February 07, 2004

There are three castes:

Vazdru, the nobles. All shapeshifters and mages, all recent Mirrorverse initiates. Average weaker than Amberites in all stats but there are a lot of them. Tanitheel was a Vazdru.

Dreen, the vast majority. All shapeshifters with some magic. Most are able to shift size, with small birds and horses being the extremes. That ability comes with a cost: they slowly burn to charcoal in sunlight. All know shading spells. Psyche averages way below Amberite, roughly equivalent to mid-range shadow sorcerers. Strength varies from royal guard range to stronger than anyone in the family but Clark and Gerard. Average Warfare is in the low royal guard range.

Eshva, the royal servants. Modified Dreen, they cannot speak and are not trained to fight. They have mastered the trick beyond size-shifting -- incorporeality. They are even more volatile than Dreen; sunlight causes them to burst into flame.

Noble Gheneshan society, under the eyes of (mostly) nutbag monarchs with ungodly amounts of magic at their fingertips, involves flawless, unquestioning performance of any and all duties -- failure attracts attention -- without any flair or particular originality or excessive ambition -- too much success attracts attention. Rather like working for Caligula or Stalin. Love, or even affection, is an exploitable weakness. Vazdru vent steam by taking it out on Dreen or, better, expendable humans.

Dreen are rarely important enough to catch their monarchs' eye. They are far easier among themselves, affection is common though not publicly displayed. They present a bland, obedient facade to the Vazdru as much as they can. They are not nice to humans though. Humans are playthings, sex toys and occasionally food.

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June 02, 2003
more pics

Some more pics up on the NPC list.

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May 11, 2003

Genevieve is over 400 years old and was turned at age 17. She looks 20, except for her eyes. She's been all over her world and been many things. She's been a nun, several times, an actress, a con artist, a whore, an artist, a bodyguard, a teamster, a huntress, a minstrel, an acrobat, etc. She's a Stoicist with a levening of Christianity and a very moral person -- but also a survivor who's had to make a thousand painful comprimises to live. She considers most vampires to be lowly creatures of degraded bloodlines, unlike her own pure line of Shandrangac. For 40 years she's been ruler of a few defendable valleys of rural people, and a good one. Her two children-in-darkness, Sonya and Pavel, have turned out well; they are worthy of the Line of Shandrangac.

Thirteen and his kin are puzzling. They have godlike powers with human vulnerabilities. She thanks God that he is not actively evil, that she is not forced to try to oppose him. They slaughtered Varnae like a tethered goat, and Varnae had been an irresistable force for centuries.

Kirsten is an annoyance and a tragedy, trapped in a child's body for decades, warped, brutal and without conscience. Sabine is an anomaly, a kindly sorceress. She seems to be a good influence on Thirteen. The Weir and "rangers" that Thirteen commands are the kind of highly disciplined soldiers she's seldom seen anywhere or any time.

The revelation of other worlds and strange powers is exciting and amazing. Genevieve wants to experience it all. On the other hand she has a duty to her little barony and another to Sonya and Pavel. With Varnae gone it might be possible for the Gaian witches to take over the rule and care of her people. The witches are good people even though they consider her and every other vampire abominations to be exterminated. Sonya and Pavel could rule the barony or serve the new order, but they're unlikely to reap the full benefits of a wider world unless they become part of Thirteen's or his relatives' entourage, and the Amberites' enemies are very formidable. What to do?

It's been a long time since Genevieve had a lover. They have always been human. Affairs of the heart are not something she rushes into or even actively looks for.

Psy 45, Str 40, End 50, War 45; Mental 70, Unarmed 62, Melee 65. [Std Amber stats: 15/10/20/15] Genevieve has no experience with naval combat or with leading more than squads. Her urban, forest and guerilla combat experience is quite extensive. She's picking up expertise with guns fast.

Shapeshifting: Combat Form (gameface, fangs, claws, armor), SS Wounds, needn't breathe if she does nothing.
Disads: burns like an albino in sunlight -0, drinks blood -1
Blood Powers:
--Translocation 1, ~40 meters in 2 seconds
--Domination 2, hypnosis
--Darkness 1, shade herself from sunlight for several minutes
--Bloodmastery 1, needs very little blood
--Strength Boost 1, = 65 for a few seconds, does not make her tougher
--Glamour 2, illusory disguise for about an hour
--Dreammastery 2, can speak to bitees in dreams from a mile away
--Watermastery 1, amphibious and unbothered by running water
--Earthmastery 1, sense through yards of earth
--Airmastery 1, weathersense and limited gliding for a few minutes
--Moondrinking 2, feeds on moonlight, regenerates in strong moonlight

--Vampiric Fast: sprint at 56 kph/~38 mph
--Night Vision
--Tough, resists bruises and breakage as if her Str = 60
--Fast Regen, with SS Wounds, as if her End = 92 (18x human norm)
--Hiding & Stealth, = 90
--Diplomatic, =67

Genevieve is a 116 point character and a minor legend among vampires. None of her neighbors (except for the insane vampire-wolves of the mountains) was willing to raid her lands. She gets 3 points per spend. Sonya and Pavel are 50 point characters.

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Kirsten was turned as a 12-year old and spent over 60 years as an undersized vampire under the domination of one master or another. She is moderately sophisticated for her world. She's lived in cities and knows the manners of several social classes and nationalities. Still she does not appreciate art, she likes pretty things. Her taste in music is basic and she'd much rather eat musicians than listen to them. She very badly wants an adult body for the social aspects, not the sexual. She has lots of sexual experience, nearly all of it bad. She's hoping that it was the special (Chaosite) blood that aged her, not Varnae's, since all of that is gone now.

Since drinking some of the ancient vampire progenitor Varnae's blood she's become far more powerful than ever before and even managed to alter her physique to that of a 14 or 15 year old. Her dreams of payback are frustrated by her new master, Prince Thirteen, and his do-gooder watchdog vampire Genevieve. Kirsten has lots of experience with masters and judges that Thirteen would kill her in a hot second should she become a liability. Nothing new there. He has horribly dangerous enemies, like every other vamp master. He is not abusive, which is new.

Kirsten hasn't had a real friend since she was turned. She doesn't believe in friendship, mercy, goodness, enlightened self interest or any of that sort of thing. She is trying to adapt and please her new master. He may be nuts but he looks like a winner and has allies just as dangerous as he is. Kirsten has poor impulse control. She would probably have lost it and put the bite on one or more of Thirteen's people but she's always watched, by the Prince himself, his girlfriend, Genevieve, the Weir or others. She has noticed that sometimes Thirteen's ideas are more in line with hers than with Sabine's or Genevieve's.

Psy 35, Str 35, End 40, War 36; Unarmed 53, Mental 55 [in std Amber stats, that's 5/5/10/6] She has little experience with using weapons (most of her masters thought they were for weakling humans) and none at leadership. Her charisma has mostly been used for avoiding notice, wheedling and pretending to be a little girl and studying her masters and other ranking vamps in her packs.

Shapeshifting: Combat Form (game-face, armor [not vs. silver, fire], claws, fangs), SS Wounds, needn't breathe if she stays still and does nothing.
Disads: Drinks Blood -1, Burns in sunlight -1, fears holy symbols -1
Blood Powers:
--Translocation 1, ~40 meters in 2 seconds
--Darkness 1, shade herself from sunlight for several minutes
--Bloodmastery 2, doesn't need much blood, inflict wounds at range
--Strength Boost 1, =55 for a few seconds, doesn't make her tougher
--Poltergeist 1, 4 pound objects or less in a 20' radius
--Glamour 1, hard to notice
--Firemastery 1, produce or control small flames
--Watermastery 1, undeterred by running water, amphibious
--Earthmastery 1, can sense through some meters of earth, like deep sonar
--Verminmastery 2, can sense and call them from ~100 m
--Vampire Fast: sprint 47 kph
--Tough, resists bruises and breakage as if her Str = 52
--Fast Regen, with SS it's as if her End = 82 (16x as fast as human) if she's fed
--Hiding & Stealth = 60
--Night vision

She's a 71 point character. She gets 6 pts per spend. For a vampire, she's very formidable.

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April 24, 2003
PM Emrys Feldane & security

Given his position, making sure that PM Emrys Feldane wasn't replaced by some shapeshifter or double has been a priority from the beginning. He got tested daily, blood tests by Tanitheel (taste) or others (magic), at his own insistance. This is more or less public knowledge so as to lessen the desire to attempt a substitution. He also has at top level security detail to guard him all the time, as do his secretaries. (These are secretaries in the Secretary of the Interior sense, but the bureaucracy is so small that they meet personally most every day and they are very much his assistants. With Emrys on vacation the secretaries report to Benedict personally.) Emrys is said to be on vacation at his estate in Lynxia.

Blood tests will reveal a lot to a tester with the right tools and database. Tanitheel can detect by taste shapeshifting power (despite drugs) and type (true shapeshifting, lycanthropy, wereswans, etc.), Pattern, Broken Pattern, Logrus, Magic, Trump Artistry, and most shadow power sources' presence and can ID some (Bel, the Bright Lady and a few others) specifically. She can also ID many kinds of drugs, including several types of antishapeshifting ones. She attributes her abilites to shapeshifting power, experience and her partially vampiric nature. Weir and others can get pretty good but lack her wide experience and conoisseur's palate. (Tanitheel's ID is tested via psychic contact with Gerard or Benedict.) Gerard has, in the course of many battles, tasted a variety of blood (not on purpose, blood splashed or spurted onto his face) and says that, yes, some things are apparent from the taste but that it is not a skill he wishes to develop.

Magical tests -- the very sophisticated ones developed by Amber with Rebman help and Tanitheel's imput -- can sort most of that but it takes time to do them all. There are many, well-guarded testing sets in the Castle. There are tests for the testing sets.

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April 23, 2003
Biography of Valeri Valerinov Kasynovich


Bob Hoskins


Ann Coulter, and Bill O'Reilly

Background and History:

Born in Mindle, Begma, Valeri never let facts get in the way of a good argument. He grew up on the streets and graduated from the school of hard knocks. As a reportee, his reputation grew during Begma's war with Kashfa over Erengor. A rabid Begman supporter and now that he has moved on to greener pastures in Amber…and become a Rabid Amber supporter.

He has written several books about the Kashfan crimes against Humanity, and the Terror of Queen Jasra. He was a supporter of Regent Kasman and the peace that he brought to Kasfa and the Region.

He was hired by the Harold Unicorn 12 years ago, but was let go for several public slander and libel trials. He has always stated that he was the target of a Pro-Kasfan, Pro-Chaosian Cabal. He wrote a book on the subject that purported to show who he was crucified by certain Editors and with possible involvement from Regent Gerard. This book was on the Bestseller list in Begman for 13 months, and is only available in Begma.

