March 06, 2004
Rebma and children

Rebma is a matriarchy with a really low birthrate. Children are treasured and treated very well. Long experience allows them to do so without turning them all into wimps. But they have very little experience with re-educating children who are, from their point of view, severely messed up.

That they were ready to turn the captive Chanicut kids over to Fineas, an Amberite (Oberon's child rearing practices are primary examples of How To Not Raise Children), son of an erratic Queen (they've done their homework and Jasra's first reign in Kashfa was not impressive) says a lot.

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September 07, 2003

The world in general: 3x Amber's time flow, something like expected 22nd century tech -- mild nanotech, torch drives, supercapacity batteries, life extension to a moderately extended youth and a 3x middle age, world government, low violence, lunar and asteroid colonies.

It quickly becomes clear that the world is being manipulated by forces that desire stability, little technical progress and a general domestication of the people. Very like Niven's future history between the ARM stories and the Kzin stories.

While the Clinic staff and organization is not directly plugged into the controlling group, you're pretty sure that that group is of Fiona's and Bleys' making.

The Clinic has operated under F&B's control for just over a century. While the Clinic seems to be a spa for the super-rich, it is far more selective than that. Partly because external security is not allowed on the grounds... unless you are Bleys or those he's given carte blanche, as you have. The Clinic's tech is slightly in advance of the world's and there is an old Pattern working over the place that optimizes the functions of both the equipment and the personnel.

personal weapons:

blasters (particle beam pistols) -- heavy pistols that fire penetrating, burning, moderately radioactive particles at c-fractional velocities. 12 shots per clip.

lasers -- wide range of slender pistols and long arms firing laser beams, microsecond beams NOT continuous, with an effective range of over 1/2 to 10 miles (small pistol to sniper 'rifle') under optimal conditions (no dust, smoke or vapor), 6 to 40 shots per clip.

'clips' -- their superbatteries are good but not good enough to power effective beam weapons. (For instance, battery powered welding lasers are heavy, short range and do nasty but not life-threatening damage

pellet and dart guns -- really horrible array of explosive, nanobot, poisonous, radioactive, etc. loads for all kinds of guns. The Clinic frowns on loose nano, poisons, etc., hence the beam weapons, aside from subdual darts -- sleep darts, electroshock darts, etc. Important Clinic equipment is coated with laser refractive material where possible, and hardened against low-velocity darts. Ditto the walls.

neural disruptors -- microwave lasers tuned to the frequency of human neural tissue.

sonic stunner -- blunderbuss aperture crowd-control weapons, short range


refractive anti-laser coatings are easy to make, cheap, light and ablative.

anti-blaster armor is heavy metal-ceramic composite

anti-bullet armor is moderately heavy

defensive nano surfaces (coated with 'antibody' nanobots) are very light, moderately effective and ablative


highly developed mass transit, maglev trains, supersonic low/boom aircraft, moving sidewalks, etc. Note that most people live in medium to huge arcologies.

there is no antigravity here

aircars are far advanced from the experimental ones in the real world, but still moderatly dangerous in tricky air conditions. Computer control is essential. Not that fun.

advanced helicopters and autogyros

hydrogen/electric cars, all traffic-computer controlled... unless you're Special

h/e motorcycles


powered skates


extremely good, but true AIs have proven to be, 1) erratic and, 2) short-lived -- they get bored. Their fake AIs are good enough that it's hard to tell they're not really sapient.

very small; something much better than today's top of the line PC can be built into a film applied to a wall, or into a piece of clothing. People are highly dependent on their comps.

hard to hack (outside of Government back doors)

there is no true privacy unless you are Special

direct brain-computer links work but sustained use usually results in mental unbalance, increasing eccentricity, madness or autism. Really bad side effects take months or even years though, so many people are tempted.

computer-controlled sleep learning works well but the ubiquitous computers make actually knowing things less necessary. People will generally use a combination of the two, a basic course in whatever and an extensive program downloaded into their personal comps.

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June 15, 2003
Mirrorverse stuff

Sorry I didn't describe this very well. I thought I had a good handle on it but it got better by leaps and bounds during the session.

There are four levels of the Mirrorverse. The first connects to the normal universe via mirrors. Taken as a whole it's huge but still miniscule compared to the normal realm. It's also divided up into separate mirror-shadows. 'Twists', folds in space, provide shortcuts within a given mirror-shadow. A few Junctions within a mirror-shadow lead to the next level. Junctions leading 'down' are tens of miles away from mirrors leading out or from each other, reached via more or less stable corridors -- 20' to 200' wide, no walls except for bent space. Mirrorworld Specializations allow people to detect and use Twists. Basic, 5 point, Mirrormastery lets people detect and use Junctions leading to Level 2.

