of the family out of somebody named Queen Morgana.
Rinaldo shows up and comes up with a plan to get the magic powered catalogs
back to Amber along with the books.

-13, Fineas, and Rinaldo decided that since this whole mess is Toriana's fault,
that it should be up to her to take charge and defend this place from the
Gryphons. Their decision is based on the fact that she is still the only invested
Princeling not in charge of a major Front. Stands to reason that she should be
doing something useful.


-Investigates the magical aetherline tethers and finds a way to turn them off. Pulls
Heinrick and his crew through for her protection. Finds the Ether
communication system and finds that a message had been sent about the attack
and fall of the castle (GM Retro 13 also found this out).

-Rinaldo and her have a run in, and both leave very pissed off about each other.

-Next she finds Fineas, Rinaldo, and 13 in the Library hauling things off and
copying the family tree down. Has words with Fineas about his Brother Rinaldo's
attitude. Fineas tells Toriana that it is her attitude that needs to be adjusted
and that she is currently the least liked member of the family. He also informs
her that the three of them had made the decision that she would be in charge
of Tir Tarngir as soon as the Library was safely beyond the Gryphon's reach.

-Toriana Trumps off in a huff and goes to her Lynxian condo and draws nasty
trumps of 13, Fineas and Rinaldo.


-Works on healing Tanitheel and Dante Gryphon. Gerard bleeds into her mouth
to help heal her.

- Goes to Jacob via trump. Battle ensues. Kammora becomes a giant otter to
try and escape. Big Battle (see above under Jacob).

- Jacob Trumps Toriana (who is still in a huff and in her Condo) and pulls him
through. Continues on through to Tir Tarngir and 13, Fineas, and Rinaldo.
Informs them of his deed. Talks to them about future battle plans. It is decided
to abandon Tir Tarngir to the enemy after the Library is hauled off.

-Diego Takes body back to Amber. Has plans to "investigate" it in his lab.

-Up on the roof under a full moon he talks to Gerard (who is watching over Tanitheel, who thrives on moonlight and blood) about the execution of
Kammora. He puts a good "spin" on it for Jacob's sake. After he is done
weaving a good tale for Gerard, Gerard informs Diego that Moire had accepted his invitation to attend his investiture and that this was the first time a queen of Rebma had come to Amber in something like 2,000 years. Diego makes psychic contact with the regeneration-trancing Tanitheel and figures out how to duplicate the trick. He regrows a couple of his toes within an hour.

-Diego goes off to his room for a bubble bath and lots of rum, which he drinks through a finger. As a precaution he forms his nose into a snorkel. He is very pleased with himself. Trumps his
sister Morwyn and they dish about Jacob, Flora, his Party and why Morwyn and
Moire won't be attending his big shindig. She does tell him that they will have a
big party for him down in Rebma. Also that she'd talked her mom out of recalling Amber Trump Mistress Kelamon to Rebma. Afterwards, Diego Drinks until he
passes out.


-Makes some more nasty trumps of her male Amber cousins. Moire Trumps her
and tells Tori to pass onto Jacob that he is persona non grata in Rebma. Has a
lengthy discussion with her about the future Amber/Rebman relations. Tries to
set herself up in a position to be the hinge pin of that relation. Attempts to place all the blame on Flora, who had made Trumps of the two of her children she'd met but hadn't shared the knowledge. Moire said it had come out when she mind-scanned Flora for Chaosite influences, and cleared her. Moire passed her a Trump of the other kid but requested Toriana not just off and kill him.

-Trumps Jacob and they prepare to go see Gerard.


-Pack it up, move it out, Rawhide! The library is getting moved it takes three
Amber days to do so. Toward the end the Gryphon's do some recon/probing of
the defenses. It is decided to have the sections of the library split up into five
smaller chunks and set up in different places around the Amber castle and the
Amber city.

-Fineas talks to Liam about places to set up the Library. Liam says that his
House will gladly work on finding places for the Library.

-Fineas recruits Flintwick, leader of the Tir Tarngir Brownies and then all of the
Brownies help in moving the books. They will be moved to Fineas' estate after all is done. Recruitment was made easier by the beastmens' habit of occasionally killing and eating brownies, and their masters' indifference to that habit. There are 120 of them.

-Fineas and Rinaldo have a short, terse discussion about letting their Mother
(Jasra) have access to the Library. It is decided that it is Fineas' responsibility
to figure out a way to get her into Amber without her getting caught.

-13 first Talks to Sabine and finds out that 3 days here was about 5 back in the
Helgram zone. Fineas wants some Magic assistance, so 13 is going to have to do
some troop swapping. He talks to Fenmor about getting a command staff/staff
mages for Castle Anthrax, Moves Badger, Kirsten, and Sabine to Tir Tarngir and
the leaves Jurgen and Gertruda in charge at Castle Anthrax, with some elfy-type Rangers to help out.

-13 supervises the move. Fineas sets up a defense of the castle using the
Remans. Badger and Sabine alternately search the Palace and surrounding grounds for magically hidden items while the other keeps watch. Rinaldo provides surface-to-air magical ground defenses, and all three work on the palace's wards. Kirsten finds some interesting things to bite.


-Wakes up in a cold, un-bubbly bathtub with his finger in an empty bottle of rum.
Gets dressed and checks up on Dante and Tanitheel. Satisfied with their
progress, he goes back to his home shadow with Kammora's body. Talks business
with his people and is quite distraught about Jacob's Jar o' post ghosties. He
has decided that it is up to him to defend Tir Tarngir from the Gryphon's and
heads there with gusto.

-Fineas and him Finalize the plans to defend Tir Tarngir. Fineas mentions
Hellmaids and Dara, wanting to confuse the Gryphons with apparent Hendrake personnel.


-Jacob and Toriana go to Amber to meet with Gerard about Jacob's actions.
Jacob gives an impassioned argument (using small words) Defending why he killed
Kammora. Brings up very strong evidence about Flora's knowledge, and Rebma's
lack of commitment to the defeat of the Chaosians. Brings up doubt's about
Flora's, Moire's, and Morwyn's loyalty to Amber. Toriana is in her zone. She
uses her knowledge of Rebma, Moire, Flora's culpability, and her Uber-ability to
lay gigantic guilt trips on her Father Gerard to devastating effect. Gerard is
swayed by their arguments, But for the sake of peace with Rebma he is obliged
to meet out justice on Jacob. Jacob is commanded to write an apology to
Morwyn for threatening her and is Banned from Rebma. Personally Gerard
forgives Jacob. The killing isn't much of an issue to him, threatening Flora and Morwyn is the problem.


-After all of the books are hauled out, 13 joins Badger and Sabine in their
magical tasks. No hidden items left in the castle. Wards are in place. Defenses
strengthened. Two of the Sex Slaves are brought back for Diego to talk to (the
Asian man and the Nordic woman).

-13, Badger, Sabine, Kirsten, Boris and Ivan head back to Amber for the
investiture of Diego and Rinaldo. Finds gift weapons that should work in Johrom
from Diego in his room.

-13 Goes to Sigmarin to pick up the magicoins that the machine had made.
Readjusts it and heads back to amber.

-Meets with Gerard and informs him on the situation in Johrom, the Helgram
zone, and what he thought was going to happen between Jacob and Kammora (he thought that he was going to capture her if at all possible). He also brought up his request to have Sabine walk a broken pattern. Gerard agreed to test her for survivability. 13 suggests that Gerard calls a Family meeting so Priorities, Areas of operations, and what the next tasks are going to be. Gerard agrees.


-Talks to Jacob about the defense of Tir Tarngir. They also dish about life, the
universe and everything. Ok, mostly Kammora, her death, the Rebman's and
Gerard's reaction to his killing of her.


-Spells out his hatred of Flora to Fineas, Rinaldo, and Jacob. Jacob and Diego
make nice. Jacob apologizes to Diego about pointing a revolver at his sister
(Morwyn). Hands Diego the written Apology, and Diego in turn Trumps this
letter to HRH Morwyn.

-Diego, Fineas, Jacob, and Rinaldo talk about how silly of a place Rebma is.

Ending points:

Jacob - Tir Tarngir, Planning a rear guard action.
Toriana - In Amber, Using her guilt trip ability on her Father.
13 - In Amber, Pissed off at Toriana.
Fineas - Tir Tarngir, Planning a rear guard action.
Diego - Tir Tarngir, Getting read to lead rearguard action.

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September 26, 2002
Misc Game quotes from past Games

So Toriana's a Virgin?

Well we all think that she is....

Hmm. Well the first one that pops the seal is going to hear "FFFIIISSSHHHEEERRR!"

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September 16, 2002
Session 14 Log

Cry Havoc- Session 14



Diego learns his coveted position as court physician of Rebma will not be a reality. Queen Moire releases him from any further service in the treatment of Llewella and though she is polite, she makes it clear that she wants someone else to perform that function. Diego is disappointed of course but decides to console himself in the preparations for his gala celebrating his ascendence into the royal family. He sends out a number of fancy invitations, but makes the effort to personally invite some of the more important guests such as Tanitheel. He gives her the name of his security person (Jack Snively) and asks her to contact him if there are any questions about security arrangements. Then, rather clumsily Diego produces a syringe and offers to inject Tanitheel with some of his shapeshift juice. She declines of course and the awkward moment passes. Diego leaves to speak with Sir John about stationing some of his "clickers" in the dock areas. He also decides to bring a wagon full of his personal brand rum to gift the guards. That seems to go over well, though his Clickers are limited to a few. Personal forces seem to be frowned upon in Amber itself. Continuing his preparations, he trumps Fineas to discuss the affair. Fineas takes the opportunity to fill Diego in on what was discovered in shadow and asks for military assistance. Diego agrees to help but first must make preparations and gather his force. After the conversation, Diego contacts Gerard and presents him with the slippery maiden for use in holding chaosites. He trumps Kelamon and manage to get the device into the dungeons.


Further debriefing of air elementals in the Tir area reveals a disorganized resistance to the Gryphon presence. Information comes to light that one of the Gryphons, a woman, seems to be going out solo and killing quite a number of foes. The description of her abilities leads the Amberites to believe she is one of Flora's forced offspring, probably with Pattern. She sounds formidable, so the trio decide not to try and ambush her outside the city. As they discuss this, they get a report of some sort of flying vessel. Scanning, they see a strange construct riding the ley-line towards the moon above which seems to radiate the strongest Pattern energies. The ley line stretches from the city (apparently the terminus held by Gryphon) and the moon, also presumably under Gryphon control. Zariel is sent in to scout the city, relying on a passing windstorm for cover. Diego arrives with his forces and a small group trumps through to Zariel once he finds an abandoned tower in the city. Diego is imposed upon to shapeshift and impersonate one of the local beastmen to find out more.


Despite rumors to the contrary, Thirteen has actually been seeking the Helgrams in the dark shadow areas with Sabbine and Badger. He apparently fought and destroyed a vampire lord running a small realm last session. Thirteen finds himself in a mostly vacant vampire castle, having dispatched most of the inhabitants. He is accompanied by the weir, Sabbine and an apparently friendly vampire named Kirsten. Thirteen has his limited troops secure the castle and greets the returning enemy patrols, offering them the chance to join or die. He soon has things under control, but notices the prior owner's wards are fading with his death and the nasty neighbors have started probing. He, Sabbine and Badger quickly shore up what they can and try to figure out the best way to find the Helgrams. They decide the capitol is the best place to look, but unfortunately quite a few petty realms run by the unpleasant undead in the area lie between Thirteen and the capitol. Food and supplies also seem to be a problem. Thirteen does some quick shadow resourcing and returns with some foodstuffs to at least keep his garrison in supplies for a while.


The small Amberite force takes up defensive positions in an abandoned tower. Diego shapeshifts himself and one of his henchmen to look like a pair of beastmen, then venture forth to learn what they may. Diego gets to show off his thespian skills and makes contact with a troop of beasties having an impromptu brownie barbecue. Keeping a slight mental contact with Torianna, he mentally reports his discoveries. Only two or three Gryphons take up residence in the local palace. They hold the city and send shipments up to the moon periodically. They fear the female Gryphon who hunts in the desert for sport and is known to have a fierce temper when it comes to guards slacking in their duties. After a while, the company begins to return to the palace and Diego tags along for a bit. He senses some sort of ward on the palace gete with the help of Toriana so decides not to try and infiltrate with the beastmen. Each beastman apparently carried a subcutaneous ID device which allow them to enter without setting off an alarm. Since Diego lacks such a device, he evades and escapes back to the tower to confer with the others. In the meantime, a sewer tunnel guarded only by an undine has been discovered by Zariel. Torianna, Jacob and Fineas descend into the sewer to attempt palace entry, taking care to avoid setting off hidden alarms or traps. The undine is set free of his binding by Jacob and Toriana, and then rebound to Jacob's service for a short while. The three Amberites and Zariel continue on until they are able to sneak into the palace via sewer grates and trump.


It is eventually decided Tanitheel will have to fly to the capitol and trump Thirteen there for some initial recon. She eventually gets there and finds a secluded area to bring in Thirteen. He steps through and they almost immediately sense a Logrus tendril trying to find the source of the trump. Thirteen shifts position and heads to the scummy part of town. He encounters a duo of street thugs intent on robbery but overawes them with a brief display of strength. They take his offer to work for him and gleefully start making plans to start a new gang. About this time Thirteen gets a trump call, a trump call that is detected by the Helgrams and the tendrils are sent his way.


Jacob, Toriana and Fineas emerge into the palace and begin a careful advance into the inhabited areas. They use Zariel to scout ahead, then leapfrog wards using trumps. Eventually this is detected and the poopoo hits the fan. Toriana uses her trump and sorcery to distract the Gryphons while Jacob gets them to chase him around parts of the palace, all to buy Fineas some time to get deeper in undetected and attempt a grab. The Gryphons counterattack and Jacob and Toriana retreat to the tower. Tori contacts Dad, Jacob rounds up his Remans and Diego commands his bodyguards. In the tower, the female Gryphon makes an appearance and tries to kill Jacob. He and Tori counterattack after Gerard is pulled through a trump with some guards and mass mayhem develops. The Gryphons quickly realize they are outnumbered and retreat to the palace. Tori opens a trump gate for the Remans into the palace and trumps Thirteen to bring him into the action. In the palace, Fineas listens to the Gryphons discuss the situation but begins to feel Tori's gate opening. He quickly makes a fast hit and run, successfully wounding the male Gryphon with an envenomed dagger to the chest. He avoids the woman's counterattack and waits for the Remans. They come through, violence begins in the palace and the two Gryphons flee to a nearby tower to grab a ride to the moon. Tanitheel gets shot down by her while carrying Thirteen to the tower, but Thirteen saves her and hauls her into a lower level of the tower. Fineas gets shot at by the female archer She misses, but Fineas gets annoyed and trumps Gerard and Rinaldo for some equipment. Gerard hands Fineas his Desert Eagle with Amber ammo so Fineas tries it out in this shadow. It works. He barely nicks the female Gryphon, causing her to duck and stay under cover. Soon Rinaldo brings Fineas his Barrett sniper rifle with Amber ammunition and they take postion covering the tower while Thirteen charges the tower. One of the ley-line vessels begins to take off and Fineas shoots it down, wounding the male Gryphon again in the process. Thirteen confronts the Gryphons up top but is unable to approach close enough to attack. The female archer continues to try and escape, calling upon the bound air elementals to help. Thirteen uses his magic rope to seize the badly wounded male before he can get away. Soon the escape effort is broken up with more weapon fire, spells and probability control. The male is captured in bad shape. The female finally shadow walks away slightly wounded. No one seems inclined to give chase.

Jacob is only slightly banged up by the end. Tanitheel is hurt bad. Everyone else is pretty much unscathed. The Remans are put in garrison of the palace and a few prisoners are interrogated. The male Gryphon is whisked away to Amber with Diego in attendence to make sure he does not perish. It is learned that Flora had six offspring and what their names and inclinations were. As feared they have Pattern, although it is unlikely their control is quite up to snuff. Other bad news is that the shipments made to the moon were only luxury items. Apparently they are self sufficient so a siege of the moon is pointless.

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September 09, 2002
Session 13 - Bad Moon Rising

Where is Everyone?

  • Diego is in Amber, touring with Gerard.
  • Jacob is in Hunac, devising unpleasant punishments for his Persian troops.
  • Toriana is in Gwyneth's castle.
  • Fineas is in Aquitaine.
  • Thirteen is in Shadow Johrom and the Helgram Shadows, depending on when you ask.

Gerard and Diego tour the docks and portions of the Amber navy. Following that, they head into Arden and Gerard shows Diego some of the ins and outs of Shadow walking and probability manipulation. The two end up at the main Arden Ranger camp. Gerard give Diego a full trump of the area from Kelamon. The work on some woodcraft, weaponscraft, horsemanship... Gerard basically covers the “being an Amber prince” primer. Diego discusses getting a house in Rebma or Dom Daniel. Gerard allows as to how Diego will have to talk to the queen about a Rebman house.

Jacob and Fineas discuss how to deal with the rebellious Persians. They decide on a group impaling for the unfaithful, rewards for the Persians that stayed loyal. Jacob also determines to contact Derkon to see if the spirits of the 4500 executed can be put to any good use. 200 officers will be turned over the Hunac legal system, and although he keeps the very best of the horses, the majority of traitorous Persian gear will go to the Hunac town that had been held hostage.