Recently he had been hired by the Die Tageszeitung to be their OP/ED editor and Star reporter. He has taken a shine to Prince Diego and has Privately stated that Diego has the making of a fine Leader (i.e. King). He has also privately stated that He has grown tired of the Cult of personality that has grown up around Prince Fineas. He sees Princes Fineas and Rinaldo as unwanted extensions of Jasra's and Kasfan influence. He Feels that for all of the Positive things that Prince Diego is doing, he is not recieving any credit.

Valeri is impressed with Prince Diego's dogged determination to solder on, dispite being beaten like a poor, red-headed stepchild by Embeth Wodehouse and the former Regent's Government. During the 4 hour all Diego press Briefing, Valeri came very close to Shouting "So there is justice in Amber after all for Prince Diego", but refrained do to the potential unseemlyness of it all.

He has been instrumental in having the Die Tageszeitung back Prince Diego. He has privately called for the arrest of Embeth Wodehouse for Treason against Amber (and has said that he would melt her Medal's down to make cuff links). He has been working on ways to implicate her in working for the Basalisk's to undermine Prince Diego.

He has a Wife (Latoria) that lives in Begma with 3 Children (Valerionov, Ivanova, and Mila). He keeps a residence in Amber. He is a member of the Amber Enterprise Institute. He is a strong supporter of the Benedict Regency.

Friends and Associates:

Hildy Fedrizzi (reporter - THU)

Campbell Gooch - (reporter - DTZ)

Marc Kuban - (Begman Ambassador to Amber)

Forrest Kandive

Agnes Meder - (reporter - THU)

Works by Valeri Valerinov Kasynovich:

"Lies and Slander: Amber's Enemies from within"

"Kasfa: Snake pit of Lies"

"Kasfan War Crimes: the untold truth"

"Jasra: she bitches, she scores - or how she became the power broker of Amber through the luck of insemination"

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April 21, 2003
The Complete History of Articles by Nellie Armour


"Queen Jasra Liberates Kasfa"

"Prince Fineas Rallies the Family in defense of Avalon"

The Royal Way

"An Interview with Queen Jasra"

"P. Flora Reveals the Complete Scope of the Johrom Victory"

"The Interview with P. Fineas and L. Ky-Tung"

"The gracious P. Gelina Shares her views on Peace and Love in the Universe"

"Who's Who, What do they like, and what are they like: a guide to the new Royal's of Amber"

"HRH Morwyn Proves that she still has the right stuff: taking the Reign's in Rebma"

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April 07, 2003
some of the screening questions for Nellie - The Reply

Reply sent (session 26)

1-why haven't you contributed you supernatural talents directly to the war effort?

As a Kasfan Citizen I am in liege to My Regent Kasman of Kashfa. I have not been called upon to serve the in The Kasfan Military. The best thing I can do for the War effort is to report on it.

2-what ethical guidelines do you feel a practioner of the supernatural should practice?

In some way's, it is like being a Doctor. Do no harm. At least that was the doctrine that I was taught at the Burning Sphere School. Though as one moves out in to the real world, real world problems cloud pure doctrine. Each school of Magical thought has applications that can be used to be benefit the Universe as a whole, as well as cause great harm.

Several student's and teachers from the Burning Sphere School were pledged to the war effort by Dr. Ryll, and served in the battle against House Chanicutt. Doing massive damage to the House Chanicutt's Fleet in the process. A benefit to Amber/Rebma but harmful to the Chanicutt's.

Just as it is rumored that Prince Diego himself is courting friendship with the Universe's greatest practitioner of the dark arts, all of magic's realms have some merit.

3-what is your ideal job and assignment? what direction would you like your career to take?

I am enjoying the current phase of my career, and would not change it one whit. I am able to write books when I please, and freelance articles out of Character for the Royal Way to carry. The Royal Way provides handsomely for my services, and I cannot complain. As to what my future plans are; I have no desire to subject my goals and desire's to outside Bureaucratic review.

4-why specifically are you interested in working in vulnavia?

Because Vulnavia currently it is a big mystery. Nobody knows anything about it, and I feel that the Amberian public has a right to a transparent society. As the new kid on the block, Amberian's have the need to see how Vulnavia stacks up against older, established trading partners.

5-what is your opinion of journalistic differences between Amber/Rebma/GCK?

Amber is very big picture. Amber and her people are concerned with everything and everybody. Anything that effects trade, be it war or peace. Amberians want to know what is going on in Amber, Rebma, the GCK and out in Shadow in general.

Rebma is slightly less concerned with the big picture, and more Rebman-centric. Rebman journalist needs are more along the lines of "what Queen Moire requires", or "the World of Magic". I enjoy the people, nobility, and the mage's of Rebma and maintain my main residence there.

The various GCK's are concerned with their own problems to deal with. Amber and Rebma are like big brothers to them. People in the GCK's want to know what is going on in Amber and Rebma only from the standpoint of how Amber/Rebma actions/relations are going to effect them.

6-what is you opinion of the war, and vulnavia in Amber/Rebma/GCK

Per the current War briefings, from Chancellor Emrys Feldane, state that Vulnavia is decidedly not participating in the War, So I would have no opinion in regards to the combination of the words "war" and "Vulnavia".

As to Amber/Rebma/and the GCK's:

The various GCK's have done what they can in the way of lending Mages and supplying the Trade Houses with War Material, the GCK's are not set up to be direct players in the war effort, something that Amber has done with some foresight.

Rebma's effort, other than the needed loan of Trump artists, has been primarily focused on House Chanicutt. HRH Morwyn has provided aid when requested by the Regent or the Family.

With the Addition of all the new Young Turk's to the Family seems to have brought the war to a sudden and dramatic closure. The Regent's wise guidance and firm but gentle grip on the reins of power have made a world of difference. He has made the Royal Family a Family in more then just name.

7-outside of the war effort what do you think is the most important priority for

Taking advantage of the Chaosian Civil war to Set up a situation that is beneficial to both Amber and Rebma.

8-what questions would you hypothetically like to ask prince diego/

Just the standard Regent Gerard Approved list:

Twenty Questions with Prince Diego and Lady Kylliki
Questions set by Hildagaard Rassmun, Written by Nellie Amour, Renderings by Emanuella Orleana.

1. RW: For our Dear readers, Prince Diego, Please tell us a little bit about yourself.
2. RW: Price Diego, about your Shadow Vulnavia.
3. RW: Prince Diego, why were you not brought into the Family sooner?
4. RW: Prince Diego, it is rumored that your Father is Prince Corwin, Do you wish to start a Relationship with him at this late date.
5. RW: Prince Diego, when did you know you were of the Royal blood?
6. RW: Prince Diego, tell us about your feelings about the pace and extent of the war.
7. RW: Prince Diego, which of the enemies of Amber concern you most?
8. RW: Lady Kylliki, Tell us a little bit about yourself.
9. RW: Lady Kylliki, Tell us about your dealings with Vulnavia, and how it compares with Amber.
10. RW: A question to both: How did the two of you meet?
11. RW: Prince Diego, what has your relationship meant for Kylliki's family?
12. RW: Lady Kylliki, What has your relationship with Prince Diego meant for you?
13. RW A question to both: Are there any plans of marriage in your near future?
14. RW: Prince Diego, tell us about your new Properties in Lynxia and Dom-Daniel.
15. RW: Prince Diego, Are you interested in pursuing ties to Rebma as well as Amber.
16. RW: Prince Diego, Give us your opinion on the return of the First Generation Princes/Princess'.
Your Thoughts on:
Regent Gerard?
Prince Benedict?
Princess Flora?
Princess Llewella?
17. RW: Prince Diego Can you give us your candid thoughts and assessments on your Generation.
Prince 13?
Princess Dara?
Prince Fineas?
Princess Dierdre?
Prince Douglas?
Princess Galena?
Prince Jacob?
HRH Morwyn
Princess Toriana?
Princess Vialle?
18. RW: Prince Diego, how has the founding of a school of Conjury helped your standing in Dom-Daniel ?
19. RW: Prince Diego, as the Teacher of new healing techniques in Amber, Rebma and Lynxia, do feel more can be done to provide care to those in need?
20. RW: To Both of you: who do you feel should become Monarch of Amber?

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April 05, 2003
Creatures of the Borderlands

More reasons to stay away from the Borderlands -- things that have shown up there since the Patternfall War.


The truth about the beings known in the Borderlands as Succubi is a mystery, but it seems quite likely that these creatures are vampiric in nature (some of the more primitive specimens seem to gain sustenance from human blood) – the advanced members of this ‘species’ seem to actually feed directly off a victim’s shame, guilt, or (most commonly) fear.


Hell Jesters are wrinkled, hairless, horde creatures that cackle incessantly as they lope towards their victims. Lawmen and borderlands dwellers who have fought these creatures vouch for the distracting nature of the Jester’s laughter. (Some sort of disorienting or fear-inspiring mental attack.)

Jesters never strike from ambush; instead the approach their victims from a distance so that their unnerving laughter has the most effect. The Hell Jester hordes suffer huge losses to organized rifle fire or large automatic weapon like gatling guns (in shadows were such things function), but rarely seem to notice the losses.

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April 03, 2003
Gal d'Avillez -- Commissioner of the City Watch

[I had fun with Mont du Crete last time, so here's another NPC.]

The commissioner of the Amber City Watch isn't from Amber and never served as a city watchman -- common sense said there was really no way he was ever going to be successful in the position. Common sense was wrong.

D'Avillez (dah-VEE-lez) has a well-earned reputation as a hard-assed old bastard; he's held the position of Commissioner for fifteen years and any wagers on when he'll retire is considered a sucker's bet.

City watchmen, hearing of the Regent's appointment immediately decided it was insanity -- how could someone without experience on the streets to the job? They learned quickly enough that while he might be new to the streets of Amber, d'Avillez definitely knew how things worked somewhere. He took over management of the city watch as though he'd been doing it 'since Oberon was a baby' and quickly improved the city's overall safety and crime rates.

That sort of thing appealed to the minds of the city watch, but he won their hearts when he publicly criticized the Castle' Royal Guard, opining that they should "Get off their arses and get a proper job."

(He was called on the carpet by the Regent for that remark, but most would say it was worth it for the loyalty he'd earned -- and perhaps that was the point.)

Gal's build is that of a wrestler. His hair is dark, shot through with silver, and pushed back to frame an angular face, grey-blue eyes, and a strong jaw.

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March 27, 2003
Pt. 1 of the info gathered by Diego's spies

Her schedule:

She leaves her townhouse at about 6:00am, earlier for press run days. On Press run day's she leaves at about 4:00am. She walks to the Offices of the Royal Way with her husband and their dog Jigg's. On Press run days she also has a bodyguard accompany them with a lantern. She changes her routes to and from the office Daily.