The second level is much smaller and there are no mirrors leading out. Each discrete Secondary plane corresponds to a region of Shadow. Corridors lead from one Junction to another. There's rarely anything but corridors unless someone has Shaped an area into something different. Junctions leading 'up' are separated by a couple of miles, usually. Junctions leading 'down' are farther apart, more like 30 - 50 miles. 10 point Mirrormastery lets people find and use Junctions to Level 3.

The third level is, again, much smaller and set up the same way. It corresponds to nearly all of the realm of order's shadows. Junctions leading 'up' average 30 to 50 miles apart and are associated with Broken Patterns, those leading 'down', to the Border, are hundreds of miles apart. 15 point Mirrormastery lets you detect and use Junctions to the Border level.

The fourth or border level is actually three separate mini-planes 'under' the Dancing mountains with junctions in each 'up' to the realm of order and to Chaos. That's where the other Logrus trace was, at one of these minis.

Using Junctions is disturbing to non-initiates of Mirrormastery. Not a big deal to Amberites or BP initiates, but Kirsten and Rivan needed time to settle their nerves after each Junction move.

On the scale the mapping group was using the 3rd and 2nd levels were clear, but after that the number of connections multiplies out into a sort of fractal fuzz outside the areas of intense interest -- Junctions from Amber, Rebma (if Toriana was worried about them) and Tir Tarngir.

Magical energy flows down the corridors and the Junctions. It is flavored by the source shadows it came from, accounting for the irregularity of magical properties in the mirrorverse. Mirrormastery does not help with that, unless combined with Pattern (or, to a lesser degree Broken Pattern); Galina was barely inconvenienced. Pattern alone helps some, BP half as much. Essentially, you Shape the magic into the flavor you want -- matching the way your spells were hung.

Shaping bits of the Mirrorverse is difficult with Mirrormastery alone, far easier with Mm + Broken Pattern and easier than that with Mm + real Pattern. More Mirrormastery helps and more Pattern, especially Probability control, helps. [Specializations in Shaping are also possible.] You can't make living things; they'd have to be imported. You could, however, bring some garden dirt (with all its microfauna) and some seeds and cause them to rapidly multiply. Rhune says that Shaped areas always needed regular tending or they's slowly revert. Pattern seems to make the changes more permanent; the Gestalt felt that the palace would be there for centuries.

Flora's special Trumps got harder to use at deeper levels, as if the distance were much greater. The mirrorverse does not seem to be a Amber to Chaos Trump landline.

Rhune on the Bluemantle family: (after you work through the diplomatic language) Jerks. They aren't enemies of the Redmantles (Rhune's family) but they don't intermarry. Treat their servants badly, tend to needless cruelty (you get the impression that it takes a lot of needless cruelty to irritate Rhune), arrogant, shortsighted. But not deserving of this. The Bluemantle brownies fit that description, you've all seen chronically ill-treated servants and know the signs.

So, did you let Rhune in on the interrogation of Astolat Helgram? He's definitely interested in what she and Melegar Bluemantle have to say. He Trumped Vayla in and briefed her.

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May 03, 2003
Amber eating for the enlightened or less

cafe bouldah
famous for it's organic herbal teas, cafe bouldah is a popular hangout for many noble youths who want a relaxed atmosphere to discuss the events of the day, and attend poetry readings

They have a coffee bar that showcases many exotic coffees from across shadow, open stage nights every thursday, assorted pastries, an extensive vegitarian menu, and large comfortable lounges. Every other wednesday the save Amber foundation meets to discuss tree sitting in Arden. In center of the lentil lounge there is a tree that has grown in the center of the room, that is kept under control by druids. local folklore states that if you hug the tree it will bring you good luck.
The owners and managers Mindee Maconel and Orson Morcon moved to amber, where the felt they could be tolerated, yet make a difference. They are currently establishing a cooperative food market next to the building to help local minority farmers. They tried to start a grassroots campaign to positively enable community understanding of chaosite culture, and promote peace that was shut down by the crown. For the time being they must be content to send pastries to Lirazel that contain notes expressing sympathy for the oppression of her people.
they are confused by prince Diego. They had a stand selling vegtable kabobs at his coronation, and the over generous compensation they received for damages to their property is paying for the food market expansion. they cannot understand how such a racist could be such a philanthropist.

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April 05, 2003
Creatures of the Borderlands

More reasons to stay away from the Borderlands -- things that have shown up there since the Patternfall War.


The truth about the beings known in the Borderlands as Succubi is a mystery, but it seems quite likely that these creatures are vampiric in nature (some of the more primitive specimens seem to gain sustenance from human blood) – the advanced members of this ‘species’ seem to actually feed directly off a victim’s shame, guilt, or (most commonly) fear.


Hell Jesters are wrinkled, hairless, horde creatures that cackle incessantly as they lope towards their victims. Lawmen and borderlands dwellers who have fought these creatures vouch for the distracting nature of the Jester’s laughter. (Some sort of disorienting or fear-inspiring mental attack.)