Tori sets about abandoning Gwyneth’s castle, removing or destroying useful magical geegaws. Most of Gwyneth’s staff has fled, and Jelerac knows Tori isn’t Aunt Gwenyth, so her cover’s blown. This effort will take a few days, so she sets up some rudimentary defenses (mostly having to do with defending against an attack by spirits) before starting in.

Fineas is still in Aquitaine and, pondering Jacob’s recent trump call, lets the locals handle various tasks while he heads back to Arden to make sure that his Samurai don’t end up doing something in a similar vein to Jacob’s Persians. Knowing that they’re already trained within an inch of a peasant’s life, he leads them off into Shadow to Otosan Iuchi (I.E.: Geisha-land (tm)). He brings along his decadent flunkie (Breggor) for the sake of letting him enjoy it, and brings along Liam to make Quartermaster-type notes on the Samurai’s in-the-field supply needs. He also discusses Liam’s trump needs. Liam claims no real knowledge of quartermaster tasks, and contacts an outdoorsey woman by the name of Telori from his House (Miramon). Telori seems quite compentent in this area and Fineas butters her up.

In preparation for heading out to Otosan Iuchi, Fin checks up on Dara (doing well and on the mend) and Lirazel (the chaosite spy who’s currently under house arrest in a secured townhouse in Amber City). Lirazel seems quite healthy. Fin asks after House Basilisk news. He also asks about a spy he’s located in Aquitaine and wonders aloud to her if the spy is from House Basilisk, as he doesn’t want to irritate her house by killing it. She doesn’t exactly know, since Basilisk works on a “Cell” system. Fin thinks it’s probably Hendrake at any rate.

Thirteen, exploring Johrom, is caught within the mystical fairie edifice of Castle Lag, "where days go by without, during the hours spent therein". He finally escapes somewhere near the end of the session.

Trumps Llewella to check up on her status, but encounters a block of some sort. He makes an effort to find out some things about getting a place in Dom Daniel. He’s asks Fineas about that, but Fin thinks either Toriana or Thirteen would know more about it, so he trumps Tori and asks her about it. She offers to get him Trump-connected to someone. She trumps the DD wizard “Otaru”, who’s currently in Castle Amber. Diego trumps back to the castle to find him and finally does around dusk, up on the battlements where Otaru is playing some sort of Oriental instrument. They discuss Diego’s needs in regards to housing. After getting an idea of the lay of the land in Dom Daniel, he thanks Otaru and heads back to his home Shadow.

Jacob Tepes (the Impaler) sets about taking care of a little punishment. He has a long conversation with Derkon about the possibility of “Spirit Jars” that can be used as a sort of container for a number of spirits that can be released upon the immediate area to an effect similar to Jelerac’s. With 4500 sacrifices and some preparation, the two figure they can gather up about 20 jars with about 100 spirits each, although the jars may degrade with use as spirits escape. He then trump Fineas again to make mention of the mage that attacked Toriana and himself. Fineas is familiar with Jelerac and the two discuss using Beran properly and not antagonizing Jelerac at this moment. Fineas determines to discuss it with Toriana.

Toriana finishes up Jelerac’s trump, somewhat tired. She checks up on her staff and then rests. In the morning, she recieves a trump from Fineas. She shows him Jelerac’s trump when Fin brings him up, and he comes through to talk. They agree to leave the sorcerer alone for now, since Jelerac, by his very nature, is causing Chaosians the sort of trouble that Amber would want to pay him to cause anyway. Toriana (at Fin's suggestion) sets her sights on locating House Griffin’s current stomping grounds. Fineas departs and Tori trumps Flora, asking about House Griffin, who had been Flora’s captors. Flora is currently in Johrom and takes the trump. (Tori is constantly checking for trumping spies.)

Tori asks after any trump Flora managed to make of Griffin’s leaders, but the expeditionary force had left before she was given any sort of freedom around the Ways. Flora’s only idea is that they might have gone someplace that’s “new” since Oberon’s repair of the Pattern during the War.

Fineas contacts Kai-tung and lets her know that Toriana will be in touch with her and how to approach The Princess. He sees to Kai-tung’s needs, informs Toriana and contacts his mother about “his Brother”. They discuss the physics of Trump Gates and other technical bits. Fineas then trumps his brother and moves through to him, where he goes about briefing his kin on the immediate family (it seems that his brother might be making an appearance in Amber soon). He mentions something to his brother about Corwin’s pattern and the possibilities inherent therein. They talk at great length about Amber and the politics of the place.

He trumps Morwyn (his half-sister) and talks to her about setting up things between his shadow and Dom Daniel. He works for a long period of time on Shadowshifting and Pattern-work and speaks at length with Morwyn. Morwyn offers up her services as a trump artist, which Diego gratefully accepts. He then finishes up their tour of Shadow (he’s Shadowshifting a galleon to Amber) with a trump to Gerard.

Speaks with Holrune, Kelamon, and Flora regarding the necromantically active spots in Hunac, Thirteen’s location, and the situation in Johrom, respectively. Holrun considers his situation well in hand, Kelamon mentions that Thirteen’s been summoned to help out Badger in the Helgram Zone, and Flora is hoping he’ll come through and help select the correct 'subject' areas for the trumps that she’s supposed to be making. He commits to arriving there once he’s taken care of impaling 4500 troops. In the meanwhile, he asks that she fashion a trump of Tananda for him (Chumley, Tananda, and Azim are with her at the moment).

Toriana trumps Jacob, who is beginning of the impalings. She passes through a trump of Jacob and Baran (“the Hand”) to him and breaks contact, then contacts Kai Tung to see about overseeing her mission to try to locate Griffin. She comes through to the expedition’s ship with Heinrich, the ‘spy’ Jacob had planted in her party to keep him apprised of her condition, the shape-shifting ‘sniffer’ and a few others. The ship continues on into a sort of Brobdingnag shadow.

Somewhere during the shadow moving, Toriana finds a place where the “feel” of where “the Pattern” is changes... like a gravitational pull that suddenly shifts from being “behind” to being “ahead”. She continues to move towards that “feel”, but encounters a coastline, still with the feeling that the Source of this pull lies further inland. The lost Tir na Nog’th? Corwin’s Pattern? Who knows?

Diego Educates his major-domo on the nature of Shadow, since they can expect more otherworldly visitors. He then sets about moving his Chaosite prisoner to an area better suited to heinous experiments -- Rebma. He then trumps Llewella, fails, Trumps Moire and goes through to check on Llewella's healing progress. She's mobile, using magical gadgets.

Jacob and Derkon handle the impalings and subsequent spirit jar creation -- this takes about two solid days of work. He seals them well and sends Derkon to Arden to meet with his agent at that area. He then takes a "leaking" spirit jar (the first one wasn't a perfect success) via hellride to the home shadow of the Persian traitors, releases those hundred spirits to haunt their families, and trumps through to Flora's hotel, where he sleeps for about 16 hours (in his own securely locked room).

Trumps Fineas and pulls him through to the Shadow where she feels The Pull, in which Air Elementals report Chaosian-type activity further inland (tendril-like power and a tendency to enslave the elementals). They move inland, leaving Kai-Tung to stay on the ship and stay FAR off shore so Tori and Fin have a means to escape any problems that arise. Toriana trumps Jacob.

Jacob gathers 20 of his new persian horses from a temporary corral in Arden (he kept several hundred of the traitorous Persian officer's beasts but donated the thousands of others to the town the Persians had held hostage) and brings them through, then trumps Zariel and has his air elemental speak with the 'natives' to gather and translate information. Zariel reports a city -- under-populated -- about 150 miles away, with a cordone of compelled elementals surrounding it. The inhabitants are a mix of twisted fairy folk and corpse-colored horned individuals. The trio works out a plan to sneak Zariel in past the cordon under cover of a good storm, trump through to him, capture a horned demon and trump away for desultory interrogation.

At the end:

  • Diego is in Rebma.
  • Jacob is in the Shadow of the Moon.
  • Toriana is in the Shadow of the Moon.
  • Fineas is in the Shadow of the Moon.
  • Thirteen is somewhere in Helgram Shadows.

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August 26, 2002
Cry Havoc game log session 12

Toriana impersonates Gwyneth to gain information, and encounters some new spell slingers, then moves to help Jacob deal with the mutiny

Jacob is heading to Johrom with Azvan & Co. (mages who were hired by Amber awhile ago and are finally being made use of), during the trip, he is contacted and told that one group of mercenaries he recruited is rebelling.He goes to tend with that, but is interrupted in mid-effort (by means unknown) to come help Toriana, who's under attack. The ensuing fight with several shadow sorcerers leaves him in a foul mood, which mood he is
still very much in when he returns to Hunac. Discarding subtlety or secrecy, he makes it clear he will burn the city to the ground with all mercenaries and hostages inside if the rebels don't yield. Some small percentaege do, most don't. During the following conversation with Toriana discussing how to
raze the city with the lowest cost to his loyal troops, he cools down a bit, and instead gasses the whole city to knock them out and collect the mutineers.

Diego expresses concern over prisoners repatriated from chaos, has dinner with the queen of Rebma, collaborates to restore conciousness to Llewella, and passes a combat test with the castle guard

Fineas discusses many items at length with Gerard, his mother, his brother, and spends qaulity time with his sea captain, and offers the possibility of joining amber to his kin.

13 talks about Hunoc, offers rewards, spends time with Sabine, Makes contact with mercenaries, and fences with Flora.

starting locations
Torianna- Castle Amber
Jacob- a bar he vaguely recalls
Diego- Rebma
Fineas- receiving end of a trump
13- Hunoc

Turn 1

Toriana - Torianna does gweneth (long turn)
Cuts and dyes hair to look like gwyneth, and goes to the hotel in Dom-Daniel that was the residence of her imprisoned aunt with a group of qaulity troops put together by Heinrich, the hotel clerks are somewhat skeptical of the ensemble, but are considerably less so after the use of pattern and illusion. Upon arrival to gwen's apartment summons the captin of the gaurd-Mezenties, chastizes him citing the scar on her chin, anounces demotions, and the hiring of her additional help. she states "your incompetence was partly due to lack of staffing". then she begins a full inspection of the facilities revealing a posh and well maintained residence, with many trumps, and and mystical defenses. Torianna discovers the her aunt had large semi-intellegent trolls working as muscle as aprehension over further demotions fills the staff. the old gaurds are impressed by the new troops. Torianna discovers Gwyneth has intimate realtions with some of the gaurds (among others). a were is staffed among the grounds keepers, no higher order shape shifters sensed by Fineas's sniffers, but 2 "sleeping" vampires are on staff. The hotel suite is linked by trumps to other locations employing a toal staff of roughly 200. the attends in aunt Gwyneth's spa are amazing. Torianna excuses herself from answering trumps by saying , as Gwyneth " It could be my horrible neice-Torianna", she examines Gwyn's backed-up messages,some seem to have codes involved. meets with local monarch, is invited to a banquet, and promises to attend, after drawing some trump sketches in the style of her aunt.

Jacob- hung-over outsourcing and the treachery (long turn)
wakes up and brushes off his shoulder, sits up with a dry mouth refreshes his memory as he ponders the brother-sister relationship between Chumley and Tanana. Discusses Azvan, and offeres his mercenaries contracts from amber, but primarily from himself. The mercenaries say they like a variety of assignments. competence is assessed and broken pattern is discussed. As jacob is preparing to go to join 13 in Johrom with Azvan, who plans to visit his family. It is revealed that the culture of Johrom is primarily materarchal, and that the matriarch of his clan is well known and affluent woman. Jacob receives a trump from Colin In Hunoc stating the his persian troops have mutanied, and have taken over a small town. They are divided up among factions who are motivated to various degrees by religion. there has been some looting. The mercenaries are sent to Johrom while Jacob decides to deal with the crisis of the treacherous Persian troops.

Diego - Diego talks tramp
taking a break between Llewellas examination, treatment, and discussions with the queen over supper, Diego Trumps fineas to discuss concerns about Flora possibly still carrying around created blood creatures, and shadow parasites from her captivity, and fineas inserts the need for delicacy in handling of the matter, but does agree to talk to Gerard, and expresses that he had some concerns about her as well.

Has a broad ranging discussion with gerard starting on the topic of Floras possible Diabolical plumbing alterations, and they decide to go with technological treatment to make the procedures as non-evasive as possible and make treatment voluntary. then they move on to the topic of Fineas' family, and possible recruitment of his mother and siblings. also discussed are Dara, and her Hendrake adoption plot, Corwin's created pattern, Troop deployment. Ky Tung calls and mentions she needs a ship quickly

13 - steaming it up outside the tantric love fest
discusses the problems with mutiny with the leader of Hunoc, and talks to Sabine who wants pattern without playing russian roulette. talks with the leadership about the strength and endurance needed to complete the ritual. They are running out of broken pattern people in Hunoc. 13 throws out broken pattern as a carrot to Homeran and Dercon, and scores points with Sabine mentioning pattern possibilities. gathers jurgen and gertruda, and makes the half day journey to Johrom where he trumps Kelamon, and asks for a trump of Azvan

Turn 2 (no jacob or torianna)
Diego- supper with the queen
the dinner is semi-formal , and various treatment methods to bring llewella to conciousness are discussed, a subtle interplay begins once again leaving Diego's ready to bubble over libido stranded without a safe harbor, like an ship filled with radioactive waste, he listens to stories of his biological father and feigns interest, he is given a trump of his half sister Morwin, and it is agreed to use a 50 percent non-invasive procedure heavily involving the queen's own magic. a rescue possibility for Corwin is discussed.

Fineas - If you see this aft-castle a' rockin.....
spends 3 joyous hours with His sea captain, discreetly draws her some trumps, helps the ship to move really fast through shadow, upon arrival he needs rest as he draws a sketch of the doc area. the local environs seem to foster giganticism and a dreamlike nature.

13- looking for lizard gurkas
takes his ensmeble and heads for a port discovering an abundence of muscular squat lizard people, they acquire baroque clothing, and hire a guide, who tends to share the local veiw of looking down on the "squishy monkey people". a more orthodox humanoid is meet who proves to be helpful offering many suggestions and the group eats. translator devices are ordered. Flora is trumped in, and they discuss optimal trump sketching locations, and have an impressive round of practicing swordsmanship. Lazeral has made an offer, and the prospects of a union between the chaosite, and the prince of Amber are discussed.

Turn 3

Toriana- looking in gweneth's drawers
Kills time by making all order of trumps in gweneth's hand starting with baba yaga. Heinrich discovers Torianna's aunt's collection of trumps including a wizard named natalia,who seemed to be a genuine friend of gwen's. also included were a near bear sized armored dog named borkon, and an alarmingly large array of amorous relations. while looking at trumps Torianna gets a bad sense and observes several ghosts go zipping across the room, a liberal amount of spell casting ensues vs. a trio of a man with a staff, and extremely attractive woman, a mage called baron, and a giant disembodied hand.

Jacob- a leader's lot is not a happy one
grows increasing frustrated over extracting his mutinious troops from civilians, after several plots to deal with the situation are being discussed, he receives a trump from Toriana, and rushes to her aid with arms loads full of pointy things, an extreme amount of magic is discharged in the passionate battle, after refusing an offer for discussion with the "visitors", they leave magically, and rapidly.

is able to succesfully complete the restoration of Lewella's faculties with the collaboration of queen Moire, leaving a giftwrapped set of prostethic limbs for his patient as he swims out, he trumps morwyn, and informs her of his existence, identity, and lewella's new status, talks with gerard again expressing concerns over chaos contamination in the household. he agrees to spar with the palace gaurds.

he offers the options of joining the court to his mother. Then continues affiliation related discussions with his brother. bids the ship an all too found aloha, and discusses the options of joining the court of Amber with his mother, and the case of gwyneth. breif discusses the same with his brother then shuffles off to Aquatine

13- looking for lizard gurkas part 2
continues the good work in johrom, looking into business in more detail.

Turn 4

Toriana and Jacob joint turn
an extreme amount of magic is discharged in the passionate battle, after refusing an offer for discussion with the "visitors", they leave magically, and rapidly. after collecting themselves the 2 trump back to the scene with our treacherous Persians. several options are discussed with variable degrees of mortality for various parties involved in the dispute. the final conclusion is to have torianna, jacob, and a legion of hunac sorcerers work all night on an series of spells that will send large rolling clouds of slepping gas through the town. Torianna objects streniously to jacob's planned disposal of his betrayer legions after they are unconcious.

has an amiable sparring session with the gaurds, and passes most of their tests, and reveals the majority of his combat related abilities to them. he then exchanges technique with the castle shapeshifter, and agrees to further discussions, and concludes plotting the next step with gerard.

trumps through Dragoons, talks more with his brother, one of his sniffer's detect a shape shifter, and he distributes anti-shapeshifting poison. considers magical tracking options, and has a tactical discussion with the local goverment. sucks up to the local elite gaurd, and prepares for troop siphoning, discusses the situation in chandor, and suggests doubles for Prince Jugend.

intensive trump scouting, unsuprisingly discovers that Flora fights dirty. goes off to meet local cheiftan, and discusses price, and discovers that people of the world seem greedy by nature.