Census data:

See Biography.

Dietary aspects:

Standard Amber fair.

Personal habits:

Only able to observe her in public places. She is personable to most but quite tart to those that have angered her. At midday she makes her rounds of clients, friends, and a lunch with news business friends. She is usually accompanied by a bodyguard, who also has some Old Citadel badges. She doesn't suffer fools easily, and will do her best to verbally stomp them in to the ground. Her townhouse and the Royal Way offices seem to have wards on them

Favorite restaurants:

Adeo: Food of Kasfa. Quite trendy. Great food. If you are somebody you can get in there.

The Laughing Unicorn: Traditional Amber food. A place that has been in operation for generations.

Work habits:

Works long hours, Especially on press day. Normal day, 6:30am to 6:00pm with a two hour midday break. On Press run day, 4:30am to 7:00pm with a one hour midday break.

If discreetly possible collecting assorted bodily samples:

Up to Randy.

Any observable medical data:

None, But we broke into her doctor's office and…Up to Randy. She has been known to spend a week in Lynxia once a year at a spa. Her Doctor is Dr. Ferneau.

Any interesting conversational details:

If we weren't spying on her we would have loved to have talked to her…


Currently it is Horse Racing season in Amber, and she always has a large crowd of friends in her section of the Stands.

She has an obligatory standing Party once per Quarter. The out of town guest travel to Amber City and are put up at her townhouse or nearby inn's. There is a party circuit amongst the Nobility and the Wealthy in Amber, and the Wodeshouse's is one of the highlight's of the season.

Shopping patterns.

During the midday break. Varies. No real pattern.

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the Biography of Lady Embeth Wodehouse, DSA, OO


Chloe Annett


As stated elsewhere, Jackie Collins and Tina Brown

Background and History:

Ms. Wodehouse was born 137 Years ago in Amber City.

She is the Daughter of Granville and Bianca Wodehouse. She has an older sister by the name of Lady Avril, and a younger Brother by the name of Bernard who died in the defense of Amber Castle in the Battle of the Stair. Her Father Granville was killed in a duel with Brand over an unfavorable article that he had published about him.

Lady Embeth is married to Capt. Sir Reginald Pierce, DSA, OO (Ret.). He gained his current Title for being one of the few to have survived the Battle of the stair. They have two Children, a daughter by the name of Anna, and a son by the name of Allister. Both Children currently serve in the Royal Guard.

Avril is married to Major Sir Thom Frut, DSA, OO, OU. (Ret.) of the of the Baylesport Frut's. This Union has produced four Children, Daveed, Julio, Isobell, and Monique.

Bernard is survived by his Wife Sara (remarried), and their son Bernard, Jr.. Bernard, Jr. is currently serving in the Amber navy aboard the ship A.R.S. Vengeance. Bernard introduced Embeth to his friend Capt. Sir Reginald Pierce back when they had just graduated from the Academy.

Embeth is the Tenth Wodehouse to be in charge of the Royal Way. It was founded by Penreth Wodehouse during the early part of King Oberon's Reign. The Royal Way was the second and the last publication to receive a Royal Charter (The Times being the first).

The Wodehouse's have traditionally eschewed any hint of being of the Nobility since the Day's of Penreth, but Embeth holds the Title "Lady" only because of her Husband. Penreth Wodehouse felt that being beholding to the Crown made reporting on the Family suspect. She does not use her Title in public dealings.

Embeth holds the Medal's Distinguished Service Award, Civilian (DSA), and the Order of Oberon (OO) by her on right. The DSA was awarded to her by King Oberon for her service to Amber, and the OO was later conferred to her by Oberon because of her willingness to keep the Royal Family in line, and her steadfast support of the Crown.

In her day to day dealings she prefers to be referred to as Ms. Wodehouse. Her children have also taken the name Wodehouse simply because of its cache.

She has done every job there is at the Royal Way. From being a copy girl when she was young, to rebuilding the presses. She knows every aspect of the Royal way forward and backward.

Her family has been accumulating money for centuries. Over half of it is equally invested in all of the major trading houses. 10% of it is invested in safe investments in the Golden Circle Kingdom's. She is very charitable with her money, sometimes giving a majority of the profit from a month to a worthy cause.

Friends and Associates:

Ms. Wodehouse is on good terms with Princess Flora, and has charmed Regent Gerard in the past. She also is friendly with Princess Llewella. She find's Prince Fineas to be charming and delightful, and holds no grudge against him or Prince Rinaldo for her father's death at the hands of Brand.

She knows Prince Benedict, and HRH Morwyn enough to send them little cards in remembrance of important anniversaries.

In Amber her Friends and Associates include:

Ant Zuniga

Holly Shotz

Tavin Lister

Landisse Feldane

Marie Pendragon

Monsorat de Froi

Rosa Einhorn

Helena Pomphry

In the GCK's:

Baroness Liliane de Cellejon y Ruudkild of Kashfa

Gillian Latoria of Rebma

Corina Coppin of Rebma

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March 21, 2003
Mont du Crete -- Dom Daniel Mage-for-Hire

Mont du Crete (or 'Monty Creet') used to be one of the hot up-and-coming mages of Dom Daniel. Everyone knew he was one of the most naturally talented and dedicated mages in the younger generation.

Then ol' Monty took a dare from a fellow classmate to say 'his' [ed: Jelerac's] name three times while standing outside the protection of a summoning circle, and ever since then Monty hasn't been much good to anyone.

Mont is only in his mid-thirties, but he looks twice that. He's a nice enough chap and always friendly to anyone who comes into his shop -- whether he's imagining them or not (people who know him have gotten used to his tendency to talk to people that aren't really there... and to run for cover if he starts casting a spell).

Generally, Monty only gets business from people who don't know any better (like visitors from other Shadows who piss off the locals enough that they recommend him to them). His artifacts and tomes of knowledge tend to look a great deal like yard-sale junk and worn-out department store catalogues from far-off worlds, but sometimes he actually has something worth trading (although he's probably using it as a footstool).

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Creature -- Borderlands Gargoyles

Something for Jacob to run into. :)

Using what appears to be a natural ability to blend chameleon-like into rock formations, the winged gargoyle has become the scourge of travelers throughout the Borderlands. The creatures seem to prefer to horse as a main course and are generally quite difficult to deal with. It is probably fortunate that the beasts are not numerous, for few weapons have proven effective against them and the only tactic that has shown any sort of success can be summed up as ‘Run, as fast as you can.’

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March 09, 2003
Tir Tarngirans

Marcus, ringleader, Emperor
Vayla, Marcus' trusted lieutenant/big sister, formerly known as Alexa [vayla]
Savaton, the diplomat
[Illyan, Komarra and Tharn are all dead.]
Herne, newbie
Powell, newbie, game enough to act as bait for Vayla and Fineas
Devera, newbie [deh VEHR a]
Liana, newbie [lee-onna]
[4 newbies died in the takeover, 2 had been loyal to the Duke]
[Marcus claims that all of Flora's remaining genetic material in Gryphon hands has been destroyed and that there are no more little Florians being speed-raised in Chaos.]

Teague/Tiglath, Logrus master who's thrown in with the Florians
Alit [aleet], Broken Pattern initiate who's thrown in
Nolon, ditto

Morganids/Shroudlings of the Redcloak family:
Rhandalissa/Rhanda, Jewel of Tarngir initiate, Empress
Rhastoferas [ross-toh-fehross], father of Rhanda, leader of the Redcloaks
Rhundimas, nephew to Rhastoferas [roondeemoss, rune]
Vestalla, aged cousin of Rhas
Pramas, Vestalla's grandson [prom-oss]
Saia, Pramas' young daughter [sigh-ah]
Mangold, hermit cousin of Rhas
Nicola, cousin of Rhas
Ashtrakhan, young son of Nicola [ashtrah-kon, ash]
[Shroudlings can shapeshift into black-furred cat-people. They can do nifty tricks with mirrors.]

Tir Tarngiran ranks:
Emperor/Empress: Marcus and Rhandalissa
Prince/Princess: hypothetical offspring of the Emperor and Empress
Duke/Duchess: 1) ex-Gryphon sibling of Marcus who sided with him in his coup, 2) Shroudling of the Redcloak family who is committed to being active in the Imperial family business
Count/Countess: Redcloak who is not actively helping the family business
In local terms these would actually be something like "Celestial Duke", Celestial Countess", etc. to differentiate between the new, divinely-approved dynasty and the ordinary dukes, counts, barons, etc.

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February 28, 2003
Biography of Nellie Amour


Helena Bonham-Carter, circa Howard's End.


A combination of Ernie Pyle, and Hermione Granger.

Background and History:

Ms. Amour was born 34 years ago in Shadow Kashfa in the city of Jidrash.

She is the Daughter of Jin Lo and Hekta Amour, and the Niece of Lord Ylang de Caerphilly and Baroness Liliane de Cellejon y Ruudkild. Being from a well to do family provided Nellie with great opportunities in life.

After graduating from the Kasfa Polytechnic, Nellie moved on to studies in Dom-Daniel. At this point in her life, sorcerery was a big focus and she pursued it with gusto. She was excepted at the Burning Peak School after impressing Prof. Kuwirrish during her Interview. During her time in Dom-Daniel Nellie was befriended by Sheellba of the Eyeless Face, and received in-depth lessons in scrying and truth questing. After graduating from the Burning Peak School Nellie was excepted into the Brotherhood and maintains several memberships to this day.

Upon leaving Dom-Daniel, Nellie moved to Rebma and at that point decided to take writing as a career. She wrote poetry and several short stories and became friends with Lady Kyli Umbogeaux and Lady Maneau Orlean of Rebma. They became her patrons during her stay there.

Embeth Wodehouse, empressed with Nellie's writing, offered her a contract with the Royal Way and the Rest is history. Along with her work on the Royal Way, Nellie freelances for the weekly ShadowWord and has written several Books.

Friends and Associates:

Lady Kyli Umbogeaux of Rebma
Lady Maneau Orlean of Rebma
Sheellba of the Eyeless Face of Dom-Daniel
Patrice Chalune of Amber
Adriana Miramon of Amber
Dame Nyctasia Kandive of Amber
Prof. Kuwirrish of Dom-Daniel
Embeth Wodehouse

Works by Nellie Amour:

Burning Peak: A History
The Dummies Guide to Belkin
The Collected Works of Nellie Amour
A Conspiracy of Red Heads: Bleys, Brand and Fiona
The Saga of Deela the Desecratetrix
The Caress of Rebma: Short Stories and Poems
Of Kashfa, Begma, and Erengor: of Peace and Claims
Regent Gerard: Breaking the Tide of Chaos
Begman Crimes Against Humanity!
Memories of Kashfa
The Universe of a Princess: A Collection Interviews with HRH Morwyn

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February 27, 2003
Reply from J.