Jesters never strike from ambush; instead the approach their victims from a distance so that their unnerving laughter has the most effect. The Hell Jester hordes suffer huge losses to organized rifle fire or large automatic weapon like gatling guns (in shadows were such things function), but rarely seem to notice the losses.

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March 21, 2003
Creature -- Borderlands Gargoyles

Something for Jacob to run into. :)

Using what appears to be a natural ability to blend chameleon-like into rock formations, the winged gargoyle has become the scourge of travelers throughout the Borderlands. The creatures seem to prefer to horse as a main course and are generally quite difficult to deal with. It is probably fortunate that the beasts are not numerous, for few weapons have proven effective against them and the only tactic that has shown any sort of success can be summed up as ‘Run, as fast as you can.’

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March 09, 2003

Kashfa is currently ruled by Regent Kasman, who staged a successful coup against the highly unpopular Queen Jasra (highly unpopular among the nobility, at least) during the Patternfall War. Kasman claims to be searching for the legitimate heirs of King Menillan (who died mysteriously and was succeeded by his new wife Queen Jasra) but every good prospect has disappeared or turned up dead. He initially had the support of the nobility but has grown more despotic over the years. The commoners dislike him for his several useless and costly attempts to take the Keep of Four Worlds and kill ex-Queen Jasra. He fears the return of Rinaldo or Fineas, Jasra's sons, who were young and charismatic enough to gain the common peoples' romanticised adulation. Since they've become Princes of Amber, he's really worried.

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March 08, 2003
Grove of the Unicorn

One cannot step through the worn stone archway that borders this small circular clearing without knowing they have entered another, older time. A thin mist flirts with your ankles in this place, and lush grass softens any footstep. A large stone, whose rough surface bespeaks centuries of undisturbed sleep, stands in the center of the area. The phases of the moons are carved upon its surface, each oriented toward one of the cardinal directions. The whole scene creates a surreal sense that is simultaneously calming and frightening, heightened by the feeling that the air here almost seems to vibrate with an ancient power.

This is not a place that knows the civilities and considerations of a modern time: it is too old, too solid, too close to the true dark nature of mankind to be swayed by the vagaries of society and fashion. History indicates this place stood before the City was; it is only instinct that tells you it will remain long after the city fades.

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Cathedral Grounds and Cemetery

I figure this works out well enough for the grounds of some Church of the Unicorn cathedral, either in Amber or in one of our ally Golden Circle Shadows.

An old, ivy-draped stone wall separates the Cathedral grounds from the hustle of the city that surrounds it. A broad courtyard stretches out from the westworks of the Cathedral, its flagstones worn smooth by centuries of traffic. To the north and south of the cathedral stand the abbey graveyards; their rows of somber gray tombstones rising from a carefully manicured lawn of intense green surrounded by low, wrought-iron fences.
The Cathedral itself rises far above the grounds. The bell-tower above the main entrance stands some 300 feet in height, while the Cathedral proper soars to over 100. Massive buttresses rise up on all sides of the structure, some affixed to the walls, others supporting its weight via delicate flying arches cut from granite. Statues and carvings of adorn the stonework, haphazardly arranged amongst a disturbing number of hideous gargoyles situated along the roofline to ward off evil.
The Cemetery Quiet permeates the sacred grounds of those buried within the Cathedral demesne, flowers left in tender remembrance adding a much-needed brightness to the somber scene spread before you. A large willow stands sentry in the midst of the silence, its branches brushing protectively over the nearest gravestones that dot the area. A small cobblestone pathway wends amongst the stones and many statues, most of which are carved from white marble, depicting angels that seem to reach out to you, beckoning you join their peaceable throng.
Cemetery by Night Darkness envelopes you as your steps lead you within the wrought iron gates of the Cemetery. Moonlight sweeps the gravestones, throwing them into an eerie relief against the misty darkness. Fog swirls about your ankles, your footfalls echoing softly upon the cobbled stones as small insects imbue their soft vocals to the surrounding air, creating an atmosphere of peace even in the darkness. Stone angels stand sentinel, their marble bases hidden by tightly bound ivy.
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February 22, 2003
Amber city contribution

House Telenga
A small and up and coming noble house of a purchased commission. They are a natural fit for Vulnavia because the household head, and his wives are disinherited expatriates from an African monarchy. They were not considered a threat to the major houses, because while having large amounts of cash, they had only one broken pattern user, and had lost all their lands. The family was kept afloat by a contact that enabled them to import high caliber lamp oil that works in a goodly number of shadows, but mostly they were able work with the major houses to establish themselves. They lost one of their 12 sons heroically at Diego's coronation gala fiasco, and they were happy with the prestige it earned the family. They are currently importing Vulnavian rum, and might be considering an exclusive import contract.