Concluding locations
Jacob- Hunoc
Torianna- Hunoc
Diego- Castle Amber
Fineas- aquatine
13- Johrom

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August 13, 2002
Game Session 11

Torianna requests guards from Gerard and lets him know that she plans to pass herself off as an escaped Gwyneth, 'hiding' in one of G's lesser-known keeps in hopes that one of the Chaos houses makes a move for her. She also lets him know that auntie is being watched over in Rebma. Gerard inquires as to what she needs to pull this off. Gerard thinks she should pick up a shape-shifter sniffer. He wants her to consult with Hienrich to see what she will need to pull of the security concerns. She also asks to know when Dara will be gone. Gerard suggests setting up the construct at a neighbor’s house to watch her Aunt/Cousin/Whatever.

Jacob does secret stuff involving arrangements with Kelamon and Gerard.

Diego is at a spa and one of the guests wants to speak with him. She came with one of the regulars. She has a couple of her own people: bodyguard, maid and such like. She is very attractive. Diego looks her over and checks out the outfit. She looks like a movie star and claims to have read about him. She extends her hand to greet him and he gets an almost psychic jolt of energy from her handshake. Diego tries to look suave and offers a tour of the island. She seems to have studied his projects. He puts her on his expense account and prepares for her to be staying awhile.

He shows gives her the ‘special’ visitor tour, sharing some of his projects and culminating the whole thing in a private dinner, where she ruins it all by telling him that she is his aunt, knew his real father, and wants to take him back to meet the rest of his family.

Fineas is trying to determine how to get Prince Aquitaine to work with him. Fineas takes Breggor to Hunach and shows him the tantric love fest. Breggor has a very good night. The Kandive people guard him when he passes out from too much partying.

Swan maids trump him when they are on the outskirts of the Shandora capitol. Fineas gathers some local currency (rolls a drunken noble) and locates lodging in the city for several months, making sure the swans are properly attired for the area, since he is sending them on errands.

13 returns from the great night out. He hits Sabine up for a cure for hangovers and hears a rumor they have captured another Choasian. 13 goes down to visit the new prisoner and takes her to the fun happy room. He and Colonel Sir Bors prepare instruments of interrogation for the spy. He asks who she is. She doesn’t answer but instead asks who he is. He moves her into a chair and binds her. She gives her name as Lirazel. He asks who she was on her mission for; who the information was going to be sold to. She asks again who he is. 13 answers that he is Prince Fineas, just to confuse things. He tortures her for not answering his questions right away. She tells him that before he takes this much further that there will be consequences for his actions.

He trumps Toriana and she comes to assist with the questioning. When Toriana tries to overrun her mind (I am the Aurora Chair.) she resists and seems to exude a gas that takes down all the nearby the castle inhabitants. 13 and Toriana trump her to Rebma, where they believe the servants might not be affected (or at least there are less of them to die in Tori's house). 13 punches Lirazel -- hard -- in the gut and she stops her own heart.

They get her to Toriana’s house in Rebma and get her heart started again. She wants to negotiate. She offers the cure for the people now dying in Amber Castle in trade. 13 trumps Fineas and he comes to negotiate. She wants her freedom and Fineas is not prepared to allow that. Meanwhile, Toriana trumps Moire to let know her that this is going on within her city.

Fineas lays out the terms of negotiation. Lirazel is concerned with the Geas that affects all the major houses of Chaos (created by the King, forcing them all to try to conquer Amber) and how it will affect their agreement. Fineas proposes house arrest with a semblance of freedom. She is not allowed to make a deal on behalf of her house, but can do so for herself only. Lirazel ejects 10 little antivenim sacs and needles from under her fingernails to use on the victims in the dungeon area.

Jacob trumps Kelemon and requests of her to make a number of trump sketches of him. Kelemon brings Jacob up to date on what is going on in the castle. Jacob inquires about the poison exposure and how widespread it is. Jacob asks if he could send people through and she said that would be ok. He brings in a number of his 'watchers', who he then dispatches to various areas in and around Amber or out via other Kelamon trumps. Two are sent to Badger who is reconning the areas occupied by Helgram.

Diego is talking with "Evelyn Flaumel". She talks about where he was born and tells him more about his father (Corwin, apparently) and that he feuded with his brother. Diego asks who near her is hurting; he assumes someone in the family needs healing. Evelyn’s offers him power, and tells him that he could travel the world as he wished and even find whatever he is looking for. Diego tells her he has most of that. She tells him the family is not really immortal until they walk the Pattern. Evelyn’s lets him down as easily as she can about sexual relations. Evelyn asks for his help in regards to shapeshifting. She asks if he wants to go to Amber, eventually trumping them back to Amber and introducing him as her nephew. She introduces him to Gerard. Flora says she thinks Corwin is Diego’s father. Gerard goes through the deck and tells him who the people are, then takes him to the Pattern and has him walk it. Diego walks the pattern and reaches the center. He shifts as he is walking it, which is mostly startling only to his new 'family'.

Fineas trumps Toriana to have her check and see what things the spy had done to the castle. Toriana suggests he contact the two main Amber sorcerers, since they are technical experts (non-combative). Lirazel warns of an itching sensation and that it is to be expected during recovery. There are "blood" centipedes crawling out of people and they die when they get out. She suggests competent wizard could make amulets to keep parasites out.

Fineas suggests to Lirazel that she should not try and assassinate Dara and that she spread the news that Dara has made a pact with Amber. She would like one of Fineas' people to look after her, since she doesn't seem to like 13 and Toriana -- go figure. She says she is happy to be working with him.

13 is talking to Binks, Duchess Lornia’s real estate agent. He finds out Gwyneth's trump wall was removed out of the house it was hidden in. 13 is going to try and take the trumps back out of storage. He is purchasing the old house where the trump was. 13 counters the agent’s original offer. It will take a couple days for the paperwork to be done. His person at the house will be Mariana.

13 goes to meet with the Duchess. She is trumped to him because she knows the royal family does not like to wait. He has found out that Mariana is competent to run the household but she does not speak Thari. 13 can do an enchantment to help her and Fritz with speaking Thari. The Duchess wants to know whose vocabulary he would like Mariana to have. The Duchess picks out a midranked servant to use. Mariana is a little scared but she is holding up well.

Toriana talks with Fineas about working on the wards. Gerard trumps her and tells her about the new relative and to get him researching the spy's assassination tools. Antryg and Otaru come to help with the amulets. Berritt agrees to go with Toriana on her mission and checks out the two sorcerers. Toriana goes to find out the new relative to let him know what needs to be done. She tells him what needs to be done and sends Antryg and Otaru with him to assist.

Jacob passes Conner and Lonner to Badger. He pulls more people out of Fangorn and redistributes them. Jacob contacts Devon to find out if any of Amber's people are reconning in Jesby's current occupied Shadow of Johrom. They are having problems getting people in. Johrom has a new political leader and a new philosophy. There is more hypnotic and nasty feel to the place from the newly crowned leader. Azhul (one of Jacob's watchers) will be going with Azvan, a mage from Dom Daniel who is probably the best choice for recon, since he's a native of Johrom. Kelemon suggests that Jacob should get in touch with his cousins because they made the actual agreements with the person he is looking for. He orders a random servant to find Corey and have him meet him in the green room. He has Corey find him poor people’s clothing in Azhul’s size. He is then trumping 13.

Diego grows wings and tries to fly down the stairs, and the guards stop him. They let him know they are not used to that kind of thing. He politely shifts back to full human form. He is talking to Elmore and is shown what the blood bugs look like. Diego lets them know what tests he wants performed on the creatures. They do not really understand what he is talking about but they are trying to help. The bugs are created with minimal magic or no magic and they are simple creatures made to be sneaky. They grow up to about 6 or 7 times their initial size. In their initial size they change color to match their surrounds. He is going to work on a normal anti-vermin trap. They are not very easy to detect.

Diego takes one apart and makes one of his own bugs bigger than the ones they currently have. It takes quite a bit of blood. He puts it into a shoebox and pins it down and has it sent to Toriana. She is currently working on recalibrating her wards to include the new family friend. She notices the delivery person holding the package oddly and asks about it. He said people were giving it weird looks and she asks the boy to give it to Gerard instead -- she is very busy.

Fineas returns to Aquitaine and his tasks there. He picks up his good offical clothing. He brings Breggor and a couple of his dragoons along as well to his leased residence. He then sends a letter to the Prime Minister to let him know that he is in this city and that he wishes to hold a dinner in his honor. He sends invites to the upper society people he is aware of. Towards the end of the day he gets a visit from the secret police escorting an older gentleman and a squad of 20 men outside. The guy is Ambassor Dolomay and he speaks with Fineas. He asks Fineas for proof that he is who he says he is -- easily proven. The ambassador leaves a liason to assist Fineas. Fin brings Phaedra and Petra along for this mission as well.

Fineas holds a fine dinner to honor his guests. There is much exchange of pleasantries during and after dinner.

13 is getting trumped by Jacob who asks about Azvan and what contracts he is under. 13 mentions he is going to be taking him to Johrom. Jacob offers to take Azvan and his own man to Johrom. Jacob and 13 discuss tactical situation and where to best use men. Jacob has information he would like to get from the spy next time she is questioned, specifically the location of several of the other Houses' troops.

13 knows that Azvan doesn’t go to Johrom very often and he doesn’t like his family there. He can get Jacob pointed in the right direction to talk to important people in Dom Daniel, but Jacob has a trump of him from Kelamon.

Toriana is recalibrating to ward both the houses she wants. She asks Heinrich if he is prepared to leave and lets him know it is going to be about 2 hours before she is prepared to leave. She then finds Kelemon and lets her know what to expect and what she is going to do. She is given a lesson about self protection from Kelemon. She sets up the "spy-on-Dara" contraption in the house Gerard has designated as appropriate. Toriana goes to get ready, cutting her hair and dyeing it to match Gwyneth.

Jacob grabs another page -- Mica. He attempts to locate Diego and the page tells him what has transpired today with Diego and that he might be in a foul mood. Mica tells Jacob about the bugs and poisons. Jacob pounds on Diego's the door while he's gathering this information. Diego answers the door and Jacob politely introduces himself and offers whatever assistance or support he can while getting settled. He chats some more with Mica, then trumps Fineas. Jacob apologies for interrupting Fineas’s dinner, and lets him know what he would like to get as far as information from the spy. They both agree that Hunac does not seem to be a likely target for the troops. Fineas suggests that Jacob move his mercenaries closer to Shandora and updates Jacob on what he learned from the spy. Jacob trumps to Dom Daniel/Azvan and takes Azhul with him.

Diego gives a copy of his journals to Gerard. Gerard gives him some of the family trumps. He receives one of all the cousins except Morwyn. Diego expresses his concern about Llewella. Gerard would like to test out Diego and see what his martial abilities are and discusses his oath to protect Amber. Diego wants to know what this does to protect his island. Gerard talks about the favorable trade agreements Amberites have. Diego eats his dinner quickly and converses with Flora and Gerard. Gerard eventually trumps Moire because Diego wants to meet Llewella. Moire allows him to go through to her and questions Diego on what he thinks he can do to help insofar as shapeshifting is concerned. He proposes to use the "mojo form" to assist with the healing and regaining consciousness. Moire agrees to let him try, but she will monitor him. He offers to check for Chaos implantations. Moire questions him extensively about the centipede type creatures.

Fineas mingles with the folks from Aquitaine and they exchange information. Fineas is honest and gives the details of what happens when the Chaosians overrun a Shadow. He mentions that he rescued Prince Eugen. They ask to meet with Fineas again in two days time. Fineas offers to take the liaison Dolomay to Amber so they can have a better understanding of the family. Fineas gives him time to prepare for the journey then takes Dolomay around to the major noble houses for introduction. They discuss the technology levels and where Amber's interests lie. Fineas suggests a marital allegiance to further Aquitaine’s relations with the Chandorites.

13 will meet with Holrune and offer to take care of his shadow-of-desire request, although Holrune is currently working on the tantric love fest. Holrune is looking for a kind of retreat for his Shadow. He wants a fortress and decent weather. He will settle for a fixer-upper. Hulrun wants his own little world. He needs to bring in his own people into the shadow. Holrune needs a sample of the Chaosian blood because he needs to see it to create a cooling spell to preserve the bodies as requested by 13.

Derkon wants a shadow with no gun powder, great nightlife, and beautiful women. 13 also inquires on Derkon’s opinion of the cooling spell. He agrees that the is the best way to do the preservation.

Toriana is perfecting auntie’s "look". She trumps Moire to let her know what is going on and not to be surprised of reports that auntie has escaped. Moire has promised to keep auntie in check while Toriana is pulling this off. She goes to auntie’s keep with her entourage in check.

Azvan was in the middle of a bar fight when Jacob trumped him, and Jacob joins right in. His watcher, Azhul, hides under a table. It was partly a magical fight with only Jacob, Azvan and his friends Tananda and Chumley on one side. Tananda introduces herself to Jacob during the fight and is quite... nice-looking. And friendly.

Diego tells Moire about how he defended his island from Chaosites. He offers her his minions for assistance. She trumps him to a medical facility where Llewella is currently located. Moire wants him to probe and see what is going on and if he can help. Moire is quite taken back by Diego’s mojo form. Diego probes Llewella for a couple hours and has a couple of lines to pursue for her treatment. It looks like someone else tried to wake her in the same manner a couple weeks ago to no avail. He gives Moire a very detailed and thourough report.

Fineas collects Prince Eugen and Dolomay and returns to Aquitaine in shadow Shandora. The prince has quite the collection of people in his entourage. Aquataine agree to back the Prince with a large army. Fineas asks if they are interested in any mercenaries and they say they are. Fineas wonders who is in charge of the war campaign. Prince Eugen remarks that he is. Fineas is warned by the sniffer that one of the men in the intelligence crew is odd. He is not sure what it is, but it is definitely odd.

13 sees how Derkon feels about the Shadow he found for him. Derkon would like to stay longer but he was not able to do so because work is calling him back. The lovefest in Hunac is calling 13 back to the Shadow. 13 tells the were that they can participate in the fest if they like, but they decline because they do not want to be energy-sucked. They go off to a different area not in the fest and have a fest of their own instead. 13 and Sabine do likewise and Derkon is left in Hunac without a date.

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July 27, 2002
Session 10 Quotes

Quote 1

"13 is a Slut...Look at the women he's slept with.

"13 had just spent 3 weeks getting the crap beat out of him Sir John Gaunt,
when all of a sudden 4 beautiful super model/mages walk up to him wanting to have
sex. What else was he supposed to do....

"really. 13 was just being a man. I would have thought it odd if didn't have sex
with all of them.

Quote 2

"We all know that Toriana is a Virgin.

"Toriana is not a virgin, and don't tell Dara that she is. Because Dara's going
to be pissed when she sacrifices Toriana and finds out that she's not a virgin.

" sound like a win-win situation to me.

Quote 3

" Ok Jackie, look. Toriana tells Gwenyth that you have a "nice safe place" that
is "downstairs" with "Guards" else was she supposed to react?"

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July 25, 2002
Game Log - Session 10

"Mommie Mommie why is Aunty Gwenyth running away?"
"Please shut up Dear and re-load"

" Mumph Mumph wyth amth ith tanlkingth funnyth?"
"Please be quite dear while I remove the dagger from your mouth"

Starting Points:

Fineas - Lynxia
13 - Lynxia
Toriana - Rebma
Jacob - Riding around Shadow on a striped horse, letting the wind blow
through his hair. Like a hardened James Dean in a Porshe Spyder 550 driving up the PCH.


- Talks to Sir John Gaunt (SJG) about the Hellmaids.

- Next Topic of conversation is about Shapeshifter detection. SJG likes the
idea very much, and tells Fineas to go and talk to Philip the Ambassador to

-While waiting around in Weirmonchen, he makes a few trump sketches. Philip
has 3 recruits for Fineas' Sniffer Program. They all are Psyche sensitives and weres (but not Weir; Weir are initiates of a minor power that enables them to animate severed parts for some time, to be easily reassembled and to heal even faster -- it also makes them sterile), one is a man in his forties, one a woman in her twenties and one a teenager. Fineas makes them all his Aide-d'-camp. He Trumps himself and the three Weirmonkeners back to amber.

- Back in Amber He seeks out Breggor. He is also made an Aide-d'-camp.

- Decides to check out SJG for Shapeshifting, but has a change of heart.
Decides that he would be expecting it if he was a real Shapeshifter. So Fineas
comes up with a cunning plan.


- Now that 13 and Sabine have some Magi-coins, the next thing that they do is
design a Rube-Goldberg-earth-elemental-powered Machine. They make several
of the parts in Lynxia while healing, and decide that the antenna, shielding and
final assembly in the shadow Sigmarin that has a good steady ley line.


-Toriana finalizes her design of the Magi-coin protection device. Sets up spy
devices on Gwenyth.

- Jackie and randy run up stairs for nine minutes.

-All is better after secret stuff, and Toriana continues work on fun devices in
her Lynxian condo.

-Decides to check up on her father and finds out that he was well enough to
head out on his own steam. While talking to the staff, Toriana finds out about
the rescue and amnesty of Dara.


-He finds a 5k Oscrayin (Hessian-esque halforcs) army. There is a bidding war amongst several other shadow people. The other shadow people are unhappy with Jacob and some of them make assassination attempts upon him. The ever resourceful Jacob out bids everybody else and takes his booty out in to shadow.

-He leads them to a Greenland like shadow to do a bit of sorting out and
conditioning. Checks in with his air elemental Zariel (for those of you following
along at home Zariel was also known as Hannan and Zariel).