Prince Diego, greetings

Lady Gwyneth is the only Trump Artist of note who is not affiliated with any court. She has a well-deserved reputation for discretion and for honoring her agreements. She is missed by any number of former clients. As to my own testimony, you are in error. A cabal of my competitors has spent centuries blackening my name and reputation. They have been largely successful, so I doubt that my opinion would sway Queen Moire in any useful way.

Your properties and activities in Dom-daniel are and have been no concern of mine.

Concerning the activities of the Lords of Chaos, your information is likely to be far more complete than mine. That they are active in Johrom and in the center of the philotheriomorphic region of shadow is no doubt known to you. One rather arrogant individual is flitting about in the company of your Princess Toriana. House Chanicut demonstrated strong tendencies towards religious fanaticism and inflexibility. That bodes well for the Rebman vendetta. Chaos itself is a tempting mystery, but one where the risks of exploration overweigh the likely benefits by a considerable margin. I leave such adventures to the young.

I have no messages for Amber or Rebma. We have done well for centuries by ignoring each other.


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January 18, 2003
Re: Alexa the spy

The spy Alexa’s activities as detailed by Sir John's people:

She had a Trump sketch made up of her “father” in Shadow Luzon. The artist, Baron Tryffin of Rebma, reports that he checked the man out as per Queen Moire’s dictates. He did appear to be a local, a member of a glassmakers’ guild, known all his life to his fellows, with a daughter named Alexa. Alexa was schooled at a religious establishment for several years but ran away and ended up as a minor nobleman’s mistress, then parlayed that into entry into Amber via the Red Rooster.

The father now shows signs of multiple memory adjustments. There is no sign of the real Alexa.

Alexa regularly sent money to her father. She also bought a considerable number of books and had them shipped to an “old client” via a Deigan trading house. The books were warehoused but have disappeared. The books were works on Amber’s trade, economics, memoirs of captains noted for first contacts, memoirs of captains noted for skill and leadership, memoirs of various prominent nobles, treatises on law, copies of the trading ‘bibles’ of Houses Miramon, Feldane, Chantris, Kandive and Bayle, books on the royal family’s dealings with the nobles and commoners of Amber, biographies of the princes and princesses and of Oberon, books on court etiquette for Amber and Rebma, standard classics on warfare in different shadow conditions, treatises on engineering in Amber and tourist guides for Amber, Rebma and much of the Golden Circle and Coral Reach.

Alexa got to know several prominent sea captains and members of the royal guard. She was known for being a wonderful listener. She did not make inquiries into the castle or city defenses. She did not visit the castle. She visited several Unicorn shrines.

Alexa kept a strange plant in her room, which, she said, reminded her of home. The plant (see description) is not familiar to Luzonans and was burned to ash in her quarters.

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December 09, 2002
Flora's report on the Queen of A&D

The Queen of Air and Darkness (henceforth "QAD") managed by some means to track Toriana, 11 of her people and me to our temporary camp in the midst of the Dancing Mountains. She managed to dart our entire group with an extremely fast-acting sedative, possibly single-handed; I saw no evidence of anyone but her. There may have been magic or some power involved in concealing her and controlling some ambient fog. QAD revived Tori and myself, bound but not too uncomfortable. She wore a mostly human form, dressed in black leather or light armor. She seemed to be holding the rest stop from changing (something Tori had been doing before), as everything in the DM tends to do, with the 'Binding' power. She was armed with several knives, a medium sized sword sheathed at her back and four double-barrelled springbolt type dart guns with small magazines and 20' barrels of sturdy steel. QAD insisted Toriana desist in her quest for the source of the Binding power and claimed that acquiring it would entail an unbreakable Geas to perform some job; it sounded like a recurring duty of some sort. QAD claimed to have come to an agreement with Benedict: she keeps him for up to 5 years and they part friends, more than that and he becomes more and more unfriendly. She indicated that she wouldn't press her luck much beyond 5. She asked about the new members of our family, saying that both she and Benedict were interested. She evidently watched the Battle of Tulun and found it entertaining. She claimed that Dworkin had convinced her that the King of Chaos had transgressed or exceeded his authority in laying his geas on the entirety of the Houses of Chaos (spendthrift use of the power being the crime, I think, rather than the geases per se), and that she had eliminated the king as a result. When QAD left, she demonstrated an ability new to me: she faded away like a photographic trick, with no feel of magic or any other power I could detect; the effect took a full second and a half and appeared to require concentration. Given her speed in the recording of her fight with Benedict and this teleport trick, I believe she didn't need any assistants to dart us. I can't be sure if she used magic or not. I didn't feel any and the magical environment changes so fast in the DM that I didn't even consider trying any myself. She uses a trained or bound crow as a messenger and a distraction. QAD did not come off as arrogant or unhinged.

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October 10, 2002
Concubine intel

Initial intel from the concubines:

Dai-shen and Tan-wu are from Tir Tarngir and were mid to low ranking courtiers in the Imperial Court before being given to Dantay.

The Kuromon Empire is like the structure of the British Empire with a Thai/Chinese culture. It dominates the planet. The Gryphons seem to have infiltrated it at the top and replaced the Emperor and some officials with doubles, enthralled others and subdued others with threats and bribes, two years ago. The Empire is mobilizing. There is an Imperial College of wizards. Aircraft are common. The army is being reformed into a much more effective weapon. The navy is being neglected save for logistical purposes. The Air Battalions are being improved. Estimated numbers: they don’t know but think it’s hundreds of thousands. Probably an overstatement.

Notable: 15 years ago the whole world was hit by the “Madness”. Everyone forgot or had several conflicting memories of who they were. Some couldn’t communicate at all. After days of this, the White Tiger, a god, appeared in the capitol and led the people into sanity, starting with the Emperor. The Tiger started a ritual dance that eventually spread worldwide, and things made sense again. There are some lingering effects; memories of events prior to the Madness are usually dim, fragmented and disturbing. But they have reams of history to tell them that their Tiger-reclaimed memories are correct.

Dawadire (dahwahdeeray) is from a tribal kingdom recently allied to Kuromon – seems the High King had a religious vision and was cured of an old wound. More or less: Tatars or less organized Mongols in Africa. Lots of good light cavalry. She was a present. She thinks there are 30 to 40 thousand cavalrymen total. Probably an overstatement.

Kyllikki (kewleekee) is from a Viking type of people called the Yowkainin, a noble captive given to the King’s new allies. She estimates the numbers of Youkainins available to the Gryphons at, maybe 15,000

Sorak, who has red (red) skin and almost no hair, but is otherwise human, is from an odd, cold sort of post Weird Science holocaust world where the Gryphons have helped the nonhuman barbarians conquer most of the civilized region in only two years. The barbarians, skraath, have become addicted to things the Gryphons supply and to living by conquest and plunder. She thinks there are millions of skraath. How many would fight for the Gryphons, she has no idea. She does think that the skraath will fight among themselves at the drop of a hat.

All five say Dantay likes pain. More precisely, he loves intensity of experience. Fortunately for them, hurting others (or at least harmless others) has long since ceased to have any intensity at all. They have no idea about Komarra’s sexual habits and are glad of it; she scared the hell out of them.

All five are survivor types, intelligent and adaptable. They’ve seen less adaptable sorts get killed or kill themselves. They are quite eager to please and looking for opportunities to better their lot.

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October 08, 2002

Chaosian expendible troops. Think 80% human and 20% chimpanzee, with human facial hair placement and bushier fur than a chimp. About 50% stronger than men of the same size and build. Not too bright. Obedient. Known to eat sentients.

Diego's expendible and delicious sentient but not too bright crab-man troops. Fast breeding and short lived.

Diego's Monsters
Diego has a large collection of monsters out of Shadow, monsters created in his lab and mixes of the two in the waters around his home island.

A race of amphibious, sapient frogmen, some of whom are working for Prince Diego. They are experts at earth-moving magicks and capable of deep, scanning sonar.

Elder Kindred, Elderkin
The pre-Chaosite spawn of the Serpent. The Unicorn, her brother the Cat and Helel are Elderkin.

Elemental spirits are nearly ubiquitous in Shadow, though their numbers and dominant types vary greatly. Most elementals start as ghosts of humans, other sapients or animals. They tend to be flighty and few are very powerful.

Grizzly-sized, tribal werewolves who dominate most of Shadow Inferno. Many (most?) are controlled by Helgrams now.

Genii Loci/Shadow Gods
Spirits, usually human, bound to and in control of Shadow Power Sources. Some are quite powerful. None can leave their Source shadow. Many have cults, priests, etc. Examples: Bel of Belken, the Power of Fangorn, the Bright Lady of Dom-Daniel.

The non-human, dominant minority of Shadow Ghenesh. Shapeshifters, sorcerers and blood drinkers who draw power from the Moon. Any moon. Tanitheel is one, a refugee. Oberon sealed Ghenesh off two centuries ago.

Great Beasts/Great Old Ones
The more dangerous of things from the Abyss. Generally malevolent from a Chaosian or Amberite perspective.

Khrazall (fiends)
Big semi-humanoid, winged, scaly, fanged, clawed, 400 - 600lb creatures from Chaos. Horribly strong -- as strong or stronger than most Amberites. Naturally vulnerable to a class of loyalty spell.

Chaosian attack beasts. Range from the size of big crows to twice as big as eagles. Very agile flyers, flock predators. Smarter than normal birds, able to communicate some air recon info.

Striped Horses
The favorite breed of the Amber Royals, found or bred by Benedict originally. There are usually a dozen at the Castle and a herd off in Shadow Lynxia. They have great stamina and resistance to the mental demands of hellriding, as well as unusual strength and health.

Talking Cows
Genetically engineered cattle, sapient but eager to be eaten, optimized for fast, tasty growth. Able to talk. 13 acquired a small herd for the vampire Kirsten's use, since dumb-animal blood lacks something important.

Pony-sized, sapient 'insect-centaurs' in the service of the invading Hendrakes.

1) Humans enspelled to be semi-mindless slaves via necromancy. They usually don't live longer than a year. The Hendrakes are fond of thrall troops.
2) Men enchanted/chemically enthralled by hellmaids. Extremely loyal but not too bright. Used as bodyguards, sex toys and blood banks.

There are lots of kinds of vampires. Most share some qualities with weres. Those of Shadow Limbo, where Helgrams are making inroads, are unusualy powerful.

Vampiric werewolves of Shadow Limbo.