Dragor Telenga- The head of the family is remarkably charming across all magnitude of cultural barriers. He has a strong and often intimidating presence with regal bearing. He stands roughly 7 feet tall with a very impressive physique for his age. He has taken to having the family wear local attire in public, but finds it remarkably restrictive.
Filla Telenga- the youngest of Dragor's wives. His feelings for her are considered to be the reason he had to leave his lands, due to her heritage being mulatto as well as mixed with blood from a rival kingdom. she is a fierce fighter with knives. She has one child, a son born in amber one year ago.
Moleena Telenga- The eldest of the wives. She is shrewd and feared. The rumor is that she can cast an evil eye like hex is supported by a surprising amount of circumstantial evidence.

House oolorpoo
House ooloropoo hails from a Rebman like shadow that is full of strident machismo. They consider Rebma an athema, because of matriarchy, and calling one a Rebman, to spite their extreme physiological similarity, is going to start an argument or a fight. The have served Amber well beyond the call of duty in the war, and are invaluable additions to the fleet. Their primary source of income comes from plants they grow on large plantations in their home shadow that are used to clean the hulls of ships, and make household cleaning agents as well. They are fascinated by clackers. They have recently revived their ancient custom of getting Maori like tattoos to further differentiate themselves from Rebma.
Lool Oolorpoo- head of the household is a tiny man who lost a leg in the war, as well as a hand. He has adapted his artificial hand specifically to hold a cane, that supports his artificial leg. He is able to use the combination in combat to great effect that was exhibited the last time he was asked about business in Rebma by a commoner. He is inventive and resourceful in the extreme.

two more Ladies of the evening

Know for her impressive butte formations, montana also performs with a local jazz ensemble before taking out her escort for the evening.

Famous for her tattoos that seems to change to better suit the moods of her numerous clients, and legendary contortion abilities.

wickett's home for the mental deranged
wickett was a shadow merchant with an eye for items that would sell well, and in exchange for his counsel on ruled with an iron hand by seemingly ageless nuns.
rumored to house a secret offspring Oberon was too ashamed of to claim

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January 05, 2003

Shadow Lynxia is a human-inhabited world with average magical potential in general and high healing potential. Its technological potential is roughly 3rd C Roman/Chinese. Both magic and tech are utilized to their fullest in Lynxia-the-state, a peninsula plus archipelago the size of Greece and all the Mediterranean islands. Houses Feldane and Chantris struggled for control of Lynxia several centuries ago until Oberon intervened and installed a viceroy -- Benedict. Lynxia became an open port but one treated with special care due to its usefulness. Since Benedict's 11 year viceroyalty the Amber appointees have come from a variety of noble Houses, both Great and small. One of the Princes was always assigned to keep an eye on the shadow, its garrison and its fleet. Gerard had had to make do with generals and admirals. Corrupt Vicreroys are beheaded, the merely inept might, possibly, survive. The current Vicereine is Baroness Dench of House Miramon; she has been successful and is well-regarded in a 'Cast Iron Bitch' ("yeah, but she's our cast iron bitch,") kind of way. Denizens of Lynxia-the-state ("Lynxia" instead of "Shadow Lynxia") are Amber subjects and nearly as prosperous in Amber itself. Shadow paths to Lynxia all go through at least two fortified choke points. Trumps of Lynxia are required to be approved by the Governor, registered and licensed, except for those used personally by Amber royals and (as a courtesy and a bow to practicality) Rebman royals.

Other states of Shadow Lynxia benefit to a lesser degree from the engineering and magical expertise, and the stability, of Lynxia proper.

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December 12, 2002
Amber contribution number #3

Welcome to the most assured place to have a good time in Amber, outside of the street of silk veils.... all the town is wondering what the 2 tall oversized towers are going to be used for.

Welcome the chateau Diego
currently employing crews numbering in the hundreds, no expense has been spared in rendering the princes country estate one of the most distinctive addresses in all of Amber!
Designed for maximum hospitality, the main manor, and accompanying cottages, and cabanas can accommodate as many as 80 visiting dignitaries. while staying they may enjoy one of the many pools, horseback riding, the sumptuous gardens, private ecological preserve with zoological facilities, arboretum, games rooms, steam baths, or more. There is even a small medical facility, If they should injure during their stay, where prince diego performs some of his many acts of charity.
The overall design themes reflect the Prince's fascination with both nautical, and natural life withe liberal use of organic forms, and flowing water meeting with gothic.
in the publicly accessible part of the compound is an art gallery, and a performance hall that will feature entertainment from the prince's own musical ensembles, as well as lectures on a broad array of topics, currently scheduled are several on medical topics, a vulnavian cooking demonstration, and shadow sea faring communities, as well as performances form local troupes
also accessible to the public is the art gallery featuring works the prince's personal collection with ghost art, and native works from across shadow. attached to the gallery is a small gift shop stocked with items for all budget where all proceeds go exclusively to the war effort.