-He goes back to Amber and quarters the City searching (sniffing) out a Chaos trail. They fine one it but
quickly lose it. His sniffers work a bit harder and are able to pick
it up in the third floor hallway and track it to a looked door. He sends
some guards around to the outside incase she decides to escape out a window.
Unknown to him she pokes her head out the window, turns into a winged serpent and flies away. The castle/city defenses kick in and hurricane winds hammer her down. A chase ensue's and they capture her on the tower of some form of Rat God in Amber City. They take the captured Chaos spy back to the Castle for some good old fashioned torture. Fineas and Col. Sir Bors find out that she has been in the city for about a week and in the Castle for about five days. She had killed an old servant woman who lived alone and disguised it's self as her to spy on the Family.


-Talks to Chango about Alcazar's Blood. Chungo gives 13 several vials of it to
play with. Chango is most impressed by it's magical properties, though, by description, it isn't as good as Amberite blood.

-13 takes one of the vials down to the dungeon and visits Marayka the Hellmaid.
He tells her that Lintra's heir had been rescued and given amnesty. The
hellmaids were to be hers under her word bond and that she was to be released. 13 offered her one of the vials as a bit of a pick me up. Marayka wanted to know whose this was, and 13 told he Lord Alcazar. She smiled and finished the vial. 13 procured horses and took Marayka to Dara who was currently in residence in Gerard's villa.

-13 meets Dara who thanks him for her rescue. They talk. She iasks 13 about Amber's social customs and gets a brief but useful primer. She tells him about the Geas that King Svayvill had placed on the Chaos houses. She tells him that the Geas would be satisfied if she were to adopt all of the Amberites. 13 Told her that he would pass this on to the appropriate family members.


-Working off of the information that she had picked up during SECRET STUFF
Toriana heads off to meet with a person by the name of Baba-Yaga and her
chicken legged hut. Heinrik convinces her to get more backup (a bunch of rangers) before charging into the Scary Wood and its resident big-time sorceress. Toriana juggernauts in, trashing magical traps and defenses with Pattern. Baba shows up and they Dish. Toriana unsuccessfully tries to bribe Baba-Yaga.
Next Toriana asks Baba-Yaga what would it take to get a hold of a Basilisk
agent. Baba-Yaga tells Toriana that she will think about it. Toriana tries to
make a trump sketch of Baba-Yaga to no avail. Baba-Yaga knows that trick and
has defenses for it. Baba-Yaga tells Toriana that she is more then welcome to
make a trump of her weasleboy Baldrick (who has a cleaver plan...).

-Toriana Goes back to Amber and is sniffed by one of Fineas' Sniffers. She put
up a mild fuss about this.


-He is concerned about the Oscrays Morale and takes them to a Carnival

-Zarial meets up with Nelson. Nelson trumps Jacob. He sends them both
through to Hunac via trump to work on the whole Tantric Love Fest.


-Hauls his prisoner back to the Castle for questioning. The agent is to be held in
the same kind of confinement as Lord Alcazar. Tries to decipher the Chaosian
code on a letter that he finds on the Prisoner.

-Trumps HRH Morwyn (also there in the background is Flora) and talks with her about "sniffing" for Chaosians in Rebma. She tells him that she will look into it, but doubt's any Chaosian could get through Rebma's defenses. He continues his contact with her to ask after Llewella's condition, and is informed that she is in a coma like state and regenerating nicely.


-Leaves Gerard's Villa and Dara behind and goes back to the Castle to spend a
Pleasant Afternoon with Sabine.


-Lies to Gwenyth about the Chaos Spy. Threatens her with the Dungeon, and
Lies some more. "I have a nice, safe, place for you down stairs. A place where
there are guards just outside the door if you need them". Gwenyth figures out
Toriana's clever ruse, but then fails at her own, by making believe that Gerard
had just entered the room behind Toriana. A bit of a standoff for a minute
while the two women try to come up with better ruse's. Gwenyth rabbit-punches Toriana in the throat and tries to trump away. Toriana grabs Gwenyth
just as she starts to trump out and hangs on despite getting two fingers broken. They arrive at one of Gwenyth's Castles. Gwenyth starts calling for her guards when Toriana "memory" trumps them to Rebma. Toriana starts calling for her own guards and Gwenyth takes Toriana hostage. Toriana memory-Trumps Queen Moire and Gwenyth tries to shut her up with a dagger shoved up under her jaw and through the tongue into her pallette. That's too much for Tori's guards; seconds later Gwenyth is nailed to the wall with two shortswords and looking down at her severed dagger-hand. Toriana trumps Queen Moire and gives her Gwenyth, and asks for some healing for the both of them.


-Meets with Holrune in Hunac about the Tantric love fest. Finds out from
Holrune that the info about the Hendrake battle plans came from the capture of
Lord Alcazar by 13. Also learns from Holrune the following
1. The capture of the Hellmaid Marayka by 13 and Sabine.
2. The Capture of Lord Alcazar of Hendrake by 13 and Sabine.
3. The rescue of Dara by 13, Fineas and Sabine.
4. Dara's Amnesty and the use of the Hellmaid's against non
Hendrake targets.
5. All of the information passed on to him from Fineas had come from the "questioning" of Marayka, Alcazar, and Dara.
6. That he should check in with his family more often instead of riding around
"blind" in Shadow.

-As #3 makes it doubtful that the Hendrakes will actually follow through on the tantric connection Jacob changes targets and aims the Hunac Tantric love fest at neutralizing or cleansing the primary necromantic weak point.

-Finalizes the make-up and Morale of his Oscray troops.


-Trumps to Hunac and visits with Prince Eugen of Shandora. Fineas tells him of
the troops that he has in Arden and is willing to give them to him. Eugen is a bit
concerned, but is willing to go. They get to Arden and Eugen is pleased with the
troops. Eugen suggests to Fineas that he go to the Shandoran Shadow and
recruit some allies for him. Most likely the Aquatainian's. Fineas tells Eugen
that he will do so. Fineas tries to convince Eugen to take the Shandoran Throne
when they take back the Shadow.


-13 returns to the castle and finds Sabine getting ready for a night on the town
with "The Boys", Elmore and Chango. She tells him that they are going to a placecalled "Bloody Marlene's". 13 warns her to be careful and be armed. She tellshim not to worry, since nobody would attack three of the castle Mage's. 13 tells her that last time he was out with them all three of them were attacked, and
know with kidnappings becoming vogue precaution would be a good thing. She
would tell him the next moringing that they were attacked, but were able to
take care of themselves quit well (even while blitzed out of there gourds).

-13 heads out into the Country side to meet with Duchess Lornaya of House
Chantris. He talks to her about her Houses aid in the war against the
Hendrake's, Hans and Franz any dependents they may of left behind, and a small boon that he is willing to give the Chantis' for their aid. She tells him that
Franz left behind a Wife (Mariana) and small child (Fritz), and a small boon
would be most appreciated. He then talks to her about finding a place in the
county, and she suggests a man (Binx) in Amber City to meet with about finding a place. She mentions that once 13 had a Villa, he would need a staff and that
Mariana and Fritz would be the perfect people to start with as a staff. He
thanks her for her time and leaves for Amber City.


-Moire comes to Toriana's aid and casts healing spells on Toriana's mouth and hands Gwenyth over to her staff for healing and incarceration. Gwenyth spends some time in a cell designed for mindraping and Toriana finds out about all of Gwenyth's goodies:
1. All of Gwenyth's hiding places, palaces, and castle's.
2. What Baba-Yaga is like, enough to make a trump of her.
3. All of Gwenyth's contacts.
4. All of the "unauthorized" trump making she had done over the years. There is, for instance, another pair of Trumps for Amber City and another place. Gwenyth is not sure who hired her for that one as they operated through multiple cut-outs.
5. And that she was on the up and up since she had been rescued by Toriana.
Except for some minor trump spying. This she did so she could use the info for
future blackmail/bribery possibilities. She found that most of the things that
the the young Princelings were doing quite boring.

Toriana thanks Queen Moire and leaves Gwenyth with her.

-Toriana Goes to her Lynxian condo and thinks about re-calibrating all of her
SECRET STUFF to be used on Dara.


-While getting everything together for the Tantric love fest Jacob decides to
try something. He puts his own blood on the Tantric love Totems. Between
Holrune, Jacob, and The Eye of the Sun the party is in full swing in no time.

-He and Holrune Cleanse the Necromancy gate areas of any latent Necro magic.

-He trumps Kelimon and finds out all the latest goings on in Amber.
1. Fineas and his Spy.
2. Toriana and Gwenyth's cat fight.
3. The sniffers in Amber and Rebma.

Ending points:

Jacob - Hunac
Toriana - In her Lynxian condo
13 - Castle Amber
Fineas - Hunac

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July 10, 2002
Log Session Nine

Cry-Havoc --Log Nine

"The Prodigal Daughter"

Torianna, Jacob, Fineas

In the aftermath of the great sea battle a great mop up begins. Morwyn and Fineas decide to press a counterattack and hit the enemy staging ports before they can rebuild. Luckily, most of them are lightly defended with the Chanicutt
forces in disarray. Gerard's fanatics need to be used up before they cause mischief, so they are expended in the various assaults. To command them, Fineas obtains an illusion from Sabine making him look and sound like Gerard to the unknowing fanatics. The assaults begin and meet with good success. In the meantime, a chaosian watcher has been detected and Torianna and Jacob are enlisted to track him down. They follow through shadow as far as they can before losing the trail in a crossroads shadow. Jacob wheedles another trump from Torianna, this time of Zariel his elemental servant. Jacob heads back to rest in Spa while Torianna goes to work on trumps.


Thirteen is hanging around the medical facilities, casually working on some enchanted bullets when Gerard is brought in from the battle. Gerard took a massive wooden splinter through his liver. He looks to be in pretty bad shape, but starts getting a number of concerned visitors to ease his recovery. Satisfied that Gerard is not about to snuff it, Thirteen returns to his endeavors to create air-elemental charged bullets and toxic water elemental bullets. He bores of this after a time and gets hold of his favorite travelling companions to go Dara hunting. Gertruda, Jurgen and Sabine join him on his foray to find the arch traitor. Using the information gleaned from captives, Thirteen comes upon a guarded portal leading to the shadows Dara is believed to be recovering in. Two Hellmaids are accompanied by their boy-toys, beastmen and assorted uglies.


Fineas goes to the repository for recovered and captured gear to see what may be discovered. A couple of defensive magic items catch his fancy, so he asks if they can be closely examined to determine if they may be put into service safely. Mages go to work and Fineas returns to confer with the captains and admirals of the fleet. Admiral Strake is the senior surviving commander so
Fineas places the Amberite portion of the fleet under his command with orders to cooperate with Morwyn and the Rebman fleet. Paranoia has been working at the corners of Fineas' mind and he decides to pay a visit to Sir John to discuss some additional security measures. Meeting with Sir John, Fineas raises concerns about the possibility of shapeshifters infiltrating Amber and
proposes bringing in a fresh "sniffer" to clear the castle and town, starting with the existing sniffers.


Jacob investigates the possibility of binding special purpose elementals for a bit without a conclusion. He sends Zariel to find Nelson while he soaks in the mud baths. After a time he emerges and decides to trump Fineas to discuss the tantric magic threat. Fineas offers few suggestions, so Jacob contacts Kelamon for help in finding a "life" mage to seek out Hunac entry points. Kelamon
eventually recommends talking to the local Hunac mages for help in that arena. Jacob returns to Hunac to do so.


Torianna spends time in Lynxia producing the trump of Zariel and spends some time learning how to render water elemental trumps as well. Once finished, she pays a visit to her father Gerard while he recuperates. She gradually informs him that she was allowed to attune to the jewel of Rebma by Queen Moire on her last visit. Gerard does not seem overly concerned and decides that she should also attune to the Jewel of Judgement given his close call with death. Eager to please (and grab more power for herself), Torianna agrees and is told to contact Sir John for access to the safe in which it is held. She decides to trump Sir John.


Thirteen surveils the hellmaids and determines the best position to take them out. He wants to take out the hellmaids first and deal with the beastmen afterwards but the hellmaids are well protected in the middle of the camp. The camp appears warded with spells, apparently to ward off snipers and infiltrators. Getruda is of the opinion that they need to be lured out of the protected area and ambushed outside the wards. Thirteen trumps Fineas for advice and the two discuss a lure for getting the hellmaids out. It is decided
to use some of Fineas' expendables armed with pikes to draw the enemy into an ambush. Rangers are to be used as the ambushing force. Fineas gathers his men along with four deck cannons captured from the grounded enemy ship. The ambush is set and the bait is put into position.


The initial plan called for luring out the hellmaids with the expendables, but it quickly changed when Sabine brought up the likelihood that cannon would be able to overpower the protective wards easily. Two of the cannon were loaded with exploding shells while the other two were loaded with canister for the beast men. Fineas personally aims the cannon at the two hellmaid tents and opens fire. One hellmaid is instantly wounded, but the other is unscathed and tries to crawl out of direct line of fire. The beastmen erupt and try to charge the cannon. Fineas calls the charge for his pikemen to intercept them and melee ensues. A group of beastmen try to flank but get cut to shreds by cannister fire. Soon the Amberites succeed in sniping off the hellmaids and finish off the beastmen. Losses amongst Fineas' expendables extremely high, but thirty percent survive and are given field promotions to become noncoms for the other expendables in Arden. Thirteen and companions proceed through the gate to continue seeking Dara while Fineas fortifies the gate to hold it.


In Hunac Jacob meets with Itzamna to discuss the tantric magic threat. Jacob decides that by manipulating local festivals, it may be possible to instigate enough debauchery to influence the break in point. Itzamna informs him that naturally occurring weak spots are too many and varied to predict the entry point, so it looks like artificial enhancement will be needed. Jacob decides to hellride to think things over (he is a bit strange in that way) and he takes off again. Stopping along the way to nowhere in particular, he summons a buzzard of his desire and sends it off meet himself at some future time and place for no particular reason. He then continues riding around in circles musing about how and where to instigate orgies. After a time he decides that a "woodstock" type scenario away from inhabited areas would fit the bill and he heads back to Hunac to find a suitable location.


Torianna trumps Sir John and checks for eavesdroppers. Sure enough, Gwynneth is listening in and Torianna chases her off before speaking with Sir
John. She joins him in Amber and geta access to the safe where she retrieves the Jewel of Judgement. She quickly attunes to it and spends a few hours practicing weather control with it. She decides to take a break and goes to have a chat with Gwynneth about her spying. As all such meetings, veiled threats are made by Torianna and Gwynneth is forced to back down. Ironically Torianna learns her spy in the fishtank was discovered and blinded by Gwynneth. The discussion finally turns to Llewella and her condition. On the insult to the royal family of Rebma (and Amber) they are in mutual agreement for a change. The discussion becomes a bit more cordial past that point as they discuss what the repercussions will be to Llewella's mutilation.


Thirteen finds himself in an open plain with the next discernable gate some 40 miles away. Bison like creatures are in evidence, so the group disguises
themselves to fit in with the local surroundings before proceeding. Gunpowder no longer works. They send their weapons back to Amber through a trump and
continue on with crossbows and swords. Eventually the plains give way to a wooded area and careful study shows a hidden defence force guarding the next
gateway. Five hellmaids and a number of support creatures including razorbeaks are guarding the area from camoflaged positions. Realizing that passing gate while leaving the hellmaids intact would raise an alarm, he decides another battle is in order. Contacting Sir John through Kelamon, Thirteen reports
his situation before getting hold of Fineas again.


Fineas speaks with Thirteen about the tactical situation and decides his skilled samurai are the ticket here. Fineas tells Thirteen to wait for his attack, then pick off as many hellmaids as he can. Fineas trumps his mother and secures a mana coin to power a trump gate. He then gathers his samurai, explains to them that they are about to attack demonic creatures who enthrall men and outlines the tactical postion to them. He assigns fifty samurai to each hellmaid, then opens the trump gate in the midst of the hellmaid defenses. The samurai pour through and together with Thirteen's people the enemy is wiped out. Fineas sends the wounded and dead back through the gate and positions the surviving samurai to guard the newly seized gate.


Jacob trumps Torianna again and asks for her help in finding a suitable entry point for the tantric gate. She is less than pleased at his timing and blows
him off. Jacob is annoyed and trumps Gerard continuously until he answers, grabbing Jacob by the throat until he is recognized. Jacob complains loudly about the lack of support he is getting and vents on Gerard for several minutes. Gerard has him explain in detail what he is looking for and after hearing of Jacob's plan, Gerard gives him a trump of Holrune for assistance and tells him to contact the Eye of the Sun in Hunac to amke arrangements. Jacob is rather annoyed that Gerard did not back him up with Torianna and leaves muttering to himself.


After an exhausting day, Torianna sleeps for several hours before awakening to work on the trump of Griv she had promised. When finished, she tries trumping
Jacob back but has no luck reaching him. She decides to return to Rebma to check on Llewella's condition. Ariving, she first speaks to Morwyn before arranging audience with Moire. She learns that Llewella's regeneration has already begun but that mentally Llewella has locked herself away in a trance and no one has been able to talk to her yet. There is some concern for her sanity.


After the fight at the gate, Thirteen and his intrepid companions go through the second gate to discover what lies beyond. They emerge in a very high altitude
moutainous region a few miles from what appears to be a secluded monastery. Healing magic seems to work well here and with careful study and concealment, Thirteen senses a variety of magical wards around the place. A number of beastmen are seen guarding the walls. Given the density of interior defenses, Thirteen believes he has found Dara.