So far we've seen lots of werewolves, a couple of wereleopards, some wereswans. All are well in control of themselves. There are strains of werebeasts that are ravening monsters but such are treated as vermin. The werewolves of Shadow Inferno (garoux) are far more powerful than the norm. The Weir, of Shadow Weirmonken, are werewolf aristocrat initiates of a peculiar Shadow Power Source.

Corpses animated by necromantic spells with ghosts.

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July 19, 2002

There are two swanmaids currently in the Castle. They are crown couriers and cousins, part of a very small contingent of their sort.

They are slender women of medium height with Nordic features and straight shoulder length hair. Both have dark gray skin and hair, but blue eyes, and carry big dark-gray feather-cloaks. Their coloration, and that of their feather-cloaks, is fading towards pale skin, white-blond hair and white feathers by the hour.

They wait around for several hours to report to the Regent, resting (they look worn), eating and chatting with the guardsmen. After they finally get to report (delayed by all the excitement) they head out.

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April 13, 2002
Houses and Organizations

Amber's great noble houses:

Dukes of Feldane
Dukes of Chantris
Marquises of Bayle
Earls of Miramon
Earls of Kandive

The rank is that of the head of the house, there are lesser titles (Baron Bayle, for instance) within each house.

The Brotherhood is the largest association of shadow mages ever. There are thousands of members. The Brotherhood is such a big tent organization that it is impossible to get the membership as a whole adapt any policy beyond certain rules of courtesy. The Guiding Council of the Brotherhood sets policy (sits on its ass) and the Council Deputies do any actual work.

Dom-daniel is a high-magic shadow in the Rebman region famous for schools of magery.

The Great Houses of Chaos, according to somewhat dated, Helgram-slanted information available to Jacob, are:
Helgram is the smart, sneaky house
Hendrake is a bunch of martial bozos
Jesby a House of arrogant, not overly bright, greedheads
Chanicut is a House of moralistic prigs who, stupidly, never back down
Basilisk a bunch of thugs and assassins (rather like Helgram, but with less class)
Gryphon has flair but lacks real focus or intelligence
Manticora is a (small) bunch of dangerous berserker crazies
Sawall a small, loose collection of over-eccentric power-monkeys

Hendrake was the largest House with maybe 100 members, Sawall the smallest
with maybe over a dozen. That was before the war with Amber. In large
Houses, especially Hendrake, most members are not Logrus masters. Sawall
(the smallest) is all Logrus masters. The Logrus kills most who attempt it.

The Patternfall War was mostly a Helgram and Hendrake plot, with royal connivance.

There's a certain amount of Dragaeran influence on House character: Hendrake is Dragonesque, Basilisk is Jhereg-like in a very different social setting, Sawall is reminiscent of Athyra, Chanicut has Lyorn (and Minbari) elements.

Swayvill, King of Chaos, is the scariest person there.
Suhuy, Keeper of the Logrus, is number two.

'Fiends', or khrazall, are represented by Strygalldwir and Gryll in the books. All the great houses have limited numbers of them as slaves or janissaries. They're as strong as the more martial PCs but generally slower than Toriana.

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Prominent or frequently recurring NPCs are underlined.

Emperor Ajaran of Ghenesh, the monarch first approached by Kiros Helgram and thus the first to gain the mirrormastery power. Conquered Ghenesh in short order. Happens to be the mad ruler from whom Tanitheel fled Ghenesh.

Akbal, Eye of the Sun, highest priest of the empire Amber deals with in Shadow Hunac

Alcazar Hendrake, captured by Thirteen while scouting the Chantris forces in Shandoria, released to his House

Alessandra, see Sand

Alexa see Vayla

Alit, Gryphon-turned-Tir Tarngiran, Broken Pattern initiate; 'alleet'

Madame Ambrosia, grand dame of Amber's courtesans, possibly as much as 300 years old, mistress of Ambrosia House.

Antryg, high ranking Old Citadel mage, once called in to Castle Amber as a consultant by Toriana, witness to the destruction of a shadow by primal Chaos.

*dead*Artegall Helgram, captured outside of the Chanicut fortress.

Pontifex Augustus III, a shadow dignitary picked up by 13 along with a brigade of Svetz infantry. Intelligent and adaptable, he's attempting to attach himself to 13 in a position of importance.

Azvan, lizardman mercenary mage-commando, a Broken Pattern initiate, signed a contract with Fineas, worked with Amber in his native Johrom with his associates Chomali and Tananda, his clan is very important in Johrom, currently training Fineas' lover in the mastery of Broken Pattern. [Aahz: Kelly Freas]


Badger, well-known sorcerer and scout; new ally of Amber off to scout the Helgram invasion area; founder of the Autumn Moon school of sorcery, were-badger, worked closely with 13, Dara and Mirelle.

*dead* Baran of the Extra Hand, sorcerer hired by Thirteen in Belken, odious (and abusive) to women, with Jelerak in the visit to Gwenyth's palace ("an innocent mistake, Himself was expecting Chaos Lords"), under contract to Prince Thirteen and working in Shadow Purgatory, captured by the Helgrams, released from his contract, still drugged, into Dom-daniel where he was found by one of his past victims. Word got around and it was ugly.

The Beast Formerly On the Pole, a greater Elderkin long bound impaled on a 50' pole. It weighs several tons and has shapeshifting powers well beyond the norm. Its blood induces violent, uncontrolled shapeshifting if ingested; if the subject lives, he or she gains some degree of shapeshifting power. Recently released. After an initial, brief period of mindless fury It has retreated to consider It's options. Recently sent a mutated garou minion, "Lucy", to Amber to investigate the courage of the mortal Valery Kasynovich.

Bel, a shadow 'god' or genius loci (see under Powers), chief such in Shadow Belken. On very good terms with Fineas. Made him and Florimel temporary Avatars to help out against Tualua and Jelerak. His special powers pertain to space warps and teleporting.

Duchess Belissa Minobee, dead Duke Larsus' wife and advisor, of the minor House Minobee (known for a darkness power, intelligence and eccentricity), interim leader of Hendrake until they can afford to have a succession struggle. Pragmatic. Mirrormastery initiate. Ally of Tor and Palatine and Dara. House Hendrake is adopting the members of House Minobee by mutual consent.

*mostly dead, for now*Prince Benedict, eldest prince of Amber, recently released from Zhartra's control and returned to Amber. Father of Dara. Transformed to broken glass by Tualua, then to a relatively powerful spirit by Dara's, Llewella's and .... efforts. Dara and Toriana have engaged the mage Turjan, a protegee of Pan Luum, to make Benedict a new body.

Prince Bleys of Amber, part of the cabal of Clarissans that tried to take the throne of Amber. In the process they damaged the Primal Pattern, got King Oberon imprisoned in Chaos, gutted Prince Martin of Rebma, invaded Amber with a huge army out of shadow, killed relatives of nearly everyone in Amber, noble or common. He did lead a hidden cavalry reserve at Benedict's direction that was vitally important to winning the initial battle in the Courts. Larger than life, one of the top swordsmen in Amber, trained to some degree by Dworkin. Captured in Chaos and fitted with a parasite to feed him hallucinogens to weaken him. Spent 4 years hallucinating with his Pattern powers gone mad. Rescued by Prince Diego and returned to Amber. Toriana and Fineas sat through his detox. Cooperating with the family. Currently working on dragging his old five-shadow Avernan empires out of ruination.

'Bono', Naboliano Buonoporte, emperor of Francq, an ally of Prince Fineas, military genius, married to Josette, conqueror of Angland. He and his wife have been rejuvenated by Fineas.

Col. Sir Bors, chief of the Amber Royal Guard.

Brand's Palace staff: Kwan Ro (air and bird specialist, first among equals [tall, thin, graceful]), Sprague (engineer, the organizer of the bunch [tall, thin, spade beard, occidental]), “Tiger” Tlacoatl Man-ching (werejaguar, erltiger liaiaon [Aztec features]), Trocero (herbmaster, gardener, toxicologist [looks Italian]), “Catkin” Kubash (Librarian [‘goblin’; a middle aged but spry Chiana with green skin, a shock of black hair, sharper than human teeth, barely 5’ tall]), Sergeant Lo Ken (master of arms), Wang Fei (Cook, or rather: paramount master chef)

Baroness Bree Hendrake, a Logrus mistress, youngish, supporter of Palatine.

Breggor of Feldane, wastrel taken under Fineas' wing; gradually improving.

Caridwen/Crazyred, one of Amber's top courtesans, of the Red Rooster.

The Cat, Elderkin, brother of The Unicorn, an ancestor of the Shroudlings, savior of Tir Tarngir when it reconstituted after the Pattern was repaired -- a very personal god to each Tarngiran who went through the ordeal.

Chango, Amber Castle staff mage (a tech not a real fighter); think Cheech Marin in his 40's, BP initiate. [Cheech Marin]


*dead* Chinaway Hendrake, influential member of his House, fanatical Serpent cultist, killer of Prince Julian, brother of former Hendrake Duke Larsus, author of Hendrake's defeat versus Amber, killed by artillery at the Battle of Tulun.

*dead*Chomali "Chumley" Dhevanapadi, big (6'10"), brawny, brainy, green-haired adventurer, brother of Tananda and friend of Azvan, working for Amber in Johrom, recent Broken Pattern initiate, currently Princess Florimel's lover, entered Amber's service as Flora's aide. Killed by Gheneshans of Vala's court in Shadow Earth. [Akshay Kumar]


Prince Corwin/Corouine le Roi, Creator of his own Patternverse, king of Avalone, husband of Queen Lorraine, father of Diego and Morwyn, plus Douglas, Deirdre and Vialle in Avallone.

Cory, page (12ish) of Amber Castle

Crow Girls very fast, dangerous and odd twins searching for Pan Luum, their nephew. Binders, Shapeshifters and Mirrormasters.

Cullin of Kandive, Amber trade factor in Shadow Hunac, minor sorcerer

Lord Dain Minobee, cousin of Belissa, accompanying Palatine on her mission to Amber. A master of the Darkness.

Dai-shen, male Kuromoni (Tir Tarngiran) concubine rescued from Dantay Gryphon, a courtesan courtier. 'Pregnant' with spawn of Prince Diego.

Princess Dara of Amber, Lady of House Hendrake, tentatively accepted as a member of the Amber family, sworn to fight against any but Hendrake, leader of the hellmaids, daughter (not great grandaughter as she'd been taught) of Benedict, loves the sting of battle, worked with 13 in Purgatory, Limbo and Inferno. Reinstated to House Hendrake by sharing the Mirrormastery power with them and foiling the Helgram assassination program. Assassinated her aunt Duessa with Tor Hendrake's help. Acknowledged as Lintra's heir and liege of the Hellmaids. Has become friends and chaos-buddies with Toriana.


Daughters of Agheer, uber-undine minions of the genius loci Agheer. Hrona, Bara, Kolga and Duva; Hefring died by Logrus tendril in the Battle of Chelaya.