The tour wagon will start leaving twice daily within the next three weeks, advance appointments can be made by contacting The vulnavian offices in town.

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December 03, 2002
For the docks area:

Jasmine's House of Tattoos
A tiny hole-in-the-wall with dirty windows; yet Jasmine is a tattoo artist of renown, able to charge considerable amounts for her talents. She is a largish woman of indeterminate middle age with stringy brown hair and is usually found in her shop, seated on a worn couch in front of a low table covered with needles, dye pots, etc. She pays local urchins to keep her appraised of the arrival of new ships at the docks. Her clientele consists primarily of officers and the occasional seaman who has managed to save his earnings for a piece of her artistry. Jasmine uses potent liquor as a painkiller when she works and occasionally hears things not intended for her ears from her drugged clients.

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The Black Halls
This forboding pile is placed at the northeast corner of the block of buildings comprising the city courts, intended to hold criminals awaiting trial under the guard of the court bailiffs. Occasional jail breaks from this facility have been attempted; those with no inside aid fail miserably. The bailiffs are reasonably skilled with weapons.

The Grey Keep
A dozen miles off the coast from Amber City a rocky crag pushes out of the sea. Atop it crouches a forboding edifice known as the Grey Keep where criminals are taken following final judgment. From the Grey Keep (an old fortress that now serves as the city's prison) the tumbril rolls at the end of each month -- the traditional day for executions. It is said that there has never been a successful escape from the Grey Keep itself, although on occasion a convicted and condemned felon has been snatched from the tumbril and spirited away; entrance through the formidable gates of the dismal pile of streaked grey stone usually sounds the final knell for malefactors - in most cases they are simply never seen again.

The actual dungeons of the old fortress, where the poorest of the long term prisoners are incarcerated, are on the lowest two levels. A number of prisoners are lodged in the towers and upper levels (some in relative comfort, since they have fair amounts of money to spend). Such debtors as are currently held are usually kept on the ground level.

Turin Caye is the commandant of the prison. A short and fairly rotund fellow, he has an almost satanic mien which belies the air of general incompetence his round little body proclaims. Turin is one of the best commandants the prison has had in many years; he is, in contrast to his appearance, both competent and humane and has made life a little better for the prisoners - while he does not believe in coddling criminals, neither does he believe in torturing them.

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November 21, 2002
Shrines in Amber City

2400 d'L Dewa 21

Around the City of Amber are several small shrines. Some are for the Elders of Amber, others are for Gods and Prophets of shadow worlds.

The Shrine to Oberon

The most impressive of the Shrines is at Plac du Roi. The main attraction is the Statue of King Oberon in all his glory. The statue was commissioned midway through his reign in the Year 1866 d'L Posya 15. The Statue holds the Jewel of Judgment and His head bears the Crown of Amber. The base of the Statue is where the shrine is. It is unobtrusive and is cared for by the Penetente d'Oberon. The Shrine itself is a small niche in the north side of the base. It is a place for offerings and notes for guidance from Oberon. The Penetente remove all items just after night fall. Any money or costly items left are distributed to those truly in need.

The Penetente select new Members from those who are worthy of the Advocation of Oberon.

The Shines to Caine

Another Shrine is the one to Caine in the Grand Plac. This one does not get much attention since it is far away from the docks. The sea going folk are the main patronizers of Prince Caine's benevolence. The statue was raised in the year 2387 d'L Posya 12. The is another shrine down in the dock lands area on the Promenade du Port. This one is frequented much more often. Most offerings to Caine involve a shot or dark rum poured over his lips (for the large statue in the Grand Plac just pour it on some part of his body). Caine has fallen out of favor due to his second reported death during the Patternfall war. Some true believers think that Caine is still alive and sailing the high seas, having given up on all things political.

Both of the Shrines to Caine are cared for by the League of Stevedores.

The Shrine to Gerard

A Shrine to our current Regent, Prince Gerard, is also in the Docklands area. It is on Rue de Stanch, Near the Amber Naval docks. Gerard is currently in favor due to the fact that he is still living. To the Common man, this makes him seem to be more able to take care of and influence affairs out in shadow. Offerings to Gerard are removed at Nightfall by the new Naval Ratings, and Items of value are given to the widows and orphans of the Amber Navy. An appropriate offering to Gerard is any item of strength and power, or some times a good bottle of Bayle's best. The Shrine to Gerard is the most recent of the Elder shrines, Raised in year 2382 d'L Desta 2.

The Shrine to Brand

This is a secret Shrine erected by those who believe that Brand was right in all things. This shrine is hidden in the wall along the Impasse Sombre. It is watched day and night by some of his followers. The offering to the Brand Shine is usually blood. The better the Blood the better the Offering. The followers of Brand by the fact that they have removed there left Pinky finger. No known date on its erection.