Waiting for the next summons from Thirteen, Fineas occupies himself setting the defenses of the second gate. After a time he contacts Sir John again and sets the meeting with the weir to recruit a new sniffer. An olefactorily excellent recruit is sought, one that does not necessarily have to have any martial skills.
Finally he hears from Thirteen that the likely location of Dara has been found.


Jacob checks on Zariel's progress in locating Nelson. So far no luck. He then trumps Holrune and discusses what he needs in the way of help in Hunac. Holrune undertakes the task, leaving Jacob to seek gold to pay his expenses for more mercenary troops. He spends a fair amount of time locating both.


Torianna researches methods to attack the mana coins of her opponents and to likewise protect her own stash. A couple of spells are created, one to hide her own and one to release the energy of an opponents coin in spectacular fashion. She survives her experiments. A pity she duplicated the efforts of a number of other Rebman's before asking if any such work had already been done.


Thirteen undertakes more aggressive surveillance using elementals. They report a force of twenty to thirty hellmaids and at least one Chaos Lord. The exact area of interest is identified and the attack is planned. An overwhelming strike force of 100 rangers, wizards and weir are to be trumped in to a point closest to the defended area. The attack will be led by Fineas with Thirteen in close support. The forces are gathered, a pair of Rebman mana coins are garnered from Morwyn and the gate is opened by Fineas. The rangers pour through and instant havoc ensues. The fight takes a few minutes, working its way through halls and being opposed by Logrus tendrils from the Chaos
Lord. Eventually both Fineas and Thirteen reach him simultaneously. Thirteen goes high, Fineas strikes low. The result is a Chaos Lord flopping on the ground with a severed leg. Fineas administers a coup de grace and turns to face the final defenses. Dara is there bedbound guarded by a pit fiend and a few hellmaids. Fineas half-heartedly engages the pit fiend shouting something about a Helgram spyas a ruse. Fineas calls for their surrender and a brief negotiation takes place. In return for safe conduct to negotiate directly with Gerard, Dara agrees to surrender. She and her retinue are escorted through the gate and conducted to the presence of Gerard after he is warned of what has transpired. A deal is struck with Dara for her help in defending Amber against the other houses using her hellmaids in return for her honorable return to the family fold.

Where they are now:

Fineas and Thirteen are in Lynxia
Jacob is in shadow
Torianna is in Rebma

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June 27, 2002
Game Log -- Session 8

Morwyn is going to the palace to check out the shadow libraries to research. She is trying to discover where the next major battle will be. She knows her mother has promised Gerard several Tritons for the next battle so she knows it will be ocean-based, and probably which Shadow... magic works pretty well there, but not as well as in Rebma (natch).

After the research she kicks back and drink a few, letting the Rebman spies do their job and gather information.

Fin meets with Ky Tung, who is if nothing else a charming distraction. A member of one of the minor trading houses who just learned that he has become a prince, she is trying to cash in. The two go off to a picnic (the location already checked over by guards, who are guarding him at a distance). Fin’s actors are being watched to make sure they do not talk about the “gig” he retained them for.

Shandora, the blasted war zone armpit of the Amberverse. The Shadow continues to (weakly) struggle after the last battle. Thirteen is trying to find where they may have taken Dara after Fin creased her head for her. He gets only vague indication on where she might have gone, and tries to use pattern to see which routes were likely used recently, and picks one to move in on during the night, as stealthily as possible. He sees something in the darkness -- it appears to be moving, flying actually. The shape appears to a human-sized, bird-like creature. Sabine and one of the weres are with him.

The foe seems to target on magic and pattern use, so he attempts to find a powerful enough signature to get the people in the Shadow to home in on, and sets off a ranged effect spell... something that will kill something else... to get their attention. He decides to target a deer with necromancy.

Tori is having a talk with Moire. The discussion turns to the way she recovered captive Flora from the Courts of Chaos. Moire wants Toriana's assistance in recovering Llewella, who may still be alive. Moire requests that Toriana attune the Rebman Jewel of Judgement, warning her that this would make Tori more of a threat to her. Toriana “reluctantly” agrees. With tears in her eyes, she makes the painful sacrifice (noting that all the while, Moire never actually took her hand off the jewel... not for a second, nossir). Afterwards, Moire, Tori, and one of the primary Tritons of Rebma get together in a room near the Rebman pattern and batter their way through to a mutilated and chained Llewella. The Triton (one of the most senior of the designated Rebman bad asses) is killed in the fight, but Llewella is pulled through. She is missing her arms and legs and is, for lack of appropriate adjectives, in bad shape.

Jacob is distributing troops in Hunac. He contacts the Organization, asking to learn the techniques of stealth magery. While waiting for the new tutor to be made available (her name is Itzamna) he contacts one of Sir John’s leftenants, whom he grills about whom to talk to about efficient spy organizations. The theory he is working from is that if you have an efficient spy organization, you have someone who used to be a good rebel, and thus someone who might be of use to Griv in the Courts.

The crown agent suggests a crown “team”, headed up by a fellow named Dax -- apparently these fellows do this sort of thing all the time (that is, train rebels to make trouble for regimes of which Amber is not fond).

Moire contacts Morwyn and explains the events surrounding the rescue of the Llewella. Moire confides that once they find out who the Chaos house was that mutilated Llewella, there will be official vendetta (good news for Amber). Moire asks that Morwyn become familiar with the “recent relatives” that have been introduced to Amber (that would be the rest of us). In departing the audience, Morwyn notices that the emotional atmosphere in Rebma is hot -- details of Llewella’s incarceration are not yet known to the populace but the generalities are, and people are angry. Morwyn gathers up several ships (10?) and the manpower to people them effectively, then trumps Gerard to apprise him of the change in Rebman politics.

Fineas wraps things up with his paramour, checks out the status of Hunac, checks in on his samurai (making sure they are ‘ready for anything’ and his other troops in Arden, then trumps Thirteen, who is trying to draw in a Chaosite by using small death magicks in the occupied Shadow of Shandora. Thirteen ignores the trump call and Fineas waits to try again in a few minutes.

The Chaosite finds 13’s people and kills or badly injures several of them. The others counterattack the spiked black Chaosite thing. Thirteen does likewise. Few people are hitting anything in the dark, but they’re getting closer and closer until they end up in in hand to hand combat. Thirteen realizes with a certain amount of dismay that the demon is about as good as he is in this arena.

Seeing that Thirteen still isn’t picking up, Fineas decides to seek out a Shadow of his choosing, but is trumped by Gerard before getting a proper start. Gerard informs him that the sea battle with Chancicut will be joined soon (with considerable more aid from the Rebmans than expected (see Morwyn). Fineas moves through the trump and assesses the situation. No ironclads... probably about 12 lords of chaos to deal with... some cthulu-esque orca beasts, et cetera. He then contacts his mother to make a request in advance of possibly needing back-up trump energy.

Bloody damned exhausted, Tori trumps to a fast-time shadow of which her mother informed her. She rests for about 16 hours, then works on a number of trump sketches (Gerard x2, Jacob x2, Thirteen x2, Fineas x2, Captain of Gerard’s ship x2, Tori x2). She trumps to the castle to locate her weir bodyguard, Heinrich. He prepares equipment and joins her on “her” ship in Chelaya Shadow.

Jacob trumps to Shadow Chelaya and has his mage work on attuning her spells while Jacob calls his air elemental to him. Zariel (screw you, it’s a damn fine name) will stay above the combat and recon -- primarily the location of the various Chaos Lords -- then report said intelligence to Jacob.

Moire establishes a trump gate and sends troops through to Gerard. Morwyn takes control of her ships and establishes her role in the combat (keeping Logrus off the backs of the Amberite ships) and tries to figure out what the Amberites are going to be doing during the fight (a fair question, and one which is unclear even to several of the Amberites). Morwyn is generally underwhelmed by the level of preparation, and seeks to compensate.

The Amberites use more power than the Chaosites expected. The Chaosites respond in kind. In summation, it could have been a simple naval battle where Pattern essentially cancelled out Logrus, leaving a ‘mundane’ contest between Amazonian Water Princesses, mythic Tritons, tentacled demonic whales, a few kraken, and several hundred warships.

Certainly, the kids couldn’t let THAT happen. After a few passes, Toriana pushed a number of spells into the “holymercifulcrap” range by tapping a magical coin or two, and that caused the Chaosites (who weren’t expecting that level of magic) to (over)react in kind. Waterspouts wandered through the fleets, lightning bolts crackled in the clear blue sky, and at least one ship simply vanished in a rainbow shimmer of Trump energy (and reappeared/ground to a halt in Arden, next to the camp of “ready” samurai... remember the ‘ready’ samurai?) Captains on both sides concluded that the enemy had broken the agreement to not use explosive shells (both the Chanicuts and Gerard had thought that they could win by sheer 'wooden ships and iron men' virtuosity) and broke out the nasty things, resulting in a horrific mess of exploding ships.

The Tritons lost two-in-ten, Gerard lost maybe a third of his core fleet and half his locals, plus two thirds of his out-shadow religious fanatics. One Daughter of Agheer was killed and two wounded. Gerard went into the drink when his ship took half a dozen explosive shells at once and blew completely apart. A D of A pulled him out with many injuries, notably two feet of oak splinter through his liver.

The Chanicuts were, apparently, wiped out due to their refusal to run or surrender. All their beastmen died, plus maybe half their razorbeaks, 80% of their Chelayan locals (some mutinied and surrendered) and a few khrazall who flew away.

Theoretically, Amber won.

The fight continues in hand to hand range. Thirteen does not allow himself to get worried -- after John Gaunt, how bad could it be? Two weir join in on Thirteen’s side and the situation improves dramatically. The Chaosite shifts tactics from trying to win to “trying to cause as much damage as possible”. He succeeds both at causing damage and not winning -- admirably. Thirteen realizes afterwards that the creature’s spines were “painted” with a type of poison. He hauls the captured prisoner off to Castle Amber and seeks aid with poison antidotes.

In the dungeon, thirteen devises brave punishments for the Chaosite to encourage him to reveal information on Dara’s current location. Information on that front is less than completely satisfactory, but the creature, possibly a minor Helgram lord, does reveal that the next major thrust into Hunac will rely on tantric rather than necromantic magick (after an initial necromantic feint) -- this means that the weak points originally identified (necromantic hot spots) as will be most susceptible to Helgram’s attack will (very likely) be in completely different than locales originally estimated (tantric hot spots).

This is not good news.

- Fineas is acting as co-commander with Morwyn in Chelaya. Morwyn is careful to avoid stepping on Amberite toes but she is an experiences naval commander and Fineas is doing OJT. The sea floor is scoured for Chanicuts, loot, 'coins' (they find two) and magical doodads. Fineas, Toriana and Jacob Trump around between Chelaya, Amber, Lynxia and Deep Arden (Ranger hq, where the Trump-gated ship went). Fineas finds letters indicating that it was the Chanicuts who had Llewella prisoner; he makes the knowledge public and shows Morwyn the proof. Gerard has been hauled off to Shadow Lynxia, noted for healing, artist's light and a 5:1 time ratio. Thirteen and his Weir commandos were there briefly too.

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June 12, 2002
Log Seven

The Days of Amber – Cry Havoc
Session 7 – the World of The Princess

Gerard rewards Toriana with a hug for rescuing aunt Flora. Gerard wants help for his big naval battle with the Chanicuts. He's been using a lot of the student mages Toriana and Thirteen recruited, along with the Brotherhood Council Deputy Holrune.

Fineas wants to set information about the assassinations to the hellmaid. That way she can return with false information that she believes is real. Fineas and Thirteen start to screen actors to play the part of the torturees.

Jacob is in Fangorn placing watchers with his trumps. His people are assigned bodyguards. Griv calls Jacob and chats about broken patterns and how they work and if he and the party with him will survive. Jacob then goes to Hunac. Jacob checks on his troops and calls Gerard. Gerard tells Jacob he can control broken patterns with the jewel of judgment and he is willing to help Jacob and thus Griv in a few hours. Gerard of course wants to help while in disguise. Jacob also asks Gerard about help with the uprising. Gerard mentions that Flora might be a good one to ask about such matters.

Fineas and Thirteen raise the city actors out of bed at noon and begin auditions for the torturee.

Toriana talks with her aunt about nothing in particular. She sketches Jacob while they talk.

Gerard takes everyone to a ship of the fleet. Mixed group of sailors are already aboard the ship. Holrune is on the ship as well. Jacob left instructions to split troops 2000 per gate in Hunac.

Eldevon’s school sent slubs to Amber for mages. They are highly under qualified and no one is impressed. Other schools did better. Holrune has created goggles to through sea water as if it were air. We are briefed on what works in regards to the demons. Two women (seven feet tall, naked but for knives, long blood red hair and blue-white skin) pop out of the water and start talking to Gerard. Actually they start groping him in public.

Gerard is going to call Moire about getting some Tritons to assist with the moving of the ship and the battle. Jacob makes bullets. One of the weird water ladies help with summoning water elementals and binding them. She makes the work a lot easier. Jacob talks to the woman and she kisses him after lifting him off the ground. The other woman approaches Thirteen.

Jacob gets trumped by Griv. Jacob goes through the trump with Gerard and Toriana muffled up in cloaks. Griv's company will walk a broken pattern. Gerard will control the pattern with the jewel (preventing the usual random failures) and Toriana will be chanting pretending to be holding up a spell to keep attention from Gerard.

Flora and Toriana talk and Toriana convinces Flora that she needs to walk the pattern to put everyone’s minds at ease and to perhaps help her recover a bit. Flora understands the concern and humors Toriana. Flora is then sent to her room to rest a bit. She will brief everyone when she is rested.

Jacob goes back to Hunac and puts 3000 Persians at the two hot sites in Hunac. Romans sent to the other most likely site.

Flora wakes and explains what happened to the family when they trumped to Chaos. It messes with your senses to be in Chaos. There was a large battle. Brand showed up with the jewel at the Abyss. Nothing survives the Abyss. Brand tries to kill Deidre and is shot by Caine and Brand falls into the Abyss. Oberon went to fix the pattern gave siblings a blessing. A storm was approaching and the unicorn appeared out of the Abyss and she attracted everyone’s attention no matter if they were near or far they couldn’t help but look at her. She gave the jewel to Random.

The storm was coming down on them and the rest of the family retreated in Chaos proper. Chaos attacked. She believes Benedict and Caine are dead. She thinks Llewella is dead. Flora bore two children and she is certain they extracted some of her ova. Flora is a trump artist. The 2nd year she started shape shifting spontaneously but her captors refused to give her any training.

The lords of Chaos consider us inferior beings. Descendants of Swayvil make of the Great Houses of Chaos. Spells and enchantments are easier there. Shadows there are smaller and more malleable. Flora learned trump from Toriana’s uncle.

After the Amberites were defeated a great civil war broke out in Choas and Swayville stopped it.

Thirteen brings up succession to the throne in Amber. No one is having this conversation with anyone else right now and everyone politely ignores him. Flora gives everyone a logrus lesson. The Church of the Serpent is the Chaos religion. The priests spend most of their time keeping the serpent asleep. Logrus masters go crazy eventually. Chaos peons -- all of them -- send magical energy to their lords via regular rituals. The King of Chaos skims off a large percentage which manifests as a crown of flame or curdled magic, similar to Toriana’s coin things.

Flora asks about the Tir. Gerard explains that fixing the Pattern changed things. She wants food, a very good feast.

Jacob trumps Griv and asks about the missing Gryphons. He heard of them but does not know where they are.

Gerard goes back to the fleet. Flora finds Tanitheel. Fineas has found his actors. Moire gives Gerard his tridents.

Toriana goes to the edge of Chaos and tries to get Llewella. No good she is drugged. She packs up and goes home.

Thirteen, Chango, and Elmore talk silver plating. Shows locals how to do it. Chango and Elmore are better at it. Thirteen seeks out Sir John finds Bors the second in command. He gets information on shadows. He is trying to find out where they would take Dara. They take Weir guardsmen Yurghen and Gertruda. Asks Kelemon for sketch of Hunac or Shandora. Kelemon suggests he ask Toriana. She then suggests he ask Flora.

Kelemon helps Thirteen take 5 people to Hunac through trump. Sabine is found and talks to Derkon about rewards. Thirteen then heads off to Shandora.

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May 25, 2002
Game Log - Session 6

"He done blowed up...He done blowed up real good!" or "Boom baby Boom!"

Starting points:

Jacob - Hunac
Toriana - Rebma
13 - Shandora
Fineas - With his expendable Troops in an Ardon Shadow (as of yet

Toriana -

Toriana receives a trump from her Mother Kelamon. Kelamon wants to know
how she was able to gate so many people, and keep the gate open for so
long. Toriana Tells her Mother about Jacob's little "Magi-Coin" trick and
she hands Kelamon one of her first attempts. Kelamon doesn't know what
to make of this, but excepts the gift anyway. The next item of the
conversation is about Toriana's Aunt Gwyneth, and what they are going to
do with her. And just before Kelamon signs off, she hands Toriana two
letters: one is the history of Amber according to Gerard, and the second is
a questionnaire about what should be done about the guns and ammo in the
Amber Armory.

Toriana takes an interest in the History, but discards the questionnaire.
She goes back to her studies, and afterwards, partakes in the pleasures of

13 -

13 meets with the leader of the Chantris army in Shandora. A chap by the
name of General Gelban. 13 Asks General Gelban if he can borrow six of his
mounted rifle troops. General Gelban seems pleased to even be asked.