Dawadire (dahwahdeeray), woman from a shadow kingdom (a Mongolesque empire in something like an Africa) allied to the Gryphon-controlled Kuromon Empire; former concubine of Dantay Gryphon, last seen among the Mapungumbwe of Vulnavia. Pregnant with Diego's child.

Princess Deirdre of Amber, full sister of Corwin and Eric, died in the Abyss.

Princesse Deirdre of Avallone, daughter of Corwin, brunette, athletic, something of a rebel.

Delwin, Binder drafted into the job by Oberon and Dworkin, forbidden to contact his siblings. Captive (with arms and legs removed) and Binding-power battery of Jelerak for some time. Rescued by Dworkin and stripped of the Binding power. Limbs regrown fast with Tanitheel's help under the Family's direction. Currently in physical rehab and healing from brain damage.

Derkon, Brotherhood mage and (really) unusually personable necromancer; doing very good work for Thirteen in Sh. Purgatory.

Duchess Devera of Tir Tarngir, daughter of Florimel, Pattern initiate

Prince Douglas of Avallone, son of Corwin and very like his father in most ways, though less moody.

*dead* Marquis Duessa Hendrake, most bloodthirsty and personally powerful of the clan, assassinated by Dara and Tor.

Dworkin, maker of the Pattern, Binder, father of the Houses of Amber and Rebma, currently suffering from a mental disorder brought on by part of his mind being erased (by damage to the Primal Pattern) and patched over with part of Oberon's mind. Maker of the blood-artifact (Binding, Pattern, Magick, Trump, Shapeshifting) Spent some months on Shadow Earth recovering. Rescued Delwin and Sand and stripped them of the Binding power he'd forced upon them long ago. Currently traveling with the Unicorn in mystical realms. Took Princess Galina with them for a week and taught her the Pattern superhighway trick. Took the Jewel of Judgment with him and has generally refused contact.

Elmore, Amber Castle staff mage (more tech than fighter), BP initiate; think Elmore Blues

*dead, assassinated by a Gryphon*Count Sir Emrys Feldane, former Duke Feldane, father of the current duke, Chancellor of Amber who largely ran the country while Gerard is out fighting, old, supposedly incorruptable, owns one of the three best libraries in the known universe.

Prince Eugen of Shandoria, possibly the only really competent Shandoran general, wounded (lost a foot) and recovering in Amberite care. Fineas is promoting him as the next emperor of Shandoria.

Fandral, fire-mage of Sh. Purgatory, an ally/minion of Prince Thirteen.

General Fenmor, master of the Arden Rangers -- an organization that spans hundreds of shadows and dozens of kinds of troops.

Princess Regent Florimel, has changed her role from useless fluffhead to Hard Working Princess after centuries of dogging it. She's a Trump artist, a Mirrormaster, a tyro shapeshifter, a minor maker of Pattern artifacts, a decent military commander and has several children (involuntarily) as a result of her captivity in Chaos. They are Marcus, Vayla, Savaton, Liana, Devera, Powell and Herne, formerly of House Gryphon and now Emperor and Princes of Tir Tarngir. Currently grieving the death of her lover Chomali Devanapadi. Current Regent of Amber for the second time. [Catherine Deneuve]


Princess Galina (Ostreyeva) of Amber, bastard and unknowing daughter of Caine, about 160 years old, an inhabitant of Shadow Inakhos, a former pacifist and music teacher. Brought to Amber and the family by Fineas. Training has brought out some of her natural agression. Pattern and Mirrormastery initiate. Spent a week with Dworkin and the Unicorn in mystical realms. Still a bit spacey. Learned the Pattern superhighway trick.

Baron General Gelban Chantris, commander of the Chantris forces in Shandora (ghell-ban)

Genevieve/Zhenevyev, powerful and seemingly ethical vampire in Sh. Limbo, allied to Prince Thirteen. A former nun. Being groomed as a crown agent. Broken Pattern initiate. [Anne Parillaud]


Prince Gerard, ruled Amber through the difficult period following Oberon's repair of the Pattern. Fixed or re-made most of Amber's shadow path trade routes, ruled well and fairly for 15 years, reorganized the Royal Guard as a unit of cross-trained commando near-supermen, father of Toriana, brought in every semi-useful nephew and niece he could find, made them princes and trusted them/gave them enough rope to save or hang themselves. Mostly recovered from being shot up by the vampire assassin Vrykos with Tualua-powered bullets. Most popular member of the royal family by a factor of 2. [Brian Blessed]


Gertruda, Amber royal guardswoman, Weir. Frequent bodyguarded Prince Thirteen prior to his acquisition of vampires. [Franka Potente]


High Priestess Glencora, chief of a college of 50 earth-goddess priestesses in Sh. Purgatory, rules a duchy-sized state, ally of Prince Thirteen.

Griv, a khrazall of House Hendrake stranded in the Borderlands during the Patternfall War, he and Jacob became friends. Broken Pattern initiate and a leader of an underclass revolutionary movement in the Courts.

Gwyneth, exiled Rebman royal, longtime Brotherhood luminary, expert Trump Artist and mage; kidnapped by Chaosites and rescued by Toriana, Jacob and some guardsmen. Worked for Amber after Tori made her an offer she could not refuse until she panicked at Toriana's proposed new security measures. Sent to King Corwin to be court Trump Artist and teacher where she has done very well. Looks like an older, meaner, demanding Paltrow.

Hans, talkative Amber Castle masseur

Heinrik, Amber Royal Guardsman and Weir shapeshifter; Toriana's bodyguard. 6'8" tall, muscular and fast. [Dolph Lundgren]


Helel, a massive, stony Elderkin in the form of a black, dump-truck sized, stylized jaguar with avian wings. Owes Toriana a moderate favor. Can turn its tears into garnet-like cross-shadow communication and locating artifacts. Gravity is his bitch. Not exactly friendly but very interested in keeping Dworkin and Zhartra from re-binding him.

"Hilda and Gilda", Hildmara and Gildinsherna, swanmaids in Amber's service. Recently learned Dame Tanitheel's 'swiftform' and are called hawkmaids.

Duke Herne of Tir Tarngir, son of Florimel, Patterner

Holrune, alert, friendly and helpful mage and Brotherhood Council Deputy; seems to have gained Gerard's trust through excellent work in Shadow Chelaya. 'Frogged' by Tualua and restored with Amberite help. Currently working on reconstituting the Brotherhood more on lines pleasing to him.

*dead* Illyan, dead son of Florimel and Duke Khaavren of Gryphon, killed by his half-brother Marcus

Itzamna, Hunacan 'tong' operative, a stealth-specialist mage. Hired by Jacob as a teacher.

Prince Jacob's Sentinels, a group of strong sensitives adept at tracking shadow movement; Nelson (chief, stationed in Amber), Billy-bo, Antoine, Markoff, Lamont, Samuel, Rivan (with Princess Toriana's entourage), Eddie (in Rebma), Azhul (with Azvan in Johrom), Conner & Lonner (in Sh. Purgatory with Badger) -- unassigned ones are currently undergoing combat training in Arden with Santee.

*dead* Jan van Eyck, psychotic serial murderer son of Corwin killed by Fineas on general principals with Gerard's blessing.

Queen Jasra of Kashfa, mother to Princes Fineas and Rinaldo, widow of Prince Brand, a sorceress of some power, a helpful and concerned mother, Dark Well initiate, ally of Zhartra. [Julianne Moore]


*dead*Jelerak, 2000+ year-old evil badass sorcerer whose name is not spoken by other mages, known for using spies, for going around in disguise, for cruelty, and now for the Pez Staff of Doom; employed Baran and a number of other mages at least part-time. Released and thought he controlled the Abomination Tualua. Killed by his vampire slave Vrykos while in mental combat with Toriana.

Sir John Gaunt, chief Amber crown emissary since Oberon's time, Gerard's right hand man, Broken Pattern initiate, Knight of the Unicorn.

Lord Jorian of Ghenesh, an expendable minor noble thrown to the Amberites as part of an infiltration plot. Weaselly.

Jurgen ("your-ghen"), Weir royal guardsman, frequent bodyguard of Prince 13 with Gertrude. [Moritz Bleibtreu]


Lady Kelamon, mother of Toriana, sometimes-lover of Prince Regent Gerard, Trump Mistress of Amber, member of the Rebman House of Lir; purple hair, beautiful, hard working. New Mirrormaster.

Duke Khaavren Gryphon, former captor of Florimel, father of Illyan and Komarra.

Kirsten, 70 year old vampire who looks like an 14 year old girl, one of 13's lackeys, strengthened by drinking a lot of her former master's ichor, a good deal of the ubervamp Varnai's, and some Chaos Lord blood as well. Bound by Jacob to obey 13. [Kirsten Dunst]


*dead* Komarra Gryphon, daughter of Florimel and Duke Khaavren of Gryphon, an obsessive huntress, executed while unarmed and unconscious, in front of her mother, by Jacob.

Kyeigha, a R'lyeh-spawn that was drugged and moved to cover the disappearance of its fellow Tualua. Writhing, tentacly darkness with one red eye. Strongly telepathic and telehypnotic, but not nearly as strong as Zhothaqquah.

Kyllikki (kewleekee), former concubine of Dantay Gryphon and current concubine of Prince Diego. Recently started shapeshifting spontaneously.

Ky Tung, attractive, adventurous female captain in the Tung Family, a minor but prosperous Amber noble house -- via a bought title now one generation old. Steady lover of Fineas. Aided significantly in the expedition that found Tir Tarngir. New Broken Pattern initiate, being trained by the lizardman mage Azvan. Working on turning Shadow Gigantor into a resort and source of pharmaceuticals. [Tia Carrere]


*dead*Leonore Helgram, captured outside the Chanicut fortress. Killed by her family in a demonstration of power.

Duchess Liana of Tir Tarngir, daughter of Florimel, Patterner. Trump student of Flora with her adoptive sister Saia. Studious and serious.

Liam of Miramon, Amber noble working with Fineas, dealing with GC kings for cannon fodder

Lirazel of House Basilisk, spy and expert shapeshifter. An ex-prisoner/ liaison to her House in Amber City.

Princess Llewella of Amber and Rebma, dear sister of Moire, mostly recovered from years of abuse, leader of the Rebman expedition into Chaos. Greatest Pattern master alive after Dworkin.

Queen Lorraine of Avallone, wife of King Corwin and mother of Douglas, Deirdre and Vialle.

Count Luc Hendrake, one of the main contenders for the Dukedom, very dangerous, egocentric, flashy. Opposed to Belissa and to Dara.

"Lucy" garou minion of the Beast, sent to Amber to investigate the great courage shown by Valery Kasynovich in confronting It.