The Shrine to Bel

As a god of a very Magical shadow Bel is of some standing in Amber. Mostly the devotees of Bel offer small items that they have conjured, or conjured items that they have bought. Bel's shrine is located on Rue de la Chope. Bel shrine was erected in 2254 d'L Ogan 9.

The Shrine to Umar

Umar is both a trickster God, and a God of travel in a far off shadow. He is favored by land faring travelers and the offerings he receives are small by nature. Small fruits or nuts, coins, buttons, keys, glasses, or other small items that can be lost or fall out of your purse. Umar's shrine is located near the east gate in the Plac de L'est. The shrine to Umar was erected 2215 d'L Wadra 4.

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October 16, 2002
Amber Media

Thanks for the idea Mike.


Since the passing of King Oberon, and the enlightened rule of the Regent Gerard, the Information media in Amber has enjoyed a greater freedom then it has in the past. Current "unspoken" rules are that everything and everyone is fare game except the Regent, his Daughter and Queen Moira (libel and Slander excepted).

Amber has some elements of Renaissance Italy and mid-19th century Europe (printing presses). Since there is no real mass media in Amber News and information is generally conveyed via numerous Newspapers except for items that can't wait for printing.

Also, as Prince Fineas has found out, there are several press/publicity agents to convey the points of view, or announcements of those who can afford such services.

The news media in Amber is broken up between various news/print agencies and the Town crier services.

The Town Criers are the City's CNN, Radio and Emergency Alert system.

The Town Crier's

The Royal Criers:

This is the Royal information service. They provide the quickest means of getting information to the city. They are strictly in service to the Crown. They are a combination of an emergency alert and general announcement service.
NPC: Kenton Newth is the Captain of the Criers (think Tim Roth)
Address: THe Castle of Amber

John's Infosys:

A for hire organization. If you need to get the word out quickly, John's your man.
NPC: John Mattesoln (think John Goodman)
Address: #23 Plac d'Oberon

Aural Allure:

A for hire organization used exclusively by the purveyors of the Street of Silks to announce coming attractions.
NPC: Roman Holloday (think Tim Curry)
Address: #4 Rue des Bella de Nuir

Print Organizations

La Cita - Daily, A conservative Broadsheet. Concerned with the Business of Amber and the Golden circle Kingdoms. Very influential.
NPC: Editor Pym Fortune (think Hearst)
NPC: Owner Elsia Chantris
Address: #13 Grand Promenade sud

Le Progres - Weekly, Tabloid. Concerned with the goings on and gossip of the Street of Silks. A big seller.
NPC: Editor Burt Ochsner (think Hugh Heffner)
Address: #22 Rue des Bella de Nuir

The Times - Daily, Broadsheet. The end all be all of what is fit to print in Amber. A must read for anybody who is somebody. The year-end Nobility "List" is a must read for the movers and shakers in Amber. Very influential.
NPC: Editor Tavin Lister (think Pulitzer)
NPC Owner Iliza Feldane
Address: #2 Grand Promenade Nord

The Harold Unicorn - Daily, Tabloid. Sharmen is famous for bringing the Page three girl to Amber. The Harold is blanketed in scandal (as are it's papers subjects). Anything that has a hint of naughtyness (and can be confirmed) is in this rag.
NPC: Editor Sharmen Niemi
Address: #17 Rue de la Suif

Shadowword - Weekly, Tabloid. Patrice has a sharp tongue and a sharper pen. Nobody wants to end up being exposed in this papers pages.
NPC: Editor Patrice Chalune
NPC: Star Reporter Holly Shotz
NPC: Owner Adriana Miramon
Address: #42 Rue Obscure

Amber'zine - Weekly, Tabloid. This paper claims to be a weekly, but sometimes it has been known to publish several times in a week, and then be inactive for several months in a row. It publishes short stories and poetry written by Amber's Nobility and upper-classes.
NPC: Editor Ricka Sembeck (think Dorothy Parker)
NPC: Owner Margali Bayle
Address: #3 Rue de la Fere

The Shipping News - Weekly, Broadsheet. This paper is concerned about the Docks, shipping companies, trading houses, Shadow paths, the comings and goings of ships in Amber, and their Cargo.
NPC: Editor Niles Quoyle
Address: #47 Rue des Halles

O Povo - Monthly, Tabloid. Competitor of the Herald Unicorn. At times it tries to out do it in gossip and scandal, other times for great journalism.
NPC: Editor Ant Zuniga
Address: #34 Plac d'Or

Gazeta Mercantil - Weekly, Tabloid. A high end combination of the Shipping News and La Cita. Some claim that it is trying to be too much for too many people.
NPC: Editor Plac Herrara
Address: #23 Rue de Kolver