13 also receives the Kelamon trump, and he pockets both of the letters.
She also tells him that he is requested to come to Amber so Gwyneth can
make a trump of him as well. 13 makes some polite noises and signs off.

The seven of them head out and are soon spotted by one of the flying
demon's and are forced to retreat back to Chantrisport. While hold up in
Chantrisport 13 magics all of his ammo to work better/undetectable in
Shandora. Under the cover of darkness, 13 and the two best of the lot
(Hans und Franz) successfully make their way to the Capital city.

Fineas -

This woman is on a tear...Kelamon trumps Fineas and hands him the two
above letters, and he too is requested to come to Amber for a Gwyneth
trump sitting. Fineas, as quick as a flash turns on the Schmooooooz! The
two of the talk at great lengths about her family, its history, Queen Moire
and Rebma. Just before saying goodbye, Fineas express' his concern about
the loyalty/stability of Gwyneth. This is the best, unsolicited response
Fineas could give to Kelamon, and she is putty in his hands when he signs off.

Jacob -

The presence of an Air Elemental seems to have effected Jacob's logic for
several minutes, but he soon get a hold of himself. He gives some simple to
follow orders to it and sends it on it's way. He decides to go and find his
Persian, French, and Roman troops and of course he gets trumped by
Kelamon just before setting out. Letters/Gwyneth/Trump sitting. He talks
to her at length about Toriana/Uber-Trump-Gating and the "Magi-coins",
their uses and manufacture.

Toriana --

Toriana Trumps her Aunt Gwyneth under some pretense. The real reason is
soon revealed when she starts trump spying on Gwyneth.

- Gwyneth gives13 a second trump call (13 refuses). and another to Fineas
and he excepts her offer for a trump sitting.

Toriana continues to improve on her "Magic Coins". When she is done she
trumps her Mother Kelamon and gives her some her earlier attempts,
keeping the good ones for herself. After having read her Fathers version
on the History of Amber, Toriana quiz's her Mother about the Patternfall
War and Aunt Flora. After getting some confirming information Toriana
heads out to rescue her Aunt.


When the three of them get to the Capital of Shandora, 13 can feel the
throbbing of a great magical engine trying to turn over.
Thrum......thrum.....Thrum......thrum. Hans und Franz lead him towards the
center of the city. As they are moving through the city, 13 gets yet
another Trump call and he ignores it till they quit. With some help from 13
and the knowledge of Hans und Franz they get within a few blocks of the
central square. looking through his sniper scope 13 can see that the lords
and ladies of the royal family have been enthralled and are throwing
themselves in to the magical gulf of energy.


Having read about great siege tactics of the past Fineas decides that the
best way to defend Hunac is to mine the temple and blow it sky high when
the Hendrake assault happens. When his plan is moving along nicely, Fineas
receives a Trumps call. It's Kelamon again and she asks if Fineas has the
time for his Trump sitting and Fineas gracefully accepts. After a fine time
in Amber (a bath and a change of clothing), Fineas returns to Hunac. As he
approaches the Temple he can see the gate start to form. The top priest on
site and the top mage are attacked and killed by their assistants. It's soon
clear that two possessing spirits are hopping from body to body, attacking
people. Spells seem ineffective against them. Fineas tries to Probability them
into a wimp's body and finds them vulnerable to Pattern. They try to escape
the Prob pull but Fineas manages to touch one and rips it to shreds. The other
escaped, but saw the mining operation. One of the possessed Priest's
starts to strangle Derkon and another knocks out Sabine when she comes to
his defence.

As the Necro Ball starts to grow, Fineas can see only one choice that can be
made. He was going to have to be the Hero after all. He brings up Pattern
Defence and slowly starts to walk up the Stairs of the Temple towards the
Glowing ball of Death......


Jacob receives a Trump call about Griv (Griv is a khrazall (fiend) friend of
Jacob's who sometimes visits from across the Dancing Mountains). Tries to
trump Toriana and she ignores him till he gets a headache. Griv arrives with
some demons and they talk about Nelson (Nelson is one of Jacob's watchers
(psychics sensitive to shadow path use)). Griv and Jacob go to a shadow to
meet with Nelson. Jacob, Griv and Nelson discuss the possibilities of starting a
rebellion in the Courts.


Toriana heads out to the "borderlands" and makes several attempts to
contact Flora without success. Toriana moves on to Plan "B". Does a few
things to improve her chances and tries again....Success! Tori finds Flora in
a very large structure chained to the floor with gilded chains (You gots to
keep the Amber ho in line). After some effort on Flora's part Tori manages
to free Flora. Flush with success, Tori Trumps Gerard and tells him all
about it. Gerard is a bit concerned about Flora's mental ability and tells
Tori to keep her eye an Flora. Tori takes Flora to Amber.


All Necro soon blows up. Several of the Hendrake mage's and lord are
knocked down. 13 decides to try and keep things that way. He fires the De
Lisle until his ammo almost runs out and then he launches most of his poison
balls at the crowd in the square. The building that Hans, Franz and himself
are in starts to take heavy fire, so they flee into the streets. As they
enter one several blocks from where they were, 13 spots several angry
looking women on demon mounts charging down on them. 13 Fires the last of
the De Lisle rounds at them and the three of them decide to make this a
house to house fight. Using several spells that Sabine and Derkon had
taught him they are not only able to evade the Demon women, but 13 also
captures one. He sends Hans und Franz through to Amber first with the
demon Woman while he fights a rear guard action. After awhile he is able
to find a safe spot to Trump himself out.


He's fine...

Tis but a flesh wound...

Ok, so maybe all he got was a few bruises, but not bad for saving the
Shadow. Fineas is hopped up for action. First he checks to see if Derkon
and Sabine are ok then he gives them Trump cards of Toriana and 13 to
bring them to Hunac. Fineas Trumps Jacob (who was able to finish his
conversation with Griv, and get him out of site, prior to accepting the
Trump call) and brings him to Hunac. Jacob Trumps Tori and brings her
through to Hunac as well. Jacob tell Tori to capture the spirit that is
taking over the Priest's. Jacob trumps to Arden and gathers his Troops
that he has stored there. From there Jacob goes to Kandive and meets
Colin. Fineas trumps Kelamon and pulls Tanitheel through to Hunac. Soon
after this, Jacob is trumping all over the universe and when he gets tired
of this he Trumps Fineas to pull him through to Hunac. Tori spends the
time Studying the Necro gate and the Survivors of the attack. The
possessing demons, as Toriana finds out by probing survivors of
possession, are not immune to magic but are of a different order from most
spirits; hence the spell failures. She's quickly able to work out
possession-blocking strategies. Pattern initiates are likely immune. Mass
production of anti-possession amulets is a priority, for Amber staff and
allies. Specs are passed on to Hunac and Fangorn mages.


Meanwhile back in Amber....

13 tells Fineas that he is busy with other, time sensitive matters, and
cannot go to Hunac just now. Maybe in a few hours. Anyway, Hunac should
be safe for a while longer, since it is going to take some time to get the
gate back up and running since the Hendrake's expended lots of "fuel"
trying to get the last one open.

13 and Col. Sir Bors take the unconscious Demon woman down to the
Dungeon and find out a few things:

-Her name is Marayka and she is a Hellmaid.
-Fineas did shot and wound Dara, Possibly mortally. She can't be moved far
so she may still be in Shandora or a nearby Shadow.
-Chinaway was the big scary looking Logrus user in Shandora. Other Logrus
users in Shandora are Neniv, Galityn and Uwain.
-House Basilisk are playing all sides and are acting as scouts for all of the
Major Houses (Hellgram, Hendrake, Chanicut and Jesby). They were sent
out to try and kidnap Toriana and Gwyneth.
-Lintra was the former leader of the Hellmaids. She was knocked up by
Benedict and was Dara's Grandmother. Currently Zava is the leader of the
-After the Patternfall war the Hellmaids became dissatisfied with their
service to Hendrake, Due to the loss in the battle of their patron Lintra,
and they may be looking for new employers. With the loss of Lintra oh
those many decades ago, the Hellmaids status has fallen and they are
considered expendable by House Hendrake. There are between 90 and
120 Hellmaids in Shandora currently.

The Patternfall fallout:

-Corwin knifed by Merlin. Corwin kills Merlin. Corwin is currently a prisoner
of the Hendrake's.
-Flora, captured and is currently the Whore of house Griffon.
-Benedict, killed by Zatra (leader of the Hellmaid's at the time of
-Fiona, may or may not have been a Pattern suicide Bomber.
-Bleys, may have been killed by house Jesby.
-Llewella, Body not found. Possibly dead.
-Brand, Body not found. Possibly dead.
-Diedre, Body not found. Possibly dead.
-Cain, Killed in the courts by three arrows to the throat.
-Julian, Killed by Chinaway. Skull is currently Chinaway's Apertif glass.

On the way back upstairs the annoying witch Gwyneth coos at him and
makes quit a pest of herself asking him to do a trump sitting with her. He
tells her he has to much on his plate right now to spend the time.


Fineas has the Hunac's remove all of the gunpowder that they had placed
underneath of temple and move it back to the Kandive's Island. Fineas,
Jacob, and Toriana discuss the Borderlands, the Dancing mountains, and
Flora. Jacob and Fineas discuss the possibility of a Chaosian rebellion. The
three of them come up with plans for the future. Fineas takes his leave of
Toriana and Jacob and Trumps back to Amber looking for 13.


After getting his ducks in a row, he to Trumps back to Amber. He seeks
out Flora and talks to her. Finds Tori's Magi-Coin maker and plays with
them. Decides to check on things in Fangorn and Hellrides there.


All alone in Hunac now, Toriana decides that some of the wards had been
damaged in the explosion and goes about fixing them. Trumps Queen Moire
and tells her EVERYTHING that has gone on since they had last talked.
Several feet of Mercury were lowered in that conversation.


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May 20, 2002
Quotes - Session 6

Session 6 Quotes

Doyce - "Where do you store an air elemental when you are not using them?"
...RIPPPPP! (Doyce expels air with great velocity from his stomach)

Jacob to 13 - "Contact Toriana in about an hour, until then she will be in useless positions..."

Kelamon (GM), as Tori hands her a magic "battery" coin.
"um, thanks Toriana, and I have nothing for you..."

Flora after having been rescued by Toriana, as Toriana explains her parentage

Flora (GM) - "That little rascal Gerard, I didn't even know he had any daughters...."

John piping in - ".....several boyfriends, but no daughters."

Randy after yet another rousing round of "In the navy"

(Heavy sigh) And big gay Gerard just keeps getting closer, and closer to being big gay
DEAD Gerard." Postscript - we do not know if this is a valid threat, since Randy made
several comments that were unintelligible since he was laughing to hard.

Jackie explaining to Randy that she is looking for lots of little multi-colored pebbles with which to make some more
Magic "batteries".

"You ones, and pink ones, and blue ones, and of course green ones
Stan piping in - "....Toriana is making "Skittles of Doom!"

John and Stan commenting on Gerard some more...

John - "How does Gerard stand on a pitching and rolling deck in stiletto heels?"

Stan - "Oh, he uses his garter belt to tie off to the nearest rail, or line."

When Flora is greeted by her long lost little brother Gerard the hilarity continues...

Randy - "...And Flora starts to cry as she gives her little brother a hug....

John piping in - ...and whispering in his ear "you bastard, did you have to wear all of my dresses!"

Stan Piping in - ...."No", answered Gerard "Toriana and I split them 50/50.....ouch dammit" as Jackie elbows
Stan. Randy almost fell off of his chair laughing at this exchange.

Jackie to Stan "Shut up Daddy's not gay because I'm his Daughter"

Stan - "...Really, Kelimon was just his beard...your really Corwins Daughter" Ouch again -elbow

Randy chortles in the background, and not the evil GM kind either.

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May 16, 2002
Cry Havoc- Log 5

"The Gathering Storm"


Jacob wanders the borderlands collecting his far flung agents and tries to seek out useful forces to bring to the upcoming conflict.
He spends 4 days in walkabout locating and briefing his men. Running out of time, he delegates some of this task to Nelson, one of
his henchmen to get the rest of his agents.Jacob scouts his usual haunts for troops, especially mercenary bandit lords but in the
end decides to travel further afield.


Torianna meets with Cullen of House Kandive in Hunak. He warns her that some of the locals had taken particular interest in her trump
ability and he is worried some of them might try to kidnap her as a trump slave. Torianna does not appear to be overly worried for her
safety and continues her work with the Hunak hierarchy. She takes some time to meet with Derkon to discuss his progress. Derkon seems to
get along well with the locals since necromancy does not have the stigma in Hunak that is found elsewhere. He has worked with the locals
to create a magical map monitoring the potential troublespots. He has narrowed the potential breakthrough locations to just two or three.
Torianna then meets with the head honcho of Hunak again and produces the trump sketches she had promised him to secure his cooperation.


Back in the capitol of Chandora,the duo successfully shoot the Pattern user and her mount. She takes a severe hit in the upper breastbone
area but it is unclear if it is a mortal strike. Almost immediate attention is drawn to the rooftop so Thirteen and Fineas collect Sabine
and immediately trump to safety. Torianna is recruited to help evacuate the Chandris forces from the capital. She succeeds in transferring
the vast majority to safety leaving only a covering force. Thirteen and Fineas return to Chandora and take the covering force to make an
attempt to rescue Prinz Eugen from his predicament. Sabine continues to offer assistance and accompanies them as well. It is clear that the
strike on the Pattern user has really annoyed the enemy after they increase the ferocity and cruelty of their advance. A major enemy break
through has occured and forces are driving on the capitol quickly.


Jacob continues wandering shadow looking for cannon fodder. He eventually locates a suitable band of desperados patterned after turn of the
century Chinese ganglords. After some inducement, they are to be sent to the outer environs of Forest Arden for training and marshalling.
Jacob makes arrangements for trump transport and the force arrives without mishap.Jacob ponders what other types of troops he will need and
settles on looking for foreign legionaire types. He sets off to find an appropriately hostile desert shadow where the men are desperate for
water and/or rescue.


Torianna decides she needs to get away from Hunak for a while and takes a trip to Rebma to feel out her reception there. She is somewhat
concerned about Queen Moire's perception of her for walking the Pattern and swearing an oath to Amber. Before she walks into the lion's den,
she visits her old estate and finds out the lay of the land from her servant Boris. He indicates that no action has been taken by Moire against
Torianna or her holdings and that all appears to be well. Torianna sends a request to meet with the queen and an appointment is made for the
following morning. Torianna relaxes the remainder of the day awaiting her audience with Moire.


The Chandriss force advances to the part of the city in which Prinz Eugen is under house arrest. Along the way, fleeing citizens and deserting
troops tend to slow progress, but eventually they reach the place.Enemy flyers witness the arrival but are unable to interfere in time. Eugen is
found inside guarded by his loyal troops but he has lost a foot and is not in great shape. Proper medical treatment is initiated and his forces
are rallied for an evacuation. All told 550 troops are rescued from the impending fall of the capitol after a trump gate is opened to bring them
to safety in Hunak. The Kandives are more than happy to have House Chandriss owe them a favor.


Jacob finds the circumstance he is looking for. A number of Foreign Legionaires are found on the verge of collapse from lack of water in a shadow
desert. Jacob promises them water and employment if they follow. There is some early resistance from the officer in charge, but a quick bullet
later from his unhappy men changes things and they happily follow Jacob. He attends to their immediate requirements and begins leading them through
shadow to find his next desired force....Roman type legionaires also in dire straits.


Thirteen decides to take a break from recruiting and spends some time learning magic from Sabine. Since Amber is somewhat difficult to learn in, they
return to Hunak for the lessons. Thirteen adapts quickly, though Sabine has to experiment to get her spells to work properly. He spends several days
getting a feel for the magic and incidentally becoming more practiced at the particulars of Hunark sorcery.


Fineas realizes he needs proper housing for the Chandora troops so he contacts Liam for help. A warehouse suitable for conversion to a barracks is
chosen in a shadow close to Amber. It is decided to keep it somewhat isolated so as to limit the culture shock of the Chandora troops. The deal is
made and the men are transferred to the higher magic shadow where they may be healed more quickly.The warehouse is owned by Liam's cousin Dorianna
so some additional favors are owed House Miramon.Fineas decides he needs some exellent archers next so begins looking for suitable medieval forces.
He seeks and finds a shogunate type shadow (causasian in appearance being a major deviation). He decides to attempt to recruit them through deception.
Fineas impersonates an important functionary and convinces the local warlord to mobilze his best samurai in a couple days time for a prestigious
duty. Several days are spent in this endeavor but finally a force is led through shadow. Soon they are convinced Fineas is a demi-god and begin to
follow him from fear rather than duty.


Torianna has her audience with Moire. She learns that Moire expected her to walk the Pattern and in fact had desired her to. Torianna brings up the
possibility of Rebman aid to Amber against the chaosians. Moire states that some aid has already been given but a formal alliance is not yet likely.
Moire says a few House Manticora chaosians had been captured and questioned but that nothing extraordinary had been learned. Torianna leaves and returns
to her estate to pick up a couple of secret items for study. She seeks and finds a faster shadow (Syrinx) with medium levels of magic to further her
studies of both magic and trump.