Count Mangold of Tir Tarngir, Shroudling, semihermit

Emperor Marcus of Tir Tarngir, former Gryphon, son of Flora via a host mother. Known as a clever bastard t some of his relatives.

Mareka, Captain, hellmaid captured by Thirteen and imprisoned in Amber Castle's dungeon, returned to Dara's service.

Prince Martin of Rebma, son of Random and Queen Moire's first daughter Morganthe, shapeshifted for 4 years into a dumb-animal lizard and left in a swamp by his Hendrake captors, half-brother of Jacob. A Prince in both Rebma and Amber.

Mirelle, formerly-exiled Princess of Amber, mother of Thirteen, blonde, petite and athletic. Reinstated as a Princess of Amber. More than a little reckless. [Kate Blanchett]


Queen Moire, old (older than Fiona), unaging, powerful, ruthless, commander of the best spy corps in the realm of Order, mistress of the Jewel of Rebma, ally -- to a point -- of Amber, sister of Llewella, mother of Morwyn, grandmother of Martin. [Christina Ricci]


Crown Princess Morwyn of Rebma, daughter of Queen Moire and Corwin of Amber, Trump Artist, admiral, hard-working and hard-playing. Friends with Toriana and Dara. [Reese Witherspoon]


Duchess Nicola of Tir Tarngir, Shroudling, recent Broken Pattern initiate, Trump student in Rebma, mother of Ashtrakhan

Mr. Nishka, businessman/fixer/crimelord in Sh. Texorami who does work for Prince Jacob.

Duke Nolan of Tir Tarngir, former Gryphon Lord of Chaos, Broken Pattern initiate

Baroness Dame Nyctasia Kandive, crown emissary, sorceress, diplomat, spy, healer, currently serving as Princess Galina's tutor and bodyguard. 5'2", attractive, dark, lucky. Former employer of Dame Sigrun.

"Lord Oak", an upper level servant of The Forest in Fangorn; pretty much an Ent with impressive power over elementals.

Oleg of Miramon, Factor (boss) of the Miramon trading town in Shadow Fangorn

Otaru, major Old Citadel mage, in Amber as a consultant at Toriana's request.

Countess Palatine Hendrake, moderate, a great tactician, protegee of Lintra, ally of Tor and Belissa, Mirrormastery initiate. Logrus master.

Pandelume/Pan Luum ubermage, creator or settler of the subspace pocket world Embelyon. Inventor (?) of the biomatrix creation process. Teacher of Turjan. Nephew of the Crow Girls. Killed, imprisoned or chased out of Embelyon by Jelerak. Status unknown.

*dead*Petra, Phaedra, mid-rank sorceress and her apprentice, specialists in illusions (mostly for entertainments), hired by Fineas in Belken. 'Frogged' and killed.

Duke Powell of Tir Tarngir, son of Florimel, gutsy, Patterner

Duke Pramash of Tir Tarngir, Shroudling, father of Saia, recent Broken Pattern initiate, Trump student of Flora's; 'prom mosh'

Duke Rhastoferas ("Rhas") of Tir Tarngir, Shroudling, father of Empress Rhondalissa, head of the Redcloak family, recent Broken Pattern initiate; 'ross'. Very formidable. Has shown a strong attraction to Princess Toriana.


Empress Rhondalissa of Tir Tarngir, Shroudling, Initiate of the Jewel of TT, wife of Marcus, favored of the Cat, grandaughter of Rhastoferas; 'Rhonda'

KHu2a.bmp [Kelly Hu]

Duke Rhundimas (Rhune) of Tir Tarngir, Shroudling, brother of Rhastoferas. Very big and strong, smarter than he looks.

Countess Rianna Hendrake , ambitious rival of Belissa, a plotter. Not a Dara fan.

Prince Rinaldo, brother to Fineas, a personable redheaded fellow, a sorcerer, secretly a Trump Artist, a new Binder, son of Brand and Jasra, brother of Fineas. Dating Duchess Vayla of Tir Tarngir.

R'lyeh, Spawn of, creations or children of a much greater Abyssal abomination long bound in the forbidden (nearly unreachable, blocked by extreme Pattern and Binding measures) shadow of R'lyeh. May have been designed to more effectively communicate with and use mortals of this universe. All are strongly telepathic and telehypnotic. Unkillable or nearly so. Zhothaqquah, Tualua, Kwygha, others.

Prince Robert of Tulun, intelligent and dynamic ruler whose innovative defensive measures contributed substantially to winning the Battle of Tulun, negotiating with H. Chantris to serve as that House's main port on the Shandorian mainland.

Lord Rohan Hendrake, soldierly cousin of Dara's, supporter of Palatine and accompanying her to Amber.

Lady Ronath Chantris, head of the Chantris delegation in Shandora's capital until they had to bug out

Sabine, young sorceress of Dom-daniel, trained in the Autumn Moon school, a defensive stealth expert, tutor and lover of Thirteen, recent Broken Pattern initiate. Recently split with 13 over moral issues involving necromancy.[Sophie Marceau]


Duchess Saia of Tir Tarngir, Shroudling, daughter of Pramas, scholar, recent Broken Pattern initiate, Trump student of Flora. Hard partier. 'sigh-ah' [Valerie Chow]


Sand/Alessandra, Binder drafted into the job by Oberon and Dworkin. Recently a drugged and maimed (sans arms and legs) captive of Jelerak. Rescued by Dworkin and stripped of the Binding power. Limbs regrown and other damage healed at top speed with Tanitheel's help. Currently undergoing physical therapy, training her regrown limbs.

Santee, heavyworlder pugilist who works for Prince Jacob, currently training the prince's minions in Arden, owns a bar in Texorami.

Savaton of Tir Tarngir, son of Flora, known as the diplomat among his sibs.

Dame Sigrun, former bodyguard of crown emissary Nyctasia Kandive, now a crown emissary and knight herself. 6'3" tall, very blond, good-looking, built like a pro volleyball player, a very good fighter by Royal Guard standards. Werewolf but not Weir, from a country neighboring Weirmonken the nation in Shadow Weirmonken. Currently bodyguard and martial tutor to Princess Galina -- who keeps leaving her behind.

Sorac, former concubine of Dantay, red skinned, black haired, a former princess captured when Gryphon-supported barbarians overwhelmed her city, settled by Diego into a secure shadow with the remnants of her people. Pregnant with Diego's child.

Soren, Chantris spy in Sh. Shandora

Admiral Sir Strake, one of Gerard's top naval commanders; looks like Ving Rhames

Sullus, Reman client whom Fineas is backing for Emperor. An intelligent and ambitious fellow who's a little shocked to have a god or demon on his side.

Talifa, Daebekkar Senior Scholar and Explorer, working with Ky Tung on Shadow Gigantor. Over 200, rejuvenated 4 times. Looks like Queen Latifah with an upper class accent. Her assistants: Master Ferroh (grandson) and Jayanti (Chelayan: blue skin, short white hair, Allyson Hannigan)

Talori, House Miramon retainer, logistics expert, advising Prince Fineas

*dead*Tananda Dhevanapadi, tall, attractive, green-haired adventurer, Amberite-fast and pretty strong, sister of Chomali and friend of the wizard Azvan, working for Amber in Johrom, recent Broken Pattern initiate, had an affair with Prince Jacob. Killed by Gheneshans of Vala's court in Shadow Earth. [Lexa Doig]


Tan-wu, female Kuromoni (Tir Tarngiran) concubine rescued from Dantay Gryphon, a courtesan courtier from the capital city. Pregnant with Diego's child.

Baroness Dame Tanitheel, Amber crown emissary, Amber's best shapeshifter until Diego showed up, recently learned to heal others with shapeshifting, studying the making of Blood creatures, Broken Pattern initiate, subject to mild vampiric needs, Gheneshan by birth. [Famke Janssen]


Baron Taran of the House of Lir, an old friend of Fineas', in Rebma's service as a scout/commando commander.

Baron Tor Hendrake, well-regarded member of the Hendrake clan, captured by Prince Diego in the Battle of Tulun, handed over to Queen Moire to trade for her grandson Martin. Ally of Belissa and Palatine. Assassinated Duessa with Dara's help. Mirrormaster.

Tsayn beautiful creation and wife of the mage Turjan.

Turjan mage specializing in 'biomatrix creation' of lifeforms, a student of Pandelume/Pan Luum. Recently de-'frogged' and shandhied by Toriana and Fineas. Thought to be (unknown to him) a descentant of Jelerak and hence of Oberon. Tasked by Tori and Dara with attempting to create a new, Pattern-capable body for Benedict's ghost. Maker and husband of Tsayn.

The Unicorn/Amalthea, Elderkin, sister of The Cat, mother of Oberon, Morgana and Lir. Major power seems to be projecting Awe. No longer speaks. Capable of taking human form, able to move through Shadow very quickly, able to survive the Abyss for a short time.

Queen Vala of Ghenesh, one of the monarchs who surrendered to Ajaran and survived. Masterminded the raid on Shadow Earth and the near-successful abduction of Kelamon and Liana.

Valeri Valerinov Kasynovich, columnist at Die Tageszeitung, a paper in Amber City. Very much an Amber loyalist. Recently fired and exiled for writing libelous and untrue things about Regent Gerard, things he'd believed to be true. His exile was commuted for service to the realm -- acting as expendable spokesman to the escaped Elderkin known as the Beast. The Beast recently sent a garou minion, "Lucy", to study this insanely brave mortal.

Vayla of Tir Tarngir, daughter of Flora, sister of Marcus, spied on Amber as the courtesan Alexa, having an affair with Rinaldo.

Ambrosia House.

Countess Vestalla of Tir Tarngir, Shroudling, aged

Princesse Vialle of Avallone, daughter of Corwin, seems nice.

Lady Vialle of Rebma, blind but superbly Sensitive and inspiringly Nice, former wife of Random.

Von Klatka, a petty vampire lord in Sh. Purgatory, minion of Prince Thirteen.

Vractazzir, 'Vrac', one of Dara's khrazall bodyguards, kept out in shadow.

Vrykos, vampire assassin, probably the most powerful known vampire around. Prefers long range weapons. Thrall of Jelerak for an unknown period. Nearly killed both Zhartra and Gerard. Killed Jelerak when the sorcerer's control slipped during an all-out mental battle with Toriana. Adopted into House Basilisk. Broken Pattern initiate.

Admiral Sir Wingard, one of Gerard's top naval commanders; looks like Alan Rickman with a sea-dog's tan

Zariel, bound sylph servant of Prince Jacob, who has gradually increased its power many times over.