Die Tageszeitung - Daily, Broadsheet. The Liberal viewpoint in Amber.
NPC: Editor Dieter Kreager
NPC: Owner Kedric Kandive
NPC: Reporter and Op/ED Editor Valeri Valerinov Kasynovich
Address: #3 Rue de la Suif

Royal Way - Monthly, Tabloid. This paper was about to fold, but with the arrival of the new Royal's, and the rescue of it's (almost) perpetual cover girl Princess Flora, it's readership has increased ten fold. The Current issue covers Prince Fineas capture of the Chaosian spy, Prince Diego (who is he, and what is Mojo?), and Was Lady Gwyneth really a spy?
NPC: Editor Embeth Wodehouse (think Jackie Collins)
NPC: Reporter Nellie Amour
Address: #5 Rue de Kolver

The Amber Enterprise - Monthly, Tabloid. The propaganda organ of the Amber Enterprise Institute. Very influential amongst the Business and Noble Classes. Also, fairly popular with the high ranking Military General Staff.
NPC: Editors Tavin Lister Niles Quoyle, Pym Fortune, and Plac Herrara
Owner AEI
#23 Rue de Kolver
Printed by Wing Printing

Press/Publicity Agents

Warhauls - The biggest and the best.
NPC: Owner Drew Warhaul

The Press Gang, LLP - The Latest entry into the high stakes publicity biz in Amber.
NPC: Owner Atiba LaBrie

Special Request, LLC - A newly founded Publicity agency. Very aggressive marketing.
NPC: Owner Joey Pelosi
NPC: McKimmon Stewart

Williams-Morris, LLP- A well established service that has been doing big business of late
NPC: Owner William Williams (Fineas' Agent)

Printing Shops

A print Above - This shop will take care of anything from wedding
announcements to political pamphlets...for a fee of course.
NPC: Owner Gordon Green

Wing Printing - A Family owned printing shop. More interested in bulk
orders from prominent members of Amber society.
NPC: Owner Logan Wing IV

Der Spiel - A small time print shop looking to make it in to the big time.
Claims to have the latest in printing technology.
NPC: Owner Eugen Schwartz

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October 09, 2002
Mike's amber city entry one

Krackenhouse society
a fraternal society that has held amberites among it’s
members. As a low -profile semi secret organization by
invitation only, krackenhouse provides a clubhouse
where members can indulge in conversation, enjoy the
libary or always animated discussion in the games
parlor. Perhaps the greatest benefit of membership is
the ability to use residences of members for
hospitality, or stay at one of the many hidden
locations along shadow paths. some shadow paths are
unknown to anyone outside club membership.
this gentleman’s adventurers society was known to
oberon , who was content to let it be as long as an
amberite or two were included in the membership. since
the patternfall war the group has maintained a low
profile, and it is unclear if the current leadership
has little if any idea of the club’s existance.
the club has become increasingly hedonistic over the
past century as the extreme braggicio, swagger, and
machismo of the games parlor has taken over more and
more of the club. The club has come into funds to
expand it’s endeavors, and cover it’s tracks by
publishing “the illustrated guide to the lucious
ladies of the golden circle, and more”. a sporadically
published book that details local customs, “locations
of interest for the gentleman traveller”, and in some
cases, alarmingly specific reccomendations. The tome
is published anonymsly, and several years ago the tome
drew some criticism for it’s rather acidicly etched
article “how to satisfy a rebman female”.
periodically they hold wild members only parties in
isolated locations.
the symbol of membership is a sextant necklace or

noted personalities include

morgan legree
a swarthy merchant specializing in luxury items from
all across shadow, charming and generous with gifts,
but seldom charity

burgess melvin
a free agent ship captain with a unique talent for
hiding cargo, including many special guests for the
groups society parties. good with knives.

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June 29, 2002

THE ABYSS, described by Florimel as a mass of roiling, lethal energies and matter beyond an endless cliff. The Courts of Chaos proper is a floating 'island' maybe half a mile from the cliff, over the Abyss


SHADOW BELKEN, ruled by the Shadow God Bel to the small extent he cares to. Site of the Belken Festival that gathers most of the members of the Brotherhood for three weeks every seven years. High magic, medieval tech. Bel's powers relate especially to teleportation and Gates. --- people: Bel, High Priest Bel-Shazzar

THE BORDERLANDS, the shadows that border the Dancing Mountains that divide Order from Chaos. Mostly deserts due to the unpredictable weather that comes off the Mountains. Some stable areas with associated states. There is probably a similar region on the Chaos side of the Dancing Mountains.

SHADOW CHELAYA, nexus shadow, site of the sea battle with House Chanicut's expeditionary force. Locals are mostly blue-skinned humanoids with Renaissance tech. Average magic.