In Hunak thirteen visits Derkon for a bit of instruction on necromancy. Handing him a shovel, Derkon leads him to a graveyard and introduces him to
the art of conversing with and controlling ghosts. This proves to be amusing for a while, but soon Thirteen decides to get some work done so he leads
a small force into shadow to obtain the silver needed to arm the Hunak forces appropriately. He seeks and finds a wagon train haling silver across a
mountain pass. His force quickly hijacks the shipment and leads it back to Hunak, making the local Kandives and Hunaks very happy.


Jacob finds his Romans. They are locked in a face to face conflict with a larger Persian type foe. Jacob relies on a little diety impersonation to
convince both sides they need to follow him into a holy battle. It requires a few summary executions with the help of his Foreign Legionaires, but
he succeeds in getting both armies to follow him. His biggest problem proves to be keeping the two foes separated. He contacts Torianna and gets her
help in moving the armies. One goes to Arden, the other straight to Hunak.


Torianna studies the condensed magic coins she had obtained from the chaosians and tries to duplicate it. She has a lot of difficulty getting anywhere
without access to a major power source. After several fruitless attempts, she moves her experiments to Rebma where she has access to the Pattern.


Thirteen works with the Hunaks to distribute the silver for weapon production. With Derkon and the local magician's help it is discovered that weapons
can be magically electroplated with silver. This enables them to keep their edge while maintaining the property inherent with silver. This helps
stretch the silver supply tremendously and the locals are very happy.


Fineas returns to Hunak to check with the others. He speaks with Derkon about the necromantic hot spots and suggests that they can be diminished by
drawing off the residual magical energy for storage. This would have the effect of narrowing the choices for the chaosians to enter by. Fineas asks the
locals about the possibility of flying forces.The local physics preclude many types of flying creatures. The local variant is a coatl type serpent but it
is deemed unlikely to assist in any organized fashion. Their habitats are far from easy to get to and it is decided not worthwhile to make the attempt
to recruit them. Fineas also discusses the possibility of warded rifles and ammunition to allow their use in Hunak. There is some possibility that this might
work but it will be difficult to obtain local approval for their use.


Jacob renews his contacts with the Hunak underworld. He hires them to begin transporting and dispersing his Persian troops throughout the area to put them
postion for later use. The deal is struck and ships are loaded. the forces are covertly moved to several small out of the way marshalling points so their
can be kept quiet.


The coin studies continue. With the more abundant supply of power, Torianna succeeds in growing a small amount of congealed magic. She learns that the
center hole characteristic is required for the successful growth of the material. It appears the art of conjuration will be more useful in this type
of endeavor, so she begins the arduous and dangerous task of self training. Sparks fly, hair frizzes and nasty odors abound but she seems to make progress.


Thirteen finishes the electroplating prototype and puts it into operation. He decides to return to Chandora to scout out the current situation. He learns
the last remnants of House Chandriss are evacuating and that the Hendrakes are really pissed off since the attack on the Pattern user believed to have been
Dara. From their behavior, it is likely she has been put out of commission for some time and possibly killed.They are resorting to even more brutal behavior


Fineas Sends a shipment of silver to Fanghorn for their use. He explains the electroplating concept and the silver is distributed to local forces for their
use in the upcoming battle. Fineas then moves out into shadow to check on the development of the expendable troops. They still suck but are making some progress.
A handful have apparently figured out their true purpose, so Fineas seperates them from the rest and offers them positions as his personal agents in the Golden
Circle. They will be provided with a stake to start a business but will act as eyes and ears. They agree, knowing a good deal when they see it. The remainder of
troops continue to drill under the watchful eyes of the rangers.

Where They are now:

Jacon is in Hunak
Torianna is in Rebma
Thirteen is in Chandora
Fineas is with the expendables in shadow.

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April 22, 2002
"Convincing Arguments"

Jacob is riding through Arden to Hunach, where he will negotiate via the contact from House Kandive, who trades with them. He trumps Kelamon to get closer to the Shadow. She isn’t decent, so asks for 10 minutes. In the meantime, he talks to Tori and invites her along, since she’s better with court functions and representing the magical aspects of the Household. She's coming along with him.

Kelamon pulls Jacob to Amber, then sends both Jacob and Tori to a Nexus closer to their destination. They start off towards Hunach.

Toriana asks Jacob about an elemental goldfish to spy on aunty.

The pair are schmoozing Derkan and Baran. Derkon is puzzled, since Toriana already made arrangements with him, and isn’t sure why Fineas and Thirteen are here. Fin explains the nature of one of the armies that are coming (necromantic in nature), and hopes to get him focused on reconning that army ASAP. (This would be Hendrake beating up the “Austrian” Shadow.) Derkan had already said “yes” to helping, so Fineas essentially provides a specific direction.

The two learn that Toriana has done sketches of all the acquiescent mages, and has provided them sketches of herself. Fineas sends off Derkan to prepare for a trip so he can scam on Phaedra, who he was speaking with.
Phaedra is an apprentice mage specializing in Sonic magicks and Fin (never one to pass up an opportunity) talks about her help with the army -- Phae isn’t sure her mistress (Petra) would approve.

Thirteen Enjoys watching Fineas scam on Phae, but Phae’s not entirely interested.

Jacob asks how Tori’s bodyguard is doing. They talk about Hunach and why they want to get Hunach made inhospitable so that Hendrake will choose to advance through Fangorn. We travel, kill some bandits, camp. She makes Jacob some (4) sketches of himself, and Jacob dresses up the bullets for her pea shooter so they are more effacacious.

They arrive in Hunach without incident. Kandive’s proxy is on a coastal island. Their contact is a middle-aged fellow (reminiscent of Anthony Quinn) -- Cullin of house Kandive.

Fin finally lets out to Phaedra that he’s recruiting on behalf of Amber. Phae becomes much more interested in him. Fin makes arrangements to talk to her mistress/master at a later date.

Fin trumps Jacob. Jacob answers. Fin and Jacob explain relative situations. They work out how to approach the Hunach social groups (both the priesthood and the shadowy “Organization” that controls black market trade in the realm). They also talk about funding or backing an underground resistance in Shandora (“Austria”) or spiriting away local heroes for a resurgent revolution at a later date.

Fin talks to his mystery mom and discusses support from her, for him, during the initial conflicts.

Fin talks to Liam and checks up on the assembly of the expendable prisoner army.

Baran and Thirteen chat. Baran is very interested in Tanitheel. Tanitheel is not likewise enamored. Baran is a combat sorcerer and tactician and thus (theoretically) quite desirable. He is also purely mercenary. He and Thirteen negotiate terms that are generally agreeable to both, apparently. Papers are signed. Tanitheel is not pleased.

The pair work out that while Toriana is dealing with Priests, Jacob will talk to the groups that deal with the black market. Jacob discusses the nuances of the black market with Cullin and heads out to another island where “that sort of thing” takes place.

Tori has arrangements made for Priestly meetings -- arranging this on short notice takes a great deal of time and money. Tori has two days to burn, and does so making a couple ‘permanent’ trumps.

She is made to wait for a few hours on the day of the audience, so she makes 3 or 4 sketches and freaks out the local mages with the swirly trump energy.

She is called in to meet with Palinke’. She starts off by immediately making her displeasure with the long wait known.


Fin is sitting on his hands, waiting for Thirteen, Petra, Phae, or Thirteen to catch up with him (he moves quickly in the backalleys of bureaucracy).

Petra arrives at their meeting. Fin wants her for (sonic) illusion magic, to simulate the enemy’s military signals to confuse the opposing troops. (The enemy doesn’t appear to have any Trump artist’s to facilitate communications.)

Petra is keen to help. She finds it intriguing. She, Phae, and her other apprentice Sinone are committed.


He and Fin and Tanitheel discuss ‘the plan’, and talk about what to do with each of their new allies. Fin thinks taking Derkon to Shandora-then-Fangorn-then-Hunach is optimal, first to get a feel of the enemy’s necromancy, then to scan for current necromantic ‘weak points’ or ‘nexi’ in the other two shadows.

In case anyone missed it, TANITHEEL REALLY DOESN’T LIKE BARAN. Baran, on the other hand, thinks Tanitheel’s breasts are just swell.

Derkon, Fin and Thirteen are go to Shandora (trumpwise) to get a ‘feel’ for the necromantic magic.

In the Shandora, the group is attacked by a couple “thrall” scouts. One zombie-like, mind-controlled native who attacks them is captured. Afterwards, Derkon does some work scanning the area’s necromantic fingerprint.


Jacob meets Immish-kan. Jacob explains the problem of the incoming Chaosite armies to this criminal contact. The gist is that they need to organize resistance to make them seem like the worst possible choice for the next advancement. The guy agrees, but needs to contact a few people who will need to see the armies first hand. Jacob agrees to this situation and gives the guy a trump sketch of himself (one of four he currently has) to contact him when he’s ready to see the armies. This should take a couple days.


Tori talks to the second-in-command priest. Explains the situation. (See above.) The priest doesn’t knows if this is important enough to warrant taking to the All High Eye of the Sun without “proof”. Tori contacts her mom Kelamon to get a trump sketch that will facilitate this. Kel provides a sketch of a Chantris spy in Shandora.

The priest is going to send his nephew and two sorcerers along with Tori to investigate Shandora: he trusts his nephew’s judgement. Tori makes it clear she’s not wasting days waiting on bureaucracy when it’s this world’s good that hangs in the balance.

[Elsewhere, in a gaming room, player’s discuss perpetuating a superstitious association between Making Amberites Wait and Having Bad Luck.]


Derkan is shocked by the sheer scope of the necromantic energies in use by the Chaosite army in Shandora. Fineas asks about the odds of siphoning off the energy for their own use, or to weaken the magic. Derkon is not optimistic, but provides a few cautious theories.

Derkon talks about Amberites being able to “break magic”, and recounts some stories of the previous generation messing up other sorcerers. Fin and Thirteen both try this out. Thirteen seems to be able to do this better, though whether this is native ability or the result of getting to see Fin try it first is not entirely clear. Derkon is directed to try to spy on the via magic, and Thirteen does a reverse of ‘breaking magic’: enhancing the chances of Derkon’s success. The view Derkon acquires is one showing ghost-forms and other mystic energies feeding into one of the Chaosite’s gate to power it. Fin tries, while he can ‘see’ the gate, to use his probability effect to mess with the energies feeding the gate. His effect is minimal but discernable, once Thirteen reinforces the viewing device/mirror so it doesn’t overload.

This attracts the attention of a Logrus tendril. The stress of conflicting energies cracks the mirror and melts smaller components to slag.


Jacob receives a trump call from the Organization after about 15 hours. The Organization is ready and can be available within the hour. Jacob says that arrangements can be made within that hour or cannot be made at all, so come on through. He then trumps Kelamon.


Toriana is taking through two sorcerers and the nephew of the secondary priest to Shandora. The area Soren (the spy) is in is dangerous, and he’s concerned that the group arriving must be competent or dead. Tori receives assurances that the group is good enough.

After about 40 minutes, the group trumps through to a place where the locals are being sacrificed on at least a 12-per-hour rate to power one of the Chaos gates. The nephew looks pale. The sorcerers analyze ambient magicks and look quite concerned. The group attracts attention after a few moments due to the sorcerous activity. Some guards are coming, some of the Ta’andu (insect centaurs) toss some darts to no effect, and Tori trumps everyone away, back to the Hunach trade island, then sketches their way back to the priest’s city.


The group makes it’s way to Fangorn via trump and meets with “Lord Oak”, whom they warn of the oncoming invasion. Lord Oak is willing to coordinate, but needs to see firsthand the effects of the oncoming army. Fin takes him to a world where the armies have already passed. Lord Oak digs in and communes with the local elements and elementals. This takes hours. Meanwhile, his entourage of a dryad and some “bush warriors” protect the area. Lord Oak finishes and they head back to Shadow Fangorn. Fin queries him about the chances of recovering that world. Lord Oak has not considered such a thing.

Fin and Lord Oak discuss tactics. The Forest (capital F) will not allow outsider troops in great numbers. It looks as though Amber will only be able to provide weapons, some logistics, and trump movement support. If Amber moves an army in, the army will be attacked. Fin makes it clear that Fangorn is welcome to defend itself, but if they are losing, Amber will have to step in, because Amber can’t afford to let them lose, and hopefully The Forest will see the point of getting help.


Thirteen talks with Derkon and Fin about scouting the necro-friendly points in Fangorn, but the survival chances on such scouts are not good. They talk about doing some probability manipulation for wetter weather.


Jacob is trumped by Thirteen, who wants permission to come through. Jacob checks with Tori, who checks with the Priests, who say “Hell Yeah.”

Jacob calls Kelamon, requesting help with moving the Organization around, and K tells him Tori was already at Shandora. He calls Tori back and sets up transport. He then calls Thirteen and passes on permission to visit Shandora (while he goes to meet his criminals). Jacob trumps (sketch) to Shandora, scouts, clears a landing pad, and Toriana passes the syndicate people through to him. They scout. Jacob notes that the sorcerers are much better at (a) stealth casting and (b) recon. The group arrives, scouts, and departs with the enemy none the wiser (except for one sentry Jacob terminated.)


Fin goes off to meet with Petra and Co. The challenge with this recon is that he needs to get them close enough to a battle that they can hear their signal horns and other commands. He works out the logistics with the Chantris Proxy in the Shadow. While there, he asks after local heroes who show great promise but are hamstrung by local politics. One shows promise but was badly wounded a few months ago due to poor support from the local Emperor. Fin wants to get him away -- get him spirited out and healed -- to use him as a guerilla resistance leader or to try to rejoin the battle after the Hendrake are pushed back from their next Shadow attack. (Name of psuedo-hero is Euguene?).

Fin works to get the Chantris people out and get his sorceresses in to recon the army.


Thirteen trumps Toriana and brings through Derkon and his ‘assistant’ (read: walking dead). Derkon heads off to scan the Shadow for good points of necro-nexi. Thirteen and Tori meet with EYE OF THE SUN (head honcho) and explain the tactics of the major battle (which was planned to occur in Fangorn, but that’s changed) -- the EYE likes the “Disposable Troops” idea -- waste of foreign life pleases him. Tori thanks him for not making them wait (the peons are learning the ‘don’t make the Amberites wait’ rule). Toriana offers to make the EYE a trump sketch to facilitate organization of forces.


(Currently have five sketches and one full trump of himself, all via Toriana, having given one to the Organization). He explains the logistics of the war to the Organization and rides into Shadow to find troops and spies. He hellrides for several days and reaches the Borderlands, where he plans to collect ‘his people’ and start looking into gathering a military force. The problem, in his mind, is that his stomping grounds do not lend themselves to large armies -- it’s not the ideal place to find troops.


Fin is in Shandora and detects the use of Pattern Tricks in Shadora’s capitol -- but he’s the only member of the Household around, and HE isn’t doing it. This isn’t good. (Also, enemy troops arriving abruptly within the capitol city and no one (besides perhaps Fin) knows how -- Chaosites shouldn’t have trumps.) The front line of battle is still 50 miles away, but some sort of mystic paratroopers have hit the city.

Fin focuses on getting Chantris people out, then contacts Gerard and informs him of the “Pattern Problem in River City”. He collects a good rifle and recruits assistance for working out a bullet that can make it through a ward. He can’t reach Jacob (who’s hellriding) for advice and contacts his mother, who comes through to enchant the bullet (using magic, not conjuration).

He gets an idea of the general direction of the Pattern activity and sets off into the embattled capitol city to do his duty for the Kingdom.

There are warrior troops about, but Fin manages to get close enough to see some sort of asexual Demon who seems to be the source of the Pattern manipulation. He zooms in on her...


Thirteen meets with the commanders of Hunach’s military and discusses the Facts As They Are Known regarding chaosite troops. Derkon talks about the necro-nexi in the region and everyone returns solid feedback on tactics that should work on the Chaosites in this Shadow. The generals are reassuringly competent and also like the idea of the prisoner troops (disposable foreigners are gooood). Hunachish peasant troops are also a viable choice, apparently.

That having been done, Thirteen heads back to Amber to collect Sabine, a crossbow, a gun (sniper rifle), as well as a sword to match his wakisashi. He then trumps Fineas, who’s about to squeeze off a shot at the Pattern-tricky person.

Fin asks if Thirteen can penetrate illusions. He can’t, but Sabine can. Thirteen trumps through with Sabine and Sabine casts an anti-illusion on Fin (so that Fin doesn’t have to worry about magical illusions masking the target’s actual location).

Fin is going to shoot the target (who was actually shifted visually to appear in a slightly different location) -- Thirteen is going to use a poisoned bolt with the crossbow, since his weapon doesn’t have the right ammo.

And that’s where we’ll leave our heroes.

- Thirteen is in Shandora’s capitol city.
- Toriana is in Hunach.
- Fineas is in Shandora’s capitol city.
- Jacob is in Borderlands.

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April 20, 2002
The Days of Amber – Cry Havoc - Session 3

The clan was at a steet party celebration following our introduction to the public and there was much to talk about. All the newly-found relatives were there and the party was a success.

Meanwhile Fineas and Thirteen schmooze the ladies of the party with varying degrees of enthusiasm. K hands out trumps to everyone, including and Amber trump, a trump of Gerard, and one of each of the other members of the Household.

Thirteen arranges for arms training with Sir John. Gerard got everyone together at some point and briefed us on the enemy, Jacob chimed in with some other information that he knew on the subject.