Zhartra, the Queen of Air and Darkness Dworkin's great grandmother, ancestress to most Lords of Chaos simply by virtue of age, a dozen or more children and their thousands of descendants. She beat Prince Benedict in personal combat -- when he was tired, wounded and missing an arm -- and held him as a 'guest' for four years, seems to genuinely like him; senior Binder, initiated Jacob and Rinaldo to replace murdered Delwin and Alessandra. A mistress of the Dark Well teleporting power. Mistress of a corps of both bound and free DW initiate asskickers. An independent power on the edge of Chaos, known for training 'heroes', mostly from H. Manticora. Twice Queen of Chaos, a job she says she stank at.


Zhartra's guards, highly trained commando types, initiates of the Dark Well (fadeaway) power. Most are former Lords of Chaos but a few are khrazall.

Zhothaqquah, Abyssal spawn of the Monster of R'lyeh, strongly telepathic/ telehypnotic like all its kin and capable of mental contact with them cross-shadow. They don't seem to be killable, at least not permanently. Looks something like a 10' man-toad bound to a stone throne deep in a tunnel.

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April 06, 2002

[xx] = met by a PC, T for Tori, F for Fineas, 13 for 13
at Belken:
Holrune, a busy, friendly, important guy, a Brotherhood Council Deputy. Happy to help out, interested in Trumps and a closer relationship with Amber. Currently employed by Amber and Gerard's favorite mage.

Chun, called the Unavoidable, who collects pretty eyes (Holrune pointed this out). Very taken with Toriana. Tall, spooky guy with in a big cloak. [T]

Badger, a well-respected mountain man type who wanted not to work for Amberites but to ally with them. Very concerned with the invasions. [all: F and 13 met him in Amber] Currently spying on the Helgrams. Founder of the Autumn Moon school.

Eboll and Vonni, an aged couple of extremely well-respected and liked sorcerers. [T]

Baran of the Extra Hand, a burly jerk barely able to contain his lecherous contempt for women. [T]

Derkon, possibly the only personable necromancer around. Working for Amber and currently in Shadow Hunac. [T]

Azvan, a lizard-man (Johroman) and reputable mage, known for combat and investigative ops. Strong as a strong royal guardsman. Signed a contract with Fineas and (?) 13. [F, 13]

Holrune, Eboll and Vonni may refer more mages to the cause in the future.

Others of note:

JELERAK , whose name is not spoken anywhere he might have agents; terrorizes a whole region of shadow; evil for evil's sake; treacherous, insanely vindictive, brilliant, at least 1500 years old; rumored to have been at Belken

Mazirian specialist in transformations; lordly, pompous and vindictive

Vermoulian collector of dreams, owns a flying palace; over-elegant

Semirama claims to be the same Semirama as the queen of ancient (-1200 years) and fallen Jandar; very adept; ungodly beautiful in a Mediterranean way

Belha the Thief, the Queen of Thieves you get the idea; personable and good-looking too

Silverheels dancer-entertainer and mage; sort of a wild gypsy with power

Pandelume possible rival to Jelerak in power and knowledge; a hermit who lives in his own sub-world none know where

Turjan a young mage who is rumored to have rediscovered the secret of making creatures, even intelligent ones, to order; a kidnapping risk though he has backers

Sheelba of the Eyeless Face an old meddler but well-informed

Ningauble of the Seven Eyes another old meddler and Sheelba's frequent partner, rival and competitor

Mardevvis the Maleficent sort of a female, low-rent Jelerak known mainly for turning into a dragon and eating people; attended incognito

at Dom-daniel:
See the MAJOR SCHOOLS OF SORCERY post, but in short:

Archmage Eldevon, Chairman of the Guiding Council of the Brotherhood, master of the Floating Spire school; a great mage and a better politician [T, 13] Gerard found the Floating Spire students to be mostly useless.

Otaru the Singer, the senior member of the Old Citadel school to actually meet the Amberites [13, T] Old Citadel students were well-trained and useful.

Minhyrdin the Fair, Archmage of the Old Citadel school

Archmage Elenae of the Glass Castle school, beautiful, elegant, charming and reputed to be queen bitch of the universe; supposedly the greatest master of scrying magic [T, 13] Her students were narrowly trained and of limited use.

Archmage Rihar, aged and wise master of the Belladonna school [13, T]

Shining Crane (Shang Ko) and Mud Turtle (Nu Liung), aged masters of the Autumn Moon school; onetime apprentices of Badger; nearly-monastic do-gooders [T, 13]

Dr. Ryll, master of the Burning Peak school; very businesslike [13, T]

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March 30, 2002
Amber Noble Families

The most important noble houses in Amber:
Feldane highest rank: duke
Bayle hr: marquis
Chantris hr: duke
Miramon hr: earl
Kandive hr: earl
Nominal rank is not a good indicator of real power. For instance, Baron Bayle the vintner is far richer than his cousin Marquis Bayle.

No, I’m not going to make up family trees for all of them. At least not right

The higher (duke, marquis, earl, viscount, baron) titles are attached to land. If the land is sold, the title passes if the buyer is already a noble or convinces the Crown to ennoble him. Children of a titled noble are lords or ladies. Lord/lady is a lifetime title, it is not inheritable. Life peerage (lord/lady) can also be granted for merit, royal whim or (it is rumored) for a really good bribe. Knighthood is considered equivalent to life peerage but is awarded only for military service to the Crown.

Bold = in town

There are more nobles but my brain may explode as it is.


  • Duke Viton Feldane:
    old, crusty, opinionated, tolerated

  • Duchess Shainn Feldane:
    third and trophy wife, beautiful, elegant, not as dumb as she pretends

  • The Duke’s brother, Baron
    Emrys Feldane,
    the Royal Chancellor

  • Baroness Iliza, brilliant manager, effective co-director of the Feldane businesses with > Viscount Callan, less brilliant and more ruthless, grandson of the Duke

  • Landisse, a famous artist (painting, sculpture)

  • Breggor, Iliza’s wastrel son, about to be sent off with the Feldane fleet

  • Owen

  • Wade

  • Caill

  • Lelia


  • Duke Astolf Chantris youngish (only ~100), dynamic, shaking things up

  • Duchess Lornaya, very sharp, daughter of a prosperous lesser trading house

  • Countess Elsia, very old, very mean, very perceptive

  • Earl Admiral Steffan, head of family ops in Shandora and heading up the military action there

  • Roxanna, sweet young thing

  • Zacamar, Steffan’s nephew, Lornaya’s second while Astolf is away; smart and tough

  • Ezmay, Zacamar’s daughter, ambitious, already fairly successful with 3 ships of her own


  • Marquis Harcord Bayle, rural gentleman known mainly for breeding horses

  • Count Fenton, the marquis’ son, runs the trading empire part of the family

  • Morden, Fenton’s son and right hand man

  • Margali, Fenton’s much-younger sister, a flamboyant figure

  • Baron Griffin Bayle, the vintner, even richer than the count

  • Vinta Bayle

  • Varela Bayle

  • Violante Bayle, the baron’s three competetive daughters, good-looking, rich and getting richer


  • Earl Lowell Miramon,
    old but looks middle aged, eccentric, a master mage

  • Countess Vira, an out-shadow princess and something of a nag

  • Baron Tammas, head of the trade fleet, specializes in magical objects, supplies

  • Baroness Drusilla, a notable sorceress with surprising mercantile talent

  • Liam, Tammas’ son, known for ruthlessness

  • Adriana, Liam’s sister, a wild and crazy girl


  • Countess Mara, old, scheming, ruthless

  • Lord Theron, talented but his mother’s tool

  • Forrest, Mara’s half brother and enforcer

  • Tiazia,

  • Kedric

  • Dame Nyctasia, crown
    emissary, sorceress, healer, spy, not at all what Mara had in mind;

  • Joslyn

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March 27, 2002
Major Schools of Sorcery

Mages you actually met are _emphasized_

1-4* prestige rating

**** the Floating Spire School; ~100 students master: Archmage Eldevon (the Chairman of the Guiding Council of the Brotherhood) -- a too-charming, middle-aged, blond man said to be one of the most powerful mages of the age. Eldevon is over 400 years old, the school over 900. Other teachers: Rhialto the Magnificent, Gilgad, Mune, Dr Shrew, Hurtch.
Archmage Eldevon seemed eager to help, though greedy. He promised 20 advanced students and Rhialto, Shrew and Hurtch.

*** the Old Citadel School; ~40 students master: Archmage Minhyrdin other teachers: Tryggant, Rosamund and Otaru. Otaru, a slender Asian fellow of indeterminate age, was less pushy than the others. He was the one who mentioned the reports of a whole shadow being destroyed. He promised 10 senior students and, if possible, two masters.

**** the Glass Castle School; 15 students (very exclusive) master: Archmage Elenae, a stunning, black, regal woman, was the most avaricious of the bunch though very genteel about it. Her school's specialty is scrying. She promised three students.

** the Belladonna School; ~30 students master: Archmage Rihar, who appeared as an aged, white-haired man of comforting, grandfatherly aspect. Allowed himself to be talked into supplying 6 senior students and one master. Other teacher: Dr. Ma'ith, an elderly but competent sorceress.

** the Autumn Moon School; ~20 students co-masters: Shining Crane and Mud Turtle, elderly and wise-looking Asians who seemed very sharp. They said they were convinced that Dom-Daniel was on the invaders' list of targets. They promised 5 senior students and themselves.

*** the Burning Peak School; ~45 students master: Dr. Ryll, an athletic, stocky, dark-haired man with a no-nonsense attitude. Very businesslike. Other teachers: Dosh and Kuwirrish. Ryll promised 10 senior students and all three teachers. He seemed dissatisfied with his bargain.

Nubile sorceresses Anais, Daphne, Ione, Margaux and Sabine were sicced on Thirteen by, respectively, Burning Spire (A and D), Glass Castle and Burning Peak. Sabine claimed to be unaffilliated. Not sure how many bagged him. A couple of prettyboys tried too. I assume they failed.

Eldevon, Otaru, Elenae and Ryll wanted to talk further in private.

Many of them had been attending the Brotherhood's Assemblage at Belken (held every 7 years [Amber] for one month, now half over) and Trumped in using the wall-Trumps at the Brotherhood's chapter house. Most planned to return there. Eldevon invited Toriana and Thirteen to attend as his guests and mentioned that a number of seldom-seen mages were in attendance.

Belken is protected by the god/genius loci Bel. One must swear to refrain from harming or killing the other attendees. The god enforces the oath by teleporting transgressors out into a nearby, unpleasant, shadow.

Dom-daniel versus Belken during the Assemblage:
Dom-daniel is like social/working everyday Hollywood, with magic subbing for technology. Belken during the festival is more like a combination of Disneyland, a sci-fi convention, Carnival, a national mafia gathering and a tech fair, with magic subbing for tech.

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