THE COURTS OF CHAOS, the land of the enemy. It floats over the Abyss and appears from the outside to be perhaps a mile across. It is much larger inside and/or is connected via magical gates to many other places. Gates with many different levels of exclusitivity are everywhere. King Swayvill rules loosely with an iron fist; he doesn't interfere very often but is nearly irresistable when he choses to be. The great Houses of Chaos are Jesby, Sawall, Chanicut, Hendrake, Basilisk, Helgram, Manticora and Gryphon, all ruled by Swayvill's descendants. Swayvill laid a geas upon all the Houses to send forces to conquer Amber in an attempt to defuse or sidetrack a civil war. King Swayvill is rumored to be dying.

The Dancing Mountains, a barrier of rapidly mutatiing Shadow midway between Amber and the Courts of Chaos. They are perilous to cross though less so to initiates of Pattern, Logrus or Broken Pattern. The Dancing Mountains generate fluctuating Trump interference.

SHADOW DOM-DANIEL, high magic, Rebman environment (and within the Rebman sphere of interest), greatest concentration of schools and teachers of high magic. Site of a Broken Pattern said to be inhabited by a Shadow God. --- people: most of the schools of sorcery, several members of the Brotherhood

SHADOW FANGORN, nexus shadow ruled by a Shadow God who may be a tree. Inhabitants are elfy types and Fangorn's minions, such as dryads and ents -- giant tree-men with uber-gnome (earth elemental) powers. House Miramon trades with the Fangornans (particularly for spellrack wood) from a smallish enclave. The factor is Oleg Miramon. Medieval tech, moderate magic. --people: Oleg M., Lord Oak

Gwyneth's Shadow, site of her main -- empty and looted -- palace.

Shadow Hunac, nexus shadow dominated by an empire ruled by a living (human) sun-god -- acutally controlled by the priesthood. Gunpowder is banned and swarms of trained salamanders seek it out and blow it up. They have a history of necromantic state crime. Notable for an effecient shadow economy (organized crime). Renaissance tech, normal magic. Mainly a House Kandive concern; their factor is Cullin Kandive. --- people: Eye of the Sun Akbal, Derkon, Holrune, Cullin K.

Shadow Inferno, one of 3 closely linked shadows recently invaded by House Helgram, home to the garou uberwerewolves, the famous mage Badger, and the Bound Elderkin known as the Beast on the Pole -- whose blood is the source of the numerous vampires and weres in the three shadows.

SHADOW JOHROM, nexus shadow where House Jesby's forces are readying their next move. Inhabitants are chunky, semimatriarchal lizardmen. Allied with Amber to successfully defeat their Jesby invaders. Several BP initiates survived the war. The notable wizard Azvan is a Johromi.

the Shadow of the Keep of Four Worlds, site of the Dark Well controlled by Jasra, a source of power (and madness) and a short cut to the other Well sites in Chaos, the Tir Tarngir and Rebma regions, and Corwin's cosmos.

Shadow Limbo, one of three closely linked shadows recently invaded by House Helgram, medieval with moderate magic, vampire-ridden, home of some of Prince 13's allies including Genevieve and Kirsten.

SHADOW LYNXIA, a shadow notable for great artist's light, enhanced healing magic and a 5:1 time rate. Site of several healing spas and hospitals, some secretly owned by the Amber Crown. Culturally a sort of Classical Greek overlay on a Renaissance base. No explosives. Normal magic, except for High healing magic (and Low necromancy). Amber Trump Mistress Kelamon has a small palace there. Prince Gerard was taken there for healing.

Shadow Purgatory, one of three closely linked shadows recently invaded by House Helgram, ~20th C tech, a welter of magical cabals trying to rule it.

RANGER HEADQUARTERS, Shadow Broceliand, a nexus shadow located in greater Arden, recently used as a depot and staging ground for the Princes. There is a sprawling fortress surrounded by campgrounds and a nearby sizeable town. Rangers and their dependants hail from a dozens of different shadows and not all are strictly human. The town is run by a Lord Mayor but Lord Commander Sir Fenmor, the ranger general commander, is the true authority. --- Fenmor

REBMA, home of the House of Lir, ruled (firmly) by Queen Moire; magic everywhere, an enchanted-aquatic environment both shadow-wide and region-wide, center of a mighty trade network. Those of Lir's line are all potential Trump Artists and a majority actually have the power. --- Queen Moire, Crown Princess Morwyn, Gwyneth,

SHADOW SHANDORIA, nexus shadow, current camp of the Hendrake forces. Notable for the corrupt and useless Shandorian Empire. Primarily a House Chantris concern prior to the invasion. Currently the nation of Aquitaine is allied with Amber in the person of Prince Fineas, and with his ... protege? ally? ... Prince Eugen---

The PLACE FORMERLY KNOWN AS TIR-NA NOG'TH, half-real and transient no more, the Gryphons got there first

The VILLAGE, where Thirteen was raised; a shadow with 20th C science in general and some bits of high or weird tech, mainly in the field of mind control.

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