Gerard puts Toriana in charge of retrieving her aunt the trump artist. Tori asks to have a different bodyguard assigned and Sir John takes care of that.

Dad went with Thirteen, Fineas, and Jacob to see the Rangers in Arden. Interestingly enough, there are male and female rangers. Thirteen learns he is not so sneaky - yet. Fineas learns he is quite good at target practice. Jacob works on a longbow, since firearms are familiar ground for him. The men all ganged up on Gerard, both armed and unarmed. Gerard’s tough, but another helper and they might have been able to take him.

Tori is off to find her aunt, last seen with one of the wizards of Dom Damiel. Her new bodyguard is named Himrick, a weir shapeshifter. Tori is very pleased with her bodyguard.

Three men apparently took Tori's aunt and there was still a trace of their energy in the air. Tori takes Himrick’s advice and trumps K, her mother, for reinforcements. The kidnappers are taking an odd route. Tori comes to a city and does a quick locate spell to find her Aunt.

Thirteen gets sneakier. The three new relatives get some equipment from the rangers. Thirteen heads back to Amber. He practices his shadowshifting and probability. He runs into Tanitheel (who is remarkably well, all things considered) they chat about this and that. Thirteen notes that she is healed and eating a lot. Tanitheel is very patient and tries to teach Reese some magic(?).

Jacob is trying to figure out how to stop the advancing enemy. He scouts for nexii and likely routes the enemy would take. He is all rangery and stuff.

Fineus schemes in private with an agent from House Miramond. The mystery agent has some agreement with Fineus. Fineus hits mom up for a trump, she gives him a sketch of shadow Fenghorn - his next destination and the reason he was talking with Miramond - they trade there to a limited extent.

Tori's bodyguards shapeshifted to look like (large) dogs. Her Aunt is not too far away but is very drugged. They enter the establishment where she is and head towards the upper floors. There is a nasty trap on the door to the room where she is being held. They decide to rush it and head to her. Himrick leads the rush and as he charges, Tori feels a trump call. She quickly answers, since the good guys are not winning and could use some help. It’s Jacob. He agrees to help and a quick fight ensues. The bad guys try to escape out the window, and both weir bodyguards were injured, to greater or lesser degrees. The ugly man with large bull horns gets away, but Jacob is able to kill the (other) mage. The pair try to track the bull man, to no avail. Tori gives her trump to the ranger camp to Jacob for helping her. He wants more, doesn’t everyone?

Thirteen is learning sorcery (?), after six hours Tanitheel proves that even she has limits and gives up on the lessons. Thirteen is being watched by Belcan or Don Delcon. He is slowly learning in the city not the castle. He finally gives up and heads to Bloodly Bill agains. Thirteen greets Elmore, Chongo and Badger there. Thirteen finds out there is a house in Amber you can trump to from Dom Damiel. Badger thinks the gate should be closed.

Fineus has a private conversation with some mystery man. It is going to take a least a week to "rescue" (retrieve) a little under 1000 men from prison. Fineus is looking for troops. He is taking rangers to look for Shadows that met criteria and troops. He will first recruit good troops. He is also looking for archers, heavy and light infantry. Rent-a-troop option investigated. Fineus is going to gate troops into battle (or thinks someone else will be able to).

Tori talks her Aunt Gwyneth into staying in Amber -- she is not particularly nice about the whole thing.

Thirteen trumps Fineus. Fineus pulls him through the contact. They (and Tanitheel) meet up with Badger and Raja shows them the trump picture in a seaside villa a few miles from Amber City. It leads to Dom Daniel and from there to Belcan. Tanitheel is not amused. They try and meet up with Gellerack, but instead meet with Osvan. Thirteen and Osvan arm wrestle (manly aren’t they?). Thirteen wins. Fineus asks Osvan what he wants in payment to be an assassin. Osvan wants land, riches, shiny things. They draw up a contract.

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April 16, 2002
Session 3 Quotes

Stan to Gm
"Yes, I guess 13 head back to Big Gay Gerards Big Gay Palace".

Gm to John
"When you get back to amber Castle, one of the guard's informs you that
Gerard is with the Amber fleet"
John to GM
"Of course he is"

Jacob to Toriana
"Well, now that I've saved you and your great aunts life, I think that you
should at least make me a trump sketch of where I was since it'll take me
two days to get back there."
Toriana to Jacob
"Like your inability to get from here to there is any of my concern."

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April 02, 2002
Session II Game Log

Cry Havoc - Session II Game log

Starting points:

Jacob - Wild, Wild Transvaal
Toriana - Dom-Daniel
13 - Dom-Daniel
Fineas - Castle Amber


Shortly after having shot Tanitheel, Jacob decides to take off some
clothes to cover up the nude young woman, and gives her first aid. Looking
around he notices that the Uber-mage that had been attacking him has fled.
She introduces herself as Tanitheel, Crown agent.

Boy did the Uber-mage smell. There was something about him that was
nagging at Jacob.

Tanitheel looks over at the perplexed Jacob and tells him that the Uber-
mage was a Chaosian.

"Yeah, That was what I thought" replies Jacob.

He notices that Tanitheel has pulled out some items out of a pouch, one of
which looks like a large card. He recognizes the card as a trump card and
knows that a trump card equals his friend/uncle(?) Random. He looks down on
Tanitheel and says "Hey, your blood doesn't burn".

Still concentrating on the Card she tells him "That's because I'm not a

Tanitheel sits up and reaches out to Jacob and tells him to come with her.
His thoughts are of his Father at this point, and willingly goes along. Trippy
rainbow effects.

The Card activates and they are standing in front of a gentleman who
introduces himself as Thoven. Jacob Looks around, Takes a deep breath
and sighs "Ahhh, Texorami". He notices that Thoven has pulled out a trump
card and concentrates. Jacob looks over at Tanitheel and asks her if they
are going to see Random, She does not directly answer that question.
Tanitheel again reaches out her hand to Jacob and he takes hold of her
hand. Some more trippy rainbow effects, and Jacob finds that they are
standing in front of a powerfully built smiling man who introduces himself as
Prince Regent of Amber, Gerard.

Gerard looks sorrowfully at the young man standing before him and hands
Jacob a piece of paper sealed with Random's Sigil. Jacob breaks the seal
and reads the letter with an expressionless face, and finds out things
Random would want his one surviving Son to know. Yes, that's right: Son.

Gerard dismiss' Tanitheel to the infirmary and he and Jacob Discuss the
Family (Fineas, Toriana, 13, and maybe one more), Chaos, War, Recruitment
opportunities in shadow, and that the four Chaos armies must be stopped
before they reach Amber.

After much male bonding, Gerard makes Jacob a prince of Amber, (also
telling him that there will be a public ceremony later) and talks him into
walking the Pattern.

When they leave his office, Gerard tells Jacob to go get a bath. While in
the large bath, Jacob pulls out a small metal cylinder and plays with it.
"damn", he says quietly as he puts it back into his back pack.


She goes and meets with all of the Wizards Privately, and separately
(Eldevon, Otaru, Elenea, Rihar, Autumn Moon, and Dr. Ryll). She finds out
that they all want trumps...badly, and that a few want some of their rivals
assassinated (secret).

She also finds out that none of the heads of the Wizard Collages know of
any Chaos spies in Dom-Daniel.

She decides that since Otaru of Old Citadel (OCS) knows about some of the
things going on out in shadow with Chaos, this is where 13 and herself are
going to stay for the night.

Everybody at Old Citadel loves her purple hair, and she enjoys the
attention. Later, she and Otaru meet again in private. He tells her about a
confrontation out in a Broken Pattern shadow between members of the OCS
and a Chaos mage. The battle ended because the Chaos mage was able to
destroy the entire shadow. Parts of that shadow are spread out in other
nearby shadows.

Later that evening, alarms go off in the OCS, and Otaru tells her that for
the past week somebody has been trying to breach the wards and get into
the school. Toriana charges off and wakes up 13 and tell him to act like a
body guard and follow her.

As Toriana and 13 make their way to out into the area of the breach, they
are attacked by ninja types. Three daggers are thrown at a dodging 13,
Toriana teleports the 75 yard to the attacker yelling "they're only
shadowites". She is able to stabs the nearest one, killing him, while the
leader runs like the wind out into shadow. 13 looks over the situation and
decides that Toriana is out of his range of protection and decides to look
for the daggers. Toriana snags the second Ninja and mind rapes him. She
finds out that they were hired to get through the wards to follow her. She
does not share this info with 13. 13 finds the dagger and that they have a
sticky liquid on them.

They head back to the school.


13 takes the daggers to Otaru and he looks them over. He tell 13 that they
look to be some sort of poison (duh). 13 asks if Otaru has a staff
Alchemist Otaru tells him that he has on staff a Herb Mistress by the
name of Gheen, and Otaru takes 13 to her.

The poison turns out to be a paralysis poison, and 13 asks if she can
synthesize it and she tells him yes and that she has other poisons that he
might be interested in. 13 gets the sampler pack o' poison and antidotes.

The next morning 13 decides to go find out what had happened to Sabine.
She was one of the women that had glommed on to him over the last week,
most of them had told him that they were sent to provide him with
entertainment while he was here. All of them had been sent by one of the
magic collages, except Sabine, she was an independent.

13 took the straight forward approach to finding her, but found out that
this was not how things were done around here. Her finally resorted to
asking Toriana if she could make a "trump" sketch of Sabine. Toriana rolled
her eyes, and said things about "men and whores".

When she was done Toriana showed 13 how to use a trump and joined in on
the trump contact. Toriana noticed that Sabine was not used to getting
trump contacts. 13 and Sabine agreed to meet at a place called "the
universal loves to become".


Fineas was sitting in his new room in Castle Amber. He is formulating how
to create a huge army. he spends several hours at this task. When this is
done, his has come up with a grand scheme to take out the Helgram army.
As a final touch he jotted down the structure of his Army.

Feeling like he needed a walk, he sets off for Amber City in search of
Breggor Feldane . The two of them discuss all sorts of things that Fineas
can provide Breggor, and better yet, what Breggor can provide Fineas.
Fineas seems to have pulled the wool over Breggor's eyes in regards to the
nature of what the Grand Scheme is.

After working his magic with the young Feldane, Fineas sets off for the
Miramon Manor house. There he meets with Liam Miramon and they discuss
a plan to bring the Golden Circle Kingdoms (GCK) back in line with Amber

To cut Fineas' meeting with both young men to the quick....he bullshitted
them both, and then added on another layer for good measure.

In his discussions with both young men he found out that he was not to
trust Countess Mara Kandive or Baroness Eliza Feldane.


While in the bath, Castle mage Elmore come to test his blood to try and
discern who he is descended from.

After the bath and massage from Sato, he wraps a towel around his waist
and starts to look for the page Wesley. Wesley had promised to clean his
clothes while in the bath, and had not returned yet. Jacob instead finds a
page by the name of Cory, and sends him to find where Wesley has got to.
Cory comes back a little later with clothes that he had just found laying
around. They are of an unfamiliar style, but everything seems to fit except
the boots which are a bit to large. Cory fills Jacob in on Fineas, 13, and
Toriana. He finds out that Fineas is a political opps guy who is being sent
out to recruit an army for Amber. He finds out that 13 is several shades of
weird, and that Toriana is a mage/trump person from Rebma who is next in
line for the throne.

After their little talk Cory takes Jacob on a tour of Castle Amber and its
environs. Jacob really likes the giant striped horses and tries to figure out
how to get one. While approaching the Castle, Cory and Jacob spy some of
the Royal Guards fencing over by the Ruins. Jacob talks three of them into
a three-on-one fight. He defeats, with some effort.

The days events seem to have gotten the better him when Cory takes him
back to the Castle. Jacob tells Cory that he wants to go and see Gerard,
and Cory takes him to Lord Feldane's office. He takes a seat while
dismissing Cory. Jacob can hear Gerard and Feldane talking, but can not
make out what they are talking about.

After about 15 minutes Gerard leaves the office and upon seeing Jacob,
greets him warmly. Gerard tells Jacob that he is pleased to notify him that
he is indeed Random's son. Jacob agrees to walk the Pattern. Jacob asks what was so important about being of the blood of Amber. Gerard replies, that more then likely young Jacob would have exploded as soon as he set foot upon the pattern. Jacob seems not to fully believe this explanation. After treading down a staircase that goes on forever. they arrive at the Pattern room. Jacob charges the toward the Pattern without any fear in his eye, mocking the potential for death as he puts his foot upon it.

When he gets to the center of the Pattern, Jacob asks Gerard what to do
next. Gerard tells him to focus on where he wants to be right now. Jacob
thinks to himself that he wants to show the Regent that he is a tough guy,
and has no fear, so he teleports himself right next to Gerard. Jacob wants
to prove himself by walking back up the long stairway back up to the Castle.


After 13 thanks her and takes his leave, Toriana trumps her Dad. She
reports in about all that has gone on in Dom-daniel since she and 13 arrived.
Gerard thanks her and tells her to keep up the investigation, but she will be
needed in a few days for her investiture. She acknowledges him and signs

Toriann talks to Otaru about Belkin. He tells it is a big convention of mages
that happens every seven years. Mages from all around shadow attend, and
it is guarded by the shadows Loci/God who protects all who attend from
harm. Otaru tells her that he had just returned from Belkin when he met
with her yesterday, but if she wished to attend he could provide a couple of
students to go with her. The two students were introduced as Constance
and Meghan, and they were both excited about being able to go Belkin,
especially with a Princess of Amber. Otaru takes Toriana, Constance, and
Meghan in tow and leads them downstairs to where he has a big mural trump
of Belkin on the wall. The three girls step though to Belkin.

A small bit of bother occurs when Toriana refuses to give the Belkin
Loci/God an imprint of herself, but is cleared up when Meghan informs her
that the Loci/God will not be able to protect her with out the sample.
Toriana reluctantly agrees and tosses a spell toward the receptor. Both
Constance and Meghan keep a running commentary going about all of the big
time mages that are in attendance.

-Holruun who is a big time jerk. He works for the Brotherhood and Ebull.
-Chun the Eyeball collector makes Toriana his next mark.
-Verullian the dream catcher.
-Dearkon the black mage and necromancer.

Toriana dismiss' Meghan and Constance and heads over to Holruun for a
talk. After much bargaining Holruun decides to come to the aid of Amber
for some trumps. Satisfied with Holruun's answer she goes to talk to
Dearkon. She enchants Dearkon with her wit and charm (not to mention her
violet eyes and ample chest), and he pledges that he will help Amber.

Toriana soon finds herself in a discussion with three mages by the name of
Jelerek, Barone, and Badger. they wish to talk to her further about what
she and Amber have to offer, when a page comes up to her and tells her
that her Great Aunt has just been kidnapped from the convention. She
trumps her mother to let her know what had happened to her Great Aunt,
and for some quick travel back to Rebma.


In the "the universal loves to become" 13 discuss "magic", and "spells".
Sabine tells 13 that her specialty is spells that deal with stealth and hiding.
13 tells Sabine about the glowing spiral that Gerard made him walk, 13
notices that Sabine's eyes get very big at the mention of the Pattern. 13
is soon able to convince Sabine to come back to Amber with him and teach
him "magic". They set off on a hell ride to Amber. After 13 is able to find
her a room at an apartment near the Halles section of town, he heads back
to Castle Amber and runs in to Gerard.


After spending the morning dealing with Breggor and Liam, Fineas decides
that it is time to go and hire a propaganda reporter. He is soon able to find
one by the name of William. He also hired a minstral by the name of

Satisfied with his ability to accomplish all of his goals today, Fineas heads
back to Castle Amber where he is greeted by Gerard. Gerard was talking
with the strange guy by the name of 13. Gerard greets Fineas and motions
him to join them. He talks two the both of them about the investiture
tomorrow and that they would both be attending. Gerard strides off into
the heart of the Castle, 13 rolls his eyes and makes an odd gesture, and
Fineas rubs his hands together with glee.

The Big Ta-doo

Fineas, 13, Toriana, and Jacob are brought to the big square in the center
of Amber city and after some small talk between them, Gerard makes them
all Prince's of Amber with all the power, privileges, and responsibility that
this conveys. There is much cheering. May The Unicorn preserve us.

Ending points:

Jacob - Castle Amber
Toriana - Castle Amber
13 - Castle Amber
Fineas - Castle Amber

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April 01, 2002
Session 2 Quotes

Cry Havoc - Session 2 Quote's

Toriana - "It's just a shadow person". While attacking three ninja's

Jacob's private thought about Toriana - "If you can find any Pussy closer to the throne of Amber....Fuuuuuck it!"

Stan and John discussing Regent Gerard " So lets see; Gerard is over forty..." "single..." "a bodybuilder neatfreak..." "who likes to be in the Navy - Gay!" "Not that there is anything wrong with that". "Nope, not at all".

Cory the page to Jacob - "Ahhhh, your one of the guys that Gerard is...working on."

Jacob to Cory the page - "Can Sato do me?"

Jacob to Regent Gerard talking about walking the Pattern - "that's a little backwards, but the reverse alright"

While Wizard Chun is trying to figure out how to get Toriana's Violet eyes into his collection, Toriana was overheard to say
- "Wizard Chun, can't you look at my breast's like a normal guy"

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March 24, 2002
Session One Quote

Hopefully someone else remembers this better than I do:

"Sir John drills #13 mercilessly all week." --GM, meaning fighting drills.
Several disturbed looks: "That doesn't sound good."

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